Massage Chair Industry Update – May 31, 2017 (Video)

June 1, 2017
 By Allison Bricker
June 1, 2017
 By Allison Bricker

Massage Chair Industry Update – May 31, 2017 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – May 31, 2017”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Wednesday, May 31st, 2017.

[SCREEN TEXT: Father’s Day Sales!]

Alan: I hope you had a great Memorial Day, and of course, we have Father’s Day coming up, which means massage chair sales, and most of the sales that we had before are still in place. We have the Ogawa sale, we have the Infinity sale, and we have the Human Touch sale. The only sale that kind of ended this week, and it may pick up again for Father’s Day, is the uKnead sale. On the Lavita, they had an extra $250 off on the chair. It has a $300 instant savings right off the bat, an instant savings on the website, but they had an additional $250 off. But Ogawa has $500 off on their Smart 3D, $500 off on the SuperTrac, and $400 off the Refresh. Also, on the Smart 3D, they’re giving you the extended warranty at no charge, and this goes until Father’s Day. The Human Touch sale is a $500 Visa gift card when you buy the Novo XT, and the Novo XT has become a very popular seller. We’re quite impressed with this chair, and people seem to be impressed with it, haven’t had any problems with it, knock on wood, and it’s a nice, quiet chair, a 3D L-track. I’m going to talk a little bit more about that chair a little bit later, as far as some software changes that they’ve made, or hardware changes that they’ve made. I don’t know if it’s soft or hard, but they made some changes to the intensity settings. Also, we have, what other sale did I say we had? Oh, well, Infinity has the free three-year, parts-and-labor warranty. So, those are the sales that are still going on, I haven’t heard of any new ones for Father’s Day. But this is kind of the – there’s two times of the year where we do see, typically, discounts on chairs – oh, and the Luraco iRobotics 7 is $700 off, but there’s usually two times where we see sales. Usually, it’s around Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, you know, that time, and then Black Friday/Cyber Monday, before Christmas. So, this is definitely a good time to be buying chairs, as far as sales go, and special pricing.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: As far as stock status goes, the only things that we’re seeing back-ordered right now is the ‘Bone’ WholeBody 7.1, which is supposed to be in within the next week, and the ‘Gray’ Novo XT, the second week of June, so two weeks away for that. So, you know, don’t wait until then, I would go ahead and order it now, because the stocks of these colors seem to be going quickly, and it seems to be staggered. Of course, there’s more demand for one color than there is another, and you don’t always know when your color’s going to be in stock. So, don’t wait, go ahead and order soon, and more than likely, you’ll have the color that you want, and then with the ‘Gray’ Novo, just order it now, so when the new shipment comes in, you get a chair. As far as, let’s see, stock status, well, that’s it as far as stock status goes.

[SCREEN TEXT: The New Inada Nest in our Showrooms Now]

Alan: We have the Inada Nest, the new Inada Nest in our California showroom. That is the new model from Inada, and if you remember, I mentioned at CES in January, when I went there that I tried the chair out, and it was a good chair, probably the most intense chair of the lineup right now, of Inada’s lineup. Well, not probably, it was definitely the most intense. It seemed to fit taller bodies pretty good, but the one in our showroom in California, my manager there said it does seem to fit smaller people a little bit better. I’m getting that chair in my Utah showroom within the next week, so I’ll be able to be a little bit more definitive about that. But remember, that’s the chair that has the ridged roller balls, so it kind of digs in a little bit more. It also has the left and right suspension, if you will, of the rollers, left and right, independent of each other. So, this chair, theoretically, can handle, you know, maybe a scoliosis curve, where one side of the spine is more hypertonic, the other side’s a little bit more flaccid, and it can adjust to the difference in muscle tone on either side of the spine, when you have the independent left and right suspension, if you will. I call it left and right suspension, kind of like a car, but it’s more or less just the rollers moving more in concert with the tonicity of the muscles on each side of the spine, which makes sense, because not every spine has the same tonicity on either side.

[SCREEN TEXT: Cozzia Qi & Qi SE]

Alan: OK, the Cozzia Qi, again, I mentioned this, I think, last time, we are carrying that chair. It’s not on our website yet, and that’s, you know, 100% my fault. It’s just been a busy couple of weeks. We will have chair up – and I’m leaving town again tomorrow – but these business trips are going to slow down in the months of June and July, so I’ll get that chair up. We also were just told that Cozzia came out with the Qi SE, which is Cozzia’s first L-track, and I was sent an introductory video. It looks like a good chair, it’s less expensive than the Qi, which is, I think the Qi is like $10,000, this one is more in the $6500 price range, if I’m not mistaken, and as I find out more about that, I’ll let you know more about it.

[SCREEN TEXT: uKnead Lohas L-Track]

Alan: Also, the new uKnead Lohas is supposed to be at my showroom this week. It hasn’t arrived yet, but we’re expecting that chair. It’s going to be a couple hundred bucks more than the uKnead Lavita. It’s going to have, like the body shape looks a little bit like the Novo XT from Human Touch, it’ll be an intense massage. One of the drawbacks of the Lavita is that if you have feet that are bigger than 12, or 12.5, the foot-massage component of the chair is enclosed, so if your feet are bigger than 12, or 12.5, your feet are going to be crunched up, and it’s not going to be terribly comfortable. So, this Lohas has an open toe, like most chairs do, but also, the Titan Executive has that closed toe, and it can handle about a size 12. The Infinity Iyashi has, also the closed foot, but it can fit a bigger foot, I think 14, or something like that. So, anyway, that’s neither here nor there, but that uKnead Lohas will be in our showroom hopefully this week, and then I can give you kind of a preview of it on one of these videos.

[SCREEN TEXT: 3D Update on Novo XT]

Alan: Let’s see, what else have we got cooking? Oh, I was going to mention to you about the Novo XT, one of the things that a viewer on my YouTube channel was aware of, and I was not aware of this, but the intensity adjustment on the Novo XT had a tendency to kind of fluctuate. So, the way that they explained it to me is that if you – and it has a one through five setting of intensity – and that’s the great, unique thing about that chair, is that it’s a 3D L-track. There’s very few of them out there, very few legitimate 3D L-tracks. The Novo is the first one that we’ve had. Anyway, what would happen is when you would set the intensity, let’s say five, out of one through five, it would settle in to the range between three and five. If you set it lower, at one, it would be between one and three, and so now they have come up with an upgrade to that software, where when you set it at five, it stays at five. If you set it at four, it stays at four, and we’re going to be upgrading our chairs with the new software in the next – I think they’re coming to the California store probably next week – to upgrade that software. And that’s one of the benefits of a company like Human Touch, or Luraco, where there’s a huge American, domestic, component, to the design and engineering of the chair, they can make changes like that, fairly spontaneously, and when I say spontaneously, that’s usually within a couple of weeks. If it has to be changed in China, it could take, you know, a couple of months. So, that’s the advantage of a chair like the Novo XT, or Luraco iRobotics 7, any changes that need to be made to the computers, or the software, or the hardware, a lot of it can be done here in the United States, and deployed on, you know, subsequent models. And as you know, Luraco, they actually assemble their chairs when the order is placed, so they can make changes to like tomorrow’s shipment, you know, tomorrow’s shipment of a chair out of their showroom. So, anyway, Human Touch can make this change, they’ve made the change, and we’re going to have this new software, or hardware – I’m still not sure if it’s a software thing, or if it’s a new component, a hardware component, like a new chip board, or whatever – but they’re going to be installing that in our chairs here in the near future. So, anyway, that’s just a little side thing, not that big of a deal, you know, to anybody else that has the chair, or is thinking about the chair, but it’s just a significant thing in my mind for a change for – well, it’s not even that significant – it’s just a more accurate change for the intensity adjustment on the Novo XT.

[SCREEN TEXT: Pre-Owned Massage Chair Directory – Very Good Deals!!]

Alan: Also, we have a lot of chairs, we – on our used, at the beginning of this week, we had six, and now we’ve got four left – on our Pre-Owned Directory on our website, and that’s a great resource for you if you are looking for a cheaper chair, and you want to get a brand-name chair, and you don’t want to pay full pop, we usually give significant discounts on our pre-owned directory. And right now, for example, we have our floor model Ogawa Smart 3D chair, that we have available for only $4999, and that chair is regularly $6999. That’s Ogawa’s top-of-the-line chair. Ogawa, as you may, or may not know, is built by the same company that builds Cozzia chairs, and they are one in the same as far as their warehousing, and their customer support, and their inventory management, it’s the same company. But anyway, the Ogawa Smart 3D for $4999, and that still includes two years of the warranty. That was our floor model, and it’s in impeccable shape. And we also have an iRobotics 7 for $6490, and they’re usually $8490, so $2000 off, and it’s like one week old. We had someone buy it, and it didn’t fit in their home. I guess the wife kept tripping over it, and so they had to trade for a chair that was five inches less deep, with a depth of five inches less, so they could fit it in their home, and not trip over the darn footrest. But anyway, that’s a ‘Black’ iRobotics 7, so those are fantastic prices, and the warranties are still intact, and we pay for shipping. There’s, you know, standard curb-side delivery, it’s a no brainer, if you’re looking for a good chair. Now, granted, the used chairs do not have, the return policy does not apply to those, but I haven’t had anybody whining about wanting to return a chair that they got at such a significant discount. So, anyway, check it out. We also have an Osaki 4D, which is one of the Japanese-made Osaki models, and then we also have an Osaki 7200H, and again, these chairs are like just less than a month old. They were all returns that happened quickly. So, jump on those deals, they are just great deals. So, anyway, I sound like a salesman, and I guess I am, but anyway, I’m just telling you they’re good deals.

[SCREEN TEXT: Calf Rollers]

Alan: OK, finally, I just want to talk a little bit about something that we don’t see a lot of in massage chairs, and that’s calf rollers. You know, the Apex Ultra and the uKnead Lavita have little round calf rollers behind the calves. Now, a lot of chairs will have airbags behind the calves, and like rubber knobules that the airbags – like if this is a knobule, the airbag behind it will push it in to the back of the calf – and that is a form of calf massage. Others just have airbags that inflate and compress on the calves, that’s a calf massage. But there’s very few chairs that actually have mechanical rollers, you know, like foot rollers. These are calf rollers, and the Apex Ultra and the uKnead Lavita, which I believe are actually manufactured in the same factory, they have discs behind the calves that rotate, and massage the gastroc muscles. The gastrocnemius muscles are the muscles that constitute the larger part of the calves. And that’s a pretty cool feature, it can, like foot rollers, it can get a little annoying. And on the uKnead Lavita, you can actually shut the calf rollers off, if it bugs you, you know, if it’s starting to get annoying to have that same thing spin over and over behind your calves. The Apex Ultra does not shut off with a button, it’s on, but just like foot rollers, if a foot roller is bugging you after a while, and it’s too much, or it’s too intense, you can always shut it off. But I think every chair, I’m not sure if the iRobotics 7 has a shut off of the foot rollers, but most of the chairs do. And then there’s one other chair that they just discontinued, but Human Touch had a chair called the Navitas Sleep, which I really liked this chair, and I’m disappointed they discontinued it, but it had calf rollers going up and down the sides of your calves. If you’ve never seen that before, that was elaborate, and quite intense, and boy, if you were a runner, or someone who was on your feet all day, that massage is pretty awesome, to be honest with you, I really liked it. So, anyway, the calf rollers are not a real common thing, and I suspect we’re going to see more of them in the not-too-distant future, but it’s an interesting idea. Of course, it makes sense, you know, everything else is getting rolled. It’s only a matter of time before we’re going to have rollers on the arms, maybe not so much in the hands, because the hands are more bone than they are muscle tissue, and if you’ve ever had your massage chair roll the back of your skull, you know how uncomfortable it is to have rollers working on bone. It’s not designed for that, they’re designed for muscle. But anyway, you know, it’s just a matter of time before we start having, you know, bicep, forearm, thighs, we’re going to have rollers working those areas as well. So, anyway, just two bits worth on calf rollers, and what my experience is with them.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: Well, you know, I think that’s it for this week. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 888-259-5380, and of course, you can chat with the staff, or myself, depending on who answers the phone. You can always go on to our chat feature on our website. You can leave messages on our YouTube channel, or Facebook page. But anyway, feel free to get a hold of us, me, anyone, if you have questions about any of the chairs, or any of the things I’ve talked about today.

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Alan: If you found the video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and of course, share this video on your social media platforms to help us spread the word about massage chairs. But I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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