BodyFriend Massage Chairs

Bodyfriend massage chairs live up to their name as a friend to every kind of body. Their available chairs include a wide range of high-end features to provide you with the ultimate relaxation. These chairs come with both L-track and S-track rollers to massage you from head to toe, including foot rollers and adjustable leg and foot massage so you get the perfect fit every time. The zero gravity settings offer a cloud-like feeling as the shiatsu rollers relax away all your tension, and the space-saving design of some models means you only need four inches of space between the chair and the wall to reach full recline.

Another specialized feature that is only available in Bodyfriend chairs is the “brain massage”, which uses binaural beats embedded in the music. This has been shown to improve cognitive performance, relax your mind, improve concentration and focus, and boost your mood. In combination with the relaxing kneading massage techniques, the brain massage can promote deeper relaxation and stress relief than a body massage alone.

All Bodyfriend massage chairs include luxury features you have come to expect like heated seating, auto programming and quick-key functions, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB charging ports so you can listen to music or charge your device while you relax.