JPMedics Massage Chairs

Fujimedic massage chairs are made by JPMEDICS, a Japanese-based brand established in 1996 and a leader in health and massage products. JPMEDICS signature product, the Kumo massage chair, is designed to precisely target acupuncture points for maximum relief from everyday aches and pains and improve Qi, the body’s life energy. It’s the next level of full-body massage, with a 4D L-track that provides massaging relief to more of your body than any other chair on the market. From an invigorating neck and head massage to full back and lower body massage and compression features, you get complete relief.

The 4D technology in Fujimedic chairs is designed to mimic the feeling of human touch, with adjustable heated thermo rollers that feel just like the hands of a therapist and accurately target the deepest tension for maximum relief. The lower body massage combines air compression, heat therapy, and reflexology with adjustable height settings that perfectly target your knees and feet to relieve stiffness, soreness and other ailments in your lower body joints. Plus its space-saving features make it ideal for even the smallest areas of your home or apartment and the beautiful design and intuitive technology make it a stunning addition to any décor.