Return/Exchange Policy


90 Day Money Back Guarantee * Free Returns * No Restocking Fees

Massage Chair Relief has a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee for new massage chairs purchased from Massage Chair Relief. We will also pay for 100% of the return shipping/freight costs with ZERO restocking fees and ZERO back-billing for the original shipping costs for the full 90 calendar day return period! That’s right, Massage Chair Relief offers truly Free Returns!

Our 90 day return policy begins on the date that your new chair ships out from the US warehouse of the massage chair supplier (not the delivery date!)

You are responsible for disassembling and packing up your chair in the original packing material (and any incurred costs) and having the chair back to our showroom within 90 calendar days of the original shipping date of your chair to qualify for our free return offer (not the delivery date!). If your chair is prepared for shipping in other than the original packaging material, we will still pick it up and ship it but you will be responsible for 50% of the return shipping/freight costs.

The only potential deduction from your refund would be damages to the chair that are not covered by the warranty and original white glove delivery purchases.

If you are a continental US customer and want to EXCHANGE your chair for another model, you will be responsible for disassembling & packing up your chair in the original packing material (and any incurred costs) and having the chair back to our showroom within 90 calendar days of the shipping date (not delivery date!), but we will take care of 100% of the return shipping/freight costs. Once you have decided on a replacement chair, we will either bill or credit you the difference between chair prices. Free shipping also applies to the new chair.

To initiate a return or exchange, just email with your request. 

In review, here are the highlights of our amazing return/exchange policy:

  • 90 DAY money back return policy
  • FREE returns - we pay 100% of the return shipping costs
  • NO back-billing for original shipping costs
  • NO restocking fees (if returned within 90 days from shipping date)
  • Refund 100% of original chair purchase price (if returned within 90 days from the shipping date)


  • Due to factory personalization and cost, the return policy does not apply to Luraco i9 Max Billionaire Edition and Luraco i9 Max Royal Edition.
  • You must send an email to to initiate your return or exchange. Once approved, you will receive an email from Massage Chair Relief with specific return instructions.
  • You have 90 calendar days, from the shipping date (not the delivery date!), to have your chair back in our possession.
  • If you are returning or exchanging your chair, the chair must be in our showroom within 90 calendar days of the shipping date (NOT the delivery date!). If it arrives after 90 calendar days and before 110 calendar days of the shipping date, you will be charged a 25% restocking fee (25% of the original chair purchase price only). If it arrives after 110 calendar days from the shipping date, we will refuse delivery and it will be sent back to you.
  • If you do decide to return your chair within the 90 calendar day guarantee period, you will need to send it back to us in the original packing material to get the 100% free return shipping. If you do not, you will be responsible for 50% of the return shipping/freight costs.
  • The shipping date is the date that the chair leaves the originating warehouse of the distributor. If you are getting in-home delivery & setup (aka White Glove Service) the shipping date is NOT the date that the chair arrives at or leaves the local delivery agent doing your in-home delivery & setup. 
  • You will receive return instructions when you request a return or exchange. If you do not follow the return instructions, with regards to securing the chair for long haul shipment, and any damage occurs to the chair because of poor packing, you will be responsible for the cost of any chair damage repair/parts replacement. 
  • You will be responsible for disassembling and packaging up of your chair in the original packing material as well as having it outside of your home on the scheduled pick up date. If you cannot or do not want to disassemble and pack up the chair yourself, we may be able to recommend a local tech or white glove agent in your area who you can hire to do it for you. Your cost for that service can range from $350 - $500, depending on the company. You could also contact & hire a local furniture moving company to see if they will do the work for you. They are typically less expensive.
  • Our free return policy applies to standard return delivery only (expedited return delivery is not covered at all).
  • Our generous return policy applies to up to 2 exchanges/returns from the original chair transaction. If you choose to return/exchange a 3rd chair (and any subsequent returns/exchanges), you will be charged the full amount of the billed return shipping costs. In that case, the return shipping costs will be deducted from your refund amount or charged to your next chair selection. 
  • We DO NOT offer refunds or exchanges on discontinued, close-out, refurbished, used, open box, or floor model massage chairs.
  • We DO NOT offer free return shipping or exchanges for International orders or Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico orders (continental USA orders ONLY).
  • We DO NOT refund white glove delivery costs for which you paid at the time of purchase.
  • We DO refund extended warranty purchases, however, commercial warranties purchased for your chair will NOT be refunded.
  • Our 90-day money back guarantee is offered by Massage Chair Relief® only and not by any of the massage chair companies or manufacturers.
  • If you paid for your chair with your credit/debit card, your refund will be credited back to your card account. If you paid with check, wire, or cash, your refund will be in the form of a check. If you paid for your chair with a PayPal account, the refund will be issued directly to that same account. If you paid for your chair using Synchrony Bank financing, your refund will be credited to your Synchrony Bank account or sent to you by check. All of these refund methods can take up to 5-7 business days to post to your accounts. If your refund total is less than $5000, and if you so choose, we can send your money from our bank to yours using Zelle, so that you have access to your funds the same day (in most cases).
  • Your refund will be the original receipt amount (including sales tax, if applicable) less any damage repair costs not covered by the chair warranty and less white glove delivery service you may have bought at the time of purchase ($199.99).
  • If your chair is being returned to the massage chair supplier, the refund will be issued once the chair has been received and inspected by the supplier.
  • Please also include all accessories, cords, manuals, forms, pages, etc. that came with the chair when it was delivered to you.
  • If you decide to ship the chair back to us yourself, be aware that it will be at your own expense.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to!

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