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Original Price: $7,999.00
Reduced Price: $5,499.00

This is our Utah showroom floor model BLACK Panasonic MA73 massage chair. It has some scuffs and abrasions on the ottoman, but the chair works fabulously. The Panasonic MA73 is a Japanese engineered & designed and will give you next to no trouble for 15+ years (they have a near zero failure rate!). It is an S-track massage chair with a vigorous deep tissue 3D roller massage as well as heated rollers, something that is quite rare in the industry. This is one of the very few chairs that has rollers that reach over the top of the shoulder muscles! The MA73 also has a rotating ottoman and a thick back pad that helps transform the massage chair into a more typical recliner chair. It is not a huge chair that takes up all kinds of space in your home or office. The chair is in immaculate, like-new condition and packaged up ready for delivery. Includes free standard, curbside delivery as well as a full 5 years of parts and labor warranty. Don't forget that you also get our own Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty with any chair we sell. Regular pricing is $7999. This showroom floor model is going for ONLY $5499!! That's $2500 off one of our best made and most durable massage chair models. If you snooze, you lose. This won't last long on our Pre-Owned directory. Call 888-259-5380 if you have any questions. Otherwise, just click the orange "Add to Cart" button above to get your order going!

Original Price: $2,499.00
Reduced Price: $1,499.00

This is a black Johnson Wellness J5600 massage chair. It is only 1 week old and comes with the full warranty still intact, not to mention our own Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty, which we include with all of our chair models. The J5600 is a Japanese designed and engineered massage chair that has 3D roller technology, a 32" roller track, dual rollers for an extra deep tissue massage, heat for the soles of the feet, plus a 3 year parts & labor warranty. 18 airbags, real body scanning, massage to the top of the shoulders, and super kneading deep tissue program rounds out the feature-set of this quality built entry level massage chair. Regularly $2499, we are letting this one go for only $1499. CLick "Add to Cart" to get this show on the road!

Original Price: $5,999.00
Reduced Price: $4,299.00
Dark Brown

This Brown Inada Nest is our California floor model. Time to turn it over to one of our lucky customers! It is in LIKE-NEW condition and can be in your home in as little as 7 days. This Japanese-made top quality chair is the little brother to the famous DreamWave Classic, with some very innovative improvements like left and right rollers that work independently of each other (just like independent suspension!) and new ridged roller ball surfacing for a deeper-feeling massage. It also comes with 3D rollers (for depth & intensity adjustment), 64 airbags, shin splint massage, 11 auto programs, and a self adjusting head rest. This chair does a fantastic job on the shoulders. Free standard shipping is included along with a full 5 year extended parts & labor warranty. The Nest comes in one piece and does not require any assembly. It also leaves a smaller footprint than most massage chairs so it will fit in smaller rooms. Don't forget that you also get our own Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty with any chair we sell and that includes this Inada Nest. Regular pricing is $5999. This floor model is going for ONLY $4299 ($1700 OFF)! Don't wait or you'll miss out on this beautiful chair. Call 888-259-5380 if you have an questions. Otherwise, just click the orange "Add to Cart" button above and get it ordered before anyone else does!

Original Price: $8,999.00
Reduced Price: $4,999.00

We have a returned 2-month old Beige Osaki Pro Maestro available for only $4999! My staff have gone over it and tell me that it is in perfect condition and ready to ship. The Maestro is the hottest chair on the market currently. It is a 3D L-track with the best neck and shoulder massage of any 3D L-track. It also has zero gravity, BlueTooth technology & high definition speakers, quick keys, comfortable fit, foot rollers, calf kneading airbags, heated rollers, and the deepest roller massage of almost any other chair. If you know about this model, you know that it is a fantastic chair at a ridiculous price of only $4999 (regularly priced at $8999). This price includes free standard shipping, a 2 year parts & labot warranty, and our own Lifetime Labor Warranty. This chair will definitely be snatched up soon. Click the “Add to Cart” button now or call 888-259-5380 to own this chair. Don’t delay…if you snooze, you lose!

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