Synca Wellness Massage Chairs

Synca Wellness massage chairs are the pinnacle of Japanese design and engineering, with chairs that improve health and wellness from a company committed to bringing you both beauty and technology that will get you there. Synca Wellness offers compact chairs to bring the comfort of massage to any space, large or small, as well as full-size massage chairs with all the luxuries you have come to expect from your personal massage chair.

With a focus on comfort and design, these chairs are as aesthetically beautiful in your space as they are ergonomically designed to find the areas of tension and relax them away. Using tapping and kneading massage techniques, Synca Wellness massage chairs focus on relieving stress and fatigue from your head, neck and shoulders down to your core and lower body. These chairs are also equipped with the latest technology, offering intuitive controllers and a range of massage options for any mood or need, with the ability to choose the depth of massage from strong to gentle, just like with your massage therapist, and use heat settings to relax away all your tension.