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Are You Happy With Your Massage Chair?

* Are You Happy With The Service We Have Provided For You Before And After You Bought Your Massage Chair?


Would You Mind If We Sent You A VISA Gift Card For $ 100.00?

Well, if you answered ‘YES’ to these three questions (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t!), then you will be very interested in our “Spread-the-Word” Referral Program. When you purchased your massage chair online, you probably noticed on our check out page that we asked: “Which of our customers referred you to Massage Chair Relief®?”. Well, just have your friend enter YOUR name in that section. 

Guess what…if your name is in that section when someone you refer buys a massage chair from us online, and our records show that you have purchased one of our wonderful massage chairs from us, we will send you a VISA Gift Card for $100.00! It’s as simple as that.

So, share your experience with others and get paid for it.