5 Steps in Finding the Right Chair


Already Know Which Chair You Want?

Visit the product page of each chair to learn about it and read customer reviews

If not

Use Our Filtering Process

Use our very own "My Chair Finder" Software to narrow down your choices based on your needs

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, move on to Step #2.
If not

Compare The Chairs You Filtered Through

Choose the chair models that interest you most and use our "Comparison Chart" software to see which ones offer the most features that you need/want.
When you have completed your comparisons, move on to Step #3

Now that you've narrowed down your search, take time to educate yourself about your model options...

Visit the product page of each chair to learn about them and ready customer reviews
View any videos we have on each model
Read any articles that we have written about those models
When you have completed your research, move on to Step #4.

Visit Us In One Of Our Showrooms

If possible, visit one of our showrooms that has the model(s) you are interested in. Taking a test drive plays a huge role in your decision-making process. If you don't live close to one of our stores, and you can't find the models in another store near you, consider taking advantage of our "Out-of-Stater" program and come see us.

If you can't try out your chair(s) of choice, and end up buying your new chair sight unseen, you will always have our industry-best 90 day, no-questions-asked, unconditional money back guarantee that includes free return shipping should you feel that you've chosen the wrong chair. Risk...removed! Our Return Policy

If not

Call And Talk To A Trained Staff Member

Call us at 888-259-5380 or click on the chat button located at the bottom of any page to have your remaining questions answered as well as our opinions and suggestions based on your needs & wants. Our trained staff are an invaluable asset at your disposal, especially if you can't try out the chairs in person!

Now you're ready for Step #5... Purchasing your new massage chair!

If not

Purchase your new massage chair!
Now that you've narrowed down your list to the best option, you have a couple of options to complete your purchase:

1. Visit the product page on our website, select the color and options you'd like, and add your chair to the shopping cart to begin the checkout process, or

2. Call us at 888-259-5380 and we can take your order over the phone.

Congratulations! You're done and your new massage chair order is being processed. Check your email inbox for your receipt once your purchase has been completed.


I can't remember dealing with a company that was so obviously committed to serving their customers, from the moment of our first conversation, up to the point of us having to return their product (not because of any defect, in fact it was a top of the line chair, it just didn't work for my very sensitive health condition). I have heard of companies that strive not just satisfy their customers, but to go far above and beyond. It was a pleasure to actually deal with one. Well, I can tell you, even though I am disappointed that I had to return the chair, I am a convert, and will recommend them to any of my friends considering a massage chair, with total confidence that they will be treated to the highest level of care and service.
Michael A.
Truly no better place to buy a massage chair. Dr. Weidner is extremely knowledgeable (you can find all of his videos on YouTube), the customer service consistently goes above and beyond, and the prices are as competitive as you'll find anywhere. Can't recommend highly enough.
Spencer H.
This is a wonderful business with high end massage chairs to try. I did my research and wow I love my chair. This company has excellent service with honest financing. My chair was delivered in two weeks.
gwendolyn G.
Purchased a chair here from Michael Nguyen, the store manager. It was a great experience. He was very knowledgable. No high pressure sales tactics. I purchased the Infinity X3 and am super happy with it. Highly recommend you go and see Michael if you're in the market for a massage chair. They had a great selection of chairs in the showroom as well to try.
Richard L.
Great business to deal with. Very informative and helpful in making a great choice for a chair. Even helped me trouble shoot a problem when setting up the chair. I Would buy from them again!
Dallas D.
I bought my Osaki EKON Pro in 2019 from Michael and his team at the Cerritos store. He took exceptional care when I was onsite to determine my physical and financial requirements, and I wound up buying a chair with which, though it's had a couple of minor problems of late, I have been extremely satisfied.Shortly after purchase I noticed that the foot rollers were too intense for my feet (bare or stockinged) and Michael was kind enough to send me (at no charge) a pair of pads that made all the difference in my enjoyment of the chair.Dr. Weidner, the founder and owner, goes way, way out of the way to welcome new customers, and I feel extremely remiss in not having posted a review about the company much earlier. A business like this deserves the best word of mouth that can be provided, even if "mouth" means "internet" these days.If I had a business of any sort, Michael Nguyen is the person I would want as its interface to the world.
Josh A.
Incredible customer service. Michael from Massage Chair Relief helped us get to the right people in order to fix our chair. Our massage chair suddenly stopped working and we emailed Michael who told us to go onto the website to fill out a form with customer service to help us out. They contacted Luraco with our information and Luraco contacted us and got us the part needed to get the chair back to normal all in less than a week.Amazing customer service. Thank you massage Chair Relief team and thank you Luraco team.
with so many options these days, these guys make it simple and offer actual service. No pressure, easy transaction, fast shipping and installation was stress free!! Thanks so much Guys!!
Richard R.
Without a doubt, Massage Chair Relief offers championship quality in product options and selection as well as education and service, both in advance of a sale and long after the deal has closed. We purchased a Luraco chair after watching the informative online videos by Dr. Alan Weidner which lead us to visit the factory in Arlington TX. The staff was very helpful and their pride in workmanship was quite evident. Their words of recommendation for Massage Chair Relief were sincere and convinced us that we were making the right choice in selecting a dealer that would be there when needed. Three years after our purchase we had need of service and reached out to Dr. Weidner's team for assistance. The response was immediate and dedicated to the solution. Working along with the manufacturer and the MCR network of technicians our chair is once again in pristine condition and providing excellent support. Happy campers, we are!
Gary C.
We had a great experience here. We have had our massage chair for about 6 months and love it.
Amanda G.
I am so in love with my massage chair that I purchased from Massage Chair Relief. Michael was so patient and helpful in helping me find the perfect chair. This is by far the best purchase this decade. I no longer have that nagging tension in my shoulders. This Chair also helped me get through Covid by helping to get rid of the aches and pains.
marilyn M.
The best place to go buy your chair without pressure. I highly recommend this place to go test out and experience many different chairs before you purchase. Look for Michael to help with your purchase. He is a very professional, patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly person to guide you through your entire purchase. They have great customer services. I ended up purchasing the chair I tried after so many other ones. I am happy with my purchase and their services. The great thing is that they follow up through after your purchase with any questions or confusions you may have.... It's not like after u buy something and they forget about you. So if you ever need to look into to invest on a massaging chair, look no more. This is the place to go experience before you buy and your questions and doubts will be solved and answered with their professionalism services. Overall best thing is there's no pressure. It's a comfortable and friendly place to look into your investment and treat for your tired body to experience many different massaging chair to try on before making the final decision.
Cindy N.
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