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Japan Premium 4.0

The Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 massage chair is another 100% made Japanese import. The 3 year parts and labor warranty is fantastic, but dual rollers, a 4D roller system, 12 auto programs, 4.9" depth adjustment, and double heaters make this a great option.


3000 Instant Savings

JP Premium 4S Japan

Osaki has introduced it's second 100% Japanese-made massage chair in the JP Premium 4S model. Manufactured by the Fuji company, the 4S boasts 3D roller technology, 43 airbags, full body scan, memory function, and a touch screen remote control.


1000 Instant Savings

OS-3D Pro Cyber

Osaki has produced one of the best feature sets in a chair, most particularly the versatile 3D roller technology which provides massage variations for those of you who want the most intense, vigorous massage out there, as well as the capacity to provide a much gentler massage for those who just want to relax. Add this feature to everything else this chair has to offer, including mechanical foot rollers, 2-stage zero gravity positioning, chromotherapy, 36 airbags, and so much more, and you have one of the best-bangs-for-the-buck out there.


2000 Instant Savings

OS-3D Pro Dreamer

Osaki has added 3D roller massage intensity adjustment to the popular features of the OS-7200H and OS-7200CR and made the OS-3D Pro Dreamer. Not only does this chair have all the benefits of the original OS-7200H, but has added mechanical foot rollers and roller intensity adjustment ability to create the optimal Osaki massage chair.


700 Instant Savings


Osaki has added an L-track, a sleeker design, space saving technology, adjustable shoulder widths, and a USB charging station to the already very popular OS-4000T in this new OS-4000LS. That is in addition to zero gravity, foot rollers, low back heat, plenty of airbags and auto programs.


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The Osaki 4000T massage chair will scan your body before delivering the perfect massage for your unique spine and body. Airbags in the neck, shoulder, thigh, buttock, calves, and feet will leave you feeling like your whole body has been revitalized. And don't forget about the mechanical foot rollers!


300 Instant Savings


Just add heat to the popular Osaki OS-6000 massage chair and you have the OS-7200H. This chair looks and feels just like the OS-6000 but with the added benefit of heat. Now you have contemporary design, zero gravity, music system, AND heat among many other features.


1700 Instant Savings

OS-Pro Maxim

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim provides a rich feature-set for a very reasonable price. This is an L-track chair that also boasts mechanical foot rollers, a touch screen remote control, zero gravity, Bluetooth connectivity, and plenty of auto program options.


3100 Instant Savings

OS-Pro Summit

Osaki's top of the line offering for the L-track market, the Osaki OS-Pro Summit massage chair is the perfect combination of features, which includes the extended roller track (L-Track), strong neck massage, great foot roller massage, zero gravity positioning, and so much more.


400 Instant Savings


The Osaki TP-8500 massage chair comes with an extra long 53" roller track that will actually massage your mid-hamstrings behind your thighs. Additional features include mechanical foot rollers, zero gravity, 36 airbags, quick controls, and space saving.


500 Instant Savings


The Infinity IT-8500 massage chair has been one of our top selling chairs for years. Now, they have made it even better by adding 3D roller technology!! Not only does it still have it's popular Tru-Grip V Stretch program, Accu-Roll shoulder massage airbags, mechanical foot rollers, and a spinal correction feature for the ailing posture, now you enjoy 3D roller technology to adjust the intensity of the roller massage.


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Introducing the Johnson J5600 Massage Chair


1000 Instant Savings


Introducing the Johnson J5800 Massage Chair


1000 Instant Savings


Introducing the Johnson J6800 Massage Chair


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Pro Executive

How does this sound: triple row mechanical foot rollers, memory function, 61 airbags, zero gravity, MP3 music/Bluetooth, and adjustable shoulder airbags for up to 6'4" tall sound...all for under $3000? That is what you get with the Titan Pro Executive massage chair.


3000 Instant Savings

TP-Pro Alpine

Titan's top of the line offering for the L-track market, the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair is the perfect combination of features, which includes the extended roller track (L-Track), strong neck massage, great foot roller massage, zero gravity positioning, and so much more.


1600 Instant Savings

AP-Pro Regent

From the Osaki and Titan family of massage chairs, comes the Apex line, with it's Japanese designed and engineered Regent model. This chair has all you've come to expect from a massage chair with some interesting additional features, like hand and feet warmers, quick keys at your fingertips, sophisticated body scanning, 3D rollers, and a rotating ottoman to hide the foot and calf wells.


1500 Instant Savings

Ogawa Active

The Ogawa Active SuperTrac Massage Chair offers something we've not seen before in a massage chair, an extended roller track that can work on the buttocks and thighs when the chair is fully reclined horizontally. Of course, this chair comes with a full and rich feature-set that will give you everything you need to get an amazing massage experience in the comfort of your own home!


500 Instant Savings

Ogawa Smart 3D

The new Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair introduces updatable massage programming, a Samsung Tablet & Ogawa App, 3D rollers, foot rollers, zero gravity, unlimited user profiles, self diagnostics, sophisticated airbag controls, and 17 auto programs.


300 Instant Savings


The Lavita massage chair from uKnead has one of the longest L-tracks in the industry, with roller reaching down to your hamstring bellies. Also includes foot and calf mechanical rollers, adjustable shoulder airbags, and 3-stage zero gravity positions.


300 Instant Savings


The uKnead Lohas massage chair packs a punch for a compact chair with a space saving feature. Other features include L-track, foot & calf rollers, zero gravity, sleek ergonomic design, 48 airbags, BlueTooth speakers, and quick start one-touch keys.

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Inada DreamWave

One look and it’s clear that you have never laid eyes on anything quite like the Inada DreamWave massage chair. One massage session, and you will feel how completely different and luxurious the DreamWave is than any other massage chair ever conceived. Featuring a heated seat and lumbar area, DreamWave seat massage, true 3-D back massage, full arm massage, Iliotibial band massage, trapezia massage, and optical scanning technology that caters your massage exactly to your body.

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Novo XT

Human Touch enters the L-track market with a BANG! The new Novo XT has a 3D L-track, along with Bluetooth speakers, zero gravity, space saving feature, fits users up to 6'9" tall, and comes with free white glove delivery.