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D Core Massage Chairs

At D-Core, massage chairs are more than technology, they are an artform with the ultimate goal of complete rejuvenation. With inspiration from renowned massage therapist Dr. Izawa, and innovative Japanese engineering and design, these chairs deliver a perfect deep tissue massage right in the comfort of your home.

The patented True Shiatsu Action design uses rollers that simulate the feeling of fingers, joint structures, and organic movements that you get from an in-person massage therapist to penetrate deep into muscle tissue and release muscle fibers that are tight or painful. As you use the chair regularly you will start to feel the therapeutic benefits of better mobility, less discomfort, and overall health and wellness. D-Core is also the first massage chair to incorporate patented Wave Arrays that deliver roller massage for your forearms arms and calves.

The level of relaxation from massage is matched only by the sophistication of the design in these chairs, with a combination of synthetic leather and walnut accents—a nod to nature and its ability to help you escape daily life in this calm and tranquil chair. Discover the next level of comfort and life-like massage with the D-Core lineup of massage chairs.