Massage Chair Industry Update – November 15, 2018 (Video)

November 17, 2018
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
November 17, 2018
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – November 15, 2018 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – November 15, 2018”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for, today is Thursday, November 15th, 2018, and this is going to be the last massage chair industry update before Black Friday, which is next Friday, and that is usually the crazy time for massage chair sales, from Black Friday until the end of the year, for the holidays obviously.

[SCREEN TEXT: Getting Ready for Black Friday, Are You Ready?]

Alan: And there’ll be a – well, there’s a few things I need to talk to you about as far as that goes – there will be some sales for the holiday weekend, and some of them will last for that weekend, and some of them will last for a few more, you know, a few days after that, and then some are good until the end of the year. But if you call the showroom, if you call our toll-free number now, and you want to, and you decide to get a chair, and you want to get it now before the rush, because once Black Friday comes along and the chairs start flying off the shelves, color options will be, may be hard to come by, and even chair models may be hard to come by, because the stock usually is depleted. I have warned you in the past that logistically trucking may, there may be a shortage of trucking this holiday season, so it might take longer to get certain things, but just make sure that you order well ahead.

[SCREEN TEXT: Black Friday Reimbursement]

Alan: Now, if you order before Black Friday, and we give you, you know, we do have some in-store sales that we encourage you to take advantage of, and if you happen to see that anything we offer is, that we offer something on Black Friday, or throughout that week, or that weekend, you know, let us know, and we’ll credit you the difference if there is a sale that we learn about at the last minute, or whatever, that we need to reimburse you for, we will do that.

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Alan: Also, Black Friday, if you want to know what our Black Friday sales are, we don’t know them all yet, they’re still coming in as far as letting us know what’s available, you know, go to my website, and download my free report, and then you’ll be on our mailing list to receive updates as far as what’s cooking in sales, and that applies not just for Black Friday, but throughout the year, so you know what’s going on. But anyway, feel free to download that free report, and be updated regularly as to what sales are going to be available for Black Friday and beyond.

[SCREEN TEXT: Why Buy from Massage Chair Relief?]

Alan: Also, you know, I don’t really, I’m not really, I’m not real big on, now well, you know, in these massage chair industry updates, I’m not trying to promote my brand too much, even though there are things about my business that I really like, that I feel are better than what’s out there, but I want, the things that I want you to understand, that we offer, when you’re ready to make your massage chair purchase, it’s quite important, I think. For example, we offer a Lifetime Labor warranty, you know, if your chair breaks down after the factory warranty is expired, you know, you get the parts, we’ll do the labor. We use some, a couple of, actually three networks of national techs, technicians, and they’ll, there’s almost 99% of the time, there’s someone in your area, or someone that serves your area, even though they may be a few miles away, that can come out and fix your chair. But if you want to read about our Lifetime Labor warranty, it’s on our website, and there’s a good review on there, we just posted. It’s from a customer of ours named Philip Tyler, he’s bought a couple of chairs from us, and he bought an Apex Ultra a few years ago, and he had a problem with it. And of course, a few years ago means that the warranty’s gone, and it’s out of warranty, and so he contacted Osaki/Titan, which is the company that takes care of the, you know, imports the Apex chairs, and they said, you know, they diagnosed the problem over the phone, they sent him the part that he needed, and then he called us, and we arranged for a tech to come see him, and he kind of, he wrote his review. We don’t get a lot of reviews on the, we get a lot of reviews on chairs, because people are excited about the chairs, and thy want to write about them, and talk about what they like and don’t like about the chairs, but you know, the, a lot of the Lifetime Labor warranty stuff goes on behind the scenes, and we do honor, and the big, the reason we put that testimonial up, or that review up, is because I want people to know that this is actually a real warranty, and we do honor it on all the chairs that we sell. The only drawbacks are, if there’s no parts for it, or if the chair, you know, if the chair is beyond repair, or if you live beyond, you know, 25 miles of the local tech, there’s a mileage chair, a dollar-a-mile charge. Those are some main caveats for this thing, but we have taken care of quite a few of our customers already. It’s not cheap, this is an expensive thing for our company to offer because we offer it free of charge, but I do want you to know that we have a Lifetime Labor warranty on every chair that we sell. We also offer free returns. Now, these are true free returns, I mean, if you get a chair and you don’t like it, or you don’t want it, you pack it up in the original packaging, and have it ready for pickup, and then we will have our shipping people pick it up, and we’ll pay for the return cost. There are, you know, and we don’t back bill you for anything. We don’t back bill you for the original shipping. There’s no hidden fees, the only thing is, is you’re responsible for getting that chair packaged back up, but we do offer free return shipping.

[SCREEN TEXT: A Portion of Every Massage Chair We Sell Goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation]

Alan: Also, we offer a, well, we don’t offer, but we include – when we sell a chair, we donate a portion of that chair to the Make-A-Wish Foundation – and you can see on our website the, you can get updated as to where we are. This is a legitimate donation set up, we have a website, or a page, on the Make-A-Wish website. You can go to Make-A-Wish, or you can go to my website, and find the link for it. There’s a link about Make-A-Wish on almost every product page, and you can click on it and see the Make-A-Wish page, but we’re up to about $50,000 in donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which I have a real soft spot for. If you’ve known me, or heard from me for any length of time, you know that I’ve got a soft spot of kids, and a soft spot for Make-A-Wish. And so, anyway, just so know that when you purchase from us – plus, you know, we act as an advocate for you, if you are trying to get your chair fixed, and you find that you’re having trouble getting it done, or the massage chair company’s not getting the parts to you, or not arranging for a tech, or you slip, you know, through the cracks, get a hold of us and we take care of you if there’s a problem, and after-sale support’s extremely crucial when it comes to massage chairs. And you don’t fully appreciate that because right now, you’re looking for a chair and you’re trying to get the best deal you can, but make sure you realize that the deal goes far beyond what the price is. There’s so much more that goes on after the sale, if something goes wrong with your chair, it’s important to have that kind of support. Anyway, enough of tooting my own horn, I just wanted to talk about that, because it is, we’re coming up to a heavy buying season, and we want to make sure that you get the best chair, and you get it from a good retailer, and have the best support that you can, should anything go wrong after the sale.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Line of Massage Chairs – Health Mate (Made in Korea)]

Alan: OK, enough of that, now, we’ve got a lot of new models that we’re going to get on the website, we’re adding them to the website currently. We should have them all up by the, hopefully by, well, before Thanksgiving, but we added, yesterday, a new line that we’re carrying called the Health Mate line. Now, these are Korean chairs, made in Korea, and as you know, in the past, I’ve talked about what it means to be made in something like, made in Japan, or made in America, or now made in Korea. Made in China is really the only true 100% claim for massage chairs, because most companies have Chinese components, most massage chairs have some Chinese components in them. Luraco doesn’t, theirs are Taiwanese, but like, even the Inada chairs, like the DreamWave, and you know, Panasonic chairs, they’re Japanese designed and engineered. Some of them are claimed to, they claim that they’re made in Japan, but they have non-critical components from China. Luraco has non-critical components from Taiwan, or maybe some critical components from China. And now, this Health Mate chair, they have their chairs, they have components made in China, some are made in Korea, but all the assembly, and the programming, and the quality-control testing is done in Korea, and this is really the first chair we’ve ever carried that has this Korean connection, and the Health Mate’s a nice chair.

[SCREEN TEXT: Health Mate HM-5200]

Alan: We just posted their model called the 5200, the HM-5200, and this chair is a 3D L-track. It has heat on the – well, it’s got quite a bit of heat actually – it’s got heat on the forearm, the calves, the low back, but it also has heated rollers, which we don’t see a lot of. It’s got, let’s see, what else have we got on it? It’s got, I mentioned the calf rollers. It can handle 5′ up to 6′ 4″. It comes with a five-year limited warranty, so it’s one year parts and labor, which is typical of most Asian chairs, except the Japanese chairs, one year parts and labor, with three years of parts, and five years of structure. So, they’ve got a great warranty. Now, they’re based out of Southern California, very close to where my showroom is, we’ve sat on the chairs. We’re getting the HM-5200 in to our showroom. It has 54 air cells, you know, airbags, air cells, the heated rollers we talked about, it’s got 10 auto-programs, it’s got a USB slot, it’s got speakers for Bluetooth connectivity. It’s a very, very good chair, and it’s a great chair for the money, it’s $5999. Yeah, I think we have an introductory price on it for $5495, or $5499, something like that. But it is, it’s a really good bang for the buck, and plus, you have the Korean expertise in some of the development, in the assembly, and the quality control, and even in some of the production. So, anyway, Health Mate HM-5200, you can take a look at it right now. They have a couple other models coming out next year. I think one’s the 8200, the other one, I think, is the 3200, I cannot remember exactly, but those won’t be out until probably the first quarter of next year, but take a look at that Health Mate HM-5200, I got to get used to a new model. Also, Positive Posture, which is one of the companies under the umbrella of Furniture for Life, and I’ve explained this to you before, Furniture for Life is a company, they’re in Boulder, Colorado, Cliff Levin is their guy, is the CEO, or the president, and he has created some other companies, well, not created, but he’s – well, yeah, he’s created, he’s formed other companies under this umbrella of Furniture for Life – and you’re familiar with them. There’s Inada USA, Positive Posture, both, and then, both have massage chair lines, and the other one is called Varier, and they also have the Panasonic distribution rights in the USA. So, that all falls under the Furniture for Life umbrella, and I went, I actually was there on Tuesday, and spent the day with them, and came back Wednesday morning. But I took some video of the showroom, it used to just be Inada USA, but now they’ve revamped it, and it’s under this conglomerate of companies called Furniture for Life. And they have a beautiful showroom there, I got some video footage of that, I’ll hopefully post that video in the next couple of days, and anyway, where was I going with this?

[SCREEN TEXT: Positive Posture Sol]

Alan: Oh, but they have the Positive Posture line, you know, the have the Brio, and now they have brought in a new chair. It’s a little thing, it’s well, when I say little thing, it’s smaller than the typical massage chair. It’s called the Sol, S-O-L, like sun, sol. Anyway, it’s a cute chair. It retails for $1999, it comes in brown and black, it’s got an L-track, it’s a very basic chair, and it almost kind of looks like a gamer’s chair, but it’s a little bit bigger than that. Anyway, here’s the deal, from now until the end of the year, their holiday special is if you buy a Brio, which I believe retails for $4995, or $4999, I always get mixed up $95, $99, I don’t know, just around $5000, they will throw in this Positive Posture Sol chair for you. So, you actually get two chairs for the price of one, that is a very, very, very good price, a very, very good deal. I sat on the Sol when I was in Boulder on Tuesday, and it’s a nice chair. It’s a great chair, and if Cliff Levin is behind it, you know it’s going to have good quality, and it’s going to be, the details are going to be attended to. They don’t just import some off the shelf chair in China, and slap a you know, a logo on it, they actually are involved in the development of it. And they’ve got a lot of neat things going on, by the way, over there at Furniture for Life as far as massage chairs go, and I got to do an interview with Cliff, and I will probably within the next couple of weeks. I’ve got to do a lot of advertising, a lot of, not advertising, but a lot of, I’ve got to do a lot of interviews with a lot of people, with all these new models coming out. But anyway, I just wanted you to know that that sale is going on, and that new chair, the Positive Posture Sol, was out.

[SCREEN TEXT: Adding New Infinity Models: Genesis, RiageX3, and SmartX3]

Alan: We also, I mentioned this last time, we’re going to be adding the Infinity Genesis, which used to be, it formerly was sold at Costco. I think Costco now has a new chair called the Evolution, which is the same as the Genesis, but with an air ionizer, and I can’t remember, something else, but a couple of little minor changes. It will be more money, of course, to justify those changes. But now, the Genesis, we will be carrying the Genesis, and the RiageX3, which used to be – both of these are L-tracks, 3D L-tracks, the Riage X3 is like, is kind of similar to the old Iyashi that we used to carry – well, now it’s, it used to be Brookstone stores, but now Brookstone is defunct, from what I understand. So, the Riage is now available to us furniture stores. So, we’ll have the RiageX3, and the SmartX3, which is like the Infinity 8500X3, but with a few upgrades. So, we’ll still be carrying the 8500X3. The 8500X3, and the 8500, the precursor to it, have been very, very popular sellers for years. I’ve been doing this for 14 years, I think we started carrying that chair almost in the early days, when I first opened my showroom, back in 2009, something like that, the 8500. And then the 8500X3 came out a year ago, very, very popular chairs, and the SmartX3 is like that, with a couple of changes. It looks the same apparently, but just a couple of programming changes.

[SCREEN TEXT: Fujimedic Kumo Massage Chair]

Alan: And also, there is a new chair called the Fujimedic Kumo, and this is a chair that is being introduced in to the market from the same company that does Cozzia and Ogawa chairs, and it’s a company called East Pau. I mentioned them before, they’re in China. The chair looks exactly like the Cozzia Qi SE, exactly. As a matter of fact, if I didn’t know any better, I would say this chair was Chinese made, but they say it is made in Japan. It’s a 4D L-track, it’s called the Kumo, K-U-M-O. I don’t have that one on the website yet, and I don’t have those three Infinity chairs on yet, but they will all, they should all, hopefully all be up by, you know, the end of the weekend, or the beginning of next week, before Thanksgiving, knock on wood, before Thanksgiving. Anyway, that Kumo, let’s see, what is the pricing on that one, the pricing on that one is $8999, and there will be some sales for it over the holidays, and starting next Monday, and you’ll be able to get it for about $6500. So, anyway, they’re claiming that as a Japanese 3D L-track, or 4D L-track. So, we’ve not had a Japanese-made 3D, 4D L-track before, it’s all been Chinese, or American made with Luraco. I would still like to see the guts of that Kumo, because even though it says it’s made in Japan, and I don’t know what that means, and I’ve talked about this before. Who knows, the chair might just, and I’m just not talking about this chair, but any chair, it might just pass through the dock, or the port, and get re-boxed, and because it was in Japan, they can say made in Japan. I don’t know, I’d like to know how, well, you know, I’d like more details on where that, what’s being done with that chair, like Inada, we know that their chairs are, they may use some Chinese components, but their critical components, and the chair assembly is all done in Japan, in Osaka, we know that. Luraco, they import Taiwanese components, but their assembly, and their quality-control testing, and their programming is all done in Dallas. And Health Mate, we know that their chairs, they bring their parts to Korea, and they assemble and quality-control test it in Korea. This one just says made in Japan, and that’s all I’ve been told, it’s made in Japan, I don’t know what that means.

[SCREEN TEXT: What Does “Made in xxxx” Really Mean?]

Alan: Does that mean that it’s 100% made in Japan? Does it mean it has Chinese components that are imported to Japan, and it’s assembled there? Does that mean the chair is made in China, and it passes through a dock or a port or a warehouse in Japan, and they just changed the boxes, and stamped it made in Japan, I don’t know, but I would sure like to know more about that chair, that was all the information I got from them. But anyway, those are the new models that are coming out.

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Alan: Also, if you’re looking for deals for this holiday season, check my pre-owned directory, I think right now we’re, I think we only have one chair on there right now, but we’ve got a couple of them that are coming back. We’ve got an Infinity Presidential, that’ll be going for $5999, regularly I think $7999, a Novo XT, which is $7999, an XT2, which is $7999, and we’re going to have that one for $5999, and we have a new Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus, regularly $8990, and I think that one will be going for $6990. So, anyway, there’s always good deals going on on our pre-owned directory, so you know, take a look at that, and see if there’s some kind of offers there that might turn your crank. OK, oh, speaking of Cozzia, I have been notified that the Cozzia Qi has been discontinued. I’ve also been notified that the cream Inada DreamWave is no more, and has been discontinued, so you just get black and brown in the Inada DreamWave.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: You know what, I think that’s it for this week, you know, like that isn’t enough. But anyway, if you have any questions, of course, give me a call, eh? You can reach us any time at 888-259-5380, and you can email me, you can go through our Contact Us page on our website, you can chat on the website, you can talk to us on a YouTube comment, or a Facebook comment, or whatever. There’s lots of ways to get a hold of us, and a lot of times, I’m there, if you want to talk to me as well. So, feel free to get a hold of us, and now we’re getting in to the really heavy, heavy, busy time, and I’ve talked about this through the year. During the summer, it was slow, there were a few new models that kind of popped up, but now things are ramping up. So, it’s an exciting time, feel free to give us a call.

[SCREEN TEXT: We Price Match!]

Alan: Oh, oh, and the other thing I forgot to mention to you, when I was talking about the benefits of buying from us, we do price matching, and a lot of the times, we can beat prices. So, if you have a, if there’s a chair that you want, and you love the way we take care of you, and you want our Lifetime Labor warranty, and you want the free return option, and you want to know that part of your purchase price is going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but you need a better price, or you found the price better somewhere else, you know, give me a call, let us know, and we can, 99% of the time price match. There are some that we don’t price match with, like there’s a couple of models on Costco that the prices are so low that it’s almost – as a matter of fact, in one case, it’s below our cost – and so we will tell you if that’s a good deal, we’ll tell you, and we’ll say ‘Get it from them, that is the best deal you’ll get.’ You just won’t get the Lifetime Labor warranty, or whatnot. But anyway, but you know, let us know if you have any questions, we’re always here. And even if you don’t buy from us, we’re always here to ask questions, and quiz, and get some feedback, or help you make a choice about which chair is the right one for you, we’re always available, so let us know.

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Alan: But anyway, if you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and of course, help us spread the word about massage chairs by sharing this video, or any of our videos, and by the way, we’ve got like 600 videos, and talks about chairs, and interviews, and visits to places, like we went to Inada, there’s all this good stuff. So, check out, you know, or share any of those videos on your social media platforms to help us spread the word. Anyway, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye. Oh, have a good Thanksgiving, and a happy Black Friday, and Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday, and holiday. Bye bye.

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