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Infinite Therapeutics has stepped it up a notch with the new IT-8500 massage chair. New features include 1.) a new stretch program, 2.) 2 zero gravity positions, 3.) spinal correction function, 4.) full shoulder airbag massage.

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Infinite Therapeutics has introduced the IT-8500 massage chair as a step-up from the already popular IT-8100. In addition to a stretch program, the IT-8500 chair also boasts a spinal correction feature, full shoulder airbag massage, a headphone port for your own private music, 2 zero gravity positions, intersound technology, a more vigorous roller system, and much, much more. This is all in addition to the features you already expect from a massage chair: foot rollers, head rotation airbags, touch screen remote, mp3 music system, and full body airbags.


57 reviews for Infinity IT-8500

  1. Brian Morris (verified owner)

    I received my Infinity IT 8500 a few weeks ago and it has been a game changer for me and my family. I’m a dentist so I have constant shoulder and back discomfort plus I’ve had issues with my feet for years. This chair helps with all of my issues. The foot rollers are fantastic! I am very pleased with my chair. No buyers remorse from this guy!

  2. Matt Jones (verified owner)

    I just recently bought this chair from another website but absolutely love it! I sat in many chairs including the Inada at a local trade show and when I received my 8500 for half the money I was amazed how similar if not better it was! The rollers in the feet and the sway in the seat that really loosens up by lower back muscles is great. My favorite part is the decompression stretch mode! I would recommend this chair to anyone. Best chair i have used!

  3. Richard Collins (verified owner)

    I have had this chair for a week now and my wife and I love it.I looked at this chair and the Osaki chair for over a year before buying the Infinity IT8500. Both chairs sounded great but,I decided on this one. The Infinity was a little smaller in overall size then the Osaki and several hundred cheaper. The stretch mode is great and will make you feel good afterwards.I only wish that you could control the intensity of the rollers. All in all I have no complaints, and would recommend this chair to everyone.

  4. Tanja Jackman (verified owner)

    We just receieved our chair and are in love with it but are even more in love with the infinity brand and dr.weidner

    amazing stretch program
    great foot rollers
    great quality work
    the heat acutally is nice and hot and over a largerer area than other
    better massages than chairs that are double the price
    sound system is great
    very comfortable
    it gets all the way to the top of your neck – all the way down your tailbone and it gets into your neck/shoulder area that many other chairs fail
    i would have liked body scanning in all modes not just the 4 pre-set modes.

    I would have liked that the strength of the rollers could be adjusted, its a little on the harsh side at the beginning but you get used to it.

    a memory function would be great as well

    the head rest airbags only work in relax

    however compared to the one at brookstone – this is a steal
    compared to about to all but 1 of the human touch it blows them out the water
    compared to a $7000 chair – this one brings the best bang for your bucks

  5. Aweidner (verified owner)

    David I am sorry to hear that your massage chair is too rough for you. I would strongly encourage you to reach out to the retailer from whom you purchased your chair to get them involved in the process of communicating with Infinite Therapeutics. They have a wonderful customer support team and they will help you. The company that sold you the chair should also have a money back guarantee which should allow you to ship the chair back to them. If you were our customer, you actually have a 90 day money back guarantee. Most companies, however, have a 30 day money back guarantee. Regarding the roughness of the chair, after ruling out a problem with the chair with Infinite Therapeutics customer support, I would suggest using a damper pad or a throw blanket or towel to lessen the intensity of the rollers. I have never heard anyone describe the intensity of the IT-8500 massage the way you have described it, but some folks do find it a bit intense. The dampening pad, towel, or blanket should do the job. Here is Infinite Therapeutics phone number: 1-603-347-6006.
    Dr. Alan Weidner

  6. Michael Reifeis (verified owner)

    We have had this chair for about a month now and have used it extensively with daily massages since day one. First let me state that if you?re like me, you are probably doing a LOT of research on what is the best high end massage chair out there. I have reviewed everything I could find on Inada, Osaki, Infinity, Luraco, Osim, etc. Prior to my purchase I was able to test out the Inada Sogno, Osaki, and Osim products. It?s important to know that the Inada Sogno is bar none, the best chair out there. So, don?t be fooled into thinking that buying the IT-8500 or any other chair will be just like or will replace the Inada Sogno, they don?t.
    Having said that, I truly believe that the best bang for the buck is the Infinity IT-8500. The manufacturing of this product appears to be very solid as I opted to assemble the chair myself, everything went together very well, I was impressed with the sturdiness of the chair and associated components.
    This chair has many options to choose from relative to varying types of massage with the ability to specify a particular area if desired. I also really like the ability to have a long 45 minute massage with heat, or I can opt for shorter time frames if desired. I?m also glad that I decided to go with a chair that has foot rollers; for me this is a must. The airbags are strong and can be adjusted from low to high depending on how intense you want the pressure, I love this option! You can also do just an airbag massage without the rollers which is a nice option to have as well.
    Personally for me I really enjoy the ?Relax? massage program, my wife prefers the ?Refresh? and ?Extend? programs. All of them are good and each offers a different combination of rollers, air bags, and cycling between zero gravity and inverted, etc. This chair also offers two zero gravity positions which allows for adjusting the intensity of the massage purely by how you sit in the chair.
    If I had any complaints about this chair, it is that the foot rollers can be very intense especially if you have the air bags on a high level. However, the foot rollers can be turned off if desired, but I found it was easy enough to fold up a couple towels which made level of sensation perfect. Additionally, the back rollers can be pretty intense and there is no adjustment to modify this. So, similar to what I did with the foot rollers, I just folded up a small blanket which significantly helped. One recommendation to Infinity would be to provide some customized padding that could easily be fitted into the foot holds and back area to adjust the level of intensity.
    All in all, I would highly recommend this chair and trust me, I?m a little OCD and have been researching these chairs for about a two year before I finally decided to pull the trigger. I?m glad I did and very pleased with my purchase.
    Last but not least, I?m extremely pleased with my purchase experience through this company. Dr. Weidner put up with multiple calls and emails from me regarding the many, various questions I had and was always gracious with his time. Matter of fact, the first time I called I was very surprised that Dr. Weidner was the one to answer the phone. The service has been excellent and truthfully wouldn?t have purchased from anyone else because I know if something were to go wrong with my chair, Dr. Weidner will be there to assist. I should state that I am providing this review on my own free will, nothing more.
    Best of luck on your chair search and purchase.

  7. Tony (verified owner)

    Michaels review here is pretty spot on for me as well. Let me start by saying Dr. Weidner was an incredible help and I would thoroughly recommend his company for your purchase. Like most people I did a ton of research online after not being able to find the chairs locally to test (except the Inada sogno and the Osim). I decided to pull the trigger on the Osaki 7075 and called Dr. Weidner. After he explained the features of many different chairs, I was very confused. He told me he gives out a $300 discount for anyone who flys out to visit. With Southwest from Chicago cost me $400 so for only $100 and my day I was able to try all the chairs I wanted to. Dr. Weidner picked me up from the airport, bought lunch and drove me back. Thank you for the hospitality! Now for my findings:
    Infinity 8500: Michaels review says it all. An awesome chair for the money. I also love the foot rollers. This and the Osaki are the only two with rollers. These are incredible! They move around all over and the airbags push your feet down into them. I also found them to be vigorous at times but the intensity adjustment helps as well as putting a folded up sock in there if it’s too much. The seat sways left to right as well, don’t know why I like it, guess its just relaxing. This is the only chair that does it. I have no complaints. You wont be disappointed.
    Osaki 7075: this is the one I planned one getting and looking at the specs, looked like the best. After sitting in it, I’m so glad I flew out and tried it first. I would not have been happy. Dr. Weidner said it was a very vigorous massage and that’s an understatement! It has no intensity adjustments. The foot rollers were flat out painful as was the back massage. I couldn’t stay in the chair for more than 5 minutes. It’s also a very large chair. I would suspect if you’re a large person who can really handle an intense massage, this is your chair.
    Inada Sogno: I tried this chair locally and on my trip. It appears to be very well built. I was not impressed with the massage though especially for over $8000. Like the other chairs, the back massage was very nice. The other massages on the chair (arms,feet,calves, head) were lame at best. No foot rollers was a turn off. To me it just felt like all the airbags around the chair were simply squeezing you. I want a massage, not a light squeeze. IMO not worth almost 3 times the cost.
    Panasonic EP30007: Panasonic is known for their quality and it shows in this chair. Although like the Inada, i found the back to be excellent but everything else lame. The arms don’t work too well, It squeezes your hands more than the forearm based on the design. It will squeeze your thighs but no foot massage except some knobs that push into your feet which did nothing for me.
    Panasonic MA70: Based on its high price and the fact I was all but sold on the Infinity, I didnt spend much time in this chair. It felt a lot like the EP30007 all around so I chalked it up pretty quick.
    Osim: I didnt try this here as they dont sell it. It’s a Brookstone chair. It had a lot of similar features as the Infinity and the price was similar. The chair itself felt cheap compared to the rest. I’ve also read bad reviews about customer service from Brookstone. This wasn’t even an option for me.
    Luraco Irobotic: I was initially very interested due to the fact it’s American made. I found the back massage excellent as most. The massage was very gentle, a little too light for me. That and it has no foot rollers was the deal breaker for me. If you’re looking for a light relaxing massage with no foot rollers, you might really like it.
    Hope this helps those who can’t make the flight out! Although I would thoroughly recommend you take the day to try them yourself, even if it costs you a few hundred bucks. We all have a little Goldilocks in us and need to find the one that’s “just right”. Once again, Thank you Dr. Weidner for your help!

  8. Eric Glenn (verified owner)

    We have one of these chairs… and they are amazing… one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. The company stands behind their product with a real meaningful warranty. I’m grateful for companies like this that really believe in their product and back up that belief with action! Because of my arthritis, I struggle to feel good and get sleep. Now I use it every morning and evening… it has made a huge difference in my life. I’m thankful somebody had the vision to make it.

  9. Daniel Colon (verified owner)

    Me and another guy brung this chair from my garage to the first floor using moving straps that was put under a dolly so when we had level ground we were able to roll it. Assembly was verrry easy. Only tricky part was putting the hose under the arm. Theres a better way to install it then whats in the instructions. Put the arm on the chair without latching it ( align the the three metal pegs) then go behind the chair and sit on the floor and pull the arm as back as u can ( flashlight here helps) and u now have easy access to connecting the hose without pulling your hair lol

    The chair feels sookoo good on your back, but remember this is a professional massage chair so its going to be a little intense at first so u must go threw the ( graduate) stage and in a week or two your going to appreciate the intensity once your body gets used to the rollers. Im still not graduated so what i did was cut a strip of 2 inch memory foam that i had and lifted the back and put it right on the middle of the rollers going all the way up. Dont make it to wide just enough to cover the empty hole in the middle because the sides already have padding. The arm massage has 2 air bags one for and and one for hand. Make sure both are working and that no hose is crimped if it is just work from the back. The foot rollers also need padding. It feels wonderfukl by itself but rollers and the airbag compression are way to intense so use padding here to then work your way up without it. Other than that ive had 2 guests fall asleep on relax mode with ( rollers off)
    Strech mode is crazzzzzzy. I love it. I always hse my invertion table and this chair actually does a better job adjusting my lower back.the chair takes u and does magic decopressing your spine. Whike the rollers go uo your spine. Yes i can say it is magical and who ever thought of this feature is very talented.

    There u go, Dr Alan picked up the phone first ring when i called and his videos and passion for this type of business is the reason why i purchased from him. I love my chair and if u suffer from back pain like i do this chair is going to change your life . Thank u Dr Alan

  10. Jim Perdue (verified owner)

    Dr. Weidner,

    We just wanted to let you know that we received our IT-8500 on Tuesday. Setup was simple (thanks to your video). We love it. Now, not sure if you remember, but I tried to cancel this order because of a great deal on a used Sogno Dreamwave locally. Well, since this chair already shipped I told him I couldn?t do the deal on the Sogno. Well, he came down on his price for the dreamwave to make up for the difference. Well I couldn?t pass it up for that price, so I bought the Sogno, fully intending on returning the Infinity to you.

    Now let me say, the Sogno is a wonderful chair. I loved it, my wife liked it. Of course I am the one who?s had back surgery and a whole slew of lower back issues. We both felt the stretch feature was lacking in intensity and wished it would at least last a few seconds longer. The foot massage was ok, but not great.

    Flash forward?the IT-8500. Now I know it?s no Inada, but I just believe it feels better for us. Sure the Inada is more ?refined?, but the Infinity is a wonderful chair. Foot massage with the rollers is just amazing. I believe I like the back rollers on the Infinity better as well, although I can?t put my finger on why. The arm airbags are another area where I prefer the Infinity. I like the full length arm bag over the separate hand, wrist, forearm ones. It feels nicer to me. The hand and wrist bag on the Inada feel great, but the forearm one to me just pinches my arm out of the way. Lastly, the stretch! The stretch on the Infinity is simply hands down better than the Sogno. Now again, that is for US. Some may prefer the Sogno, but to me the intensity and length of the stretch just does wonders for my lower back.

    So long story short, I am keeping the Infinity over the Inada. Blasphemy to some, but bliss for us. Thanks again for everything. Your website and personal attention made this a great experience!

  11. Mimi Campbell (verified owner)

    I received my IT-8500 chair on Friday. In just a little over 48 hours I have spent countless hours enjoying the many different settings available. I have chronic neck, back and foot pain for various different reasons. This massage chair can reach the intensity I need to get at the deep-seated areas of tight muscles. I have been a frequent massage patient with bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly visits. Now I have the ability to get a massage as many times a day as I want. This chair will pay for itself in no time. For years I have dreamed of getting a massage daily?now that is possible.
    Normally when I go to the chiropractor there are a couple of areas that are not moveable and it is painful. I am looking forward to getting an adjustment this week!
    I appreciate the personal attention that I received from Dr. Alan Weidner and quick responses to all of my questions. He made the shopping process painless and easy. I explained what I wanted and the doc told me the best options for my needs.
    The white glove service was the best too! I didn?t have to worry about reading any heavy lifting or tedious assembly. The delivery company (All Points Inc. out of Jacksonville, AR) was very friendly and did a great job of putting my chair together quickly. They even offered to hold my packaging materials for 30 days if for some reason I need to send the chair back which I don?t see that happening ? I love my chair!
    The IT-8500 cost $3,895, including the White Glove Service. I ordered my chair late on a Friday night and was sitting in it 3 weeks later. The White Glove Service adds a little more time to the delivery wait but it is well worth it. The chair is very heavy and I would hate to have to deal with the boxes and assembly. My IT-8500 has amazing roller ball technology that reaches from the back of my head, down the sides of my neck and all the way to my lower back. I don?t have to worry and wonder if a human given massage will hit the right spots, I have all the controls. The foot/leg massage is pretty intense and will take some getting used to but I am looking forward to that. I have plantar fasciitis which is a very painful foot condition. I believe this chair will in time take away much of that daily pain.
    I?m heading back to my chair now. Thank you Dr. Alan!

  12. Marcus Casey (verified owner)

    First of all, the customer service: Dr. Weidner made me feel comfortable choosing which chair I wanted even without seeing them. The only chairs I had a chance to try were those at Brookstone. I knew I could do better than those, but my budget would not permit buying a Sogno Dreamwave. So I did a lot of research and then called him with three chairs (in different price ranges) in mind. He asked the right questions and of the three steered me toward the Infinity IT-8500 because it would be the best for neck issues that my wife and I suffer from. I ordered it without ever trying it, and I’m convinced it is the right chair for me.

    The chair: I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now and it has completely changed my neck and back. The first few days every massage left me feeling a little sore and bruised on both my feet and back. But I figured that would pass, and it did. I also came to notice that the places that were sore were the knots that I had. I am a frequent visitor to a chiropractor, and I think of all my sore spots as misalignment of my vertebrae that I am unable to correct (and do more harm than good if I try). Perhaps they are, but as I’ve started to work the knots in my muscles out through daily or twice daily massages, they have loosened up and the adjustment of my spine often happens on its own, naturally. I’ll still go to the chiropractor occasionally, but I’m sure I’ll recoup the cost of the chair in the number of times I don’t go.

    At first I only used the auto programs, and I still use them a lot, but now I am learning how to customize my massage according to specific needs. The chair is comfortable and gives a very intense massage. At first it was too intense for my wife so she threw a pad over the rollers, but she uses it without the pad now. The foot rollers were torture for me at first–they both tickled and hurt. But after about a week they are one of my favorite parts. I cannot imagine ordering a massage chair without foot rollers.

    In short, this is an incredible massage chair at a reasonable price. You will not regret it at all.

  13. Winston Mcgill Jr (verified owner)

    I’m a surgeon and I stand for several hours a day often bending over. I was on vacation and happened to attend a convention in which there was a demonstration of one of the infinity massage chair (the IT8800) . I was interested because my back tightens from time to time. The salesperson was using a “hard sell” but I typically do my research. While on vacation I went online and quickly found out that Dr. Alan Weidner was an expert on Massage chairs. I called him from the convention and spoke to him several times. His advice to go with the 8500 was great advice. I love the chair. The foot rollers, back and shoulder massages are unbelievable. The music system is a great touch. I have programmed nice soft, relaxing music. I am in seventh heaven when I return home from the OR and sit in my chair listening to Yanni. Everyone who sits in it loves it. I love the chair. More importantly, I would strongly recommend buying it from Dr Weidner. He’s knowledgeable and answers all your questions. HE RETURNS PHONE CALLS WHICH IS AMAZING.

  14. J Sheffield (verified owner)

    I started researching massage chairs after seeing one at a Brookstone store. That one was nice but after researching further I realized that there were better ones available. After spending many hours reading online and watching vidoes, I bought the IT-8500. I found the information on and the videos on youtube by Dr. Weidner to be very helpful in helping make my decision. However, the reviews posted by other customers were the best because thier descriptions of the IT-8500 and experience mactched what I was looking for. The massage experience is exactly what I expected, a vigorous massage. When I get home from work and my muscles are tense I want a massage that works out the knots when and where I need it. When I don’t need that level of massage and just want to relax I use the air bag only massage to relax or a use a custom massage to target areas where I need it or use a less aggressive massage technique such as the tapping or knocking. I especially like being able to target the area around my neck and the base of my skull where I have trouble with tight muscles. One thing that suprised me was how the rollers feel when they are massaging my shoulders, it actually feels like someone’s fingers are massaging them. I can customized my massage with this chair to however I like and am extremely pleased with the features it has. My wife tried it and commented that it was one of the best purchases that I have ever made. Also, customer support from Dr. Weidner was excellent. The shipping company was having trouble reaching me for some reason and Dr. Weidner contacted me by email right away to I could call them to schedule delivery. Assembly was no problem for me and everything works great!

  15. Kevin S. (verified owner)

    Kevin S.
    13 Dec 2013

    Having never owned or sat in a massage chair, buying one was a big leap of faith. I thought it would be a nice gift for our family this Christmas. After doing a few days of research, reading all of the reviews here and other places I decided on the IT-8500. It arrived about 10 days after ordering. I decided we didn’t need the white glove service to set up and it was a good decision. We used a hand truck to get the main piece maneuvered into close proximity of the final location. Unpacked everything and watched Dr. Wiedner’s assembly video. We then watched the first time in the chair video. About an hour after the truck delivered the chair we were in it and enjoying a really nice massage. As a few others have stated, my wife said this was the best purchase we’ve made in a long, long time. The communication from Dr. Wiedner throughout the process was unequaled and very much appreciated. The IT-8500 has exceeded our expectations. I want to thank all of the reviewers here for providing honest thorough feedback. I’m a real fan of these chairs now. My 13 year old twin daughters are using it for 20-30 minutes at a time. My wife goes for the full 45 minutes. Needless to say I’m finding it hard to squeeze in a few minutes for myself. It’s very well built and I would highly recommend it.

  16. J Brown (verified owner)

    We have had a terrific experience with our new chair. My wife is a big fan of back walk massages and IT-8500 does a great job of giving her that experience every day. Dr. Weider has provided a wonderful experience both before and after the sale. We are very happy with our purchase and whenever we need another chair we will look here first. Thanks Dr. Weider!

  17. Steve Prince (verified owner)

    I received my 8500 last Thursday. Since I had tried it at a local shop here in west Portland, I knew I would like it. I would say that the only thing I didn’t care for was the new smell that was very strong and almost got me dizzy. Thankfully that has dissipated and I assume that in a week or two it will mostly be gone. The chair is amazing. I can’t believe how refreshed and relaxed it makes me. I’m sleeping better and my energy has increased too. I added another day of hockey to my usual 3-4 days a week. Dr. Weidner has been amazing. He answers all my correspondence almost immediately. Such a great deal and the assistance has been more than advertised.

  18. Kiel (verified owner)

    First I want to start off by saying I’ve never owned a massage chair before this one…but I’m glad I do now. This chair is fantastic! It is quite an investment but you can’t go wrong with the 8500. You get a great bang for your buck with this chair. Dealing with Dr. Weidner was great too. He answered multiple emails with questions/concerns before I even purchased and followed up after to make sure everything was good. Couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.

    I opted for just the curb side delivery and if you are handy at all, it’s the way to go. With the instructions and Dr. Wiedner’s assembly video it was up and running in no time. The chair is quite heavy so I’d recommend having another person or 2 to help. I actually managed it by myself, but it took a little effort. I was able to hand truck through my door (still in the box) and then just unpacked and rolled it into place.

    The chair itself is really nice. It seems to be a high quality chair. My favorites are the foot rollers, the back and shoulder massage and the stretch mode. The back massage and feet rollers can be quite intense the first few times using it…the first week left me a little sore but gradually that passed and now I can’t get enough. Using the manual mode allows for a fantastic neck/shoulder massage. The one thing for me I don’t care much for is the music system…more the controls for it. The speaker by the ears are great but having to put the music on a usb drive and plug it in the back of the chair seems a little silly and then controlling the music you can only hit play/stop and next/back. I’m used to my phone/ipod as a music player with many different features (shuffle, repeat, ect) so the chairs music system is lacking….but still nice to have.

    So overall it was a great buying experience and a wonderful chair…thanks Dr. Alan!

  19. Paula Mason (verified owner)

    We were not looking for a massage chair last month. We were actually shopping for a bedroom set for our guest room.. The dealer had a massage chair (not mentioning the brand) and we tried it. The experience was great and I started researching the internet. After numerous emails and phone calls to various dealers, we were advised that we would get the biggest bang for our buck with the Infinity IT-8500. I asked a dealer where we could actually see and try one. We had to make a 105 mile trip, but it was worth it, we were sold. When we returned home, I got back on the internet and found the “Massage Chair Relief ” website. I placed a call and left a message. Much to my surprise, Dr. Weidner himself returned the call within a few minutes. After a few more calls, and emails, we were ready to order. We received our IT-8500 a few days before Christmas. What a gift we gave ourselves!! The chair and all of it’s features is amazing. We are retired seniors and needed the white glove delivery. The installers were courteous and efficient. The entire experience with Dr. Weidner was well beyond expectations, and we have recomended both the chair and Dr. Weidner to family and friends.

  20. Jeff (verified owner)

    Dr. Weidner,

    Buying my IT-8500 from you was such an easy process. I have had it for more than a month now and could not be more pleased. The chair is used between 2 and 3 hours every day by our family of 3. We use it in the morning when we have time to get a good invigorating massage and in the evening to get a relaxing massage. During the relaxation mode we all fall asleep within the first ten minutes. 45 minutes of massage time and the chair is setting us upright. The sound system is great. You pick the music you want, put it on a thumb drive or a phone and connect to the chair. I do not know how we got along without this chair for so many years. You helped so much in deciding the perfect chair. I know I called a number of times to ask questions before the purchase. You always took your time talk with me. I highly recommend you to others who are shopping for a massage chair. This has been one of the best purchases we have made.

  21. Jeff Payne (verified owner)

    Customer Testimonial Great Customer Service, Prompt Shipping and Outstanding Product Dear Dr. Weidner: I want to thank you so much for all your assistance in helping me pick out the perfect chair for my wife for Christmas. I was on the website and had several questions. It was a Saturday and I thought I would go ahead and call the number just to see if there might be a customer service representative working at I was totally shocked when Dr. Weidner answered the phone. He was at home and it was definitely after hours for the business, yet Dr. Weidner took my call and answered all my questions. This was without a doubt the best customer service I have ever received! I ordered the IT-8500 and almost immediately received an email with the shipping information. I ordered the chair on October 8th and the chair was delivered to my door on October 15th. I gave the chair to my wife on December 23rd and she was ecstatic. The chair is everything Dr. Weidner said it would be and we both use it daily. My wife said this was the best Christmas present that she had ever received. Thank you Dr. Weidner for the expert advice on the chair and for the most outstanding customer service experience I have had with any company that I have every dealt with! Sincerely, Jeff Payne

  22. Kenny Farnsworth (verified owner)

    I live in Salt Lake City, so I went to Dr. Weidner’s store and tested all the chairs. Yes, Dr. Weidner and team are awesome, but this review is about the chair. I chose the Infinity 8500 for 3 reasons. 1. It has the best extend mode out of all the chairs I tested. 2. It has the best mode for massaging the neck. 3. I like the programming. Some massage chairs – (the Osaki 3D ProDreamer comes to mind) only massage one or two parts of your body at a time – kind of like visiting a masseuse. However, one of the big advantages of a massage chair is that it can massage multiple areas of your body at the same time. Infinity seems to understand that concept. The Infinity Iyashi was my second favorite chair. I chose the 8500 over the Iyashi due to the extend mode and my wife did not like the plastic sides on the Iyashi. You may be wondering what is the best chair out there? The answer is it depends on your personal preference. Your best bet is to try them all out. If you don’t have that luxury, I would describe the 8500 and/or Iyashi as a massage party. Both of those chairs are working your entire body over. You can adjust either one for a rather sedate massage or a very aggressive massage. If you want one area worked at a time, I would look at another chair. For me, that defeats the purpose of a massage chair, but to each their own.

  23. Kim S (verified owner)

    I received the Infinity IT-8500 Massage chair from on December 30, 2013 and I love it. First of all, I should say that I did several searches on this company before going with them and everything came out great. They are affiliated with AM6 Distributing and had no complaints and AAA from the BBB. I had a wonderful experience working with them. They kept me informed by way of emails and everything went as promised. I received my chair in just over a week. Now, for the information on the Infinity IT 8500. Here are the pros and cons so that you can see if this chair is right for you. First of all, I would like to say that I suffer from chronic hip tendonitis of seven years and lower back problems of four years. This chair has lowered my pain and almost healed my back. The swivel seat feature is amazing along with the air bags and I do believe it aligns my lower back. After using it, there are times when the pain is completely gone. I finally feel like I don?t have to baby my back all the time. It takes more to aggravate it now and it goes away quickly with one massgage. The intensity is probably above average for the back rollers, although I prefer very strong. You can adjust the speed but not the intensity. My husband is sensitive so it is a little too strong for him at times and my daughter is normal and she loves it. There are six different types of rolling massages to choose from that go up and down your spine and several speeds to choose from too. The foot massaging feature is great and really makes your legs and feet feel better. With that said, it could use some work when it moves from side to side because it is too strong with the airbags. Completely squishes the ball of your foot against the rollers to where you have to move your feet around to try to protect them from severe pain. We fixed this by putting a wash cloth folded over on top of each foot rest. Besides it is only one part of the foot massage and you do not have to use the airbags along with the rollers. Each feature on its own and parts together (where the rollers move up and down) are great. I love the airbags on my calves and feet so it is definitely worth the effort to make it work. As for the arm airbags, I enjoy them but I think the chair is better suited for someone under 5? 9″ or a shorter torso because my arms do not completely reach the airbags. It gets more of my hands and midway up my arm, unless I crunch down uncomfortably. This is unfortunate because I also have tendonitis in both arms. My husband and daughter fit great and love it. The stretch feature is great and I was able to push with my legs on the foot rest to make it extend to accommodate my height. The head rest/airbag feature is great. I love when both sides are blown up; it feels like it is cradling your head. The con is that it does not have anything holding it in place so it will slide up when you have the rollers on. My solution was to use it with the rollers off or set them to a lower location on my back. We wish the control panel was back-lit so that you can see all the buttons. You will need a light nearby to see some of the buttons because not all buttons are lit up. This chair is great because it takes the pain away even with its little flaws. We all feel great after using it. After so many years of trying everything, who would have guessed it would be a massage chair that would finally be the answer to my multiple tendonitis and back problems. In my opinion, this might not be the massage chair for someone who wants to just relax with a mild massage. With this chair comes a few pains and sometimes a lot of pressure from the airbags but that is what I love about it (you can choose the intensity of the airbags). It is a massage chair that relieves aches and pains. It took some time figuring out all the buttons and how pushing several of them more than once adds intensity or speed but once I did, I found my massage experience to be very enjoyable (I like to manually create my massage, but there are four preset massages). Putting this thing together was a bear. There is a video on YouTube of “how to put it together” from Massage chair Relief, as well as many others by Alan Weidner. Although it is worth watching it is only helpful to a point because it is for the previous model and there are differences. Just make sure you have a very short screw driver and a flashlight to put the arms on. Tip: my husband lay on the floor under the arm and held a small flash light with his mouth and we held the arm while he pushed the air hoses in the arm rest. I have had no problems with the chair and it was delivered in great condition. I use this chair one to three times a day because of how wonderful I feel after my massage. Best purchase I have made!! We are actually considering getting a second one so that my husband and I can both use them while watching tv at night. This was his idea, the same husband that didn?t want to get one in the first place and that never gets massages or uses massage chairs. That says a lot about the chair.

  24. Mike Granato (verified owner)

    It’s coming up on 3 weeks since we’ve had our new Infinity IT 8500 massage chair. And after using it every day since we’ve had it, I can not believe I didn’t get one of these sooner. It has been amazing, and my back has never felt better. In 2009, I had spinal fusion surgery on my L4/L5 vertebra. Ever since I’ve been reluctant and a bit nervous about any “work” being done in that area of the back. Since getting this chair, the muscles in an around my lower back have never felt so good and been so relaxed. The IT 8500 has far exceeded my expectations. I’m also a golf professional, and this chair is like a 15th club in your bag. Some time in the chair before and after you play or practice will do wonders for your recovery. I chose Massage Chair Relief for one reason – Dr. Weidner. He was there for me on the very first call I made, and he is the reason we got the chair we have based on our needs and requirements. I’m a big believer in the way he does business… honestly, openly, and being accessible to his customers. No matter what chair you are in the market for, I cannot recommend Massage-Chair-Relief enough. You will not be disappointed in the chair and especially not in the service and expertise of Dr. Weidner. Mike Granato Cartersville, GA

  25. Steve Paspek (verified owner)

    I unexpectedly found myself in Salt Lake City today with a few free hours at the end of a business trip. I?ve been thinking about a massage chair for several months, and had previously looked at the massage chair relief web site and had some e-mail correspondence with Dr. Weidner. (By the way, he personally answers his emails, is very knowledgeable about various models, and does not hesitate to ask the manufacturer when you ?stump the champ?!

    On very short notice, Dr. Weidner graciously agreed to let me come to his show room and ?test drive? a number of massage chairs. Now, I already own an older-model Panasonic chair (rollers and vibration only), but was looking for something more with air bags, etc. It?s confusing when you look at how many there are and try to determine which features are important to you. It was so nice to test 10 different chairs side by side.

    After testing, there was no question that the Infinity 8500 was the chair for me. It was firm but gentle and quiet. I?ve ordered one.

    The newer Infinity model Iyashi had a longer roller track (extended under the butt!), but you gave up good neck massage. Furthermore the chair was noisy ? I think the rigid plastic shell tends to resonate and the noise made it a less restful experience.

    Another contender had over 100 air bags ? the >. It had a separate ?horse collar? neck massager. Looked like it would be good, but disappointing compared to the 8500. Also, this one had lots of hissing and sighing as all the air bags worked. I?m guessing that the valves in this one open and close more quickly than in the Infinity 8500, resulting in more noise each time a bag deflates. More money and in my opinion, no additional features of value to me compared to the 8500.

    Without having the opportunity to compare these chairs side by side, it would have been impossible to be assured that I had made the right choice with the 8500. These chairs are not cheap, and one wants to be reasonably sure that you have made an informed decision. Dr. Weidner gave me that opportunity.



    PS: And thanks for a great lunch!!

  26. Greg (verified owner)

    I’ve had this chair for about a month now, and this chair is exactly what I was looking for. The only downside was the wait for the chair, but it in the end it was worth it. Word to the wise, check the inventories of the different manufactures before ordering, or you could find yourself waiting for 6-8 weeks for your order.

    As for the chair itself, it provides a very intense massage which is what I was looking for, and while my wife prefers a lighter touch and the chair does not have roller intensity control, it is easy to use a pillow or blanket to soften the massage as needed. Personally, I would err on the side of too intense because you can always soften the massage other ways, but it would be difficult to get a stronger massage from a weak chair.

    The extend program is amazing and the foot and calf air bags are also very strong; if you have ticklish feet, you will need to turn off the foot rollers as they are also very intense.

    The chair is relatively easy to put together yourself, but it is very heavy, so if you will be taking the chair up or down any steps, it is probably worth it to get the white glove service.

    Lastly, Dr. Weidner was great to work with, it was a pleasure meeting him at his showroom, and he was incredibly helpful. And even though there were several delays with the delivery, he remained helpful and responsive even though the he had already made the sale.

  27. Ron L (verified owner)

    First off, I have to start by saying what a pleasure it was to meet Dr Weidner. I was in Salt Lake for a business trip. I had previously spoken with Dr. Weidner about the OS 3D Pro Cyber a few months ago. I called and left Dr. Weidner a message that I would be in town that afternoon, and would love the opportunity to try out some of his most popular chairs. It was like talking with a friend. Dr Weidner was so helpful and honest and not once did I ever feel one ounce of pressure to buy a chair. He actually picked me up at my hotel and brought me to his showroom. Amazing, he went out of his way, above and beyond to accommodate me in truly helping me find the best chair for me. I had the opportunity to demo many chairs and during each demo, Dr Weidner went through all the specs on each chair. His knowledge was very impressive which really helped me determine which chair was right for me. I arrived at his showroom convinced the Osaki chair was right for me. I had done so much reading and reviews on all the chairs, but sitting in them and learning about their capabilities was priceless. I actually discovered that the Infinity IT 8500 was actually my number one choice. The Osaki 3D Pro Cyber came in a close second. Both great chairs, but ultimately I liked the Infinity chair better. I chose it because I personally felt it offered a better stretch, stronger foot rollers, better overall message. Again, it’s a personal choice. If not for Dr Weidner, I would never have had the opportunity to even try an Infinity chair. Hands down, Dr Weidner is exceptionally knowledgeable in his field, genuine, honest and has gone way above the call of duty to earn my business. I have done a lot of work and spent countless hours on the computer researching various chairs. I strongly recommend trying out the chairs and finding the chair that is right for you. For me it was the IT 8500. Thanks again Dr Weidner for a great afternoon and all your time and assistance. Personally, I would never give my business to anyone other than Dr Weidner. One can see that he truly cares about your decision and wants to make sure you find the right chair for you. Again, thanks a million.

  28. John Campbell (verified owner)

    I am fifty-seven years old and deal with chronic neck pain. Tired of the biweekly expense and inconvenience of chiropractic sessions, I looked to purchase a massage chair. Local stores offered a limited selection, so I turned to the Internet. After two solid days of research I had more questions than answers and was starting to feel like it was back to retail. Then I came across one of Dr Weidner?s videos on Youtube. It answered a couple of my questions right off and, since he seemed oriented toward customer service, I thought I?d go ahead and give his office a call. That was on Labor Day so I figured I?d be leaving a message, but to my surprise he answered his phone personally and proved happy to help me with the many questions that had been worrying me.

    The Osaki OS4000 looked like my best deal at that time, but I am wide built and was concerned my shoulders would not fit between the air bags. Dr Weidner offered to go to his store the next day and measure the shoulder width on that chair, then call me back. He was as good as his word and that chair?s smaller form factor proved to be just too small for me (by one inch in the shoulders). At that point, I had done more checking online and already knew that with the free shipping, prices were as low as I was going to find on the web, so I was pretty much going to buy from Dr Weidner. Which chair was my big question.

    Over the next few days the doctor patiently answered all my questions and, although more expensive, it?s features were so well-tuned to my physical issues, that I finally went with the Infinity IT-8500. Key features for me were the stronger neck massage and the passive spinal adjust (with the relief the foot rollers brought and the almost sublime action of many mechanisms massaging me simultaneously being most pleasant surprises).

    The chair arrived quickly. A friend?s son came over and helped me put it together for twenty bucks. Dr Weidner?s assembly video came in very handy, so that process was straightforward, although I will recommend a minimum of two people for the job. I?ve had the Infinity for a few weeks now and have used it religiously every day, until yesterday. Last night I did not sleep as comfortably and after gradually feeling it become almost pain free, there is a dull ache back in my neck right now, which means I am headed for the chair as soon as I finish this review.

    Through my entire purchase process, which was pretty extensive since I was spending a lot of money on a product I could not test out first (almost took him up on his offer to come visit), Dr Weidner?s knowledge and professional manner were as good as I?ve ever come across. He was extremely patient, went out of his way to be helpful and never once tried to pressure me into a buying decision. I wanted to post this review because, even in this short a period of time, my massage chair has been a blessing and last night reminded me how lucky I am to have it. If I hadn?t run across that video on Youtube, I might still be searching.

  29. CraiG (verified owner)

    Well let me start with I have an old Premier massage chair That I’ve had since 2003 it broke for the last time and with no part’s available I started looking for a new message chair. After quite a bit of research and trying several different chairs,like the Inada Sogno Dreamwave which gave a weak massage for $8,000 At a furniture store, OSIM uDivine S Massage Chair and OSIM uAstro 2 They were Ok but was missing something me and my wife both thought so They were at Brookstone I took a chance and decided to purchase the Infinity IT 8500 Just from talking to Dr Alan Weidner. I wanted to try all the chairs But didn’t have time to go to Utah from Lyndhurst Ohio, He was very informative and knew about every chair even the ones he doesn’t sell, he informed me That people who come to the show room in Utah usually purchase IT 8500 he said that I would love this chair So I purchased the chair without ever trying it , But man was he right Its great can’t keep the wife out it . and the difference in price between the Inada Also was able to get the Black Friday deal and extra 2 year parts warranty also IT 2020 neck massager, made it even better. This chair Is very well made and can give a very aggressive, deep tissue massage, Is what I like !! Also the foot massage is unbelievable!!! It has several preset programs, but you can also use the manual setting to get just about any kind of massage you want. It has a music system but only works with MP3 files, sounds Ok for relaxing music. It’s heavy, Not easy to get upstairs. It took 2 of us about 1 hours to set it up worked perfectly after setup. If your not strong or your back is bad get the white glove delivery it’s worth 199.00 the box is really big and heavy!! I ordered The chair November 29,2014 received it December 9, 2014
    Dr Weidner is really great like talking to a old friend, he answers his cell phone now that’s customer service !!!

  30. Dave Trent (verified owner)

    First off, I appreciate all the honest feedback that have been posted in these reviews. However, posting a review detailing that you are not mechanically inclined, that your wife doesn’t want to use the chair, and that you wasted your own time is of no value. How about making an honest assessment of the massage benefits (or lack thereof) the chair provides.

    Anyway, as with most folks here, I did a ton of research before making my decision. After speaking directly with Dr. Weidner and discussing my requirements I was able to narrow my decision down to the IT-8500. Great choice! I received my chair within 10 days. I opted for the white glove service, which is worthwhile in my opinion. They were able to assemble my chair and perform and operational checkout in about 30 minutes; plus, they removed all the shipping crates, boxes, etc. I was confident after reading all the reviews I would not need the boxes to be sitting around. A very small risk which paid off. The chair is working perfect.

    The massage: Prior to purchasing this chair, I had a lot of tension head-aches, stemming from my middle back and trap muscles, into my neck. I use the chair every day, and no longer have these issues. Even better, my wife was prone to migraines brought on my stress and tension. She uses the chair every day as well and has not experienced a migraine since. She says “how did we ever live without one of these chairs”. The massage itself can be as an aggressive deep-tissue massage as you want, but can be manually throttled down to provide a more relaxing massage. The first time you use the massage, you will probably be sore the next day. I would recommend not using the chair for three to five days after your initial session in the chair. This should be expected, as the chair really works deep to relieve the stress and tension your muscles have developed over time. Not to worry, your body and muscles will become accustomed to even the most aggressive settings of the chair. It may take two or three weeks, but you will get there.

    I really enjoy the versatility of this massage chair. Even when running one of the pre-programmed massages, you can manually adjust zones, massages types, intensity, speed, heat, incline and decline, etc. You really can tailor a perfect massage that works best for you. I personally enjoy putting the chair in relax mode, declining the chair back further, raising the legs higher, and using the music sync function. It works surprisingly well. I use meditation music, and the massage rollers sync well with the rhythm of the music; very relaxing. The stretch program of this chair was a nice surprise, doing a great job of arching your back, then rolling/aligning your spine.

    One other thing I wold like to note: I received a free neck and shoulder massage belt (a separate massage device) with my order. If you order this chair and receive this free massager, do not set it aside and not use it. It put the massage belt around my neck and shoulders, cranked up the intensity, and could not help but laugh! It feels as if there are two human hands in the belt, giving you a vigorous knocking massage directly on your muscles. You can use the belt around your waist, chest, middle back, or legs as well. It is AWESOME!!!

    Thank you Dr. Weidner!

  31. Carol (verified owner)

    Our new 8500 is wonderful. Everything we were told it would be and more. The personal service we received simplified the shopping experience. I needed my chair delivered prior to a vacation and with one simple email to the trucking company they responded immediately and made sure my needs were met. Customer service on both the buying and delivery were a 5 star PLUS!

  32. william hutt (verified owner)



    Like most consumers, massage chairs of this caliber isn’t sold in my area. Researching the chairs online was my only option. I found massage chair relief’s videos along with my multiple calls to Dr. Alan to be my best single source of information on the IT-8500.


    Shipped from Tennessee to my location, Panama City, FL. —- Ordered Wed, received Tuesday.


    It’s very heavy!! I’m not sure why they put wheels on the back of the chair, especially when you will likely hurt your back trying to lift the front of the chair in order to use the wheels to move it.


    The chair sits on 4, 2X3 inch rubber feet. Save your back, put furniture sliders under the chair’s feet prior to assembling the chair. Adding the sliders enables me to easily move the chair where I want it.


    Before repositioning the chair back, make sure the loose air tubes are clear from pinching. Facing the chair, look where the seat and back intersect : 3 tubes on the left and 1 tube + 1 speaker on the right.


    Watch Dr. Alan’s YouTube Video on assembling the IT-8200. The chair comes with a long Philips head screw driver and an Allen wrench. In addition you will need a very, very short Philips head screw driver. The short screw driver will be used on the back 2 locking inserts for the arms. The front locking arm insert and the shoulder airbag/speaker sections require the long Philips head.

    Foot/Calf Section:

    If you assemble this section by yourself as I did, the foot/calf section will need to be place on a 2X4 or something comparable in order to align the mounting points between the chair and the foot/calf section. You can’t simultaneously hold this section up and screw in the hex head bolts.

    Head/neck airbag:

    When you install the back pad section (contains head/neck and lower back airbags) you may need to tug on the air tubes in order to get the head/neck airbag into position. In all of the videos I looked at online, the bottom of the airbag sits just above the shoulder airbags. That position doesn’t fit me or my wife correctly. It becomes very obvious when using the relax program.

    You can gently pull the head/neck air tubes through the back section which allows the head/neck airbag to drop down, lining its bottom up with the shoulder airbags bottom. This makes a world of difference in the neck massage using the relax program.

    Use the head/neck Velcro attaching point as a reference. You should be able to pull out the air tubes to the point where you are still able to attach the airbag to the Velcro and have a 1/2 – 1″ of play in the tubes.


    The preset programs relax, extend…. scans your back to determine your height. The manual modes don’t do this. From my research I noticed website adds referencing optical scanning for this chair. As an electrical engineer I don’t any optical sensors.

    What actually happens when the chair scans your back?

    Basically, the massage rollers runs up your back until the pressure against the rollers is reduced. The reduced pressure position, generally your neck area, is used as a reference point for your massage.

    Neck and Shoulder:

    I like a good neck and shoulder massage. After extending the head/neck air tubes I get a nice squeeze on my neck. Before the air tube adjustment, it didn’t.

    When using the other programs I would suggest moving the head/neck airbag out of the way and locking it in place. By doing this, the scan seems to be more accurate on your neck location.

    Note: If you don’t lock or tie down the head/neck airbag, especially on the extend program, it will pull the shoulder/head pad off the back of the chair. Without the pad in place, the head (base of scull) massage is rough.

    Shoulder Blade and Upper tail/hip bone areas may need extra padding if you lack any natural padding in these areas. Massage rollers hitting bone doesn’t feel that good.


    Years ago I tried a massage chair that squeezed my calves to a painful point. The calf massage on the IT-8500 is tight, but comfortable. The foot tendon airbag feels very nice, wish I could get more massage in that area.

    The 1st time I tried the foot rollers they felt good most of the time, however they did put me on edge a few times. Since, I didn’t want to turn off the rollers, and didn’t want my massage to be interrupted by pain in my foot, I placed carpet on the rollers (carpet side facing the rollers) to reduce the intensity.

    My main issue is the roller intensity in the arch of my foot. I would like more roller intensity in the heel and toe. Cutting out some of the carpet may solve this issue.


    This is nice. I would like more intensity on the hand and finger areas, more on the order of someone massaging each individual finger. When I get a chance I want to make a bean bag which I can lay my hand on. The combination of bean bag and airbag may get more of the massage I’m looking for in this area.

    At home, I work a lot with my hands and depending on what I’m doing, my hands get pretty sore at times.

    Extend Program:

    This is my favorite. Other than issues mentioned earlier, I really like this one. On the other hand, my wife and daughters enjoy the stretch, but not the pulsing or vibrating part of the program. It would be nice if you could select another massage technique when the pulsing starts. I saw a review were the reviewer indicated you could do that, but every time I try it goes into manual mode which dis-engages the extend programs routine.

    I’m not sure if I can manually simulate the extend program. When I get a chance I will look in to it.

    Manual Modes:

    By default the full zone massage is engaged when the manual mode is used. Without the scan reference point the rollers will run the complete length of the roller track, which may position the roller on the top of your scull, depending on your height.

    What I discovered, which is not in the users manual or any videos that I could find, is that you can set your own reference point for your height.

    How to set your reference point:

    1. Select a function while in the manual mode

    2. Push the “Zone” button to select the “point mode massage”.

    3. Use the “Roller Adjust” buttons to position the top set of rollers just above your shoulders, this is your reference point.

    4. Quickly push the “Zone” button once to select the “Full mode massage” for a full back massage or
    twice to select “Partial mode massage” to get a neck/shoulder massage.


    In my 3 year search for an upgrade to my IJOY massage chair, I purchased the IT-8500 and have been using it for the past 5 days. The chair’s price, and by nature, I don’t buy before I try, kept me from buying. My wife, who has back issues due to car wrecks and degenerative disc, would not use my IJOY chair unless she was desperate. The chair didn’t fit her right and the massage is intense.

    The expectations of the extend program and neck massage pushed me into taking the IT-8500 plunge. My hope is that my wife will use the chair on a regular basis to alleviate some of her back issues. As for myself, other than issues mentioned, I’m happy with the chair.

    If interested, we purchased the chocolate brown, which is very good looking rich brown. The internet pictures don’t give it justice. It looks a little darker in person.

  33. Ken (verified owner)

    Infinity IT-8500 review
    I have owned an Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair for about 10 days now. This is how I decided on this chair and my impressions after 10 days.
    I had used the SmartCart massage chairs at the Mall and liked how I felt after a 30 minutes session. Then cost was only $5.00 for 30 minutes but they had limitations. There was no foot massage, sometimes the chairs did not work after I put in my money and you had to deal with people walking by all the time staring at you. So I started looking for a home massage chair.
    I spent several weeks researching chairs online and thought I wanted the Osaki OS-4000T. The price was right and it looked like it had a good set of features that I wanted. My biggest concern was I did not want to buy a chair without first trying it out. I found stores in Las Vegas and in Southern California that had some of the chairs I had read about online. I started planning a trip to check out the chairs. I live in Utah about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City so I decided to do a road trip. Then after a little more searching I found a store called Massage Chair Relief in Taylorsville, Utah. That was only 25 minutes away. I called the store and Dr. Alan Weidner answered the phone. He told me he had the chair I wanted to try on his showroom floor and we set up an appointment to try it out on a Saturday morning.
    It took about one minute to determine that the Osaki OS-4000T was not for me. My shoulders did not fit and my arms were very uncomfortable sitting in the chair. The good news was that Dr. Weidner had 14 other chairs to try out. I spent the next two and a half hours trying different chairs and narrowed it down to the Titan TP-Pro 8300 and the Infinity IT-8500. The Titan has an L shaped track for the rollers that extend from your head to the top of your legs. The massage is amazing. The Infinity has a stretch feature that holds on to your shoulder and feet and stretched your body as in gently arches you back. I had to return a few days later to try out both chairs fresh and finally decided on the IT-8500. I recommend that you find a way to try out any massage chair before you plop down several thousand dollars.
    First Impressions: The IT-8500 is a well built, sturdy chair with plenty of support and power to work my 285 lb body. When you start one of the 4 pre-programmed settings, the chair sizes your body so that it knows how to work you neck and shoulders. The chair has a very strong foot massage using both air bags and rollers. I love it but after a few sessions I decided to add about 1 inch of foam between my feet and the rollers. This is more comfortable if you use the chair multiple times a day.
    I use all four of the preset programs. I use the Extend program in the morning. It combines kneading, knocking, pummeling, and shiatsu roller functions with arm, shoulder, calves and feet massage that is occasionally interrupted by a series of 3 stretches. I usually do a 30 or 45 minute session before work.
    After work I use the Recover or Refresh Program. The Recover program features the stretch but not as often as the Extend Program. It combines kneading, pummeling and knocking with the airbags and feet massage to relief tension and stress.
    The Refresh program adds the use of the head air bags. It adds a firm massage to the upper neck and lower head area. The head air bag can be flipped over the back of the chair when not in use. The stretch feature is not used in the refresh program but the rollers are used to focus the massage in one area at a time. This is the best setting when I have a sore neck or shoulders. It also concentrates on the lower back. The foot massage is not as aggressive with this setting.
    Just before bedtime I like to use the Relax program. It uses the head air bags to gently rock your head back and forth as it massages the whole body. It is not as aggressive as the Extend and Recover programs. I find it can easily put me to sleep as I listen to music from the built in speakers or watch a TV show. As with all the programs I can turn on the heated rollers and adjust the intensity of the airbags or even turn the airbags off. I can also choose to turn on or off the feet rollers.
    Overall I love this chair. I am still experimenting with the manual modes and adjusting the settings individually but find that the preset programs meet most of my needs. I highly recommend this chair.

  34. Peggy (verified owner)

    I am like many of the other reviewers, in that I did not have anywhere to ‘try before buy’ location anywhere nearby, so I had to take the chance and go for it. The reviews on here helped me as well as a talk with Dr. Weidner. I, as well as my husband, am very satisfied with the choice of the IT8500. It is very heavy and has to be taken out of box to get inside, but we put it directly on furniture pads so it could be moved easily once inside. It took about 2 hours to assemble, but that is because one of the attachment pieces for an arm was bent and after removing and reattaching for the third time (after the other arm went on without any problem) I looked at the ‘attachment screw thing’ and it was bent, after fixing it, the arm went on easily and the rest of the chair went together easily also. I would suggest help with attaching the foot rest. As for the massage you get with the chair, it is the closet thing to getting a massage from a massage therapist. My husband could not believe how good it felt. We like the pre-programmed programs, for instance the recover is great after yard work, it really hits the right spots and helps eliminate next day stiffness. The foot massage is almost too much at times, but can be managed with a little foot adjustment on my part. The noise level of the chair is not an issue at all. The size of the chair is actually a smaller footprint than the regular rocker recliners I have. I ordered the brown and love it. The brown is a very dark rich brown. No real negatives to mention about this chair. Hope this helps somebody make their decision.

  35. Rich Z (verified owner)

    Ahhh. I’ve had my IT-8500 for several weeks now, and it’s wonderful.

    The chair itself is just what I hoped it would be. It provides a vigorous massage, and there are plenty of adjustable features to customize it to your own preferences. The combination of preprogrammed options and manual settings allow you to vary the experience each time you try it. I imagine I will eventually settle on one or two options as my favorites, but for now I’m enjoying testing out something different each time.

    As for delivery, I would urge everyone to opt for the white glove service. The chair is very heavy, and you will need several strong people to maneuver it to where you want it. During the set up, be sure to check that the arms have been set up properly. The bolts that connect the arms to the main chair are a bit tricky to install, and you want to make sure these are secure.

    As for where you should purchase your chair, there’s really no choice. Dr. Weidner and Massage Chair Relief are heads and tails above any other site I was able to find. The information provided prior to purchase is excellent, and specific questions are answered thoroughly and promptly. The follow-up is also terrific. Dr. Weidner definitely makes you fell that he cares about you satisfaction.

  36. Dee Krupp (verified owner)

    It was worth the flight to visit Dr. Weidner out in Utah to pick just the right chair for my husband. This chair has been the best! When guests come over they fight over who will use the chair next. It’s so much better than having to go somewhere and make an appt. We love it! No regrets … and Thank You Dr. Weidner for spending all that time with me!

  37. John Raddatz (verified owner)

    I’ll admit, I had tried dozens of different chairs including Inadas and Osakis and knew, more or less, what I wanted in a massage chair. The Infinity gave me all the features that I was looking for, plus it was priced more competitively than most. However, this was still a rather large investment that I didn’t want to jump into until I was completely comfortable with the entire buying process. Dr. Weidner has gone the extra mile with his information and support and made the final decision to buy much easier. His YouTube channel is fantastic! He responds to every email, answers every call, and he knows his stuff.
    The Infinity IT-8500 is a wonderful chair. I chose it because I wanted an effective stretch option and this one has one of the better that I have tried. The roller pressure is perfect for me but a little deep for my wife. She just throws a blanket on the rollers and is good to go. The finish on this chair is wonderful. The functions of the chair aren’t as intuitive as I have seen on others but Dr. Weidner has a YouTube video that covers that. Did I mention that his YouTube channel is fantastic? In all I am extremely pleased with this purchase and the buying experience that Dr. Weidner has provided.

  38. Garrett (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about my amazing chair and the good Doctor.

    I have sat here for a couple weeks now, considering how to write a review good enough and detailed enough. Now the time has come, and I don’t think I’ll be able to do it justice.

    There is nothing about Dr. Weidner that has not been said 1,000 times before in these reviews. He’s an incredible person. So helpful and kind, and I felt like I was his most important customer every time we spoke.

    My chair is mind-blowing good. The stretch program is currently my favorite. There’s just nothing that prepares you for the over-stimulus of getting pulled in half. It has to be experienced to be believed.

    I wish I could give my experience 6 stars, honestly. I started writing a novel about the whole experience, but realized that it has all been said before. Just trust me, all these people can’t be wrong!

    Also: pay for the white glove. I’m a strong guy who is very handy with tools, and moving and setting it up was enough to warrant me needing a back massage afterwards. This thing is heavy!

  39. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Everyone says how amazing Dr. Weidner is and I have to agree with each and every one of them! He has built a business around great customer service and i’m glad that I stumbled on his webpage. So some background information on me. I’m 6’6″ and am a slim/athletic build. So right away, i’m at a disadvantage when looking for a massage chair online. I’m not the normal build for a massage chair. For this reason, I sent an e-mail to Dr. Weidner asking his expert advice on what chair I should get. He suggested the IT-8500 and I’m glad he did!

    The ordering process went smoothly and I received feedback from a real human every step of the way. The worst part about the whole process is putting together the IT-8500. A big tip is to make sure that you release the arms into the back position before attempting to tighten the screws. Also, trying to put the chair together where you plan on using it at. Trying to move this chair isn’t easy, once it’s together it requires two people that weight at least 200 lbs to move it.

    So finally a review of the chair!! The chair is awesome, it really works the kinks out of your back and offers a intense foot massage. I like the preprogrammed modes, but also like that I have the ability to focus on key areas with the manual mode. If you are interested in getting a chair that works well and you’re a taller person… This is the chair for you!!

  40. Lewis Bjork (verified owner)

    Superb customer service, great chair.

  41. Clint Hall (verified owner)

    Hello everyone,
    First off, I think it?s important to talk about the customer service that Dr. Weidner provides. When I began researching chairs on the internet I couldn?t believe how few options there are. In Canada the options are even fewer ? I couldn?t find a place that sells more than a couple of chairs anywhere in the Vancouver area, and most of the chairs available for purchase on the internet were not available for shipping to Canada. So, when I broadened my search I kept finding Massage Chair Relief popping up in reviews on other websites.
    A lot of chairs didn?t meet my needs. I?m wide in the shoulders and 6? tall with oversized thighs and calves. I wanted a chair that could provide a very intense massage, especially on the legs and feet. I found several models that fit my expectations, then decided to call Dr. Weidner (because a number of reviewers spoke about how they could simply call him and he?d answer the phone!). Well, I got a great lesson on the business of massage chairs over the course of an hour talking with Dr. Weidner. I had my eye on a particular chair, but after talking about what kind of massage I wanted and how Infinity has been putting out excellent chairs with very few breakdowns or warranty issues, I was sold on the 8500.
    Some of the features I was looking forward to in the Infinity 8500:
    Intense leg and foot massage
    2 zero G positions
    Shoulder air bags that ?lock you in? to increase intensity
    Controlling the position of the recliner and leg rest
    I had to pick up the chair in the USA and drive it through the border. This was pretty straightforward ? the chair came in 3 boxes on a pallet which fit nicely in the back of a standard box pickup truck. At the border I simply had to pay duty and there were no hassles. The location I picked up from was able to forklift the pallet into the truck, but when I got home I was able to get it our easily enough by tilting the main box and slowly sliding it off the back of the truck. The 2 other boxes contained the foot rest and the arm rests.
    I knew from other reviews that putting the chair together was going to be a challenge. A friend helped me carry the main body of the chair into the room I keep the chair in. You cannot move the chair by yourself, and you definitely need to put it together near to where you want to place it. Do not put this chair together in your garage and expect to move it anywhere in your house unless you have 40? doors and no stairs to worry about. The rollers work well, but when you install the arm rests it adds about 10? to the width of the chair.
    I bought the taupe chair. I have neutral brown colours throughout my home so this made the most sense to me. I think it fits in well. The installation process actually went smoother than I thought. A few reviewers mentioned purchasing special hardware to make the installation easier, but the key to installing the arm rests is to use the releases in the back of the chair?s main body and bend the chair forward to get the screws into the arm rests. Once I figured out how to do that it took 5 minutes to install the arm rests. It took a bit longer to do the foot rest because I was looking for the bolts in the hardware kit, but they are actually on the chair ? you need to unscrew them from the main chair body and then screw them back in when you install the foot rest. Attaching the air valves was straightforward ? everything is labeled. I also took the time to unzip everything with a zipper. When you do this you really get a good idea of the mechanics of the chair.
    I?ve had my chair for about 6 weeks. I use the chair almost every day, and will usually do a complete 45 minute program or will do 2 shorter programs, depending on what I feel like. My preference now is to set it up manually ? I turn on the upper body and legs and feet options, crank the intensity to the highest setting, turn on the back heat, turn on the foot rollers, adjust the recliner back about 20 degrees, and move the foot rest up about 6 inches so that I can extend my legs completely and get a complete calf squeeze and foot roller massage.
    It?s very easy to get the chair going. There are a lot of options on the control and it looks intimidating, but it?s actually quite simple after you try several of the options. I always turn on the back heat, and it takes about 5 minutes to get up to temperature. If you have a lot of ?hot spots?, the high intensity setting will beat you up. You have to be careful with this one, because the shoulder air bags will lock you in and press your back deeper into the rollers. The arm and hands air bags will lock one arm down at a time ? so if the back roller hits a sore spot in your back and you spasm, it?s difficult to get away from the rollers! I learned this the hard way a couple of times, and there have been a couple of incidents when friends and family have used the chair where someone screamed in pain. They often turned the intensity down after that, haha.
    The 4 pre-set programs are very good. Of the 4, I prefer the Recover pre-set. When the chair goes into the 2nd zero G position, pins your body down, lowers the foot rest all the way to stretch your body out, and then raises your hips with the swivel it feels GREAT. Love this pre-set. The refresh, extend, and relax pre-sets are less intense and do pretty much what they say.
    One thing that doesn?t get mentioned in the reviews very often is the referral program Dr. Weidner provides. In addition to the ?welcome box? of treats he sends, Dr. Weidner is serious about referrals. When you buy a chair you?ll get a referral package. When friends and family come over and try your chair, they will be amazed. About 15 people have tried my chair and unequivocally every person is floored at the quality of the massage this chair provides. This is when you hand them one of Dr. Weidner?s business cards. If a referral purchases a chair, he?ll send you a $100 gift card. If you refer 5 buyers, he?ll send you to Cancun. It was a shocking thing to read about when I got the referral package in the mail. What an incentive to get a few people into massage chairs!
    All in all, the experience was a 5 out of 5. I was very worried about buying a chair on the internet but I felt taken care of throughout the process with Dr. Weidner and Massage Chair Relief. Thank you for such a positive experience!

  42. Mike Baker (verified owner)

    This chair that I purchased is the best investment I have done,the folks that I delt with were awesome. The chair is the Infinity 8500 you have to ease in it at first and then owemy. Thanx Mike Spokane Wa.

  43. Dan (verified owner)

    Where do I start, I have been searching for a massage chair for about 4 years now. I have searched the web, local stores and spoke with many professionals seeking advice and recommendations for a massage chair that would fit my needs. The search is over, I found Massage-Chair-relief and Dr. Weidner.

    Let me start off by saying, Dr. Weidner service and website is second-to-none. Above all other company’s I have been searching in the last 6 years Dr. Weidner sealed the deal bar-none. He was there all the time for me answering my questions on phone calls, texted and email. Dr. Weidner gave me the best deals and even offered me warranty on the chair that no other company’s provided. This was also a deal sealer. As you know massage chairs are not cheap and by Dr. Weidner offering the best parts and lifetime labor warranty did it for me. Dr. Weidner worked with me to find the right size chair that would fit (6’2, 245lbs, wide shoulders 22″, I even got the white glove service (highly recommended) I did not have to do anything but sit and watch the delivery and setup.

    So after 4 years of searching I purchased the Infinity IT-8500 at a amazing prize and warranty’s. What can I say about the IT-8500 that has not been said. I love this chair, its fits all my needs and so much more. The chair has so many features it has taken me awhile to learn all the functions. Dr. Weidner even called me and went over the manual settings that opened up a whole new world for me. Can you say amazing service. Dr. Weidner is really a special person, you can tell after talking to him. The Doc goes out of his way to help me, another deal sealer. I don’t have a favorite auto or manual setting mode because each and everything on this chair is amazing to me. I use 2 times everyday for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. took me a few weeks to get to that level. Your body has to get used to that kind of relaxing deep tissue massage. My Lymphatic system is moving and pushing out so many toxins now is so great. Also, my back and legs are so much better than before. my only regret is that i waited 4 years to make this purchase. It has helped improve my overall health and mindset 100 %. I have to tell you, I cant friends, family and the wife from wanting to use the chair. They say they never experienced nothing so amazing in their life.

    Thank you Dr. Weidner/Massage-Chair-Relief for making the purchase of the Infinity IT-8500 a total amazing experience. I have been recommending you you to everyone.

  44. Robert E. Deckman (verified owner)

    I purchased a basic massage chair about 10 years ago — the chair had back rollers and a couple of air bags for the feet. I was happy with it until I recently visited a Brookstone and sampled their most current massage chairs; the difference was quite amazing, and started me on my journey to get an updated chair.

    Luckily, I live close to the Cerritos showroom, so I was able to spend some time there. Michael is quite an expert on massage chairs and, after evaluating my needs, suggested the Infinity 8500. The chair felt great, the price was right, and 10 days later is was installed in my home.

    I am delighted with this chair. My family also loves it. Highly recommended! The stretching mode is a gift from heaven!

    What’s even more important than the initial purchase is the after-sale support. I did have an issue with one of the air bags in the legrest. I called Infinity, and they immediately sent out a new replacement legrest. No hastle, great service.

    All in all, this was a stress-free purchase and I’m enjoying the chair.

  45. John Ball (verified owner)

    We did a lot of research on chairs but reading about them and sitting in them are 2 different things. Everything we thought we wanted went out the window when we drove up to the california showroom and sat in them. The infinity 8500 gives the most incredible massage with the back stretch and hip twist. Michael the store manager is a great guy full of helpfull info. I really sugest going into the store and sitting in the chair you want. you will know your chair when you sit in it. Massage chair reliefs 90 day return takes the worry out of buying and not liking it and nobody else has a lifetime repair program. Thanks massage chair relief for the awesome massage chair experience.

  46. Frank Moerke (verified owner)

    Good morning.
    My name is Frank Moerke and I bought my massage chair almost exactly one year ago. Just 2 days prior to the one year anniversary date. It broke down.
    I called Infinity technical to report and they promptly sent out some parts to repair my chair. Apparently my chair is covered factory direct for the first year.
    Next I was contacted by Howie from local repair support.
    He arrived just as scheduled and did a very nice job repairing my chair.
    He knew who you are and gave a glowing report on how good you are as a retailer.
    I as very impressed with his customer service skills.
    Thanks for the prompt service and the professional way my repair was handled.
    I realize that as an owner sometimes you may not get reporting on field people.
    I was in sales and service for over 40 years and it takes a lot to impress me and I have been very impressed with both you, the store staff and Infinity.
    I am glad that after doing extensive research. I chose to buy from your store.
    This was a very high end investment.
    Thanks again!!

  47. Ronda Anderson (verified owner)

    I bought the Infinity IT-8500 after researching reviews online. I Massage Chair Relief because of the lifetime in home labor warranty and felt sure that all the chairs must be quality products. I wanted an S track chair for the greater extension capability. The white glove delivery was an excellent value. I have d a massage daily for the last 3 weeks and recommend this chair to anyone wanting a vigorous massage with stretching.

  48. Tracy King (verified owner)

    My review is not for a recent purchase, but for years of experience with a chair that has prompted me to share some feelings that have stemmed from using a massage chair. Four years ago after an exhaustive internet search for a massage chair I stumbled across Dr. Alan Weidner – the experience then turned from me trying to buy a massage chair and sales people trying to sell me one to Dr. Weidner trying to match me with the best piece of equipment that would match my needs. It wasn?t about this chair or that chair it was about what I was looking for and how to match that need. In the end I purchased an infinity 8500 chair – I purchased it as a gift for my wife who uses it for relaxing and when she feels the onset of a headache. However, I didn?t realize when I purchased the massage chair for my wife what it would do for myself. I have struggled with restless leg syndrome (RLS) – on a daily basis for years. When I sit in the massage chair at night before going to sleep the airbags on my legs and rollers on my feet allow me to go to sleep. Sometimes I still feel the (RLS) when I am in the chair, but I don?t have to keep myself tense – if you have (RLS) you know what I mean. This chair has changed my life in my ability to get to sleep at night. I love the Infinity 8500 chair, but honestly I think any of the higher quality chairs with the airbags and feet rollers would provide me with the relief I get for (RLS) as well as the relaxation and comforts your seeking for in a massage chair. I appreciate Dr. Weidner?s knowledge and desire to match a persons needs with a chair that will accommodate them. About myself – I am a very active person, physically fit, for years I have run 6-7 miles a day 6 days a week. I pride myself on being self sustaining, but the massage chair is something I don?t want to live without. I love to vacation and travel and the only thing I miss when I am away from home is the massage chair at night when I am going to sleep.

  49. Ken Fong (verified owner)

    We’d bought a very rudimentary massage chairs more than a dozen years ago. It basically used pressure to massage your calves and a roller track to do your back. Even though we didn’t use it much, it finally broke late in 2018 and there was no way to get parts. But massage chair tech had advanced by leaps and bounds in the ensuing years. After starting my search online @ Costco, I decided to drive 30 minutes in the MCR store in Cerritos, merely wanting to sit in some actual examples of the new chairs to see if the improvements justified the higher prices. I was very pleased to meet and work with Mgr Michael. He was extremely knowledgeable and I never felt pressured. I’d be suffering from acute bursitis in one hip and had been treated by a local chiropractor for several months (no improvement), and had been sent to physical therapist by my doctor. Progress was also quite slow. But after buying this chair and using it at least 2x/day, I began to see marked improvement. After 26 PT sessions, I was recently discharged, and I continue to use the various settings on my 8500 at least 2x/day. I especially love the stretch of my lower back. And the customer service from MCR is second to none!

  50. Frank M (verified owner)

    I recently got my new chair from Massage-Chair-Relief in Cerritos.. I checked about 3 other large stores before I actually chose to drive close to an hour to this store.
    I loved the way my questions were answered and it was clear to me that this store had the best service offer and price.
    When I got there. I me Michael and after nearly 40 years in sales and service. I was VERY impressed with his knowledge and the way I was treated. I had to figure out an issue with the chair so I also called Infinity and they were very helpful and so far I would DEFINITELY go back to this store and also recommend anyone I knew looking for a chair to this store.
    The follow up has also been phenomenal.
    The chair is awesome.
    Thanks again for the awesome chair, service and follow-up.

  51. Danice Akiyoshi ND (verified owner)

    My husband and I chose the Infinity IT-8500 massage chair for its overall great performance in covering all the various massage needs we have. It is truly a full service chair.
    A few weeks prior to buying this chair we purchased a different chair from Massage Chair Relief.
    We continue to do business with this company because of their outstanding service. Our Sales Rep is a gentleman named Michael Nguyen. If you are considering a massage chair purchase you will be short changing your experience if you don’t at least visit the store once and allow him to share his vast knowledge of their impressive array floor demonstrator models.
    I love a really strong aggressive deep tissue massage chair. Because my issues were more severe than my husband’s we purchased that type of chair first. (Osaki OS Pro Summit) Michael knew that this would
    be the perfect chair for me but it was a bit too much for my husband. Because Michael Nguyen is such a great Sales Rep. he was able to put together a deal that was so attractive that we purchased this second chair to better accommodate my husband’s needs. It’s an incredibly high functioning chair.
    My husband and I both give this chair, Massage Chair Relief and our Rep. Michael Nguyen Five Stars.

  52. Matt (verified owner)

    NOTE: Installation tips are at bottom!

    The chair trialing experience with Alan was phenomenal (5 Star!). Especially since you know you’re getting the best deal on any chair you buy due to price matching. I came from out of state to try the best chairs available in Aug 2015, and spent 5 or 6 hours there. I am glad I tried out several chairs since the features I originally thought were the most important changed after trying them all out.

    This chair is great. There is no chair out (as of Aug 2015) that has the Best of Everything, just like when picking cell phones. You have to decide what features are most important for you. Before visiting, I thought that having an L track was the most important, and then maybe 2nd most important was 3D adjustments for the rollers.

    At the end of the day, I picked the Infinity 8500 because 3d rollers and L track chairs had nothing against the calf massaging/stretching that this chair offered. Most of the other chairs I tried had 30-50% smaller calf sections or they would pop my legs out when stretching me. I am a 5’10” male, so I consider myself average height. Even though it doesn’t have an L track, it still oscillates your hips around and uses airbags to compress/lift them. It does a good enough job for me, and the L-track chairs didn’t really go as far as I expected they might (glad I tried them out). As for the 3d rollers, I just use the extra pad that comes with the chair. My wife likes the foot rollers, I think they’re too strong, and so put a super thick pad between them and my foot. The chair does have speakers, but you have to load the mp3 files with a thumb drive, and there’s no way to just connect your phone via aux cable or bluetooth.

    I even bought this even though the demo chair’s arm massagers were not attached correctly (they wouldn’t massage). This is actually the reason I am docking this by 1 star. The installation of the arms is very difficult (took me over 30 minutes for just the arms). I am very happy for 2 things, one is that Dr. Alan told me to offer $20 to the delivery person (who originally wasn’t going to bring it in the house due to liability) to get him to help me put it just inside the door; the chair is HEAVY but has rollers. The 2nd thing I am happy about is that I didn’t order someone to build it for me, because I can see them cutting corners on arm install due to difficulty of doing it right and the ease of skipping steps. I even have a little issue right now due to the right arm detaching during some massages, but I think I forced the buckle back in well enough this time that it will stay (more on this further down). But even though I have some issues with the arm base detaching from the chair back, at least the massage attachment (attaches to the arm base) is correctly installed and the airbags work.

    I use it maybe 20-60 minutes a day. I’m a little sad it sits you back up when the program is over (if you fall asleep), but it’s probably good that you don’t spend too much time with your oily head on the chair.

    Here are my tips for install:
    * The box for main chair can have the sides easily removed, you don’t need to cut them off. Just pop off the top of the box, and then jimmy the sides up. You now have a 6″ lip from the bottom box part that you can try to roll over or cut down. This will help if you need to return (I am keeping my chair).
    * The arms are 2 parts, the arm base, and the arm attachment which has the airbags and connects to the top of the base
    ** To “fully” attach and secure the arm attachment, it must have 3 locks turned 90 degrees by a phillips head screwdriver.
    *** SUPER Frustration/Time Trick: If you have a right-angle screw driver like, you could probably save yourself a LOT of time. You would also need a longer phillips head attachment for that screwdriver as some of the locks are a bit deeper.
    ** In order to get a screwdriver into where two of the locks are, you either need the above screwdriver (Sadly I didn’t think of it until now), or you have to unbuckle the arm base, reach from the back of the chair underneath to find a latch to pull (you can’t see it, you just have to find with touch), so that you can bend the chair-back forward. This lets you access the locks on the arm backs. Unbuckling is difficult, you have to push some latch (the directions have pictures) on the arm piece to unbuckle it from the chair-back.
    ** Also, one of the arms attachments was trickier than the other, putting enough pressure on it so that I was positive the lock grabbed it when it was turned.
    ** Then you have to get the arms buckled back onto the chair-back, and one of them seems to not have been put back on the first time (it fell off a week later during a stretch massage), and the 2nd time (it fell off a few days later during a stretch massage). The 3rd time I used their provided large Alan wrench and a mallet to tap the locking buckle device and rotate it enough onto the bolt.
    * The rest of the install was a breeze.

  53. Jim (verified owner)

    What a mistake!!! While visiting relatives for the holidays, my wife tried out their chair (several times that day). Although theirs was a lower grade chair; with only one or two settings, she couldn’t stay out of it. The next night I make my call and after a long conversation; I make my purchase. Well, the chair arrived just a little later than expected; one delivery guy who was smaller than me; and he wasn’t interested in helping me get it into the house at any price. Four cartons later and yes, quite a struggle with the main box; it’s inside. Let’s start with no packing list to cross check. Then there were several sheets of instructions, so you could choose which you preferred (understood). One in fact noted the “red circles”, the problem is they were all in black and white. The assembly was ridiculous; you can’t reach where you need to; the provided screw driver was way too long; it was a nightmare. The chair has been “ready” for 10 days; and my wife has used it once. It now serves as the coat rack it was never intended to be. These were great intentions; but ultimately a total waste of time and money.

  54. Dan (verified owner)

    Leading into a recent transatlantic cruise out of Tampa, we had some front-end time and took the opportunity to test an OSIM uAstro2 Massage Chair at the Brookstones, International Plaza location. Though we have enjoyed a SANYO HEC904 for the past 12+ years we wanted to see what the ‘latest-&-greatest’ now had to offer. We were pleasantly educated to find that the newer chairs have come a long way. We found that our once ‘state-of-the-art’ Sanyo, though still holding its value and ‘never’ having given us a moments problem, is a ‘basic’ massage chair compared to the current generation available. We loved the additions of air-bags, arm pockets, music, the ottoman and the foot-rollers.

    During our trip, we decided it was time to update. So, upon returning home, I began some extensive online research to check reviews on the uAstro2 and to see what other manufacturers had to offer. Wanting all of the newer features mentioned above we added the Osaki OS-7075R, but could find no nearby location(s) to test and compare it to the Astro2. During this process I contacted several manufacturers and distributors who could only offer a retailer here-or-there. None close-by and none with more than a chair or two to try. One distributor contacted was Massage- Chair-Relief, whereby I had a great conversation with Dr. Alan Weidner. Upon providing our search criteria Dr. Weidner provided some remarkable help and also suggested the inclusion of the Infinity IT-8200 or IT-8500 massage chair to our list to research and test. They, too, were not to be found closer than several-hours-drive away, so I initially settled on online comparisons. The Massage-Chair-Relief website was great for doing that, plus there were lots of great informational videos that really helped. I settled on the Osaki OS-7075R, with the IT-8500 a close second.

    Feeling the need to ‘test’ the two choices, I considered (and made) arrangements to spend a couple of days driving to Florida locations to try the closest available…….the IT-8200 & IT-8800 (no Osaki anywhere). Remembering that Dr. Weidner had mentioned a “Travel Credit” option, and that his Massage-Chair-Relief showroom had the Osaki and Infinity (plus a dozen others to consider and try), I decided to bite-the-bullet and fly-out.

    In hind-site, this was money and time well spent. Dr. Weidner was fantastic. He made the almost 5,000 round-trip flight worth the effort. Meeting me, curbside, at the airport I was driven to his showroom where I spent all-the-time needed to try ‘all’ of the massage chairs that met our criteria. I found that my testing of the various chairs were almost a perfect match with the reviews from Tony, especially with respect to the Inada Sogno. When all was said-and-done I narrowed the search back to the same two I had started with, but switched the order. Dr. Weidner then treated me to dinner which provided a chance to relax and, at the same time, digest the multiple-chair experience.

    Upon returning from an exceptional BBQ hide-away restaurant I re-tested the Osaki and Infinity, settling on the Infinity for the following reasons:
    …..better ‘fit’. Like a glove. You just melted into it.
    …..lower height range. Wife, at 5’0″, is shorter than the Osaki lower limit (big factor)
    …..stretch/inversion feature more comfortable (Osaki seems designed for a tall person…I’m 5’9″)
    …..better ottoman massage (more foot rollers & the back-of-ankle massage was really nice)
    …..just a better ‘overall’ massage experience
    … system (Osaki has ‘none’)
    …..smaller footprint

    Though a long and tiresome 31+ hour trip, I’m so glad I flew out and tried all of the chairs Dr. Weidner had to offer in his showroom. Had I not done so, I would have probably bought the Osaki 7075R. That would have been a big mistake and I ‘know’ my wife, DeAnn, would not have been happy with the choice.

    I can’t say enough about Dr.Weidner and all of the help he provided. Just a great experience, all-around. Knowledgeable man. He knows his massage chairs, the massage chair industry. and his showroom provides the necessary quantity and mix of massage chairs to help make the perfect selection. I would highly recommend Dr. Weidner and as the best source…….period.

  55. David Ferraez (verified owner)

    I received my chair last Saturday……..March 3, 2013 …..tried it for 20 minutes Sunday morning……used the relax mode with lowest of 5 strength modes………………had to get out of the chair because of intense back pain that only got worse over the next 48 hours………..feels like I have been hit with baseball bats in serveral places on my back…… wife tried and could not sit in the chair as well……..much to painful………….we are former athletes……reasonably strong bodies……….I have called and sent emails to Infinity……… response……………….What am I doing wrong???????? Very expensive for pain rather than pleasure………please help.

  56. Roy Rodrigues (verified owner)

    My search for a massage chair here in Hawaii led to limited choices, I searched the Web, there are many websites, I was impressed with ‘Massage Chair Relief’ as it contained videos that helped me understand and decide on the features I wanted. I narrowed my search down to Osaki 7570r or Infinite Therapeutics (IT) 8500. During a vacation in Las Vegas I planned to visit a couple of massage chair stores to try out each of these chairs, one store’s address turned out to be a UPS store, the other had no chair, no showroom, and two guys who had a strong foreign accent. I was so disappointed. My decision was reduced to talking to talking with Dr Wiedner, he described both chairs as honestly as he could (believe me I asked many questions, and called many times). He stated that I would be happy with either chair. I made my final decision based on the smaller size of the IT-8500. Now the part that really left an impression on me, remember I live in Hawaii, free shipping is from the warehouse to the boat dock. Dr. Wiedner worked with his shipper: Josh Chase of S&C Services LTL, Rail & Truckload Freight who got a reasonable shipping price for me. And kept me informed of the shipment every step of the way. The chair arrived very well protected on a pallet, shrink wrapped, on time and without a scratch. Remember the chair spent about 7 days at sea. I was most afraid of authorizing a large amount of money to someone I haven’t met (no matter how nice he seemed on the phone), all my future web shopping was on the line with this purchase. I trusted Dr Weidner, and I must say I had some amount of anxiety waiting for the shipment to arrive. But, I was real happy with the timeliness and condition of the shipment.

    The IT-8500, I followed the assembly video on ‘Massage Chair Relief’ and assembled the chair easily the only problem was I created a minor tubing kink while assembling the left arm. A little common sense and I fixed the kink quickly. Aahh the chair, the auto programs ran smoothly manual programs were not hard to learn. I now have it under control. Favorite features: (1) the three foot rollers that work in conjunction with the foot air bags. The air bags move your feet across the rollers creating different sensations from the rollers. (2) Music sync with the massage, at first I thought this feature was a gimmick, but just to make sure everything worked I plugged in a zip drive and it actually syncs’ the back massage rollers to the music. Each different music beat creates a different type of massage, I like it! (3) I also enjoy the zero gravity feature along with the (4) heating element for my back. (5) I like the swivel seat feature because the rollers do not go up and down on the same spot the swivel moves my back left and right and catches more of the lower back muscles. The annoyances are small: (1) the controller buttons don’t respond unless you touch them ‘dead on’. At times, I have to press 2 or 3 times to activate the desired feature. (This has gotten easier the more I use the chair). (2) The right side finger air bag sometimes gets stuck and does not deflate as the other side does. I plan to call the Infinity people, I am sure this will be an easy fix.

    Summary, Dr Wiedner (Massage Chair Relief) is a great man/company to deal with, he delivered. I love the chair. I used to get out of bed in the morning in stages: sit up, hands on knees, standing three quarters then slowly fully straight. (Kind of like the picture of the evolution of man) Within 2 days of the chairs arrival, from sitting to standing straight is accomplished in one step. I daily spend at least 20 minutes on the chair.

    No matter what chair you decide to buy, do your homework (use the videos on Massage Chair if possible go experience your selected chair. If you are still unsure, call Dr. Wiedner he is a man of his word, honest, truthful, is easy to talk to, and is always available. Thank you Dr. Weidner.

  57. David Le (verified owner)

    If you have the bucks to get top of the line chair Inada then by all mean, but not..this chair has the same features or more for 1/2 of the price. The chair is quite heavy, took 3 men to bring it upstair. One of the arms has loose stiches but Infinity sent out new arm to replace it. When the chair sucessfully scan your body, the massage is pint point accurate. I like a deep strong tissue massage and this chair live up to its expectation. It gives great back, arm, leg and feet massage. I use it every day for 20 mins and I feel like so refresh and relax after that. The music system sounds great, wish it has a a random selection for playing music from a USB thumb drive. I recommend others to buy this chair if you don’t have the bucks for Inada. I am happy with it so far.

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Zero Gravity

2 zero gravity positions to encourage a “weightless” position. Ideal for low back pain sufferers, the zero gravity function mimics the optimal position as determined by NASA’s space program. Optimal weight distribution removes excessive pressure from any one part of your spine.

Inversion Therapy

A full recline of the chair back, accompanied by the zero gravity seat positioning, produces an inversion effect to the spine, distracting the joints of the spine.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

While most massage chairs have airbag compression of the feet and calves, the IT-8500 massage chair has 3 mechanical foot rollers that work the sole of each of your feet. Very soothing!!

Foot and Calf Airbags

Airbag compression to enhance circulation of the blood and lymph from the legs to the heart.

Spinal Correction

Shoulder airbags that compress the front of the shoulders and pin them back, while the rollers move up and down the spine. This feature will leave you feeling like you are standing taller and straighter after you have used this feature.

Body Scan

The pinpoint body scan figures out the shape of your spine and the location of your spinal curves so that the chair can cater ever-so personally to your own particular body type.

Seat Airbag Massage and Sway

The IT-8500 massage chair employs seat airbags that move the seat from side to side and up and down, enhancing passive motion to an area of the body that is very hard to reach without the assistance of an actual therapist. Fantastic feature if you have low back pain.

Air Neck Massage

A gently rotation airbag massage relaxes the neck muscles and lulls you to sleep while the chair weaves it’s magic.

Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage

A full complement of shoulder airbags that will envelope your whole shoulder joint and give it the attention that is lacking in other massage chairs.

Tru-Grip V Stretch

Airbags will grip your shoulders, arms, and lower body while the chair back and ottoman raise and lower…giving you a stretch you will both love and never forget.

Lumbar Heat

The thickness of the body tissues in the low back makes warming up a hard thing to do. A lumbar heating element will assist in that process so that blood flows to those thick tissues a little quicker.

Acuroll Neck & Shoulder Massage

This model utilizes 5 sensors to help assess and then provide the most accurate neck and shoulder massage.

mp3 Music System

The music system includes a USB port for a jump drive full of your favorite music, external speakers, a headphone port so that you can enjoy your music in your own little space, and intersound technology, which basically is a speaker system that faces inward toward the user.

45′ Program Timer

You can schedule your massage chair to be anywhere from 10-45 minutes long…the longest of any massage chair timer in the marketplace.

30.25″ Roller Track

38 Total Airbags