Massage Chair Industry Update – November 1, 2016 (Video)

November 2, 2016
 By Allison Bricker
November 2, 2016
 By Allison Bricker

Massage Chair Industry Update – November 1, 2016 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – November 1, 2016”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Tuesday, November 1st, 2016. Happy belated Halloween for those of you that partook in the festivities yesterday. I know my youngest son is 15, and he still went out trick-or-treating. I’m glad he had a mask on because I’m kind of embarrassed, as a parent, that I have a 15-year-old still out there trick-or-treating, but anyway, we had a wonderful time, and a lot of kids came by, and a lot of fun, very nice evening here, not too cold. But anyway, I get off topic, you know, we’ve got – and excuse the setting here, my banner that I usually have behind me at my showroom is – the frame is falling apart, and so it’s pretty ugly there at the showroom in the back office, so I just figured I’d record in here, in my home office.

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Alan: But anyway, I just wanted to let you know that Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming. If you want to get a massage chair before Christmas, order soon, but I should also let you know that Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the busiest weekend of the year. I mean, it’s busy, and things start to go a little skiwampus as far as colors and models being available. So, if you want to get a chair for Christmas, make sure that you order in time, well enough ahead of Christmas, and that would even include perhaps, even before Black Friday/Cyber Monday, which is the busy time. There’s not a whole lot to report as far as stock goes. The WholeBody 5.1 is on back-order until the second week of November, which is just another week. The Novo XT – oh, by the way, that reminds me, yeah, we got to talk about the Novo XT – I was going to say the Smart 3D ‘Cappuccino’ is back-ordered, but that’s supposed to be in later this week. So, pretty much everything that we’re aware of, that we sell quite a bit of, is in stock, so you should be OK as far as stock goes, and these massage chair companies are stocking up for the holidays. This is the biggest time of the year.

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Alan: Anyway, we have the Novo XT on our website now. I’m still inputting all the data, as far as the feature set, and the specs, and all that sort of thing, and we’ve got most of the images up, the price is up, it’s $7999. It’s not an inexpensive L-track chair that Human Touch has got out, but they had good success with the Novo through their Costco roadshows, and now they’ve upgraded to the Novo XT, which is a spin off the Novo. It looks the same, it has, I think, one or two different colors, but essentially, it looks the same as the original Novo, and it’s a big chair. We will include white-glove delivery with the sale of that chair, because it’s a fairly bulky chair, and it comes in one piece. So, it’s tough to get through doorways, tough to get around hallways, so we would sooner let the white-glove people take care of that, rather than you having to deal with it, and lifting that thing through doorways, and around hallways.

[SCREEN TEXT: Novo XT Includes White-Glove Delivery in Purchase Price]

Alan: But anyway, the Novo XT is available now, if you want to purchase that. Again, it’s an L-track chair, a Chinese-made L-track chair, put out by Human Touch. Preliminary sales results were very positive for them, through the Costco roadshow. They’ve updated the model to the XT, which is for the retailers, and so we will have – and we don’t have room in our showroom right now for it, because we’re full of other chairs – but we will be making room for the XT most likely in our Southern California showroom. But anyway, just so that you know, that chair is coming, and again, that’s an L-track chair, priced at $7999. Now, believe it or not, that’s pretty much it as far as news goes.

[SCREEN TEXT: L-Track Chairs]

Alan: I will say that I just want to talk a little bit about the L-track chairs. The L-track chairs have become very popular. Now, for those of you that don’t know what an L-track chair is, all chairs have an S-track, which is the shape of the spine, and the roller mechanism of each chair follows the sinusoidal shape of the spine, that’s an S-track. Well, now these new L-tracks have the S-track, but the rollers continue on underneath the seat, to give you an L-shape of rollers, and it massages the glutes, the piriformis muscles, and the top of the hamstrings. Basically, the butt muscles, and I think this is a huge feature in massage chairs because it addresses an area that, heretofore, has only been massaged by airbag pressure, and airbag pressure is good – like Human Touch had some chairs that have airbags that poke, you know, have air – it feels like thumbs are poking up in to the back of the thigh, and the buttock – but there’s nothing quite like a roller going up and down into the butt. So, anyway, this L-track is a big deal, and we’ve got quite a few now on the market. We have the granddaddy of them all – I’m going to give you just a little bit of a brief history, and then explain to you how we kind of rank these chairs in terms of intensity, and usability – because there are some that are not good for some bodies, and some that are not good for other bodies. But anyway, the Infinity Iyashi was basically the first brand-name massage chair, L-track massage chair, that came to the market. That’s been over two years ago, and that’s been a popular seller. It’s a very cool-looking chair, it’s got kind of a plexi – or what do you call it, a fiberglass or plastic exterior – one of my customers mentioned that it’s awesome because the cat can’t destroy the material, which, I never even thought of that, that’s a great observation. But anyway, the Iyashi is like the granddaddy of all the L-track chairs, and everything has kind of come since then, we’ve seen quite a few more massage chairs hit the market. The primary chairs that we sell, that are L-track, are the Iyashi, the Infinity Escape, the Osaki Maxim, the Osaki Summit, or the Titan Alpine, which are basically the same chairs, except with different shoulder massages. Let’s see, the Apex Ultra, and what else have we got cooking? Oh, and the uKnead Lavita, so those are basically the main chairs. There’s also an Osaki 4000LS, which I’m not familiar with, I’ve not sat in it, and there’s also an Osaki 8500, which is a spinoff of the old Titan 8400, which has recently been discontinued. So, those are the main L-track chairs that we carry. I suspect all manufacturers, eventually, will have L-track chairs, because it’s just becoming the thing, and it’s becoming extremely popular, and now they’ve got good chairs that are reasonably priced. Like the Osaki Maxim is our top-selling L-track chair right now, and that chair – and this is how we would typically grade the intensity of these chairs – we have really, really intense L-track chairs, like the Apex Ultra, but the Apex Ultra doesn’t fit a really huge body. If you’re over 6′, or over 240 pounds, or 230, 240 pounds, that chair might feel really, really tight on you, and might be too short for you, but it’s a very intense chair. Then on the other end of the spectrum, you have the Infinity Escape, which is a more mild chair, more comfortable for people that are sensitive to massage, and a great chair, and that’s also priced in the $3000 price point. Then you’ve got another chair, like the uKnead Lavita, which is a more intense chair, not quite as rough, or as intense as the Apex Ultra, but still more on the upper end of intensity. And then you’ve got the Osaki Maxim, which is kind of a moderate to upper intensity chair, and I think that’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular, it’s not too intense, it’s not too soft, it’s just right, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. But the Osaki Maxim is a very popular chair, and it fits right when you sit in it, it just feels right when you sit in it. The Infinity Iyashi, which I mentioned earlier, is a bigger chair, and it can handle people up to 6′ 6″ tall. That is something that is of import to people that are tall, because if you’re 6′ 5″, or 6′ 4″, and you try to sit in even in the Osaki Summit, or the Titan Alpine, which says it’ll fit up to 6′ 4″, and it’ll fit a body up to 6′ 4″, but you will not get a good neck massage if you’re 6′ 4″, or 6′ 5″, or 6′ 6″, so the Iyashi does hit the neck on those taller bodies. The Apex Ultra, which I mentioned, is for shorter bodies, so if you’re under 5′ 11″, under 6′, you’re going to get a good neck massage, and you’re going to get a very, very intense massage. The Infinity Escape, which is great for tall bodies, which most of the Infinity chairs are, it’ll handle up to 6′ 5″, and legitimately handle someone up to 6′ 5″, that chair is a more mild chair, and it’s great, and it’s got six rollers on each foot, and it’s got nine programs, I believe, really a great option for someone that doesn’t want too much. But anyway, that’s kind of how – and as far as the Osaki 8500 and the Osaki 4000LS, I haven’t sat in them to really know how intense they are – the Titan 8400, which is the predecessor of the Osaki 8500, that chair was a more intense massage chair, had the intense foot massage, like the Ultra, had a good neck massage, and so it was more of an upper intensity chair. So, and I’m not sure if the 8500 is like that, but the 8400 was like that, and the Osaki 4000LS, I haven’t sat in it, if it’s anything like the 4000T, it’s probably a mild to moderate massage experience. So, anyway, I thought that would be helpful to you, because all these chairs are coming out, and a lot of them are in the same price point, you know, in the $2900 to $3500 price range. Some are a little bit higher, like the Osaki Summit, and the Infinity Iyashi, but they are a more sophisticated, nuanced massage experience. When you sit in those chairs, you can tell there’s a bit of a difference in their quality, or maybe not so much quality, because they’re all Chinese chairs, which are similar quality, but maybe a difference in the massage experience, the massage mechanism. It’s a little more nuanced, and sophisticated, those are the words that we use to describe the differences. But anyway, that’s pretty much it for my talk, or my presentation, on the L-track chairs, and the differences between them. If you have any questions, of course, give me a call, or go on our chat software on our website, or leave a comment on our Facebook, or YouTube channel, whatnot. You can always get a hold of me, or someone in the store, so anyway, we do appreciate you letting us know if we can help you in any way.

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Alan: Well, if you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us and share us on your social media platforms, and that’s about it for our biweekly massage chair industry update. I am Dr. Alan Weidner, and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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