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This contemporary looking high-end Osaki massage chair is priced so reasonably, considering it includes zero gravity and mechanical foot rollers along with neck, shoulder, back, thigh, buttock, and calf massage make this massage chair a no-brainer.

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The Osaki OS4000T reflects the same stylish and contemporary design as many of the other Osaki massage chairs, but has a few enhancements. The zero gravity is still a primary feature, but the 4000 has 46 airbags instead of 25, located primarily in the hip/thigh and upper arm areas, along with mechanical foot rollers…a very popular feature for massage chair buyers. It also boasts a “Stretch” program as well as a low back heating element. Body scan technology takes into account your body and spinal contours and caters it’s massage to your body shape.


18 reviews for Osaki OS-4000T

  1. Howard Spiller (verified owner)

    After reading reviews and product information, I decided to purchase the Osaki 4000T, but was concerned it may not be comfortable enough since I didn’t have an opportunity to try it out. Since Massage Chair Relief has a 90 day return policy, I decided to order it from them. The buying process was excellent and they kept me up to date as to when I would receive it, zth chair turned out great and there is no need to return it, Would urge oeople to get the White Glove service if they are planning to set it up by themselves since it is extremely heavy.

  2. Matthew (verified owner)

    Great chair, the wife and I could not be more pleased. We tried out the 3000 which feels great and wanted the extra air bags and heat. Well worth the upgrade. STRONG massage when you need it, relaxing massage when you want it. Follows Co tours of back with precision and gets to the very lowest vertebrae.
    Shipping was great, it did take me(extremely handy) about a half hour to set up on my own.

  3. Tung (verified owner)

    Overall this is the massage chair where you’ll get the best bang for the buck. The airbags and rollers massage really provides a good massage sensation. I fell asleep in less 10 minutes after I sat in the chair. Although, at first I felt like the back rollers did not give enough umph, but just keep in mind that the strength and speed level for the back rollers is adjustable. One negative I had about this chair is that the airbags in the preset “Smart” option is really intense and even if you do adjust the airbag intensity level it still remains that same. Installation is easy enough that it only requires two people to construct; the manual is not really descriptive though. If you feel like you’re not the kind of person that is able to construct the chair yourself then order the white glove service. All in all, the massage chair is the one to buy.

  4. Ken Bishoff (verified owner)

    We were traveling through the Salt Lake area and happened to be in town while your showroom was open. I was a bit hesitant to stop in for fear that we might be in for a hard sales presentation. Boy was I surprised to find a very relaxed atmosphere and no pressure. It was great! We were able to try several massage chairs and experience the difference between them. As soon as we placed our order we received confirmation that the order had bee received. The chair arrived on time as promised and the whole process was really comfortable and surprisingly better than I imagined it could by ordering on line. It is wonderful to come home from work and have my own massage chair. I especially like the timer. It allows me to relax for 15 or 20 minutes and not worry about time or all the things I am being pressed to do. Is great. Thanks for the great service. Ken

  5. Alan (verified owner)

    When I first started looking for massage chairs, I spent days combing through the various web sites trying to separate marketing garbage from fact. Then I was fortunate enough to come across Dr. Weidner’s site which contains a wealth of unbiased information. Of particular value is the comparison chart that allows you to look at the features and functions of various chairs. What I found most helpful, though, was the personal touch offered by Dr. Weidner. When I tried to obtain additional information on products at other web sites, I never received a response. Dr. Weidner has his personal cell phone number listed on the site and, to my great surprise, answered when I called at about 7 pm. With his help, I was able to settle on the right chair for my wife and me. So, before I review the chair, let me first compliment the excellent buying experience and personal service offered by Dr. Weidner. If you are thinking about buying a chair, this is the right place!

    I bought an Osaki 4000. After looking at the functionality, it had all of the features of the more expensive chairs, but didn’t have the frills like colored lights and an mp3 player. The programming is very versatile. You can manually select which areas are activated and the type and intensity of massage received. You also have the option of selecting several partial or full body pre-programmed massages if you didn’t want to bother with a custom program. The zero g function is invaluable as it helps to align your body properly in the chair and facilitates a strong roller action on the neck, shoulders and lumbar area of the back. My wife and I used to visit a massage therapist once a month and wished we could go more often. We literally use our chair every day, typically about an hour or so before going to bed, to help relax our muscles. The Osaki 4000 has an intermediate chair price and high dollar functionality. We are very happy with our purchase (and so is the rest of the family since they immediately head for the chair when they come visit).

    I assembled the chair by myself which was little awkward since some of the pieces are a bit heavy for one person. A tip during assembly. The instructions tell you to set the arms in place, then connect the air tubes to the arms. That ain’t happenin’ as they say. Rest the arm on the bracket and connect the hose first, then lower the arm into the bracket on the side of the machine and secure it in place with the screws.

    Good machine, good value, good price and excellent service. So far, this one is a winner.

  6. Jeff (verified owner)

    When I was looking for a massage chair I found out rather quickly that there’s not much information out there. That is until you discover this site. They seem to be more reviews of massage chairs on Dr.Weidner YouTube channel than they are on the rest of the web. All of that information help me settle on the Osaki OS-4000. It’s not the best cair out there but when factoring in the price I think it is. No chair gives you this many features for the money. You can set the massages as lite or as strong as you want. Anything that the chair does using one of its five preprogrammed massages you can do manually. So if it feels good on that spot it just passed up…no problem you can go right back and stop it there. It’s strong if you want it to be also and I do mean strong! That’s what I was most surprised about and happy too I may add. Over all I am extremely happy with my purchase and I would do it again. I was nervous about spending this much on something I knew very little about and if you’re in the same boat give Dr.Weidner a call. The man is the massage chair guru and keeps you informed on everything through out the whole process. I know if I ever have any problems with anything there’s someone there to help and that’s hard to put a price on theses days.

  7. Maria (verified owner)

    Hi there I am interested in this chair… Please let me know if you have charcoal Color a pre owned one in a good preis
    to sell? and how Long would be the woranty for the pre owned one? Thank you so much for your informations.
    best wishes.


  8. Isaac (verified owner)


    I was initially exposed to massage chairs at a big chain store where I was able to sit in a chair that was really nice. After scouring the web for information about that chair, I discovered that it actually was similar in features to this Osaki model. Also in that research, I discovered this website and Dr. Alan’s wealth of resources including a video of how to assemble the chair!

    Long story short, I was not able to find a resource on the internet that compared to the information and assistance I received from When it came time to buy, they were the natural choice since not only had they provided exceptional service during the shopping process, but also offered the BEST PRICE I found anywhere on the internet.

    I now have my chair, assembled it with confidence twice thanks to the video (I had to disassemble it to move it out of the first room we put it in), sit in it every day and LOVE IT. I actually couldn’t be happier with the quality of the chair. In fact, my wife and I both agree it is a better chair than the one we were first considering in the chain store… And it was much cheaper!

    This purchase has been a great experience and I highly recommend anyone who is shopping for a massage chair to make this their number one stop and to purchase with confidence. You won’t be disappointed with the service and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the chair.

    Happy massaging!

  9. Bob and Judy Hunter (verified owner)

    The Osaki OS-4000 massage is a perfect fit for my husband. We ordered the chair with the ?white glove? delivery. The service techs assembled the chair, tested the product, and showed us a few things to get started. We are pleased with the service we received.

    The massage chair itself is simply wonderful. Style-wise, it is quite different from our former chair which looked more like a piece of furniture. The OS-4000 is very nice looking, but definitely is NOT furniture. It?s a machine that does one job well, and that is massage! The chair operates quietly and the only noticeable sound is the deflation of the air bags as the chair is operating.

    The multiple air bags provide ample massage for neck muscles, which is important for my husband. After one session in the chair, he was able to turn his head from side-to-side which is a HUGE improvement from his ?normal? limited movement. What my husband specifically likes about the chair is its intensity, and the fact that you CAN lower the intensity if you prefer. For now, he keeps it on maximum and loves every minute of the workouts. For the past few months, my husband has been getting deep tissue massages to keep his rheumatoid arthritis at a manageable level. This chair provides the relief he needs not only for his rheumatoid arthritis, but also for his osteoarthritis. That in itself says a lot for the OS-4000!

    The zero gravity position is perhaps his most favorite. However, while in this position, the arm massage does not reach the areas he would prefer because when in the prone position, his arms are pulled out of the ?prime? arm massaging area. The arm massage does work well when he sits upright and can position his arms more appropriately into the designed areas. Overall, we have no complaints about the OS-4000 massage chair. It is a well-designed chair that offers several options to please almost anyone.

    Your website holds a wealth of information about every good massage chair on the market today. Making the decision to replace or purchase a new massage chair was relatively easy using your helpful guides. Your personal attention via emails was greatly appreciated too, especially helping us with the White Glove delivery service.

    Thanks again for an excellent product and website. We look forward to many years of use of the OS-4000.

    Bob and Judy Hunter

  10. Beth (verified owner)

    Recently purchased and received the Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair – this was a gift for my husband. Called and spoke directly to Dr. Alan Weidner prior to placing the order. He was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions. Delivery was very timely. My husband put the chair together in less than an hour. He has been enjoying the chair every day since then. This chair is well worth the money. We had looked at Brookstone and this is a much better chair and value for the money. PLUS there are several color options to choose from. We are definitely pleased with the OS-4000 Massage Chair – very glad we made this investment.

  11. Dwayne (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Osaki OS-4000 massage chair for my fianc. She is a huge fan of massages and I figured it would be nice to have that type of luxury at any time of the day. I started my journey looking for massage chairs and comparing the different functionalities. I finally stumbled on to the OS-4000 and was sold. I had another dealer I planned to purchase from but after reading multiple reviews for Dr. Weidner, I had to see if he was truly the person everyone said he was. Well to make a long story short, I was able to talk to Dr. Weidner directly by phone and email. He was and has been very helpful throughout the entire process and knew every question I had about massage chairs. So I was convinced and decided to make the purchase from him. The chair has been a huge addition in my home and my hands ( being that I provided multiple massages on my fianc on a regular basis) can finally rest. Setup was simple and the massage is great. I highly recommend this chair to anyone.

  12. Col John B (USAF Ret) (verified owner)

    Awesome Chair…. Superb Service!

    Prior to purchasing our chair I spent hours reviewing the major web sites that offer massage chairs and talked directly to several customer service representatives. I was literally blown away with the amount of information that was available at Massage-Chair-Relief and the quality of support rendered by Dr. Weidner when we communicated on the phone. Not only did he answer all my questions but he continued to follow up with me throughout the purchase and delivery to provide additional timely information and assure that I was satisfied with the entire process.

    The chair was delivered on the 6th of March at about 11AM and we were ready for the initial test drive two and a half hours later. If you’re mechanically inclined the installation of the Osaki OS-4000 is a breeze. The chair is heavy so a floor dolly and/or a couple strong helpers will definitely be required for the do-it-yourselfer. Otherwise the White Glove service would be advised and, after doing the work myself, the price isn’t a bad deal at all. The chair is well constructed and it’s electronics and mechanics are superbly designed. Apparently the distribution center in Dallas had just received a new shipment and we were surprised to receive the 4000T model which has the addition of foot rollers. This chair was already a great value for the dollar and with this addition it was a “home run”! You won’t regret your purchase of one of these chairs as it will be paying you back in so many ways for years to come.

  13. Bill T (verified owner)

    I bought my first massage chair 8 years ago (King Kong 5560 Galaxy D3000). It stopped working and the company was out of business, so I had to start looking for a new one. I started my search at I saw that they offered the Osaki OS-4000, so my search started there.
    I went to Brookstone and I did not like the two chairs they offered in their store. I also went to Relax the Back. I sat in the Cozzia 363E and liked it. I also liked their Tech Touch Massage chair, but the massage was almost too agressive and I did not want to spend $5,000 on it. I started looking on line ( and Based on reviews, I found that the Osaki OS-4000 is supposed to be very similar to the 363E. I learned that they now offer the OS-4000 T with the foot rollers (which I really liked on the Tech Touch chair). Based on this and the reviews I read, I decided to take a chance and ordered it without trying it first. I figured it wasn’t a huge risk since a 90 day return policy that was offered by Massage Chair Relief.
    It arrived within 6 days of ordering it. The assembly was smooth with one exception…there is not much slack in the air tubes coming from the sides of the chair, so it was a little difficult to attach the air hose on each side. Other than that, it was a very simple assembly process. The material of the chair is much nicer than I thought it was going to be based on the pictures I saw of the original OS-4000 model (I could not find a picture of the new version OS-4000 T prior to me placing an order).
    I have now tried all the options and I am extremely thrilled with the functions of the chair (by the way, they are pretty similar to the Cozzia 363E chair I was able to try). I did have to take out the back pad to make the massage a little deeper for my lower back.
    I am extremely happy with my purchase and my experience with emails back and forth with Dr. Weidner. I am looking forward to many years of relaxing with my new massage chair.

  14. Dennis Morris (verified owner)

    Being very new to on line purchases and being leery of anything that sounds to good to be true, I must admit that I am happy, but more importantly than that , very impressed ! From the initial contact with Mr.Weidner answering all my questions, to the service, delivery and ENJOYING this fantastic chair, it does everything as promised and more !
    I have some limitations with arms ,legs and an ankle, and it helps tremendously !
    If you are considering buying a Osaki message chair and want value, I highly recommend this chair. Want a company that truly goes the extra mile with exceptional service, value and top this off with honesty and a hands on owner who is sincerely interested in your health???.. This company and product is a no brainer !

    Dennis B. Morris
    Murfreesboro TN.

  15. Richard Parady (verified owner)

    I recently purchased an OS-Osaki 4000T massage chair from massage-chair-relief. Due to the west coast dock strike the delivery of my chair was delayed. During this time Dr. Alan Weidner was in constant contact with me and even offered to refund my money if I didn’t want to wait it out. Osaki offered to give its customers a one year extended warranty and a free foot massager. I accepted their offer and I am very pleased with the foot massager. I finally received my massage chair and I am extremely satisfied with the chair and especially with Dr. Alan Weidner and his company. I would recommend anyone wanting to buy a massage chair on line to use Dr. alan Weidner and Massage Chair Relief. I would give the OS-Osaki 4000T a 5 star rating and more importantly Dr. Alan Weidner and his company a 10 Star rating. Their customer service is fantastic. Dr. Alan Weidner can be reached by phone and usually answers when you call or if you leave a message he gets back to you very quickly. He also answers e-mails and addresses all concerns promptly. Richard Parady, Port Charlotte, FL
    You have my permission to use this testimony.

  16. Brendan Levy (verified owner)

    My wife and I ordered this chair from Massage chair relief a few weeks ago after sitting in numerous chairs to try them out. This chair had all that we wanted and needed, and with just enough pressure. It was also one of the least expensive chairs we looked at?.great! I spoke to Dr. Weidner about the 4000T chair and he had only good things to say about it. Well, we were sold, and we bought it online from Massage chair relief. We purchased the white glove service, and was happy we did. The chair came in about 7 days and was fully set up and functioning for us.
    We LOVE this chair. It is awesome. My wife and I sit in it for 15 min. every other day each and it is a great pleasure to do so. It hits all the spots for us and is very relaxing. It is easy to pick programs or settings we like. We love it and have no regrets.
    Thank you Dr. Weidner and staff for such an easy, seamless experience.

  17. Vaughn Reuther (verified owner)

    We recently purchased the Osaki 4000T from The buying experience went well, we even received a phone call from Dr. Weidner, commenting on the Osaki 4000T. The delivery and setup went less smoothly, in that we ordered the white glove service but the freight company unexpectedly dropped it off at our front door. Fortunately we were home and the driver was kind enough to bring it into the house. The driver indicated that it was a common experience for him to deliver a chair to a bewildered customer who expected him to set it up for them. A phone call to Dr. Weidner got things back on track and someone came to install it several days later. The chair itself satisfies our main criteria of delivering a relatively gentle roller massage that doesn?t aggravate the bad spots in my lower back, and we are generally happy with it. By massage chair standards the Osaki 4000T is a fairly inexpensive chair, so we are willing to cut it some slack in the feature department, but it does have a couple of annoying characteristics: At the ends of each massage, it lets out five loud beeps and returns to the upright position, effectively preventing you from taking a nap; and the housing for the shoulder air bags is awkwardly placed, preventing us from comfortably inserting our arms into the arm massage housing, and effectively turning the arm massager into a little finger massager. But, we would still call it a pretty good chair.

  18. Ric Simpao (verified owner)

    I and my wife have been wanting to buy a massage chair. When we decided to buy, we researched on different brands and models. Based on reviews and our budget, we decided to buy OSAKI OS-4000T. That’s only one part of the process. The next process is to find where to buy it from. After comparing different online stores including Amazon, we agreed that the support and good customer service of based on the experiences and reviews of other people is outstanding enough to go and buy the massage chair from them.

    And we were not disappointed. Dr. Alan Weidner helped us through the process and was easy to contact by phone whenever we have questions.

    The massage chair arrived as we expected. It is awesome to have a massage chair whenever we need it. It helped me sleep better. As matter of fact, my wife fell asleep on it and I didn’t wake her up. I particularly liked the “Swedish” function combined with the calves. On the programmed sequence, I used the “anti-stress” button more often than not. This particular OS-4000T model has foot roller, which is useful after a long hours of work.

    All in all, it is a good buy. I have been using the chair for a while now at least 30 minutes a day and my wife uses it more often than I.

    Thanks to Dr. Alan Weidner for his constant communication and outstanding customer service.

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Mechanical foot rollers

Zero gravity design

Designed with a set of S-track movable intelligent massage robot, special focus on the neck, shoulder and lumbar massage according to body curve

Automatically detect the whole body curve as well as make micro adjustments, which brings more humanistic and scientific massage enjoyment

Designed with six unique auto-programs: Healthcare, Relax, Therapy, Smart, Circulation and Demo

Automatic massage for the upper body (shoulder, neck, back and lumbar), the low body (buttock, thigh, calves and feet)

Manual massage for the upper body with three options, full body, partial and fixed

Six Massage styles – rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish and combo

With five levels of speed & intensity

Three kinds of width adjustable settings, Wide, Medium and narrow

Air pressure massage for back (two airbags), with five intensity options

Air pressure for lower body (twenty-six airbags), with five intensity options

Powerful vibration massage for buttocks

Calf rest can be lifted and stretched, backrest can be lifted

LCD displayer

Auto timer 5-30 minute options

Wireless mini-controller

46 air bags, 8 in the arms, 14 in the feet, 10 in the calves, 2 in the seat and 2 in the back, 4 in the shoulders, 2 in the headrest, 2 neck, and 2 in the hips

Air & Vibration Arm Massage

Hip Air Massage

Vibration Seat Massage

Lower Back Heat Therapy

Air Squeeze Neck massage

Shoulder Air Massage

Mechanical Foot Rollers