Massage Chair Industry Update – June 3, 2016 (Video)

June 7, 2016
 By Allison Bricker
June 7, 2016
 By Allison Bricker

Massage Chair Industry Update – June 3, 2016 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – June 3, 2016”

microphoneAlan: Hello, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Friday, June 3rd, 2016. Thank you for joining me today. I’d like to talk about a few things. Oh, well, right off the bat, there’s not a lot to talk about today. I covered a lot of it two weeks ago, when I’d missed the two weeks before that, so we had a lot of stuff to cover. Most of the stuff we’re going to talk about are continuations from two weeks ago, but there are a couple of interesting things I want to get in to with you.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: First of all, as far as stock goes, I believe that everything’s pretty much – as far as I’m aware of – most things are in stock right now. I think the Navitas is still back-ordered on the – is it the ‘Sand’ color, I can’t remember – but the other Navitas colors are in stock.

[SCREEN TEXT: Inada Sale!]

Alan: Now, Inada has a sale going on right now, and they don’t often have sales, but they do have a sale right now, and if you buy – and this is going through from now until September – I think September 5th. If you buy an Inada DreamWave, you get the free extended warranty, which is a $450 offer. That is a fairly significant discount, or savings. The YuMe, they’re selling at $500 off, so that brings the price down to $4799 from $5299, and the Flex 3s, which is like a little mini DreamWave, but not at all like the DreamWave, other than looking like a mini one, that one is going for $1000 off, so $4299, good pricing. Now, these are Japanese chairs, keep that in mind, because Japanese quality is fantastic, and these Japanese chairs often, you don’t often get them for under $5000.

[SCREEN TEXT: Discontinue Inada YuMe]

Alan: Anyway, check those out, and then, like I said, those sales are until September, but what I will also mention is that Inada is discontinuing the YuMe. So, that is a chair to, you know, jump on, get a hold of it. It’s only $500 off right now to $4799, and I have one on our website, which is our floor model here in our Utah showroom, for $3499, perfect condition, not used much at all, and it is available for $3499, and that includes shipping. So, that is a heck of a deal, and that – you know, because it’s a floor model, we have the full factory warranty on it – of course, you get our Lifetime Labor Warranty with all of our chairs, but anyway, and that’s, again, I think I mentioned this, but free standard delivery, and there’s no assembly required on the YuMe. It’s a pretty easy chair to get in your house, and get going. So, anyway, just so that you know.

[SCREEN TEXT: Father’s Day Sales]

Alan: Now, as far as the other Memorial Day sales go – or the Memorial Day sales that just passed – Luraco has extended their video, or not their video, their sale, on to Father’s Day. And Ogawa has – and by the way, their sale is $700 off the iRobotics 7 – and the Ogawa, they had offered the free Ogawa Foot Therapy Plus gadget to be sold if you bought an Ogawa Refresh chair, and then free extended warranty for the Ogawa Smart, or the Ogawa Active, and those sales are going on until after Father’s Day as well. As a matter of fact, they’ve given us a date, June 21st, as when that’ll be over. So, it’s a great time to be buying some chairs. The summers are usually a little bit slower for the massage chair companies. In the past, it’s been slower for us, but right now, you know, during this time of the year, the last couple of years has been good, but take advantage of these sales.

[SCREEN TEXT: Pre-Owned and Used Massage Chair Directory]

Alan: They’re great sales, and of course, take a look at our pre-owned directory on our website. You can see all the chairs that we have for sale there, and I’ve got a leather DreamWave, only three months old, for $7999. They’re regularly $9799; this is $1800 off, perfect condition, boxed up, ready to go, comes with a full warranty. But anyway, and then we also have an Ogawa – or sorry, an Osaki 4D, OS, how does, I get all the nomenclatures mixed up, but it’s the Osaki OS 3D, no, Osaki JP Premium Pro 4D, or 4D JP Premium – anyway, I got one of those for sale too, for a very good price, and the YuMe, the floor model YuMe. I’ve got an Infinity X3, which is regularly $5495, on sale for $40, I think it’s $4495. Anyway, so we’ve got some great deals on next-to-new chairs, pretty much new, except for owned, maybe owned, and used very little, within the first month to three months of our return policy, because people will send them back, but anyway, check those chairs out on our pre-owned directory.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Navigation on Our Website]

Alan: Oh, and that reminds me, we just changed the navigation bar on our website, so now instead of having all the manufacturers names up top, now, we’ve got one tab on the navigation bar that’s for massage chairs, one for our used-chair directory, one for our comparison chart, one for our blog, or our article library, and one with our store locations. So, it’s only five tabs on the navigation bar, so it’s very easy to find what you want. There’s drop-down menus for each of them, but go check out the website, but go check out the website.

[SCREEN TEXT: Home Page Sliders]

Alan: I think you’ll dig it, it’s pretty cool, and of course, on the home page, we have these sliders, we call them home page sliders. They’re the sales that are going on, and there’s about 16 of them, I think, we got quite a few of them, but you can just go through them, one, another, and then – or press the arrow – and it shows little dots that show the number of screens, but that defaults to only like 11. I think we’ve got 17 in all, so you just click the arrow, and it’ll take you through, all the way through, all the different sales that we have, and it’s some pretty good deals out there. Let’s see, what else have we got for you? So, the Inada, the Luraco, and the Ogawa sales are continuing on past Memorial Day to at least Father’s Day, and in Inada’s case, until September, after Labor Day. Let’s see, what else have we got cooking? Oh, Luraco sent me a whole bunch of videos, and you know what, I got to tell you, I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to a lot of technological stuff. I’ve got a YouTube channel, I’ve got over 400 videos on it, but you would think I would know how to do certain things with YouTube, like how to add someone else’s video to a playlist that I have. Well, I didn’t know how to do that, and of course, all it is, is pushing one little button on the video screen of YouTube, and then asking, you know, clicking the playlist that I want it added to. Well, anyway, Luraco sent me like five or six different videos that they’ve put out to help understand their iRobotics 7 chair, which incidentally has become a very, very popular selling, high-end chair for us, wonderful chair, and they have $700 off, I mentioned that earlier. Anyway, so, I finally figured out how to add someone else’s videos to my playlists, so if you go to my website on YouTube, not on my website, but on my YouTube channel, you’ll see the Luraco iRobotics 7 playlist, and on that playlist, you’ll see my videos, of course, but then you’ll see a bunch of Luraco’s videos, because now I know how to add them, so there. You know, I think that’s about it, I just wanted to discuss one last thing.

[SCREEN TEXT: Warranty Explanation]

Alan: That’s – I talked about all the logistics, and all the fun stuff, and the important stuff, but I want to talk about – a little bit about warranties, and this is the most confusing thing for people. I think I’ve addressed this years ago, but I’m going to address it briefly today. Now, when you see a massage chair that has a one-year, parts-and-labor warranty, and then a second year of parts, and then a third year of structure, because that’s usually how a chair is covered, they’ll go first year, or two, or three, parts and labor, then a second year, or third, or fourth year, or whatever parts, and then structure. Well, if you’ve got a chair that says one year, parts-and-labor, second year, parts, three year, structure, it’ll be advertised, by many people, as a three-year warranty. Well, it is a three-year warranty, but it’s a three-year limited warranty, limited in that it’s only parts and labor for the first year, second year is parts, third year is structure. Yes, you’re covered for three years, but it’s a regression of coverage, with each passing year. So, if you see a chair that says five-year limited warranty, do not think, please don’t think that that is a five-year, parts-and-labor warranty, that is deceptive, and check the fine print. It’s usually, if it’s a Japanese, or an American-made chair, it’s three years, parts and labor, or a fourth, and fifth year of parts, like the Panasonic, or the Luraco. And then, or Human Touch has some chairs where there’s one year, parts and labor, three years, parts, up to five years, structure. That means it’s a five-year limited warranty, yes, but only one year is parts and labor, the second and third year are parts and structure, and the fourth and fifth year is structure only. So, you have to make sure that you’re not deceived by this, because this, it’s a frustration, an endless source of frustration for people that’ve purchased chairs, called for an update, or not an update, but to get a chair fixed after two years, when they were told they have a three-year warranty, they thought that they’d have parts and labor for three years, when in fact, they only have one year parts and labor. And more and more – I get more and more calls of people that get screwed up by this – because it’s deceptive. It’s kind of deceptive, because they’ll just say a five-year warranty. Well, it’s a limited warranty. What does limited mean? Well, it’s limited, it means it’s not a full parts-and-labor warranty. Parts and labor is like the cat’s meow, you want parts and labor. Of course, we offer labor for all of our chairs beyond the factory warranties that come with these chairs, but just so that you know, that’s important. As a corollary to that, if a website says, and my site does say this, because Inada asks, it kind of has that verbiage on their site, so we’ve added it to ours, a five-year extended warranty. Now, Inada comes with a three year, parts-and-labor warranty, which is among the best in the business. When they say that they have a five-year extended warranty, that does not mean that they add five years to the three – I have a broken finger, I can’t do that – you’re not getting eight years of parts and labor, you’re getting three years, parts and labor, plus two more, to make a total of five years, parts and labor. So, when Inada says a five-year extended warranty, that means it extends the warranty to five years. Now, that’s not really deceptive, that is exactly what it is, but it sounds to some people like ‘Oh, I’m getting eight years now, instead of three,’ not true. So, be very mindful of – oh, or here’s another confusion, just another confusion – if you’ve got one year, parts and labor, two years, parts, three years, structure, so a three-year limited warranty, and you buy a two year, extended, parts-and-labor warranty, now you’ll have three years, parts and labor, because you had the one factory-warranty year, one-year factory warranty, then you add two-years, parts-and-labor extended warranty, you still get that one year of parts, so now it’s a fourth year, and a fifth year, structure. So, now it’s a five-year limited warranty, but only three of those years are parts and labor. Or if you buy a one-year extended warranty, you get your one-year factory warranty, a second year of parts, a third year of structure, you add that extra warranty, that extra year of parts-and-labor warranty, and now you have two years, parts and labor, a third year of parts only, and a fourth year of structure, you see? So, now, if you have a one, two, and three-year limited warranty, and you add two years, parts and labor, a third year of parts only, and a fourth year of structure, you see? So, now, if you have a one, two, and three-year limited warranty, and you add one year, now you’ve got a two, three, and four-year limited warranty. Man, I’m probably screwing you up. Now, Infinity has only parts on their extended warranty, so if you have a one-year, parts-and-labor warranty, which they have on their chairs, a second year of parts, and a third year of structure, you’ve got three years, limited warranty, and you add two more years of parts, well, now, you’ve got a one year, parts and labor still, you’ve got three years, parts, and a fifth year is labor – or sorry, not labor – but fifth year is structure. So, you have a, now, again, a five-year limited warranty, but it’s still only one year parts and labor, because their extended warranty is only parts. So, if you buy a two-year extended warranty, it’s parts only, added to the already – that one year of parts already – and then the extra year of structure, and now you’ve got a five-year limited warranty. Holy mackerel, I probably confused you, and messed up your heads, but hopefully you get what I’m saying. If you have any questions, please call me anytime, 888-259-5380 – there’s my website, that’s my phone number – that’s our toll-free number. That’ll always get to somebody, it’ll either get to me, or the guys at my California showroom. But anyway, please make sure that you’re aware of what the warranty offers, and just one little addendum to the warranty talk, if you find a cheap, no-name brand chair, and they’re throwing out numbers like five-year warranty, or 10-year warranty, or anything that sounds extraordinary for like a Chinese-made chair. Like, if you see something like $2000, and they got a five-year warranty, be very, very cautious, read the fine print, because a lot of these chairs require you: A. to ship the chair to them, at your expense; B. they’re going to ship it back to you at – they’re going to ship it back to you – but they’re going to charge you like $500 for the shipping, when most chairs will ship for, you know, anywhere from $200 to $300, and also, be aware of what they’re offering as a warranty. If they say they got a five-year warranty, look at it. It might not even be any parts-and-labor warranty, it might even just be five years parts, period, or it might be one year, parts and labor, and five years structure. Well, I’ve been doing this business for almost 12 years now, and I think I’ve seen one structural problem, and that was because the chair came bent from the factory. It was a Panasonic chair, it was not even something that happened once the customer owned the chair, it was all done in the factory. So, if you see a warranty, and it sounds too good to be true, in our industry, it’s too good to be true, trust me on this one. I’ve been around the block long enough, and enough times to know that these warranties usually have a fine print in them, and so be very, very mindful. I mean, even our Lifetime Labor warranty, there are some caveats to it. I mean, if you live beyond 30 miles from one of Jez Enterprise’s techs, well, then, you’re going to have to pay $1 a mile, and there’s all these little caveats. With Panasonic, they don’t do parts and labor, they only do authorized service centers. Man, I could talk about the Panasonic thing too, that authorized service center, that’s a good idea, unless you live out in the boonies, and there’s no authorized service center within hundreds of miles of you. Then, you got troubles, but anyway, that’s that for another day. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that these warranties are clear to you, and when you’re out there looking for chairs, and you’re sucked in to some eBay deal, or some Amazon deal, where it’s a no-name brand, and some dude’s selling these things out of his garage, he orders a shipment of 20 of them from China, and is trying to sell them. Good luck if he’s offering you a 10-year warranty, or a five-year warranty, or a three year, even, parts and labor. Only the Japanese and the American chairs have three years, parts and labor, and that’s amongst all the name-brand chairs, all the name-brand Chinese chairs, most of them, 99% of them are one year, parts and labor. If you see a Chinese chair with 3, 5, 10 years, man, and it’s a no-name brand, run, turn around, run. Pay extra for the bloody chair, and don’t worry about that warranty, get a name-brand warranty, where you know that you have the support of a bigger company, and B. if you buy if from us, you have the support of us, as a retailer, that’ll help you get your crap taken care of, if there is crap to be dealt with. Because sometimes if you got a problem with a chair, and you try to get a hold of these guys that are importing them from eBay, or whatever, these no-name brand chairs, good luck getting help. Or, good luck when you find out that the help really was ‘Hey, OK, we’ll fix your chair, but ship it to us, and it’s going to cost you $400, $500, and we’ll ship it back, that’ll cost you another $400, $500. My heavens, you could buy another bloody chair on eBay for that. So, anyway, I may be embellishing a smidge with some of those numbers, but please, be aware. I get calls, you know, I been in this business for almost 12 years, and I can honestly say, on average, on the average, I’ve gotten one call a week, by someone who says ‘Hey, do you fix these chairs, do you fix those chairs? I called the company, they’re not answering, their website’s down. Oh my heavens, I get those calls all the time. So, anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox, I didn’t mean to preach, but I do want you to understand, because this is your money, your big money, and if it was my money, and it is, I got a showroom full of my money in these chairs, I want to make sure that I’m getting supported, and I want to make sure I understand the warranty, and that it’s a good warranty, so enough of that. Well, that’s about it for this week. I’ll see you in another two weeks, but in the meantime, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on the YouTube channel, and of course, share us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, whatever is new out there, Instagram, Snapchat, whatever. Of course, that’s mostly kids, and kids don’t buy a lot of chairs, but anyway, just be aware that we appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. Well, that’s about it, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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