Customer Review of Inada Flex 3S Massage Chair

June 6, 2016
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 6, 2016
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Customer Review of Inada Flex 3S Massage Chair

I recently received a review from our customer, Mike T., discussing his experience with the Inada Flex 3S massage chair (which, I might mention, is on sale for $1000 off all summer long!). I liked the review and his two pictures, so I figured I’d post it all for you to peruse here.

After months of research, I ordered the Inada Flex 3S. We are so glad we found Doc Weidner as he took all the worries away of acquiring one. His passion on these chairs is unparraleled by the other places we inquired from. His knowledge on the chair is imparted without reservation to us.  This made us  quickly sense his honesty that he’s there to educate us so we could make the right choice, not to sell us any chair.
Now about the chair.  We’ve been using it almost everyday for a month now. I know this might still be a little early to give a full review.  I shall submit another review after 6 months.
Im 5’7″ and wife is 5’2″and its perfect for us.  It feels small when its fully upright, but when it reclines I bet it will easily satify a 6 foot person.
So far we have used all the pre programmed and manual sessions.   Very satisfied with all of them.  My wife loves program # 2 which is the full body stretch.  She loves how the rollers gently glides on the full lenght and contour of her back. Then how the upper part of the chair holds her down while the leg rest start streching her by moving down or vice versa in a progressing steps and intensity.   I myself like the full body massage from the pre programmed selections.   It hits all the right spots.  I have a posture problem and the Flex is perfect for holding me down to supposedly the correct posture.  I’m starting to use more and more the manual mode as I discover more of the chair’s capability.  I’d like to manually move the rollers to concentrate on my lumbar and neck.  Ive read on some reviews that its weaker on the neck reach, but I could adjust the intensity and it will excellently reach even all the way to the upper nape.  Also, I tend to move the pillow out of the way to get good reach of the nape.
The heat on the feet and palm is very soothing, I bet specially during the weather season.
Although I wish it had kneading capability for the sole of the feet. Thats is my only disapoinment.  It comes with the siatsu balls that you could put in the feet sole rest that kinda help when the feet airbags squeezes around your feet.  My wife does not mind not having feet sole kneading/massaging.  The air bags for the calves are great!    Over all, we love the chair.   I always feel stress-relieved after every session!
Again, Thanks Dr Weidner & Massage Chair Relief! ~Mike T., Chesapeake VA
I hope you found this Inada Flex 3S massage chair review useful. I thought it was great. Thanks, Mike!
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