Massage Chair Industry Update – July 2, 2018 (Video)

July 3, 2018
 By Allison Bricker
July 3, 2018
 By Allison Bricker

Massage Chair Industry Update – July 2, 2018 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – July 2, 2018”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Monday, July 2nd. Happy 4th of July this week, I hope you have a great week.

[SCREEN TEXT: Novo XT Discontinued & Replaced by Novo XT2!]

Alan: OK, let’s get right in to it. You know, well, the Novo XT is being discontinued. Now, it’s only been out about a year-and-a-half, but they are replacing it with an XT2, and it’s going to look exactly the same. Most of the programming’s pretty much the same. It’s going to have some different speakers. It’s got some Altec Lansing speakers, which are high-quality speakers. So, I think it’s safe to say this chair will probably have the best speaker system of any massage chair. We’ve always said massage chairs have a lot left to be desired in terms of speaker systems, and music systems, but it’s going to have a different remote-control interface, and with little tiles, I think, that can be pushed. But anyway, it’s going to be a different remote, different speakers, and the brown color is not going to be the leathery looking brown, it’s going to be a more dark brown, what they call ‘Espresso.’ And a lot of chairs have that darker brown, and I think the darker brown’s a nicer, classier look anyway, but that’s what’s available.

[SCREEN TEXT: Novo XTs for Sale from our Two Showrooms – $4999]

Alan: Now, because of the XT2, which comes out like this week, and apparently is out this week, we are going to be selling our floor models, and they’re both dark gray. So, if you’d like to get the ‘Dark Gray’ Novo XT, we need to get rid of our floor models, and I think we’re selling them both for, I think it’s $4999, yeah, I think $4999. So, if you’re interested in those chairs, call at 888-259-5380, and don’t wait too long. I’m going to be putting them up on the website later this week if I don’t sell them through this broadcast, but if you want to get them, they’re in wonderful shape, perfect shape. They’ve been taken care of in our showrooms. We will send them out to you in original boxes, Novo XT boxes, and of course, that includes free shipping, and it includes the balance of the extended warranty, or not the extended warranty, but the three year, or the three-year limited warranty. But anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, or if you’d like to place an order for them, give us a call.

[SCREEN TEXT: Check Out our Pre-Owned Directory!]

Alan: Let’s see, and as far as, you know, other deals, if you look in our pre-owned directory, you can see what we have going for sale right now. We’ve got a, I think we’ve got a Luraco iRobotics 7. The price on that one, it’s a good price, I think it’s $5990, it’s like $2500 off, yeah, $5990, it’s a black one, and it’s refurbished. It’s in perfect condition, so if you’re interested in that, let us know as well, but there’s other, there’s always other deals there. When we have them, we post them on the pre-owned directory, you can check out and see what we’ve got.

[SCREEN TEXT: Osaki/Titan Sale!]

Alan: Let’s see, Osaki/Titan announced a July 4th sale that started last week, and that’ll go until the 8th. You can get the Ekon, which the suggested retail price is $8999, we have it on sale for $6499, and the Maxim is for $2899 right now, and the Titan Jupiter is on sale for $3499, regularly $3999. So, they’ve got some good sales until the 8th. Also, the Panasonic MA70, that chair has been $2000 off for a couple of months, and they’re going to continue to do that until they’re out of stock. So, those are four great chairs that you can get for very, very good pricing right now.

[SCREEN TEXT: Call for Current Showroom Sale Prices]

Alan: And then also, if you want to know what else is going on, like there’s some prices that we can’t, well, there’s some showroom sales that we have, so if you come to the showroom, or call the showroom, we have certain sales. We can’t advertise them on the website because it’s the policy of the massage chair company that we can’t advertise discounts on chairs unless they, you know, give them to us to discount, or give us the approval to do so. But when you come in to our showroom, or call our showroom, we have other sales on chairs as well.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380 or 801-417-8240]

Alan: So, don’t ever hesitate to call our toll-free number, again, 888-259-5380, or call our Utah showroom at 801-417-8240, and we can give you an update on what sales are available. Let’s see, what else have we got cooking?

[SCREEN TEXT: Synca Wellness JP1100 – First Japanese-made Chair with Foot Rollers!]

Alan: OK, the Synca JP1100 is that Japanese chair I told you about last time, we now have it up on the website. As far as the features go, this is like a, it’s made by Fuji Medical, which is the oldest massage chair company in Japan apparently, and they have other chairs. Osaki carries a few of them. There’s a couple other ones out on the market. But this one is the first Japanese-made chair with foot rollers. So, it’s got foot rollers, other things that it boasts are 4D massage rollers, and of course, you know how I feel about the term 4D, which I think is just a bunch of marketing malarkey, but it’s a 3D chair with also the ability to adjust the speed of the rollers, 100% Japanese made, 21 auto-programs, 31 airbags, and it’s got, they have what they call dual-air body scanning. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it’s probably a little bit more sophisticated than just scanning where the head and the neck are. It’s got heat in the back between the shoulder blades, and in the soles of the feet, a touchscreen remote, and it’s got the memory function, which is kind of cool. And one thing that they offer, which is great, and you can’t get on the other Japanese chairs, is a standard five-year, parts-and-labor, in-home warranty, and Synca is the same company as Johnson Wellness, and Johnson Wellness has been around for a long time. We sold their chairs a while back before they private labeled them with Osaki and with Human Touch, but now they’re back, selling their own chairs again, and they also have the Synca brand. And so, the Synca, this chair, Johnson Wellness is a good company, and they take good care of our customers, we like them, they won’t let you down. Anyway, it’s a good buy, it’s a good buy for that chair, for a Japanese chair with foot rollers. Now we’re waiting for a Japanese chair with zero gravity, and I understand that the Kangra, that they’re going to be coming out with, that also Synca will be coming out with, the Kangra will have zero gravity, but I don’t have that up on the site yet. I need to get that up, hopefully that’ll be up in the next week or so.

[SCREEN TEXT: Titan Alpine Model Discontinued]

Alan: And then, Osaki’s discontinuing the Titan Alpine, I actually have that chair in my home. That chair is now a thing of the past, and I think that’s just about it as far as models and sales go.

[SCREEN TEXT: Massage Chair Relief Utah Store Now has A Full-Time Staffer – My Son, Rob! Hours: M – F 11 – 6, Sat 10 – 3]

Alan: I just wanted to mention that, one of the things that my local customers can’t stand here in Salt Lake, is that I don’t have regular hours because I’m only there by appointment, because I travel to my California showroom. I work mostly from my home office, and I go to the showroom for reviews, and meeting customers, and whatnot, but I’m usually, I’m always pretty much there by appointment. Well, we’re going to now have a full-time staff member there, starting in July, the second week of July, and that staff member happens to be my son. His name’s Robert, or Rob, or Robbie, he’s my oldest son. I’ve got six kids, and I’ve got three older daughters, then he’s the oldest son, and he’s been on the road working in a sales-seminar type of environment for the last three years, and he’s ready to come home, and so he’s going to be working there full time. It’ll be, well, full time is a 40-hour week, so 11 until 6 Monday through Friday, and 10 to 3 on Saturday. So, now my beloved local Utah customers can feel comfortable knowing that they can go to the showroom, and someone will be there. I don’t know how many times I’ve had people go to the showroom, and then see the sign on the door, or then go on the website and see that we’re only there by appointment, and some people have not been very happy about that, needless to say. But, and on our Google page, if you look at the Google listing, you have to put hours on there, you can’t not have hours. So, we had to put, you know, 10 to 6, or whatever the hours are now, or 11 to 6, and then people would come and see that, or look online and see that, and come to the showroom, and then see that we’re only there by appointment. And anyway, but it was a fiasco for a couple of people, but now we’re going to have someone there. I’m still available by appointment, of course, and but my son will be there, and he is becoming quite expert on massage chairs, and he will be able to take care of you. And the bottom line for going to the showroom anyway is just to be able to try out the chairs, and see how they feel, and see which one you like. I mean, I could, all of us could tell you all about the number of airbags, the number of motors, the number of programs, and all the, you know, feature set of each chair, but boy, it’s when you sit in it that you really know what chair you want, and what chair you don’t want. And come to the showroom, our Utah showroom has 14 models. I think we have 16 at the California showroom, it’s a great way to figure out what chair you want. Plus, you know, with all of our extra things that we give, like our Lifetime Labor warranty, and all the other things we do for our local customers, which we’ll tell you about when you come to the showroom, it’s a no brainer to come to the showroom and get your chair from us. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. His name’s Rob Weidner. I’m going to probably be doing a video with him. He’s a young guy, so he’s really in to the social media stuff, so he wants to post videos and things on Facebook, and probably Instagram, and you know, who knows what else? But he’s really in to that, and you know, that’s good because I’m an old geezer, and I’m not quite as hip on stuff like that as he is, and I don’t fully appreciate it as much as he does, but he will be involved with that quite a bit. And but anyway, his name’s Rob, and when you call the Utah showroom number starting on January 9th, or sorry, July 9th, he will be the dude that’ll be answering for you, and he’s a good man. He’s like me, but on steroids, so I mean as far as the hyper and the energy goes, he’s got way more than I have, and I’ve got quite a bit still at my age. But anyway, that’s about it this week for our massage chair industry update. Again, please buyer beware, every week, or every couple of weeks, I always put out a warning about, you know, making sure that you don’t get sucked in to a deal that’s not really as good as it sounds, like maybe the warranty’s not as good, the return policy’s not as good, the chairs are, you know, no negative reviews on any chair, any feature on the chair model. Those kinds of things are, you know, buyer beware, or exorbitantly priced chairs that are made in China, or the made-in-America, you know, statement. It’s not, you know, Luraco’s really, really the only chair that can legitimately say that, but some other, I know one other company, in particular, that says that their chairs are made in America. Just be very, very careful. I have mentioned this before, it’s the wild, wild west out there, you know, and of course, I’m trying to become more of an advocate for massage chair buyers. That’s not to say that some of these no-name brand chairs aren’t good chairs. I’m not saying that, I’m just saying that you can just beware of the customer support, review, always review the record of their customer support, you can do a search for it on Google. Make sure you read the fine print, and you understand what the return policy is. If it’s a seven-day policy, good luck getting that chair back in seven days. It takes seven days to get to you, let alone seven days to get it back, and still have time to try the chair out. Beware of chairs that are priced astronomically high, and then are selling for astronomically low, because they’re slashing them $12,000 or $15,000. Beware of companies that sell directly to the consumer because there is no other form of advocacy for you should you not get help if your chair busts down, and you’re trying to get through to the one distributor of the chair, which is the people that import the chair. If you don’t have a retail advocate, a retailer that’s an advocate for you, then you could run in to some trouble too, and all these things I’ve told you about, just please beware. And if if you have any questions, you can always reach me, you know that.

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Alan: Anyway, if you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and in the meantime, if you found the video helpful, please feel free to share it on your social media platforms, whether it’s Twitter, or LinkedIn, or Google Plus, or Facebook, or Instagram. We just appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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