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Titan has created a very affordable 3D L-track massage chair for folks as tall as 6’6″. Other features include foot rollers, Bluetooth connectivity, low back heat, zero gravity, space saving, head airbag massage, and a very easy to use remote control.

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Titan introduces a very affordable 3D L-Track massage chair designed to handle tall folks up to 6’6″ tall. But, it doesn’t stop there…foot rollers & sliders, 2-stage zero gravity, space saving feature, low back/calf/seat heating element, Bluetooth connectivity, full body airbags…including airbags that massage the sides of your head! It is virtually impossible to find another 3D L-track on the market at this price with this many features…a great bang-for-the-buck.


6 reviews for Titan Pro Jupiter

  1. Barb (verified owner)

    We purchased this chair because it had an extra wide seat and wider chest area. The price makes it 5 stars. It doesn?t have the capability of personalizing a program and saving it. However, it gives a great massage to the feet and back. I like the heat option too. Are there better chairs? Probably. However, because the price is about half of some of the other chairs, it?s a great deal. If money is not an issue, maybe choose a more expensive chair. One small issue that I find is that it would be a better remote if the keys were backlit. But it?s a great chair for the price for bigger people.

  2. Annette (verified owner)

    What a great chair! My husband and I researched the internet for as much information we could in our search for a massage chair. We were impressed with the massage-chair-relief site as it had an easy way to compare multiple chairs at once and see how each differed from another. We narrowed our search to a few chairs and decided to call Dr. Weidner and set-up an appointment to try them out as he had multiple demo chairs in his showroom. I highly recommend trying out the chair you are interested in prior to buying, as each chair definitely has its own feel. We decided on the Titan Jupiter because of several of its distinguishing factors. First of all it is made to accommodate taller people (up to 6’5′) and those with wider shoulders. My husband tried some of the smaller chairs and they were just that, too small for his shoulders. We also like the longer “L” track, which allows it to go all the way down to your thighs, instead of stopping at your lower back like a shorter “S” track. We also appreciated the wider arm rests. Some of the other chairs we tried had more narrow arm rests, so the pillows that squeezed our arms felt like it was only squeezing half of your arm. This chair has 9 different programs and allows you to decrease or increase its intensity. We have found after about a month of use that our backs are acclimating to the chair and we are able to increase the intensity. The foot rollers, with the pillow pressure is amazing and relieves all the stress after being on our feet all day. As mentioned by another review, the heat feature is a big plus and really adds to the comfort and relief. In addition to the 9 programs you can also use the manual mode and create your own personal massage. The only problem is that you can not save your program, but it is not hard to recreate the massage you like.
    When we called to make our appointment, Dr. Weidner agreed to meet with us that afternoon after another customer’s session and stayed with us until about 7:30pm. We really appreciated his easy going approach and we never felt pressured. His knowledge of being a chiropractor gave us additional confidence in his recommendations. We also appreciated having the whole showroom to ourselves, so we could try out the chairs without worrying about other people being around. We were very impressed with the White Glove service offered too. Our new chair was delivered and set up within less than two weeks of purchase!
    As mentioned before, we had completed a lot of research prior and feel confident that we bought this chair for the lowest price available. I would highly recommend you consider the Titan Pro Jupiter XL as this has many of the features you would find on a much more expensive chair. We are very satisfied with our purchasing experience all the way around: the chair, our experience with Dr. Weidner, their white glove service and their concern after the sale to make sure we were 100% satisfied.

  3. Stefan K. (verified owner)

    The Company (Massage Chair Relief): 5 (out of 5) Stars : If you’re serious about buying a massage chair, you have the time to invest in learning a bit about the state of the industry and what is available…and there is no greater resource for that than the bimonthly updates Dr. Alan Weidner posts on YouTube. Watch a few and you’ll gain quite a bit of knowledge on not only what all the features mean, but also what to expect during the entire process of ordering and receiving your chair (and how to handle a return if needed). No other site comes close to showing the interest in educating their customers like Massage Chair Relief.

    Chair Value : 5 Stars : As Dr. Alan mentions in one of his videos, this chair provides quite a bit ?bang for the buck?. You get heat from the lower back down through your calves, a head massage and a bit of 3D in the rollers as well (though it is not adjustable). Usually you only find those features in the next tier up in the price range?and certainly not all together like they are in the Titan Pro Jupiter XL.

    Chair Fit: I?m 6?4?, 240 lbs, so my options were quite limited in what chairs I even had a prayer of fitting in. I have a 33? inseam, so I?m long in the torso more so than in the legs. Probably the most frustrating part about the whole shopping process was finding something I believed would fit me with few local brick and mortars to test drive a chair.

    Torso : 4 Stars : When properly seated, I can get a massage up to my trapezius muscles, but the neck proper is sadly out of reach. When using the manual massage for neck and shoulders I was able to slouch enough to get them in position, but I wouldn?t be able to get them massaged during one of the auto programs at all. Despite that shortcoming, the rest of the back and seat are well covered.

    Legs : 5 Stars : Fit easily with the extension, though as the chair rocks back and forth during some of the massages to stretch you, you will find it necessary to push out the extension repeatedly. It doesn?t rock you so much that your calves pop out of the slots, but enough to feel like your legs are no longer in the correct position.

    Other Features:

    Shoulder Massage : Really these just hold you in the chair, especially while the back massage is driving towards your upper back to keep you from squirming forward. Really helps in increasing the intensity of the massage. I fit easily inside these, though I don?t think somebody much broader would be able to say that.

    Arm Massage : Like most chairs that offer the air bag arm massage, they will trap your arm while they are giving you that ?pinching? massage. They do only activate one at a time, so one arm can always break free, but the first time they activate you will be waiting for Blofeld to show up and start telling you his plot to take over the world.

    Head Massage : Feels as weird as it looks on the video. If it wasn?t there, I wouldn?t miss it.

    Bluetooth Connectivity : Works great (had no problems pairing my phone with it and sending the audio through the speakers). That said, I prefer to listen to my Amazon Echo play music while in the chair?which with voice control makes it much less of a hassle when the arm and shoulder massagers are ?trapping? you. Your mileage may vary.

    Heat : Definitely can feel it, though it does not come on automatically with the programs, you will need to turn it on yourself. All 3 sections (Back/Seat/Calves) are controlled independently, so you can turn on whichever ones you want. With it being summer (and not currently rehabbing an injury), I haven?t had the desire to experiment too much with this yet.

    Hip Twist : I go bi-monthly to a chiropractor, so I?m familiar with all the contortions the doc will put me through and exactly how it feels when they make that magical twist that cracks my lower back just right. This chair hits that exact same note.

    Assembly : Was fairly painless (just as easy as it appears in the video). You will need a second pair of hands to pick the chair out of the box, but otherwise you shouldn?t need any other help.

    Hints : Easiest way to keep your chair clean is to not get it dirty in the first place. Get yourself some spandex (or similar) leggings and some compression sleeves to minimize the parts of the chair that actually contact your bare skin (in addition to wearing socks). With all the air massages that squeeze you, this will keep your chair looking (and smelling) new the longest.

    You?ll also want to put your chair on something (foam interlocking mats made for gyms are great for this) to keep the chair in place while it is rocking. It also protects your wood floor (or makes the denting in your carpet less severe). Just be sure you have somebody to help you pick up the chair to get it on top of the mats since it won?t just roll on top of them with the caster wheels (it will just push the mat around instead).

  4. Tony Muse (verified owner)

    Overall, this is a very nice chair and I have already noticed that I am sleeping better at nights and that my posture is a bit better after only a week of owning it. It has its strengths, but it also has its weaknesses. As a point of reference, I am 6’1″ and 192 lbs. with a medium frame. I was able to unpack and have this chair assembled in about 90 minutes. I would say that the hardest part is probably zipping up all of the zippers, everything else is pretty straightforward. Be prepared to dispose of a lot of heavy cardboard, styrofoam and a pallet.


    Neck – The neck massage feels pretty good and some of the programs really get a nice, deep massage.

    Shoulder blades – To me, this is one of the strengths of this chair. It does seem to find the outline of the shoulder blade pretty well and the 3D massage feels really nice.

    Back & Lumbar – This too does quite well, the rollers works the arch of the back well without overdoing the hips, which I have experienced on some other chairs.

    Glutes – This is one feature that I wasn’t sure if I would like but I was wrong. It is actually very relaxing and makes the transition from vertical to horizontal very well. My wife also likes this feature.

    Foot – These rollers feel really nice. The heel scraping roller really feels good on my feet which are prone to get plantar fasciitis.


    Head – The head airbags are nice concept, but in my opinion they really don’t do anything other than keep you from being able to hear anything when they are inflated. When my wife who is 5’5″ uses it, the airbags completely misses her head. I typically fold the headrest back in order to get a better shoulder and neck massage. When I do this, the tube that supplies air the the head airbags hits me in the back of the head and it actually a bit uncomfortable. This could have been easily avoided by simply having the tube positioned off to the side. Another issue with the head airbags is that it doesn’t fold back enough and will flip back on top of your head if not fully reclined. Honestly, I could have done without this feature altogether.

    Shoulders – These are pretty strong airbags. They do a nice job of pulling the shoulders back during some of the programs and keeping you in the correct position. If you happen to sit up when they inflating, you will not be able to recline again until they have inflated.

    Arms & Hands – These airbags are quite strong and are divided into two distinct areas; the forearm and hands. I have some scar tissue and muscle damage in my left forearm and this really feels nice.

    Hips & Sides – I feel like these bags could have been a little bit larger as they don’t seem to do a whole lot for me. They do twist my torso a slight bit, but not as much as I have experienced in other chairs.

    Calves – These airbags feel really good when your feet are in the right position. What I have noticed is that the side airbags are positioned a little too far away from the back of the ottoman. If you rest your calves against the back of the ottoman, the the side airbags will end up being somewhat in front of your calves nullifying the full effect. It is very difficult the utilize both the back calf airbag and the side airbags simultaneously.

    Feet – The feet airbags are quite nice. When they fully inflated they really give your feet a nice squeeze, one of my favorite aspects of this chair.

    Heat – I would like to have seen the lumbar heating pad extended up a little higher to where it covers the shoulder blades. The seat heating pad gets a little too hot for me and I rarely use it. The calf heating pads feel good, but since I have to slide my feet up to make use of the calf airbags, I am not able to make much use of them.

    CONTROL INTERFACE – Overall, the interface is good and the programs offer a nice variety of massages. It would have been nice to able to use multiple features on the manual programs at the same time such as air massage and rollers, but that is not available. My entire family feels as the ihe controller interface could have been a little more intuitive, but, once you get used to it it is easy to navigate.

    SPEAKERS – The Bluetooth speakers setup easily enough, but the sound quality is average at best. Don?t expect any true clarity or bass. If I want to listen to music, I typically wear headphones or earbuds.

    OTTOMAN – I feel like the tension springs that keep the foot of the ottoman up against your feet could have been a little stiffer. If you really want to press your feet into the foot rollers, the ottoman will simply move away from you. Also, the wheels on the back of my ottoman were defective upon arrival which prevents them from rolling at all. One wheel looks as though it is actually broken at the center of the wheel and it is jammed in there crooked. I have sent an email to support about getting it fixed, but I have yet to hear back from them.


    *L-Track massage works quite well along the spine, shoulder blades, lower back and glutes.

    *Foot and arm airbags work really well, the calf airbags work well too if you are mindful of where your legs are positioned.

    *The stretch feature in the Stretch and Power Auto Programs are really nice.

    *A lot of features at this price.


    *The buzz or humm that is is present when this chair is powered on is quite loud and was a bit unexpected. To me is sounds a bit like an electric razor. At first I thought that this might be the air pump, but it makes this noise even when not using the airbags. I have never used a massage chair that makes this constant noise before. It can be a bit of a nuisance if you are wanting a quiet, peaceful experience, listening to music/TV or carrying on a conversation with someone.

    *If you need a chair that works the top of the shoulders next to your neck, you need to look elsewhere. The rollers on this chair will not address the top of the shoulders as they are completely ignored, I was quite disappointed in this. I am no engineer, but it the computer and sensors can be programmed to find the shoulder blades like it does, then it shouldn?t have taken much more engineering to do something (anything) for the top of the shoulders. This area is the primary source of tightness in most people and should not be ignored in a chair at this price level..

    *In my opinion, the head airbag was a waste of engineering. I find it hard to believe that a slight squeeze of the head could do much to alleviate a headache. Most importantly, if that air supply tube hits me in the back of the head with me being 6?1?, I can only imagine what it would feel like if you were any taller. Then it is totally useless if you are under 5?10? or so as the height is not adjustable. I would remove it altogether if that were possible.

    CONCLUSION: Nice chair, I would have given this it a 5 star rating if it weren?t for the buzz and the total lack of massage to the top of the shoulders.

  5. Darrell V (verified owner)

    I am 6 ft tall and 220 lbs. My wife is 5ft4. I have owned the chair for 2 weeks now. When I started looking at massage chairs I looked around to find places to try them out. I was impressed that Massage Chair Relief had so many different models to sample, but my first thought was “Why would anyone buy from this place?” Since it is the only thing they sell, I thought the overhead pricing must be huge. After doing more research and realizing that Massage Chair Relief offers a price match guarantee, I changed my mind and thought “Why would anyone buy from anywhere else?” Since it is the only thing they sell, Alan has the expertise and professional background to provide education and excellent advise in every aspect of the buying phase. And the warranty and white glove service was icing on the cake as it surpasses all of the competition. (I tried to use the price match guarantee, but I couldn’t find a lower price.) Jakob was the salesman in the Utah showroom and was very knowledgeable about all of the chairs, pointing out differences, and was very patient and helpful as we tried them out. (5 star buying experience!)

    About the chair, I am not a person who has regular aches and pains so I wasn’t trying to reduce pain as much as I love the enjoyment of the massage. It feels great! After shoveling snow my back will get stiff and fatigued, so I was surprised that spending 20 minutes in the chair made me feel brand new. And knowing that it stretches and invigorates the muscles and is good for the body makes me enjoy it more.

    The head massage is my wife’s favorite part. She is shorter than I am so we have unzipped the head cushion to drop it down to her level. When I use the chair I just scoot it back up behind my head and it stays in place. I like the head cushion, but it is minimally effective as a massage element of the chair.
    I especially love the L-track that goes all the way down to the butt. I wish the shoulder and neck massage was better, though. It seems to be harsh right at the shoulder blades and almost non-existent up at the neck. The rollers on the feet are awesome, as are the air compression bags in the foot, calf, shoulder, hand and forearm areas. The air bags in the hip area seem minimally effective.
    My chair is extremely quiet, other than the sound of the air filling the bags. Another review said the chair sounds like a razor, but mine doesn’t have that sound.
    The remote is a handheld in this chair and I can see the value of having a fixed controller within reach, like some of the chairs have. I usually lay the remote in my lap, so I need to pick it up to make adjustments or view the time remaining. Having back-lit buttons would be nice.
    The user’s manual that comes with the chair leaves a lot to be desired. It would behoove the company to have an English speaking proofreader spend 30 minutes editing the manual. It seems that many of the explanations are “what it is” and not “what it does” so much is learned through trial and error.
    Overall I am very happy with my purchase. The retailer is outstanding. I rated the chair itself at 4 stars for the neck/shoulder deficiency, and a lack of flexibility when using the manual massage mode. There are 10 auto programs and they offer a good variety of different types and intensities of massages. I’m enjoying getting to know each of the auto programs, as my wife and I already have our favorites.

  6. Taryn Chula (verified owner)

    Where do I start? I’ll start with the statement of “I’m so impressed!” From customer service to the chair itself. I was very nervous about buying without seeing and feeling ahead of time, but thanks to the customer service and the endorsement from Dr Weidner I was not disappointed. I am a massage therapist, so, I’m a little picky when it comes to something touching my back. I have not been disappointed. The rollers give great pressure, heat is intense but great. If the rollers on the neck aren’t strong enough for you, you can just flip the head flap back so that the rollers are giving direct pressure (that’s what I do). I received a personal call from Dr Weidner concerning my order (which I was very impressed with) and we cleared it right up. I also received some unexpected gifts after my purchase which gave the whole experience a nice personal touch. They have thought of everything and I would call their business a well-oiled machine!!! They also were very specific with what to do once the chair got here. My hand was literally held throughout the entire process. If for some reason I would ever need to buy another massage chair or give my recommendation, I would give it to this company.

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L-Track Rollers

Now you have another option for an extended roller track. This chair has a 52″ roller track, also known as an L-Track, that extends past the low back and into the buttocks and top of the hamstring muscles. A remarkable low back massage!

Mechanical Foot Massagers

2 different types of massage for the feet: 1.) a roller mechanism under the balls of the feet that has bumps on the surfaces of the rollers that mimic thumb pressing and. 2.) a forward and back sliding track with rounded points that “scrape” at the arch and heels of the feet. Add in the foot air bags and you have 3 different variations of massage for your feet.

2-Stage Zero Gravity

Tilting of the seat takes pressure of your low back to give you the most comfortable sitting position while getting a massage, not to mention the relief it will give you if you have low back pain.

Space-Saving Feature

You can place your chair within 6″ of your wall and not have to worry about your chair hitting the wall when you recline.

24 Airbags

This chair will massage everything from your shoulders to your waist to your hips to your hands and arms to your calves and feet…thanks to all of these airbags.

Unique Head Massage

The Jupiter XL utitlizes some of it’s airbags to provide compression to your temples (side of your head). This is a soothing experience not found in any other massage chair.

Low Back, Seat, & Calf Heat

Built-in heating pads will melt your muscles away and make it possible for the rollers to really get in there and do their job.Most chairs just have low back heat, while the Jupiter XL provides head to the seat and calves as well.

Fits 4’10” – 6’6″ Body

This chair will fit anyone in your household or business thanks to it’s height versatility. It is rare to find a chair that fits such a large spectrum of body sizes.

Low Back & Hip Twist

Airbags are used to lift one side of the seat and low back (waist) and then the other to induce a rotation and twist into the low back and pelvis area.