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Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair

Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair

PRICE: $4,995.00 Best Price Guarantee
- $1300 Instant Savings on Feb 20, 2018
1-Year Parts & Labor Extended Warranty - $149.95
2-Year Parts & Labor Extended Warranty - $249.95
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Titan introduces a very affordable 3D L-Track massage chair designed to handle tall folks up to 6'6" tall. But, it doesn't stop there...foot rollers & sliders, 2-stage zero gravity, space saving feature, low back/calf/seat heating element, Bluetooth connectivity, full body airbags...including airbags that massage the sides of your head! It is virtually impossible to find another 3D L-track on the market at this price with this many features...a great bang-for-the-buck.


Dr. Alan Weidner supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  • L-Track Rollers - Now you have another option for an extended roller track. This chair has a 52" roller track, also known as an L-Track, that extends past the low back and into the buttocks and top of the hamstring muscles. A remarkable low back massage!
  • Mechanical Foot Massagers - 2 different types of massage for the feet: 1.) a roller mechanism under the balls of the feet that has bumps on the surfaces of the rollers that mimic thumb pressing and. 2.) a forward and back sliding track with rounded points that "scrape" at the arch and heels of the feet. Add in the foot air bags and you have 3 different variations of massage for your feet.
  • 2-Stage Zero Gravity - Tilting of the seat takes pressure of your low back to give you the most comfortable sitting position while getting a massage, not to mention the relief it will give you if you have low back pain.
  • Space-Saving Feature -You can place your chair within 6" of your wall and not have to worry about your chair hitting the wall when you recline.
  • 24 Airbags - This chair will massage everything from your shoulders to your waist to your hips to your hands and arms to your calves and feet...thanks to all of these airbags.
  • Unique Head Massage - The Jupiter XL utitlizes some of it's airbags to provide compression to your temples (side of your head). This is a soothing experience not found in any other massage chair.
  • Low Back, Seat, & Calf Heat - Built-in heating pads will melt your muscles away and make it possible for the rollers to really get in there and do their job.Most chairs just have low back heat, while the Jupiter XL provides head to the seat and calves as well.
  • Fits 4'10" - 6'6" Body - This chair will fit anyone in your household or business thanks to it's height versatility. It is rare to find a chair that fits such a large spectrum of body sizes.
  • Low Back & Hip Twist - Airbags are used to lift one side of the seat and low back (waist) and then the other to induce a rotation and twist into the low back and pelvis area.
  • Recommended User Height (approx.): 4'10" - 6'6"
  • Recommended Max. User Weight (lbs): 270
  • Weight (lbs): 370
  • Dimensions Upright (H" x W" x D"): 42" X 32" X 64"
  • Dimensions Reclined (H" x W" x D"): 38" x 32" x 78"
  • Warranty (parts & labor/parts/frame): 1 yr/2yr/3yr
  • # Motors: 4
  • Manufacture Country: China

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Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair