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The Synca JP1100 massage chair is 100% Japanese-made and the first Japanese made chair with foot rollers! It comes with 4D rollers, 43 airbags, touch screen remote control, memory function, and modern body styling.

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Synca Wellness has introduced the first Japanese made massage chair with mechanical foot rollers. The Synca JP1100 massage chair comes from the oldest massage chair company in the world and gives you a superior 4D roller massage experience. 21 auto programs using dual rollers, and 31 airbags, will provide you with a very therapeutic full body experience. Other features include foot roller speed adjustment, memory function, heat in the back and soles of the feet, dual layer body scanning, and an industry-best 5 year parts & labor warranty.

3 reviews for Synca Wellness JP1100

  1. Tad (verified owner)

    We purchased this massage chair after a recommendation from a friend and we’re glad we did. The chair itself is amazing and feels fantastic. The pressure is very hard but is very customizable to fit everyone’s needs. We had a fantastic experience with Massage Chair Relief as well. There was originally a slight mix-up on the shipping address but one call to customer support had the issue resolved. I truly appreciate the fantastic customer service and quick response. When we received the chair, I was shocked at how well everything was packaged. The delivery guy had to wheel the pallet into my garage. If you order this chair, you’ll definitely need two people to carry it in although there are wheels which make it a bit easier. Overall, I would highly recommend this chair to anyone who is interested in a very good massage chair.

  2. HT (verified owner)

    We purchased this chair for my parents and they absolutely love it. They are used to getting deep tissue massages and this chair does the job for them. There are different levels of strength so it’s customizable for how deep you like the massage. They were so happy with it that they convinced us to purchase one too. We have been using it every day. My husband likes it a bit stronger while I like it a bit lighter. There are so many options that we haven’t tried all of it yet. The one that surprised us was that it helps you stretch as well. Very happy with the purchase. I also want to thank Dr. Weidner for guiding and helping us with the chair. He is very knowledgeable and truly wants his clients to love their purchase. If you’re looking to purchase a chair, Dr. Weidner is the guy.

  3. Marty (verified owner)

    I am actually writing this review while getting a massage from this chair. I love this chair. For me is is as good as it gets for having an on demand masseuse at home. I like getting a deep tissue massage. Relaxing massages are nice, don’t get me wrong, but I want to improve my health and well-being. This chair has the muscle and depth to dig deep and work the back. With consistent use (almost daily) I see a significant reduction in the knots I had in my shoulders. Now I can have a “relaxing” massage if I like. Additionally the rollers in this machine feel more like a human massage then any other chair I have sat in. I haven’t sat in them all, so maybe there is a better chair out there, but this chair is most impressive. In addition to the massage, I feel confident that it will last (Made in Japan) and has a 5 year in home warranty on labor and parts. If I am going to spend this kind of money I want to know that my investment is taken care of. The chair is not perfect, I don’t think a perfect chair exists. I am not impressed with the foot massage or airbags – I would prefer something more intense. The arm massage is nothing special. The heat can be a little hotter. But for my priority needs, back, shoulders and neck, this chair is superior. In addition, Dr W and his staff are fantastic. After speaking with many different retailers, I chose Dr W and team because their level of support, before and after purchase, is impressive. I give the chair an A and massage chair relief and A+

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4D Massage Rollers

This chair has adjustable depth 3D rollers that can move 5 inches forward and back through 12 different positions. When you combine that with the “4th dimension”, the ability to adjust the speed of the rollers, you can make the massage experience as vigorous or gentle as you need.

Made in Japan

The JP1100 is yet another 100% Japanese-made massage chair, but this is the first Japanese-made massage chair with mechanical foot rollers! It is well known that the Japanese quality in the massage chair world, is superior. This model is manufactured by the oldest massage chair company in the world. Key components of this chair come from Hitachi, plus the upholstery is done by the same company that supplies the upholstery for the Nissan cars!

31 Airbags

Plenty of airbags available to provide compression massage to those areas of the body where the rollers can’t reach, i.e. seat, arms, hips, waist, shoulders, feet, and calves.

21 Auto Programs

The auto programs of the JP1100 includes four 30 minutes deluxe long course programs and 17 types of 16 minute localized auto programs. Among these 21 programs is a full-body stretch program.

Versatile Masssage Rollers

The dual rollers can provide various modes of massage to effect different therapeutic benefits for your muscles. These modes include Hand Kneading, 3D Massage, Loop, and Stretch. The sophisticated kneading function provides 81 kinds of techniques!

Body Scanning

The Synca JP1100 massage chair have y call it the 3D Navigation System, but what the scanning system does is map out the shape of your spine to give you the personal and accurate massage.

Full Body Air Massage

31 airbags strategically located throughout the body, including the shoulders, waist, forearms & hands, feet & calves, seat, and hips. Incidentally, this chair has a hand-kneading air cell massage. All of the airbags also offer a pulse mode to enhance and promote circulation as well as a more traditional/normal compression massage.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

As mentioned above, the Synca JP1100 massage chair is the first Japanese-made massage chairs to incorporate foot rollers. Plus, you can adjust the speed of the foot rollers to simulate greater or lesser intensity.

Shoulder Blade and Feet Heat

The area between the shoulder blades is typically tight and fatigued in todays computer-driven workplace. This chair offers heat in that area to relax the musculature to allow the rollers to dig a little deeper and give a more therapeutic massage. Reflexology points are also warmed up with sole warmers.

Touch Screen Remote

This chair comes with the more traditional rubber buttons, but also has a screen display that will allow touch screen convenience.

Memory Function

Do you want to remember a customized program that you created, but can’t recall all the custom details? No problem, the JP1100 is one of the few chairs that has a memory function to remember your favorite programs.

5 Years Parts & Labor Warranty

Your chair is covered for 5 full years of both parts and labor (in-home). Most Chinese-made chairs are warrantied for only 1 year of parts & labor, but the Japanese quality merits a longer warranty.