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The luxurious Osaki Pro Maestro LE boasts all the same features as the Maestro, but with an enhanced L-track roller mechanism and a far more user-friendly remote control. PLUS calf kneading, 8 levels of 3D, iPhone/Droid app function, and foot rollers.

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Osaki has come out with an upgrade to the very popular Pro Maestro…the Maestro LE. All the same features as the original Maestro, including speed and rhythm roller adjustments, foot rollers, calf kneading, BlueTooth, iPhone & Droid apps to operate your chair from your phone, 8 levels of roller intensity adjustment, low back heat, 8 auto programs, auto leg scan and leg extension, zero gravity, and space saving. It even has quick keys on the inside of the arm rest so that you can tell your chair what to do without having to take your arms out of the arm airbags to grab the remote. However, what makes this model better is the improved and enhanced L-track roller mechanism and more user-friendly remote control.


2 reviews for Osaki Maestro LE

  1. Dr. Kendall Suh

    WARNING! Osaki Titan Massage Chairs are consistently defective (I have had 3 in my home, 2 were replacements of mistakes or defective products!). Not only do these expensive chairs fail, the company does not stand behind their very expensive but defective chairs. I have had an 8 month nightmare experience trying to get fixes for my defective chair. Osaki Titan has sent me wrong parts to replace and has a snarky, unprofessional, nonremorseful, attitude with very poor communication. Without the support of Massage Chair Relief and Dr. Weidner, I would have had no response or attempts at solving this problem. Dr. Weidner stands behind his products and will suggest a company that does the same. Osaki Titan is simply the worst retail company I have had the misfortune of dealing with, and you would be foolish to give them any of your business.

  2. Liliana Onsurez (verified owner)

    Best Massage Chair!!!!!!! My husband and I very happy with our new massage chair. Good Customer Service and right on time for delivery too👍👍👍

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Improved 4D Roller Mechanism

The depth of the rollers of the Osaki Maestro LE can still be adjusted forward and back, along with adjustments to speed & rhythm, to accommodate 8 different levels of adjustment for a more or less intense massage experience, depending on your tolerance, but with improved workmanship and engineering so that failures are minimized if not made obsolete and the massage is that much more quiet.

Improved Remote Control

The new Maestro LE now comes with a much more user-friendly remote control so that it is easier for you to make your massage experience more enjoyable. Remember that you can also download the Apple or Android app to your phone and operate the chair with that technology.

Heated Rollers

The Osaki Maestro provides back heat to soothe the sore muscles through heated rollers.

Space Saving Feature

Place your new Maestro massage chair within 5 inches of the wall and, when you recline, there is no way your chair will hit the wall! Your chair will recline and “scoop” under so that it does not come closer to the wall behind it.

BlueTooth Music System with High Definition Speakers

Pair up your phone or tablet with the Maestro speaker system and you can play all the music from your own playlists over the chair’s high definition speaker system.

30 Airbags

Although rollers are the dominant feature of this new and innovative chair, you still get your fill of airbag therapy: arms, calves, feet, shoulders, waist, and seat.

Body Scan with Auto Leg Scan

The chair will measure your shoulder height and the top of your neck so that the rollers give you the best fit during your massage program. The chair will also automatically measure your leg lengths to make sure you are seated most comfortably for your massage session.

Quick Keys

On the inside of your chair’s arm rest are some buttons that allow you to quickly adjust the power, play/pause, auto programs, zero gravity, and 4D roller adjustment without having to go back to the remote control. Very convenient.

USB Charging Port

Built in to the inside of your chair’s arm rest, and next to your quick keys, you will have a USB plug in so that you can charge your phones and devices while enjoying your massage experience.

8 Main Auto Programs

The Maestro uses massage modes like kneading, tapping, knocking, and shiatsu in various combinations of each built into 8 auto programs: Demo, Relax, Swing, Stretch, Scraping, Shiatsu, Lady, and Gentleman. It also has 4 subprograms each for the Neck/Shoulders and Low Back manual programs.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

2 rollers at the bottom of each foot will move back and forth to give you the soothing foot massage you’re body craves all day long. Combine that with the foot airbags moving your feet from side to side and you have a most comprehensive foot therapy available.

Calf Kneading

Airbags on either side of the calf muscles move up and down and forward and back at the same time they inflate which provides a kneading motion and effect on those calf muscles.

Stylish Design

The design lends itself to a very contemporary and stylish look.

Up to 30′ Massage Sessions

You can have a massage session for either 10, 20, or 30 minutes long.