How Does Massage Chair Body Scanning Work?

October 8, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
October 8, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

How Does Massage Chair Body Scanning Work?

The best massage chairs available today all have some sort of body scanning feature. By taking a scan, a chair can determine your height and where your muscles are tight, then use the data to deliver an effective massage.

Thanks to body scanning technology, each person who sits down has a personalized massage experience. Here’s a look at how scanning works.

Back Scanning

High-quality massage chairs use back scanning to figure out how to properly adjust the mechanisms that perform the kneading, rolling, tapping and pushing.

Back scanning starts at the seat of the chair, as everyone’s bottom sits in the same spot. A sensor rolls up the spine until it detects no pressure. This tells the chair where the top of the shoulders lie and, therefore, the upper limit of the massage cycle. In some models, the sensor also analyzes musculature to identify tight spots.

Leg Length Scanning

Chairs that provide leg massages also feature leg length scanning – which, as you might suspect, measures the length of your legs in order to design an effective massage.

Massage chairs have either spring movement, motorized movement or mechanical leg length scanning. In chairs with spring movement, manual foot pressure on the ottoman measures the distance to extend the massage. Motorized movement allows you to set the lower limit of the massage by pushing button to slide the ottoman into position. And mechanical leg length scans use a sensor to automatically adjust the ottoman.

Scanning Considerations

How do you compare the body scanning features in different massage chairs?

First of all, not all chairs have the same level of scanning accuracy. For the best results, look for a 3D or 4D massage chair. These models can detect forward pressure and spinal curvature across a wider area, which means they are capable of providing a more personalized massage.

As for leg length scanning, spring movement is quite common and less expensive than the other two options. However, motorized or mechanical scanning may be better suited for those with leg pain and mobility issues.

With just about any chair, you can always override the body scanning feature by selecting a massage program before the scan begins. Some models also have a “shoulder position” button on the remote, which you can push to adjust the upper limit of the massage to your liking.

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