$500 Brand ‘X’ Massage Chair vs. Infinity Genesis Massage Chair (Video)

April 9, 2020
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
April 9, 2020
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

$500 Brand ‘X’ Massage Chair vs. Infinity Genesis Massage Chair (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “$500 Brand ‘X’ Massage Chair vs. Infinity Genesis Massage Chair”

Dr. Alan Weidner: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com‘ and today we’re going to do something a little different. We’re not highlighting a particular model, or the feature of a particular model, we’re actually comparing two different classifications of chairs, and I’ve talked about this in my previous videos before in my massage chair industry updates, and in blog posts, about the cheaper chairs that are out there. There’s chairs out there that are $500 to $1500, $2000, and then of course, there’s the chairs that we sell more of, which are the more high-end premier chairs, and I get a lot of people that call me and ask me what the difference is between a $500 chair, and a $5000 chair, because in people’s minds, the chairs are pretty much the same, right, because they work on your back, they have airbags, they work on your feet, they look very similar, so why is there such a discrepancy in price? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. We ordered a chair, we won’t mention the brand name of it, but we ordered a chair off of Amazon that is what we consider a no-name brand, or an off-brand chair that’s sold directly to the consumer, not through an affiliate network. And but what we’ve done is we’ve taken the chair apart, we’ve assembled the new chair, and we’ve taken apart an Infinity Genesis, which is what we consider one of our high-end chairs, one of the premier chairs, luxury brand chairs, and we’re going to compare some of the features of these two chairs, so that you can see the difference, and you can understand a little bit more about why these chairs are not priced exactly the same, and where that price differential comes from. So, we have our tech, Justin Milne, here today. He’s been in the tech business for 19 years, and working on chairs for almost as long as I’ve been in the industry, and he knows these chairs inside and out. As a matter of fact, Justin does all of our local repairs here in the, for the Salt Lake store for our Lifetime Labor warranty, he’s the man I always call, and he always gets things done, always gets the chairs fixed, and always gets my customers taken care of. So, I’ve asked Justin to look at the two different chairs, because he knows these chairs inside and out, and he knows what the primary differences are, besides you know, just sitting in it and feeling it, he can actually look at it and tell you, you know, open it up and tell you what’s going on, and what the differences are. So, what we go ahead and begin with that. The first thing we’re going to look at is the roller mechanism of the two chairs. So, I’m going to hand the microphone over to Justin so he can give us a really good description of the differences between the two chairs.

[SCREEN TEXT: Off-Brand Chair]

Justin Milne: Alright, so as we look at these, if you can look in, and I don’t know if you can zoom in on those rollers, or what they call rollers.

[SCREEN TEXT: Circulating Disks with Hard Plastic Massage Nodules]

Justin: It looks like we’ve got eight circulating disks that are ran by two different motors, and what these do is run in a circular motion, and that’s what comes in contact with the back.

[SCREEN TEXT: Four – Six-Inch Gap Between Each Set of Massage Nodules]

Justin: And one of the issues that we see with these is there’s a gap between the two on each of these, and we’ve got a gap of about four inches that doesn’t come in contact with anywhere on your back. So, that’s one of the first things on one of these cheaper brands is what you’re going to run in to is that.

[SCREEN TEXT: Cheap Plastic and Wood Components]

Alan: And also, the first thing you notice is – well, we’ll look at the Genesis in just a moment – but a lot of it is just kind of cheap plastic. There’s not a lot of metal components, and you’ll see also on the frame of the chair, you’ll see kind of a wafer-board construction. So, it’s a very, very light construction, made with cheaper components, and that’s how they justify charging less money for it. But this, also, when I sat in in the chair and I turned it on, these neck nodules, and they’re not rollers, they’re nodules, it didn’t even hit my neck. I couldn’t even, I could feel something moving back there, but it didn’t even massage my neck, so I can not adjust that depth at all, and that’s one thing we can’t do with that. Now, we’ve turned the rollers on, so you can actually see the mechanism spinning, and you’ll see that there’s, like Justin had mentioned, there’s a gap between the second row and this row, and in this case it’s actually more than four inches, I’d say it’s probably maybe five or six inches, and but that’s all that the rollers do, they do not actually move up and down your spine, and they do not cover the entire length of the spine.

[SCREEN TEXT: Infinity Genesis]

Justin: Alrighty, so right now, we’re looking at the Infinity Genesis, and this is the massage mechanism that’s in the back of the machine.

[SCREEN TEXT: Four Spring-Loaded Rubber Rollers]

Justin: One thing that you’ll notice one these, so it’s got four different rollers that go up and down your back that give you a different, give you the massage.

[SCREEN TEXT: Covers Entire Length of Spine and Back]

Justin: This will come in contact with every part of your back, not just in certain spots. The other nice thing on these is there’s a track here, which is an L-shaped track, that will run all the way down, almost to the back of your knees, and come all the way back up your back. It’s got multiple motors that you’ll notice.

[SCREEN TEXT: Durable and Metal Components]

Justin: You’ll see a lot of metal that’s in here. The motors will run, not only the track down, it’ll run the mechanism in and out, so it gets a 3D effect, so you’re actually coming in contact with your back, and then you have the motors that will run for the different features.

[SCREEN TEXT: Multiple Massage Modes]

Justin: So, you have your shiatsu, your tapping, your kneading, different massages that are much better than just having one contact with one roller that’s spins in the exact same spot every single time.

Alan: And I noticed also, you’ll see in the quad rollers, you’ve got top rollers at the top that are a little bit more forward, and two trailing rollers behind. So, you actually get four rollers that move up and down your entire spine. And also, the roller heads are more of a soft, or not a soft, but a, it’s like a rubber, a firm rubber roller mechanism, or roller ball, and so it’s a little bit more comfortable on the spine. The other chair, the less expensive chair, just uses a plastic, a hard, plastic cone over the top of the thing that spins around, and I think the overall feel and the quality of the product, of these components is better. Just looking at it, I mean, you can just look at it, and you can see the difference in the way that this thing is built. It’s definitely a more heavy duty, a more elaborate, a little bit, a much more sophisticated roller system than the other chair had. So, all in all, it’s a fantastic roller mechanism, very, very nicely done.

Justin: You’ll have two on these, and there’s a lot of different detect sensors that help to detect, so that it feels and fits to that particular person that’s in in, because we’re all different.

Alan: So, that’s the body scan then, you’re talking about the body scan. Well, why don’t we take, can we bring the camera up and around, and see the rollers from the front? Now, you can go ahead, Justin, anything there you want to explain?

Justin: So, if you look here, these are the rollers that will actually come in contact with your back. They are spring loaded, so they will adjust, so you notice I can push these back and forth and they will run up and down, and that’s what comes in contact, and these are nice. They’re nice, and they’re soft rollers, but hard enough that they will give you a good, nice massage. Anything else to add, Alan?

Alan: Well, the only other thing that I thought of was, what I thought of was, you’ll see this zipper here. The linen is the material that separates your back from the rollers, and the linen takes most of the abuse of the chair when it’s going through the massage process. Now, if something goes wrong with this linen, it can be unzipped, or when I say goes wrong with the linen, usually, it tears or it frays, you can unzip it and replace it. If we go over here and take a look at this chair, you’ll notice, as we unzip that, you’ll notice that there – it has the same linen – but there’s no way to take off the linen to replace it if this linen frays, and that is one of the most common things that happen to massage chairs is the linen frays. And it drives people nuts, because what happens is the linen frays, and then it gets caught up in the roller mechanism, whether it’s this kind, where it spins, or that kind, where it rolls up and down your back, and so to replace that, you have to replace the whole chair back.

Justin: So, right here we’ve got pulled apart is the foot rest, and this is just showing the bottom of the foot rest. A couple of things to note on here, so we’ve got the same, these are just disks that spin in a circular motion to massage the feet. This on on the cheaper chair, and then you have one bag that comes in to here, which is one airbag. The other thing that I’ve noticed, as far as the technical standpoint, is in these tubes, on the more expensive chair, they’ll actually put some metal, a metal spring that’s in there that’ll actually, if somewhere it gets pinched, or there’s air for some reason that’s getting hung up, it’ll actually allow it to go through. So, that’s one of the things to note, the other thing is, the cheapness of the wood that they’re doing. It looks like it’s a pressboard or a plywood that they’re using on this, and then they’re stapling the airbags to the side, just using a foam skirt on it, and then this is just pulling over all the way. If we move over to the Infinity Genesis, you’ll notice a couple of things. The airbags are screwed down, which is really nice, and then this has got three airbags, which will actually inflate, which gives you better pressure. On that chair, when I was sitting in it, you could barely feel any pressure being applied to your feet. Where in this, this’ll actually come down and put, and hold your feet nice and tight. And then this one, we couldn’t take the, without cutting this or taking it completely apart, we couldn’t get access to the rollers, so we’re going to try to see if we can get you some footage of that. But this has three different rollers on the bottom that actually roll on your feet, and the middle one is nice because, on the arch of your foot, it’s a little bit raised, so that you can actually get some feeling there, where with the two, you’re not going to get any feeling really on the arch of your foot. This one is made out of a very durable plastic, which will last a lot longer than any type of wood will, that will eventually, over time, break.

Alan: How about the Achilles bubble there?

Justin: Oh, yeah, and then in the back here, you’ve got airbags in the back as well that inflate, that actually put pressure on your Achilles, to give you a full squeeze, and then these have got calf bags. Some of them will actually have a calf roller as well, which will put some pressure on it.

Alan: Thank you, Justin. That was fantastic. I appreciate your expertise in showing us the differences between the two chairs. In summary I just want to make sure I make it clear that we’re not saying that the $500 chair is not a good chair for you. These cheaper chairs have come in to market because a lot of people want to get in to the market and they cannot afford to get a chair that’s $5000, $6000, $7000, or even $10,000. Now, you’ve seen through the video today, through this video, what you’re giving up when you go for the cheaper chair, but you know, $500 or $1000 or $1500, if that’s what you can afford, then that’s what you can afford, and then you get the best you can get for that money. You just may have to replace it, you may, sooner than the other one, than a higher-end one, but you will still at least have a massage chair, a chair that’s going to do something for your back, and any massage than no massage, for the most part. Even though, in my years in this business, I’ve seen some chairs that pretty brutal, but you know, most of these chairs are just, they will, they’ll get done what you need done at the budget that you can afford. But I wanted you to understand that these are not, these are not like the same chairs, somebody’s just pricing one higher than the other. There are true differences in the quality of these chairs. You notice the wafer board, or that thin plywood on the cheaper chair. You notice a hard, plastic molding that handles a lot of metal components, motors, roller tracks, the roller mechanism itself, it’s a very heavy mechanism. The mechanism on the cheaper chair was very, very basic, very cheap, very simple, just plastic spinning disks. I don’t know if, I think we mentioned this, but like a chair like the Genesis is about 275 pounds. The weight of this chair was, I think, 136 pounds. This chair also, you’ll notice the size, like just from the angle of the shot, you’ll see the difference in the size of the chair. This is a bigger chair, it can handle a bigger body, an American, bigger American body. This chair is designed for smaller bodies, you will have trouble feeling like you’re getting a full massage in this kind of a chair if you’re, like I’m about 5′ 8″, a little over 5′ 8″, I did not feel the rollers, or not, they’re not rollers, the rotating disks on my neck at all. And then I’m, and if I did, it was down in the lower part, I felt it hitting the material, and the material was hitting my neck. So, if you’re taller than 5′ 8″, you’re not going to getting much of a massage, 5′ 7″, 5′ 8″, you’re not going to get much of a massage on it. Also, one thing, I don’t think Justin mentioned this, he mentioned it in the feet, but these airbags don’t compress very much. The airbag in the arm is, there’s such a wide gap there, and the airbags don’t inflate very much to begin with, and you, and I think when Justin sat in it and he turned it on to test it, these shoulder airbags barely touched his shoulders. On the Genesis, you’ve got sequential airbags that fit in to the whole arm, and you can see the depth of the airbag housing, and you can put your arm all the way in there, and you’re getting it massaged by three airbags that are sequentially moving up and down your arm. The airbags in the feet and the calves work in concert with the foot rollers, and you get a good squeeze, along with a good foot massage. This chair, you don’t get a lot of the airbag component at all. I think that’s probably just about it. Justin went in to some really good things, like the Achilles heel bubble on, or bubble, air bubble on the Genesis. He talked about the spring mechanism inside the air hose so that when the chair moves, and the air hose doesn’t get, the air hose won’t get kinked and block the air passage, which you’ll see on a lot of the cheaper chairs, and then he talked also about the – oh, one thing that we did not mention – is that it’s very hard to get replacement parts for these cheaper chairs. As a matter of fact, you may not even be able to have, there may not even a phone number on the owner’s manual, or on Amazon, or eBay, where you’re dealing with the company to purchase the chair. And Justin, I think he said about 98% of the, and he does a lot of work on massage chairs, as I mentioned, he’s been doing it for years, and he gets a lot of these, a lot of the owners of these cheaper chairs calling him, looking for parts, and he cannot get parts, he just can’t get them. There’s nowhere to call, there’s nowhere to reach out to get help, and so you want to be really careful when you get the cheaper chairs. Make sure they’ve got some warranty support that you can access, and get support, get true support, and you know, you’re not going to get in-home repairs on chairs like this. You’re not going to, probably if you want to have a repair, you’re probably going to have to ship the chair back to them, at your cost, and have them repair it for you, if in fact they repair it at all. So, there’s things that go with that, and don’t go with that, but you do get what you pay for. But again, I want to iterate that, or reiterate that if you cannot afford a nice $5000, $6000, $7000 chair, and all you can afford is a $500 chair, this is going to be better than nothing at all. And so, it serves a purpose in the market, and that’s really important to understand. I’m not bashing these chairs, I just, I wanted to explain to people that are asking me ‘Why are you charging so much for this chair, and so little for this chair? You guys must be just cleaning up on profit margins, or whatever.’ It’s not like that. Granted, they have better profit margins on the more expensive chairs, but there’s a lot more service and support that goes in to it as well. For example, we offer Lifetime Labor on a chair like this. We could never afford to do that on a cheaper chair like this. One problem with the chair that we would have to pay for the tech support would wipe out our profit margin, and so there are certain things you just cannot get when you’re going this price range, that you do get with the premium chairs. So, anyway, I’ve gone on too long. I hope that made sense. I hope I’ve covered everything that we wanted to talk about today, and showed you everything that we wanted to show you. But I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel. And of course, help us spread the word about massage chairs, whether they’re cheap or expensive, by sharing this video on your social media platforms with your friends and family. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com,’ and I will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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