Massage Chair Industry Update – March 2, 2017 (Video)

March 4, 2017
 By Allison Bricker
March 4, 2017
 By Allison Bricker

Massage Chair Industry Update – March 2, 2017 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – March 2, 2017”

Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our massage chair industry update for Thursday, March 2nd, 2017.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: As far as stock status goes, we really were struggling with some stock for a while with the Titan Executives, the ‘Mocha’ uKnead Lavita, but apparently everything seems to be in stock – well, the ‘Black’ Executives, Titan Executives will not be in stock until next week – we had quite a fiasco with some of these chairs. We thought the ‘Black’ were in, we thought we had them shipped out from the Osaki/Titan warehouse, and it turns out that the ‘Black’ were, there were only six, and they were gone within the first day. Anyway, so needless to say, we’re a little bit behind on some of these models. The Novo XT is in stock, they shipped all colors last week. The Lavita ‘Mocha’ is in stock, the ‘Black’ is in stock. The Titan Executive, except for the ‘Black’ is in stock, and I think, as far as I can remember, that’s all that we’re really low on as far as stock goes.

[SCREEN TEXT: New California Store Hours: Mon – Fri 10AM – 6PM; Sat 10AM – 4PM]

Alan: Now, I just thought I’d mention that we changed our California store from 10AM to 7PM in the evening, to 10AM to 6PM, and what happened was that there was a tendency for people to come right at 7 o’clock as the store shut down. And when you come to a massage chair store like ours, you plan on spending a couple of hours there, because you want to try everything out, and then go back and try the ones you like, and talk to, you know, Michael, and then get a good feeling for what’s going on with the chair, or me, if you’re in Utah. But people were coming in right at 7, and Michael was getting home like at 9 and 10 at night, and that was getting a little bit laborious for him, and for us. So, anyway, needless to say, we dropped the hour down to 6, 10AM to 6PM now, Monday – Friday, and we’re still open 10AM to 4PM on Saturday, but that’ll shorten the hours a little bit. So, if you want to go in and you know, go see the chairs, you don’t need an appointment at the California store, but you know, plan on a couple of hours. Some people think they can go there for a lunch hour, and in half an hour, 45 minutes, try all 15, or 14, 15, 16 chairs we have there, and think you’ve got it figured out, but it usually takes a couple of hours. Trust me on this one, I’ve been doing this long enough, I know that it takes a little bit longer than that.

[SCREEN TEXT: Ogawa Sale: $500 off Smart 3D; $250 off Active; $200 off Refresh]

Alan: OK, so Ogawa still has their sale on. They’ve been kind of pushing it off from one holiday to the next, and apparently, their sale right now on their three models is continuing on until March 8th. So, the Ogawa Smart 3D is $500 off, the Ogawa Active is $250 off, and the Ogawa Refresh is $200 off, and this sale is supposed to end on March 8th. And we’ll see, if it doesn’t, well, I’ll let you know on the next update.

[SCREEN TEXT: Human Touch Visit]

Alan: As far as the other things that are going on here, we’ve got – oh, when I was at the store a couple of weeks ago – sorry about the phone ringing there, I forgot to turn the ringer off, but anyway, I visited Human Touch last week when I was in California at the store. And I, you know, we had a nice visit about the Human Touch ambitions for selling the Novo XT. It’s a nice chair, I have it in both of my showrooms, customers seem to really like it. It’s got the 3D L-track roller, which I don’t have on any other model. The only other model I know that’s coming out with it is the Luraco Legend, which is supposed to be out at the third quarter, maybe fourth quarter of this year. But anyway, Human Touch is really high on their Novo XT, and I’ve sold a few of them, so I understand why they’re high about it, why they’re high on it. And anyway, I had a wonderful visit talking with Human Touch about, you know, writing articles about the chair, doing more videos on the chair, and I’ll be doing a bunch of videos on that chair in the next week or so. I’ve been sick with a cough, I was supposed to get something done in the last couple weeks, but I cannot shake this cough, and of course, I’m talking to you, you can probably hear it in my voice, I’m a little off kilter.

[SCREEN TEXT: More Videos on the Way!]

Alan: I’m a little off kilter anyway, but the voice is a little off, but next week, we’ll start putting out the videos for the Novo XT, and for the Osaki Summit, for the Osaki Maxim, and the uKnead Lavita. We’ve got a lot of videos that need to done, and we’ll be getting on them soon.

[SCREEN TEXT: Foot-Softening Pads for Novo XT]

Alan: Okie doke, let’s see, oh, and one thing I was going to say about the Human Touch Novo XT is they just started coming out with a little foot pad, a little softening pad for the feet, for the people that find the foot massage too intense. I didn’t find the foot massage too intense, I find it to be quite comfortable, but some people, it gets intense, if they have really, really sensitive feet. And I will say that the Novo XT already has a slow, medium, and fast speed adjustment for the foot rollers, but even that still is not sufficient, because the depth doesn’t change. So, if the depth is, if it’s still too deep, even on the slowest speed, or the highest speed, you can put in these foot-softening pads, and it’ll help dampen that intensity.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Guidelines for Acute Low-Back Pain]

Alan: OK, as far as my, I wrote an article last week about the low-back pain guidelines that are put out by the – I can’t remember exactly who put it out – I think it was the American Medical Association, or the College of Medical Physicians, or something like that. Let me see if I can find that here, but anyway, what the gist to that was, was that for low-back pain, the – oh, here it is, for low-back pain, better than drugs or surgery is conservative care, like – and it lists a bunch of things that seem to be very effective, like massage, heat wraps, chiropractic manipulation, yoga, stretching, acupuncture, mind-body stuff, you know, handling the pain with your mind, those things seem to serving a better, for acute low-back pain, maybe not chronic low-back pain, but for acute, recent low-back pain, these modalities have been found to be quite helpful for low-back pain. So, massage chairs, thumbs up, that’s something that you may be able to find very beneficial if you have acute low-back pain. Now, as a chiropractor, I had these massage chairs at my clinic, before I sold it years ago, and I’ll tell you, and I’ve heard it since, from many, many customers, that pain can be helped by these massage chairs. Not just low-back pain, I’ve seen neck pain, mid-back pain, I’ve seen neck pain, headaches, I’ve seen all kinds of weird things with the massage chair, like weird, good things. So, the massage chair can do a number of things for you, and it might pleasantly surprise you. Now, this is just the only one that we have, it’s just, as far as a study goes, for the low-back pain, and this, I’ll mention right here, this was put out by the – it was in the February 13th, 2017 online issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine – a customer of mine sent this to me. And these recommendations are endorsed by the – oh, what is it now, it’s the, oh, where did I have that – well, I can’t find it, but it’s the College of Physicians. I believe that’s what it was, the American College of Physicians, oh, American, yeah, American College of Physicians. Anyway, enough of that, but using massage, yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, heat, mind-body therapy techniques is fantastic, or maybe not fantastic, but superior, to taking pills, there you go. Now, that’ll lead me in to my last topic that I want to talk about today.

[SCREEN TEXT: New infinity Altera Model on the Website Now – $4995]

Alan: Oh by the way, we have the Infinity Altera finally up on our website. I told you about this chair before Christmas. Infinity dropped it on us right around Black Friday, which is like the busiest time of the year for me, through to the end of Christmas. And then January is busy, but I kind of forgot to put it up, and so I was reminded by my dear friend, Michael, at Infinity, to get that model up. So, I got it up this week, I apologize for it taking so long. This is an L-track chair, with a 49-inch L-track, but it has zero gravity, it has foot rollers, it has all the things that you want. But one thing that makes this chair kind of unique is it caters to a shorter body, it caters to someone who’s as short as 4′ 9″. There’s not a lot of massage chairs that’ll handle a shorter body. I’ll write an article about this. A few weeks ago, or two weeks ago, I think, I wrote an article about which chairs are good for tall people. Now I’m going to write one this week, or in the next week, about what chairs are good for shorter people, and this is one of them, 4′ 9′, that’s small, but the chair can also handle up to 6′ 2″. So, it’s really a versatile chair for body types, and body size. The other chairs that can handle smaller bodies would be Panasonic chairs, any of the Panasonic chairs, the Luraco can handle 4′ 7″, the DreamWave can handle 4′ 11″, I believe, 4′ 10″, 4′ 11″. And I’ll give you this little tip’: if you want to try out a chair, for someone that’s short, or if someone is short in your life, like whether it’s a spouse, or a child, and that chair’s got to fit them, and they’re under 5′ tall, and that chair feels like it doesn’t fit when they sit in it, try elevating the ottoman. When you elevate the ottoman, the feet will usually meet, or the foot massager will meet the feet, as it elevates. That’s not the case on all of them. I tried it on an Osaki Maxim, for someone who was 5′ tall – no, not the, yeah, maybe it was the Maxim, or the Summit, but anyway, one of them – they didn’t even, still didn’t quite meet the feet, but that’s something you can do. The default position may not meet the feet, that should probably be a saying ‘Meet the feet,’ but I will say though, that the ottoman, on a lot of the chairs, can be elevated past the default positioning that the chair gives you, and you can get yourself some foot massage on a 5-footer, or maybe even a little shorter, but that’s just a little tip.

[SCREEN TEXT: Massage Chairs Are Great for Pain Relief, But What Else?]

Alan: And then one thing I also wanted to talk about just before we go, you know, you don’t need to sit on a massage chair just for pain relief. Like most people think of massage for something like, or a massage chair for back pain, or neck pain, or headaches, or whatnot, but massage chairs do a lot of things that are not necessarily noticeable, right off the bat. Now, in my free report, you can get it on my website, but in my free report, it talks about the health benefits of a massage chair, and a lot of them are not symptomatic benefits. So, for example, if you’ve got a little bit of high blood pressure, or a faster pulse, or high stress levels, or you have trouble sleeping, or you have trouble taking a deeper breath, some of these things we’ve found have been benefited by massage chairs, as odd as it sounds. Now, the study that we’re doing at Weber State, at the Stress Relief Clinic, with the massage chairs, that’s taken over 4000 samples of people pre- and post-massage chair sessions, and blood pressure’s gone down, pain has gone down, stress level’s gone down, pulse has gone down, so we know that. But I’ve had customers, anecdotally, tell me ‘Oh, you know, Doc, I used that chair, and by golly, I sleep better at night,’ that’s common, I sleep better at night, or ‘I can breathe deeper,’ or whatnot. There’s all these little visceral issues, and other things that are going on that the body really, you may not even be aware is happening, but that is a healthy benefit for you, and there’s not many negative benefits of massage, for that matter. It’s actually wonderful. Now, there are some contraindications, and you can read about those in my book, but contraindications like malignancies, or really, really brittle bones, or some things that the chair is just not really optimal for until you’ve talked to your doctor about it.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: But anyway, I think that’s about it for this week. Let’s see, yeah, I think that’s about it. If you have any questions, you can feel free to give me a call at 888-259-5380. You can always email me, you can always go on our website and click the chat button, and someone will talk to you, you can make a comment on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, whatever. There’s lots of ways to get a hold of me, or any of my staff, but please feel free to get a hold of us if you have any questions. If you found this video helpful, please, of course, share it on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus accounts, whatnot, and we appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner, and I will talk to you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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