Massage Chair Industry Update – July 5, 2016 (Video)

July 6, 2016
 By Allison Bricker
July 6, 2016
 By Allison Bricker

Massage Chair Industry Update – July 5, 2016 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – July 5, 2016”

microphoneAlan: Well, hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our massage chair industry update for Tuesday, July 5th, 2016. I hope you had a great July 4th yesterday. We sure did, had all the kids over, all the family over, did some fireworks, barbequed some bratwurst, wieners for the kids, but had a wonderful day, hopefully you all did too.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: OK, stock status, I think everything’s pretty good right now, as far as I know. Yeah, I’ve not heard of any chairs that have been on back-order right now, which is pretty typical for the summer time.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Line of Chairs – uKnead]

Alan: There are – we have begun, I mentioned this two weeks ago – but we’ve begun carrying a new line of chairs called the uKnead chairs, U-K-N-E-A-D. Now, they currently have three models, the Bella, the Lavita, and the Adagio. The Adagio, they’re going to be discontinuing toward the end of the year, and they’re going to be replacing it, this summer, the end of this summer, with a new chair. They don’t have a name for it yet, but it’s going to have a 3D L-track. I’m quite excited about it, it’s going to be priced around the same price point as the Iyashi, and the Titan Alpine, except with 3D. The 3D L-track has started to show up in the marketplace, but we don’t have any, from our distributors, at least that they have for us. There is one, I believe that – oh, who is it – I think Infinity has a chair for Brookstone, it’s called the Riage X3, I believe, and there’s, anyway, there’s not many out there. But, so, uKnead is going to have one for us, but that’s kind of why we picked up this line. They’re based out of Southern California, they’ve been 30 years in Canada as well. So, if you want a chair and you live in Canada, and we do have quite a few Canadian customers, they can ship to you directly from their warehouse in Canada, so you don’t have to pay for the duty, and all that other stuff at customs, crossing the border. So, you would be able to have the chair shipped to you directly from a Canadian warehouse. But they’re nice chairs, I kind of like them, I think some of them are made in some of the same factories as the Infinity chairs.

[SCREEN TEXT: uKnead Lavita Coming to Our SoCal Showroom This Week]

Alan: The Lavita is one we’re going to have in our showroom pretty quick. It is an L-track chair, it’s priced, I think, $3695, very nice chair, and what I like about this chair, and I think I mentioned this on the last massage chair industry update, is that the rollers actually go down to the belly of the hamstrings, it’s at least 53 inches long. We don’t have any other chairs, in either of our showrooms, that have L-tracks that extend that far down, and so I’m quite excited about that. The new Osaki TP-8500, which we just added to our website this week as well, that chair has, I think, a 53-inch L-track, and that chair is supposed to hit down to the belly of the hamstring as well. So, that’s nice to see, but it’s not 3D. The Lavita is not 3D either, but it is a nice chair, I really like it, we’re going to have it in our California showroom. It may have been delivered Saturday, I’m not sure, but it’ll definitely be delivered this week. So, anyway, the uKnead chairs, I only have the Lavita up on our website, and even then, I only have the images, and the chair itself, the chair name itself, I don’t have the information about the chair, I hopefully will have that today, or tomorrow morning.

[SCREEN TEXT: 18-Month, 0% Interest Financing]

Alan: Also, Synchrony Bank is offering 18-month, 0% interest financing, and they only do it certain times of year, and right now is one of those times, until July 12th. So, if you want – they lower their processing fees enough so that it’s affordable for us to offer that – so if you want 18-month financing through Synchrony Bank, on our website, you can do that from now until July 12th.

[SCREEN TEXT: Inada Summer Sale!]

Alan: Inada has a sale, and we talked about this over the last few massage chair industry updates. The sale is throughout the summer until Labor Day, at least Labor Day, from what I understand, and on the DreamWave, you can get the free extended warranty. On the YuMe, you can get $500 off. On the – and they’re discontinuing the YuMe, by the way, and we have our floor model here in the Utah showroom, and it’s a ‘Black’ one, I think we’re selling that one for – well, pretty cheap, I think it’s $2999, or something like that. But anyway, and so, you have $500 off on a new one, and you have $1000 off on a new Inada Flex 3s. I understand Inada has a version of that Flex 3s called the Signature, I think it’s for the Brookstone stores. I don’t know much about it, I understand it’s very, very similar, maybe some minor changes. I don’t know what those changes are, because I don’t have that chair, but just so that you know, there are some other options to that chair as well out in the marketplace. But the Flex 3s, we have it in both of our showrooms, you can come sit on it if you’d like, and experience it relative to the feel of other chairs. So, that’s the Inada sale. Speaking of Inada, I have – if you look at our website now – and I mentioned this before, that we changed the layout of our navigation bar. Now on the navigation bar, we have the massage chair brands, we have our used, or pre-owned massage chair directory, we have my article library, the comparison chart, and the store locations. That makes it very easy to navigate through.

[SCREEN TEXT: Pre-Owned Massage Chair Directory]

Alan: But on our used chair directory, which has been quite a hit, we have put chairs up there, and they’ve only lasted a day. I’ve got some chairs up there that are very, very, very good priced. We have a ‘Black’ leather DreamWave that is about four months old, black leather, they’re regularly $9799, the leather is a premium Italian, soft, beautiful, lush leather, and that chair, we have for $7799, so it’s $2000 less. The warranty’s still intact, the full warranty, it’s in perfect condition. It was owned by a guy that bought it at the beginning of the year, and he didn’t, he decided not to keep it, he sent it back to us, it’s hardly used, I mean, it is in perfect condition. And we also have a ‘Red’ DreamWave coming back, the ‘Red’ DreamWave is only a week old. The fellow that bought it from me sat on a DreamWave years ago, loved it, had been saving up money for years to have it, had a surgery apparently, a fusion surgery, and now it’s uncomfortable to him on his low back. I shouldn’t laugh, but I feel bad for him, because he tried, he saved for so long for this chair, finally he was able to get it, but the chair is uncomfortable on his tailbone area, or the low back area, where he had the fusion, so he’s sending that chair back. It’s a week old, it’s a red one, which the red ones are hard to come by. That one we’re selling for $7299, regularly $8799. So, if you want the red one, that’s not on our – I just found out about that, it hasn’t even shipped yet – but if you’re interested in that one, call me right away, that one will not last long. I haven’t put it on the pre-owned directory yet, but you get first dibs on it. I also have our floor model Ogawa Active on sale, and that one we’re selling for $2999 – sorry, the YuMe, we’re selling for $3499 – we have the Ogawa Active, our showroom model in California, and we’re selling that one for $2999. It’s regularly $4499, we’ve just had it since December, we had it as a floor model, and it is available. So, anyway, those are some things that are available on our used chair directory. You can see those on our website, except like I say, the red DreamWave, you got to call me about that, and you can call me at my toll-free number, which is 888-259-5380, see that? There you go, so give me a call.

[SCREEN TEXT: Comparative Review: DreamWave vs. iRobotics 7]

Alan: And finally, I finally wrote a review comparing the DreamWave to the iRobotics 7 from Luraco. Those chairs are our two most popular, high-end selling chairs, and the DreamWave has been the king of the heap for so long, and it’s been widely considered the world’s best chair since 2009, when it was first introduced to the US market. We’ve had one in our showroom since 2009, and it’s been a perpetual top-seller. Well, of course, the pricing has gone up over the years. Every year, it seemed like the price went up. They did an upgrade in September 2014, so it’s new and improved over the last couple of years, but the iRobotics 7 has come on very strongly, and we sell a lot of those chairs. One thing that people do like about it is that it’s American made, it has no Chinese components. The DreamWave is Japanese made, with some Chinese components, and that rubs some people wrong, but of course, they’re both high-priced chairs. They’re both in the mid to upper $8000 price range, and then both exceptional chairs, with varying features, and so you can read my review. Part one is about the similarities between the two chairs, and then part two is about the differences between the two chairs. And what I’ve done, and I started doing this on some of my more recent reviews, is I put, comparative reviews, I’ve put, at the end of every feature, I would say ‘Advantage X, advantage Y.’ So, whichever chair I felt had the advantage in that feature, I’d put it there. It didn’t take anything away from the features of the other chair, but it did have a little extra something that gave it the advantage over the other chair. So, go ahead on my blog, and read up on the two parts, I think it’s a 2000-word, combined article, part one and part two, and I hope you find it as helpful as I felt it was as I was writing it for people who are comparing the chairs. Because we get a lot of people that call, and are comparing the DreamWave to the iRobotics 7, because of the price point, because they’re non-Chinese chairs, I felt like it was an article that was due, and I feel like it’s a good article as well, so take a look at that. Well, I think that’s it, by golly. That’s it for this week’s massage chair industry update. If you have any questions, of course, you can feel free to call me at 888 – well, I already showed you – 888-259-5380. It’s all backward, when you get in front of the camera, so I got to, I’m going the other way. Anyway, give me a call, you can, of course, chat with us on our online chat, you can make comments, or ask questions, or whatever, via email, or on our YouTube channel, or on our Facebook page, or whatnot. We’re always available for chitchat, and for answering questions for you. But that should do it for this week’s massage chair industry update, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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