Massage Chair Industry Update – July 1, 2020 (Video)

July 3, 2020
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
July 3, 2020
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – July 1, 2020 (Video)


Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – July 1, 2020”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Wednesday, July 1st, 2020. Happy Canada Day for my Canadian family and friends. I am from Canada originally, even though in 1995 I took out my American citizenship, but a lot of my family and friends are back there, and I know today is a special day, and I know that the COVID-19 virus has affected a lot of the celebrations up there, but I hope you all all are having a great time. And for my American family and friends, Happy 4th of July coming up this weekend, I hope it’s a safe and fun weekend for you all.

[SCREEN TEXT: Product Updates]

Alan: OK, regarding our update this week, we’ve got a number of things regarding status of stock and brands. I’ll go over a few of these, well all, the ones that I have right now I’ll go over with you. The Positive Posture Brio is being closed out, the price of that chair is $3999, and it’s only available in ‘Black,’ and then of course, when that stock is gone, the deal’s done, and the chair will discontinued. Likewise, for the Inada Nest, ‘Dark Brown’ is the only color available, that chair is also priced at $3999 for a clear-out price. The ‘Saddle’ OHCO M.8, which is the very popular massage chair from Furniture for Life, that chair, the ‘Saddle’ color is back-ordered until mid-August, and the Panasonic MA73 is back-ordered in both colors until the week of August 10th to the 15th. So, that’s a pretty good update on status. I know that Human Touch was back-ordered on their Super Novo, one of their Super Novo colors, I think ‘Cream,’ but that’s in stock now, and summer is really a, is actually a good time to get, for stock to be replenished for these companies, and a lot of them are, especially in preparation for the fourth quarter. And I can’t believe we’re already talking about the fourth quarter, but today is the first day for the third quarter, so Black Friday is going to be around the corner before we know it, and I’m telling you, the older you get, the faster that time flies, but anyway, I just wanted you to know about that.

[SCREEN TEXT: Pre-Owned Directory]

Alan: Also, on our pre-owned directory, we don’t have any models right now, but you know, keep your eyes peeled if you want a see some really good deals, and some good pricing on pre-owned, returned chairs, or floor models, go to the pre-owned directory. It’s on the website, it’s easy to find.

[SCREEN TEXT: D.Core Cirrus Model]

Alan: I know we have a D.Core, a ‘Black’ D.Core Cirrus that we are getting back, and I think that one will be sold for $5999, instead of the $7999 listed price. The D.Core Cirrus is a very nice chair, it’s a new model from D.Core, which is one of the Furniture for Life family brands. It is a chair that was designed by, well, sorry, I should say it’s the brainchild of Soshu Inada, who is the son of Nichimu Inada, who is the founder of the Inada massage chairs, which most of you have probably heard. They’re one of the oldest massage chair companies in the world, and the son has kind of begun his own line of chairs, and it’s the D.Core chairs. So, it’s Japanese designed and engineered, but it’s, the chair is built in China, and it has been a very well-received chair. It has some pretty unique features that we like. It has, by the way, there’s the Cirrus and the Cloud, and I’ll talk about the differences between those two models in just a moment. But the Cirrus has, it’s a very nice-looking chair, aesthetically pleasing, it’s probably the nicest-looking chair we have, it’s a very unibody, and a lot of the upholstery runs together from the arms, to the hips, to the back, and the seat, it’s all kind of one big body. It has US-sourced hardwood armrests and side panels, it’s beautiful, and when you power on the chair, or touch the remote, these accent lights turn on on the sides of the panels. It comes in an off-white, or an ivory color and a black color, but what’s kind of unique about it is it has arm rollers. It’s the first chair of its kind that has arm rollers. I know there’s another chair, and I can’t mention who the chair is coming from, but there’s another chair in the works that should be out in the first quarter of next year that will also have arm rollers. It also has calf rollers, which are becoming increasingly popular, foot rollers, and it has 3D rollers, but it kind of a, and I still don’t, there’s a little video on our, if you go to our product page, or the product page on our website, you’ll see this, it’s a very short video that shows how the roller balls, and the roller balls, by the way, are corrugated, like pumpkin shaped, similar to what the Inada Nest has, but it has a secondary little motor that, so there’s one motor that moves the rollers back and forth, and then there’s a secondary motor that moves the roller balls back and forth. So, it has a propensity for a really deep massage, and that’s what D.Core stands for: deep-core massage, and it is a very strong massage on the neck, shoulders, and upper back. So, if you’re looking for an L-track with strong rollers, a nice-looking chair, it is hard to find a really good chair with, that doesn’t look like a massage chair, and this one of course, it is a massage chair, it has the calf-and-foot wells, so it looks like, in many ways, a massage chair, but it has a very stylistic, aesthetic design. So, anyway, just to let you know that we do have a, and where was I going with this? Oh, I was just mentioning that we have a black Cirrus that’s going to be available on our pre-owned directory probably within the next week or so. By the way, all the chairs that we put up on our website, on our pre-owned directory that come from returns or floor models, we go through them completely, so when it’s a returned chair, we, when it comes in to the showroom, we unpack it, assemble it, and test it. If there’s any problems with any of the function at all, or if there’s any damage to the chair on route, we replace those parts, for the most part, unless it’s a small blemish, and then we will discount the chair for it. But these chairs are tested, and the warranties carry over, and our Lifetime Labor warranty carries over, and the pre-owned chairs also have free shipping.

[SCREEN TEXT: D.Core Cirrus vs. D.Core Cloud]

Alan: But anyway, the, let’s see, it has, there’s, the Cloud is the same silhouette as the Cirrus, but it lacks a few things that the Cirrus has. It does not have the arm rollers, it does not have the calf rollers, it does not have the heat, any thigh airbags, and it does not have the shiatsu roller action, and so there are some things the Cloud does not have. But the Cloud is on sale right now for, I think it’s $5999, I think it’s $5999, no, I think it’s, well, why don’t I just take a look here and let you know for sure? But that chair is on sale right now, the Cloud is, I think it’s $4999, or sorry, $5999, yes, and anyway, and the Cirrus is $7999. But anyway, I just thought I’d talk to you a little bit about those chairs just because we have people inquiring about the differences between the Cirrus, and it’s C-I-R-R-U-S, like the cloud, so it’s Cirrus versus the Cloud, and I’m sure if they have another model, it’ll probably be called the Cumulonimbus, but who knows?

[SCREEN TEXT: Pacemakers and Massage Chairs]

Alan: Last week, I wrote an article about pacemakers and massage chairs. Now, the vast majority of our customers don’t have pacemakers, but quite a number of them do, and over the years, we have sold chairs to customers with pacemakers, and some, well, for the most part, the topic’s never been brought up, if it’s safe to have a massage chair if you’re a pacemaker patient, and so I went over some of the definitions of the electromagnetic interference that can come from electronic devices, and all electronic devices have an electromagnetic field. Some are stronger than others, and some are more, a little bit more damaging than others, and it talks about the different types of interference, like conduction versus induction, which is like direct physical contact versus more of a radiating EMI, or electromagnetic interference, and of course, a massage chair has magnets in its motors, so it’s going to create some EMI. But everything has EMI, a toaster, a microwave, you know, a cell phone, and a television, a computer screen. So, the question, and I read one article, where someone had, it was actually written by a licensed massage therapist, so there may be a conflict of interest there, but this fellow said that you should not take, you should not use a massage chair if you have a pacemaker. Also, many of the owner’s manuals will say, you know, ‘If you have a pacemaker, do not use the massage chair.’ Well, in our industry, that’s kind of given as legalese to cover our butts in case something does happen, but I’ve never seen anything happen, and I’ve been doing this for 15, 16 years. I haven’t, you know, knock on wood, knock on wood, I’ve never seen, you know, or heard from a pacemaker customer that said that there was a problem. But I wrote an article about all that, in greater detail, and if that’s an issue for you, if you have a pacemaker, or if you’re thinking about getting one for a family member who has a pacemaker, this article might put your mind at ease, even if you’ve heard that maybe it’s not good for someone with a pacemaker, but the electromagnetic field, or interference field that’s put out by a massage chair is very, very minimal, akin to something like a microwave, or a computer, or a cell phone. So, anyway, I just thought I would mention that to you.

[SCREEN TEXT: Buyer Beware!! Things to be Aware of When Shopping for a Massage Chair]

Alan: And in closing, I just, I have talked before, a number of, well, OK, so, OK, so there’s the cheaper chairs out there, and then there’s the more expensive chairs, and the cheaper chairs, they’re not the same quality as the premium chairs, but that’s why they’re cheaper chairs. So, there’s a segment of the market that cannot afford a premium chair, so they get a smaller chair, or a less expensive chair, or a cheaper chair with cheaper components, you know, little to no warranty, not an in-home warranty because the profit margin is so small on some of these cheaper chairs that there’s no room for things like that, but they are still a viable product for the consumer. Now, that’s one thing that is in our industry that has really popped up recently. I get a lot of requests from people for chairs between $500 and $2000, but there’s another thing altogether, and that’s, that is dishonesty in advertising. And I have discussed this in the past, and many chairs in the past have said that they were FDA approved. Well, there is no approval process by the FDA for a household item, like a massage chair. These massage chair companies will list their chairs with the FDA, or register them, but it is not, that does not constitute a chair being approved by the FDA. The approval from the FDA is a long, drawn-out process that medications, and surgical, you know, maybe like surgical implants that would need to be approved by the FDA before they’re put in to bodies, or used on bodies, or taken in by bodies. So, that, in my mind, is a very misleading advertisement, to say that a chair is FDA approved. Well, since I went on that bandwagon, this was about a year ago, most of the chair companies have taken down, or changed their FDA references to either FDA listed, or FDA registered, and not FDA approved, but this is kind of a lie. The FDA approval, you see something like that, that is misleading, that is, it’s kind of lying to the public. Also, having fake reviews, reviews that are not, that are paid, or paid, or solicited, well, not solicited, because reviews are solicited, and it’s good to get solicited reviews, you want to hear the reviews of chairs and products, but there’s fake reviews that are written by people that don’t even have the chair, that’re just writing reviews because they were asked to do it, and they don’t even own the chair, or they are, they’re actually paid content writers, and I, and so that is misleading as well, and it’s hard to know.

[SCREEN TEXT: FakeSpot App]

Alan: There’s an app, we have told you about before, called ‘FakeSpot,’ and if you download that and, on your cell phone, and then bring up a site like Amazon, or Yelp, or anywhere else where you see particular products listed, you can type in that product and the app will spit back to you what percent of the reviews are consider fake or paid. And we’ve seen some companies that have anywhere from 60% to 90% fake or paid reviews, depending on the product, and depending on the company. This is misleading, and in a way, it’s lying to the public. We saw another company that has, it’s a video testimonial by a chiropractor, a former chiropractor, and so somebody revealed this to me, and I, and they sent me the details, and I checked it out, and it’s legit. There is somebody that says that they’re a retired chiropractor, and this is, you know, they’ve seen many massage chairs, and with their expertise, they have to say that this particular brand is the best one out there, it’s the most durable, this, that, and the other. Well, when you do a search on the person who was in that video, sharing that testimonial, they are just a content writer, and in their LinkedIn profile, there’s no reference whatsoever to chiropractic or to healthcare, as a healthcare practitioner, and so that is misleading. So, some of these video testimonials, and how do you know if they’re legitimate or not, it’s tough because what if you can’t find, what if you can’t do background on them to find out? It’s very, very tough, and so I’m just, buyer beware, this term buyer beware keeps coming to my mind whenever I hear, when I get phone calls from customers, either phone calls that they bought a chair, and now they cannot get ahold of the company that sold them the chair, they can’t reach, they can’t,, the company is not responding to their emails or their phone calls, and these are things that really need to be looked at, reviews, and we talked about the reviews. You know, go to the Better Business Bureau, and look and see if there’s reviews on a particular model or company, and see if there’s problems with the chairs. Some companies manipulate the reviews, especially the direct-to-consumer reviews of direct-to-consumer sales. A lot of those reviews can be manipulated, and I know they have been manipulated, because we have customers whose reviews were manipulated, or attempted to be manipulated, and so just, and I don’t mean cast this huge cloud of doubt over your head that you can’t trust anybody. Of course, there’s people you can trust, and there’s reviews you can trust, but you kind of start to get a pattern, you’ll start to see patterns with particular companies, or with particular models, or with particular brands, and you’ll start to think ‘Oh my goodness, there’s not anything negative said about this chair whatsoever,’ yet the best chairs in the world, like you know, like the Luraco, or like Inada, or like you know, Furniture for Life, they, not everybody loves those chairs. Some people get the chairs and they say ‘Well, I love this chair, except I don’t like the arm airbags, or I don’t this.’ There is no chair out there that has, everybody is happy with it, and if there is, that is a red flag. So, be cautious of that, be cautious of these ‘Top 10 Massage Chair’ lists or reports. You’ll see these everywhere. They are not to be trusted, and the reason why we say that is because they are, they are created by affiliates at Amazon, or affiliates of a particular brand that are, some of the chairs in those listings haven’t been around in years, and the reports are fairly new. Some of them are terrible chairs, or very poor-quality chairs, and yet they are listed as the the 10 best, or the 8 best, or the 12 best, or whatever the bloody report says, but you’ll see that there’s a pattern in those reports too. On all those reports, you’ll see one or two chairs that are constantly resurfacing in those reports, and they’re usually the number one chair, or number two chair, and if that is the case, that is the red flag, because those reports make all the other, they list all these other chairs as being top 10, but a lot of those chairs are unheard of, they’re no-name brands, they’re poor-quality chairs, yet this one chair keeps showing up on every report. And unless it’s a Panasonic, on an Inada, or an OHCO, or an Infinity, you really can’t, or you know, a Human Touch, or whatever, just you got to be very, very careful. So, buyer beware, there’s a lot of people out there that are trying to mislead you to buy their chairs, and you know, money is king, and so people want to make money, and they want to sell their product, and sometimes it’s not altogether forthright. I’ll leave it at that. So, anyway, be careful. If you have any questions, you can call me or call any, actually, you know what, you can call the massage chair companies themselves. Ask for, well, I don’t know exactly what to ask for, but make sure you understand what the return policies are, and make sure you understand what their warranty is. Make sure that you do a full web search on reviews, not just reviews on the sites that they own, but on sites that like, like Better Business Bureau, or if they sell on Costco, go to the Costco reviews, or you know, anyway, just be careful, and do your due diligence, and don’t just, you know, jump at a cool ad because it’s showing up on your social media feed, and the ad looks so cool and popular, and hip, and so everything, don’t get swayed by that. Do your, it might be a phenomenal chair, don’t get me wrong, it might be a phenomenal chair, and the company might phenomenal, but do your research, that’s all I’m saying. OK, enough of that.

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Alan: If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 888-259-5380. I’m always available. Our stores are still closed for regular hours, especially in LA, where things, everything’s starting to go back up again. They got all this spiking everywhere, so we are keeping our doors closed by appointments, but we do, we’re keeping them closed by our hours, but we are seeing people by appointment, but we schedule them one at a time. We don’t have a whole bunch of people scheduled in the same time. So, if you want to come to on of our showrooms, in Arizona, in California, or in Utah, just call, and we’re schedule a time for you, and I hope this helps.

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Alan: Anyway, I hope you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and in the meantime, I hope you found this video helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends and family on your social media platforms, or by word of mouth. We appreciate you helping us spread the word. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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