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The D.Core Cirrus is Japanese designed, built in China. It offers a deep tissue back roller massage, arm rollers (an industry first!), corrugated roller balls, US sourced hardwood side panels, proprietary calf rollers, and 3 year parts & labor warranty.

*D.Core Massage Chair Financing Available

In-Home Delivery & Setup ($199.99) i
Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty i
5 Year Extended Warranty FFL ($450) i
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D.Core Cirrus - FFL

The Cirrus is the flagship chair model for the brand new D.Core massage chair line. This model is designed in Japan, built in China, and recently introduced to the US market. The Cirrus offers a deep tissue back roller massage, arm rollers (an industry first!), corrugated roller balls, secondary roller massage motor, beautiful US sourced hardwood on the side panels, proprietary calf rollers, and a 3 year parts and labor in-home warranty. Of course, you still get the regular features you’d expect in a high-end massage chair, like space saving, low back heat, zero gravity, plenty of airbags, foot rollers, and much, much more.


2 reviews for D.Core Cirrus

  1. Tyler


    Alan/Massage Chair Relief – very responsive to any questions or issues, very knowledgeable

    Chair appearance – modern, natural aesthetic

    Overall massage – relaxing experience (but to be fair, I don’t have anything to compare to, since I bought during COVID times without trying other chairs… but I do get the impression the rollers are somewhat innovative)

    Arm rollers – they are very comparable to calf rollers in terms of what they contribute… I think it is a meaningful feature, but I would not prioritize this in a purchasing decision, especially since you might want to instead hold a book or tablet during the massage


    Initial quality – faulty arm roller required replacement when I received the chair

    FFL (the US umbrella for DCore, Panasonic, Positive Posture, etc.) customer service – service tech was unavailable for a month, so I had to repair the chair myself… in general, FFL is not proactive about solving your issues, and you have to continue to follow up with them yourself… I have a few data points on their customer service, since I have also ordered two other FFL products… I have learned they can be either dishonest or frustratingly inaccurate in what they tell you, so unfortunately I no longer recommend anyone purchase FFL products

    Inaccurate body scan and lack of memory settings – body scan frequently thinks my lower shoulder blades are the top of my shoulders, and because there is no memory setting, I need to manually correct this each time… by the way, I am not tall

    User experience in the dark – if in the dark, it is very difficult to fix the body scan results or do anything else nontrivial with the controller… there is a light at first, but it turns off quickly, without an option for turning back on

    Roller intensity settings – there are three roller intensity settings, but the lowest is already intense… higher settings create discomfort for the neck by pushing the user out of the chair without head support

    • Dr. Alan Weidner (store manager)

      Update from the manufacturer:
      FFL Brands Customer Service learned of the issue and responded swiftly. The service process hit some road blocks with COVID-19 and the technician. Because of this, our team had to get creative. It took a little longer than normal, but ultimately we solved the issue, and the D.Core chair is performing as it should.
      As for the D.Core remote, we appreciate this suggestion, and are in the process of increasing the visibility of the touch screen so it’s easier to use. Feel free to contact us directly or let Dr. Weidner know if you have questions about our products: OHCO, Positive Posture, D.Core, Panasonic.

  2. Gabe S. (verified owner)

    Bought this for my wife for our anniversary and she couldn’t be happier. We have used it numerous times every day since we got it. We’ve always wanted a massage chair, but my wife is an interior designer and she couldn’t bear to have one of those other monstrosities in our house.

    This chair (d.core Cirus) is totally different- the beige/off-white leather and the wood trim are sleek and modern and fit with the decor of our bedroom seamlessly.

    The chair itself is amazing. I’m 6’4” and 200 pounds – and although too tall for most chairs to fit perfectly, this one more than does the job. We are lucky in that we live not too far from one of Dr Weidner’s showrooms, so we were able to stop by and try out all the latest models. The d.core was our favorite by far.

    There is a trade off with a model such as this that has L-rollers (I think that’s what they’re called) that does full back into the glutes – you won’t be able to have a stretch function. But we thought this was a better way to go and I would recommend that.

    I would also highly recommend buying from Dr Weidner. I stumbled across his YouTube videos and liked his vibe and demeanor. I called the number and was surprised that he answered the phone himself. He showed that level of personal care at every point through our interactions with him – taking the time to answer all of our questions and help guide us to the best chair for us. At no point did I ever feel like he was pitching me or pushing me in any salesy kind of way. Was honestly a pleasure to make this purchase. He even sent a thank you care package after the purchase. A real class act.

    This chair was more than what we had initially thought about spending, but he was able to provide a financing solution for us that was a no brainer. Our monthly payments for this chair are less than what we used to spend on massages and we literally are using this every day. Cannot day enough good things.

    Hope this review is helpful to anyone who is on the fence about buying a massage chair. Game changer.

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Arm Roller Massage

An industry first, the D.Core Cirrus comes with mechanical rollers for the arms and hands. The rollers are located under the soft muscular side of the forearm and palm of the hand. Airbags are still used on the opposite boney side of the forearm and hand, but the rollers on the other side feel fantastic!

Corrugated Rollers Balls

Most rollers have a smooth round shape. But the D.Core Cirrus has rollers that have been re-engineered to have a knobby, ridged, corrugated surface rather than the typical smooth surface. It looks a bit like the ridges of a pumpkin! This will add to the intensity of the roller massage, particularly in the shoulder area.

USA Sourced Hardwood Arm Rest

While a very small number of massage chairs have utilized faux wood on the side panels in the past, the D.Core Cirrus is the first chair to use real hardwood as accents of the chair. It enhances the overall aesthetic look of the chair and, combined with accent lighting, actually make the chair look like a beautiful piece of furniture…something massage chairs have not been known for in the past!

Mechanical Calf Rollers

The D.Core Cirrus massage chair comes with proprietary mechanical calf rollers, an increasingly popular feature in new massage chairs. Accompanied by inflatable calf airbags, these calf rollers will give you something to look forward to every day!

D.Core 3D L-Track Roller Mechanism

The roller track of the D.Core Cirrus massage chair extends from the top of your neck to the bottom of your seat, plus you can adjust the depth of the rollers for a more or less intense massage experience. If you’ve never sat on a massage chair with butt roller massage before, you are in for a treat! The term D.Core stands for “deep core”, alluding to how the massage is a deep tissue style. If you are looking for a deep tissue massage chair, especially in the neck and shoulders, D.Core is the answer. The rollers also have the ability to ultra-knead your muscles with a secondary motor attached to the roller itself (instead of a roller arm).

41 Airbags

A comprehensive airbag system covers the arms, shoulders, glutes, calves, and feet.

9 Auto Programs & 6 Manual Programs

Pre-set programs of the D.Core Cirrus chair are called Quick, Restore, Recovery, Circulation, Morning, Stretch, Night, Neck & Shoulders, Back, and Extremities.

3 Year Parts & Labor In-Home Warranty

Should anything ever go wrong with your new chair, you have a 3 year Parts & Labor warranty from D.Core along with fantastic customer support (and, of course, Lifetime Labor Coverage from Massage Chair Relief for as long as you own your new chair)

Heat Technology

The D.Core Cirrus massage chair employs lumbar (low back) heat up to 113 degrees for relaxing over worked and sore muscles during your massage session.

Of course, the D.Core Cirrus massage chair feature-set includes most of what you have come to expect from a new massage chair. Here is a brief list of additional features:

  • Space Saver
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers
  • Zero Gravity
  • Quad (4) Rollers
  • Body Scanning Technology