Massage Chair Industry Update – December 3, 2015 (Video)

December 11, 2015
 By Allison Bricker
December 11, 2015
 By Allison Bricker

Massage Chair Industry Update – December 3, 2015 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – December 3, 2015”

microphoneAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Thursday, December 3rd, 2015, and I’m starting a little later this week. We usually do the recording on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I’ve been down in California for the California store, and I finally got back last night, and I was there for a week. And boy, I can’t wait to tell you about the store, but anyway, let me just get in to stock status real quick.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: You know, Christmas is just around the corner, and the holiday shipping – we’ve got some deadlines coming up on holiday shipping – and I’ll go over that with you later in this recording. But I do want to just mention that, as far as back-orders go, the only one that I’m aware of that’s back-ordered is the ‘Red’ – oh, two things that are back-ordered – the ‘Red’ Inada DreamWave is back-ordered until December 10th. And Ogawa, their Active chair, the Ogawa Active, is back-ordered on the ‘Bronze,’ and the – oh, my goodness, that was the – oh, for heaven’s sake, I can’t remember the other color that’s back-ordered, but there’s a couple of colors back-ordered on the Ogawa Active. And if you do order an Ogawa Active, and you’re not sure which one’s in stock or not, just order the color you want, then I’ll let you know, or one of our staff will let you know, if it’s back-ordered or not, and then we can either wait for it to come, which is December 18th, or we can switch it out to another color.

[SCREEN TEXT: Bed, Bath & Beyond??]

Alan: OK, I had an interesting experience about a week and a half ago. I got a phone call from like somewhere out East, I think it was Virginia, or somewhere like that, and when I picked up the phone, and answered it, in my usual way, which is ‘Massage Chair Relief, this is Dr. Weidner,’ the person said – hi, yeah, this is, I can’t remember the name of the guy, Bob, say – this is Bob from Bed, Bath & Beyond, in Virginia. He says ‘I have customer here that’s interested in this Osaki 4000T chair, and could you tell me – and I guess they sell that chair, but he didn’t know anything about it, so he called me for information about the chair. So, I – the customer was there, I guess, by the till – or by the customer service department at that Bed, Bath & Beyond. He says ‘Now, OK, now, does it have this – does it have foot rollers, how many airbags does it have,’ and I’m answering all these questions for him, and then I asked him, I said ‘Now, is this for one of your customers that’s buying from you guys?” He goes ‘Yeah, I just didn’t know the answers to these questions.’ So, I thought it was hilarious, that they call me as a consult for helping them pitch the chair that they’re carrying, that they sell to him, but I guess I was flattered, I’m not sure, but anyway, I thought that was a pretty funny experience, anyway.

[SCREEN TEXT: California Store Update]

Alan: OK, store update, wow, you guys, the store is awesome. The contractors – OK, and of course, the insurance is still, we’re still waiting – no, I think the insurance finally got done, earlier this week, but now we’re waiting for the insurance on the sign, the insurance, having the proper insurance. I told you in the previous recordings on how much of a pain in the butt the landlord’s insurance requirements are, and so our sign guy is still – he’s got the sign made, but he cannot install it until he has the insurance riders, or whatever it is that has to be done. But anyway, the contractor has been working on the showroom – and you can see a video of this on YouTube, if you go there, you can see the update, of the video – what it doesn’t include is the decorative work we did yesterday. Mona put up a couple of tables, and not desks, but like counters, and lamps, and flowers, or plants, and a chair, and like a stool chair, and it’s beautiful, it looks really beautiful in there. Now, the theme of the office is a blue, with a taupe carpet, and the colors of a lot of the decorative pieces, the clock, and mirrors, is silver, so it goes well. But it really looks good, it looks outstanding, I’ll put pictures up on the Facebook page later today. Anyway, so we opened – we had what we call a soft opening on Black Friday – and the contractors worked like crazy. Ruben, the guy that’s building out the store, was sleeping over at the showroom, to have it ready for Black Friday. I was down there a week ago, and we were setting up chairs, and I came home for Thanksgiving, went back the next day, on Friday, and he had everything ready for grand opening. All the trim was up, it wasn’t caulked and polished up, but the trim was up, the baseboards were up, all the baseboards were up, all the ceiling tiles were done, and we had cleaners there that morning to clean the windows, and clean the bathroom. The bathroom in the back office, the only thing that’s done there is we have a toilet, and a sink, and tile, but all the – none of the walls are done – the bathroom’s still not painted, or sanded down, or completely mudded, and there’s ceiling tiles missing, and whatnot. But anyway, we got – and the door, the door that we have in the back of the showroom should be a nice, white colonial door; it’s a brown one that’s for the closet in the back, but we didn’t have the white colonial door because we knew that we had to order that special. So, we basically threw this showroom together, and when you look at the pictures, it just looks like this empty – just an empty room with just a bunch of chairs in it – but we had a number of customers come in, we had our first number of sales this last weekend. I just got home last night, and it was wonderful, we had a blast. The guys I have on staff are Michael, he’s the store manager there, a wonderful guy; and Chris, is a guy we hired as a salesperson also, another wonderful guy, and we just spent the whole week together, training, and going over things. But anyway, the store is up and running, and you can go see it, it’s at 19117 Bloomfield Avenue, in Cerritos, California. It’s in a place called Cerritos Village, and it’s on the corner of South, and Bloomfield, very easy access from the 605, and the 91, and even the I-5. But anyway, come visit us there, we’d love to have you if you’re from Southern California, or from Phoenix, or Las Vegas, or Northern California, come down and visit us. We have a lot of good chairs there, and we’ve got different chairs than what we have here in the Utah showroom. We’ve got – the additional chairs that we have are the Titan Pro Executive for $2995, we have the Ogawa Active, the Ogawa Refresh, we have the Human Touch Navitas Sleep, the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 – and we have the Osaki JP Premium, which is, I have learned, is the only chair that’s 100% made in Japan. The DreamWave, is a very, very popular chair, and a very well-built, quality chair, but that chair, it does have some Chinese-imported components to it, and so it’s not 100% Japanese made, but it is assembled in Japan. And like the Luraco chair, which has Taiwanese components in it, imported components, the majority of the chair is American made, and the DreamWave, the majority of it is Japanese made, and assembled there, so it’s considered made in Japan. But apparently, this Osaki JP Premium is 100% made in Japan, and that’s what we’ve been told anyway, and it’s made by Fujiiryoki, which is the oldest massage chair company in Japan. I think Inada is the second or third oldest company, so you’re getting good quality chairs from either one of these companies, but that’s a nice chair, that JP Premium. I’ll be doing reviews, I’ve got so many reviews to do, and videos, oh my gosh, but of course, it’s all in California. I’ll have to go down there to get it done, but we will put up some videos for you, like some intro videos and first time use videos for all these new chairs. But it’s pretty doggone exciting, and if you’re down there, please come visit us, we’d love to have you. The sign’s not up yet, so just look for a store that has a lot of massage chairs in it, and no sign, and you’ll have found us.

[SCREEN TEXT: Black Friday Week Sale]

Alan: Anyway, let’s see, what else can I tell you? OK, so, things that we have on sale, that I can tell you about – and we have other things that I can’t tell you – but you can call me, and I can tell you what discounts we have for this week for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The Cyber Monday sale ends Sunday night, for our discounts, but other sales that we have, Ogawa has the free, three year, parts-and-labor warranty – and a foot, for both, or no, for the Ogawa Active, for the Refresh, and the Active, they have this Foot Therapy Plus, which is a foot massager that you’ll get free, but the extended warranty’s only on the Ogawa Active. We have $1000 off, an instant rebate, they call it at Inada, for the Inada Flex 3s massage chair, which is a great price, $4999, for a quality Japanese chair. The iRobotics 7, iRobotics is allowing us to have an instant savings of $700 on the website, but you can call us for more. Also, Infinity, Infinite Therapeutics, on their chairs, they have free three years, parts-and-labor, extended warranty, if you buy any one of their chairs this week, and that ends, I think, on Saturday or Sunday, as well. But what’s interesting about that is that Infinite Therapeutics does not have an extended parts-and-labor warranty, their extended warranty is parts only. So, that is kind of a different shtick, and it’s good, take advantage of it, we sold a ton of Infinite Therapeutics chairs because of that deal.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Infinity Escape]

Alan: And speaking of Infinite Therapeutics, they have a new model coming out, and I think we alluded to this on our last thing, in our last industry update, but they have a new chair coming out called the Infinity Escape, and I have the deets on it now, and it is a L-track chair with a 47-inch stroke. Let’s see, it’s got a re-engineered foot massager for reflexology coverage, more comprehensive than they’ve ever had before, and what they say is more than any other chair. They have a heel rubber for heel pain and plantar fasciitis, I don’t really know what that means. That chair, by the way, is on its way to our showroom in California, I will, I’m going back down next Thursday, I should know, by then, a little bit more about this chair. It has zero-wall capabilities, in other words, it’s a space saver. It’s listing at $2995, which is the same price as the Apex Ultra, same price as the Titan Executive, same price as the 8400, same price as the ZeroG 5.0, and all those chairs we have in our showroom, and I guess that’s about it as far as that chair goes, I think ‘Black’ and ‘Brown’ are the only colors, that we saw, that they had. But I have the chair, the product up on the website, with the pictures, but I do not have the details of the chair yet, I’m still waiting for all of that. As a matter of fact, I have it all in these printed pages, I just have to transcribe that on to the website, so you’ll have information about the chair itself. OK, now what else can I tell you? Well, anyway, the Black Friday sales that I told you about, those are almost over. So, if you want Black Friday prices, and they’re good prices, get them now, and as I have always told you, if you want to get good selection, and good opportunity for color selections, order this, don’t wait too much longer, because Black Friday’s our biggest weekend of the month, but December’s our biggest month of the year, and I’m telling you, Black Friday/Cyber Monday was swamped busy. And these two chairs that I told you were back-ordered are the only two that I’m aware of, I don’t know of any others yet that I’m aware of, so the Active and the DreamWave, but there may be other back-orders that we just haven’t heard about yet, but anyway, just order, don’t wait, get them now.

[SCREEN TEXT: Christmas Shipping Deadlines]

Alan: And speaking of Christmas, here are some deadlines for you. If you want to get chairs by Christmas, you’ve got – OK, so here, here’s the deadlines for Human Touch, if you want – and I’m going to put on this on the blog, by the way, so I’ll put that, either later today or tomorrow, on the blog, so all these dates will be there, and if you’re on our subscriber list, download the free report at the bottom of any page in our website, and you can become part of our subscriber list, but I will email you these deadlines so you know what they are, and I also email you what our specials are. So, anyway, having said that, for Human Touch, business deliveries ship no later than Friday, December 11th, same with residential deliveries, if you want white glove deliveries, ship no later than Monday, December 7th. If you’re in California, or one of the western states, those, we have a little leeway on those, but for guaranteed shipping around the country, those are the dates. And as we get closer to Christmas, I will let you know if there’s still time to get those things – like for example, white glove delivery, we have it – if you’re a California resident, a Southern California resident, we’re right there, we can pick it up for you, and deliver it for you. We can get that done probably the week before Christmas, so anyway, that applies to everybody, anybody, so any of these chairs. If we can get it in time, the guaranteed nationwide delivery are these dates, but if you’re local to where the chair’s being shipped, we can get it to you quicker. Alright, for Ogawa, let’s see, the guaranteed delivery date for white glove is 12/4, which is tomorrow, and curbside delivery is 12/11, that’s guaranteed. For Infinite Therapeutics, white glove, the 8th, guaranteed, standard delivery, the 14th, and for Luraco, the iRobotics 7, December 11th, for delivery before 12/24, and of course, they mention here, ‘providing no snowstorms for the truckers to deal with,’ that’s a fact, Jack. These chairs sometimes get stuck in snowstorms, or these trucks get stuck in snowstorms, and that can delay it a day or two, so just make allowance for that too. But December 11th, for Luraco, and I assume that is for regular delivery, they didn’t mention white glove delivery, and for Inada, it says – what was their date, shipping date by December 10th, oh no, sorry, no, no, no, no, that’s the – oh, December 8th – sorry, December 10th was the DreamWave ‘Red’ is back-ordered until December 10th. December cutoffs for full-service delivery, which is white glove delivery, to the East Coast is December 8th, but as you move further west, well, it gives you some time, maybe another day or two. So, just so that you know, those are the shipping deadlines, don’t delay, don’t wait, or you will be sorry, and of course, then you’ll get mad at me for not being able to get you the chair on time. There’s also expedited shipping around Christmas, but man, it’s expensive, I’m telling you, it’s rich. It’s not something that you just want to – if you’re, if you’ve got a real tight budget, you do not want to do expedited shipping, it’s like $1000, something like that, so get, and that’s – remember, we do free delivery on all of our chairs, but expedited delivery’s on you. If you want that, to get it by Christmas, because you’re a professional procrastinator like I am, well then, you’re going to be – it’s going to cost you, and doesn’t procrastination – well, no, sometimes procrastination saves us money, because sometimes we put off things we should be doing, and we put them off, put them off, put them off, and we don’t – and we end up not doing them, we don’t spend the money on whatever it was that we had to spend, and nobody noticed. So, we save money, but sometimes, if you procrastinate and you’ll wait until the last minute, it costs you money, so just FYI. Alright, now, what else can I tell you about? I told you about the new chairs in the showroom, the Christmas deadlines, the new Infinity Escape, the sales that we have going on, the store update, I think that’s pretty much all that I’ve got to tell you. It’s an exciting time of the year, this is what we live for, and I got to tell you, when I was in California, I was training all day with the staff, because we were learning the chairs all day long, how to process orders, etcetera, etcetera. I was up at 6 in the morning, taking care of, you know, recording some videos, and then – and answering emails – then I’m at the store all day, training people. We had no lunch, any of the days I was there, we didn’t have any lunch. We had candy at the showroom, so we ate a lot of Kit Kats and Skittles, and I don’t feel very good, because of it now, and then at night, I would get back at around 7, have dinner, and then I was on the computer, answering emails, processing orders until 11 o’clock at night, go to bed, wake up the next morning, same thing, and you know what? It was awesome, it was exciting, because this is the best time of the year for our industry, because it’s so busy, and so exciting. So, anyway, just wanted you to – I don’t know why I shared that with you – but I did, so there you go. While I was in California, I got to visit a couple of old classmates from college. I haven’t seen one of them in 25 years, and it was outstanding to see my old friends. It just – I’m not exactly sure what joy is – but the few times that I’ve experienced amazing joy, it’s when I’ve been around people that I really care about, and love, and not seen them in a while, and get to see them again for the first time in years, that just brings so much joy to my heart, I can’t even tell you. So, maybe the tip for today, if there should be any tips in these things, go out and reconnect with somebody that you haven’t seen in forever, and go see them, spend some time, and rekindle that friendship. It is awesome, and you know, I had just the most wonderful time with my two friends, one was a wedding with, so I didn’t get a chance to visit too much. It was his daughter’s wedding in their backyard, and it was cold, man, it was cold. It was in Temecula, Southern California, and you know, it’s – I come from Utah, and it was like – it’s 20 degrees here, but there it was like upper 40s, or early 50s, low 50s for, at night, and man, it was cold, but we sat out there, and shivered, and hugged, and talked. But my other friend in Cambria, that was outstanding, hadn’t seen him in you know, quarter of a century, and we just – it was like we’d never been apart – it was that awesome, so go out, and visit somebody, go do something good with somebody, and have some fun, and rekindle, and have that joy. Anyway, I guess that’s about it for this week. It’s the 3rd, so we’ll be doing another one in two weeks, so that’ll be around the, say around the 16th, so there will still be more information before the end of the year.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: But anyway, if you have any questions, give me a call at 888-259-5380, don’t hesitate to call, we’re always available. I am swamped busy, but I will take your call. If you have to leave a message, I’ll get it, I’ll call you. Also, and just have a fantastic holiday season, enjoy yourselves. If you have any other questions, give us a call, but if you found the video helpful, please thumbs up ‘Like’ us on YouTube, and share us on Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Please help us spread the word about massage chairs, tell others about the chairs that we have in our showroom, tell others about the sales we have, and help us spread the word. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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