Massage Chair Industry Update - April 27, 2017 (Video)

April 29, 2017
 By Allison Bricker
April 29, 2017
 By Allison Bricker

Massage Chair Industry Update - April 27, 2017 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled "Massage Chair Industry Update - April 27, 2017"

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Alan: Hi, I'm Dr. Alan Weidner from '' and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Thursday, April 27th, 2017, lots of good stuff to cover today.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: As far as stock goes, I think we're pretty good. I haven’t received any notifications of stock, you know, being out of stock, even though I know that the Novo XT, and I believe the Titan Executive are still kind of low on their low end of the stockpile, but there's still chairs available, from what I understand.

[SCREEN TEXT: Inada DreamWave Price Increase to $8999]

Alan: OK, I found out a couple weeks ago, and we made the change accordingly on our website, that the Inada DreamWave has gone up to $8999. It was $8799, and it's boosted back up to $8999. That chair, as you know, or as you may or may not know, is a Japanese-made chair. It had been, for years, kind of the iconic chair of the industry. It kind of changed the whole industry when it came out in 2009, the design, the styling, the use of airbags. It was really quite an innovation at the time, and of course, other chairs have tried to copy it and imitate it, and it still has a very unique feel to it. It's the only chair that I've heard people actually say it feels like human hands, but you know, like all Japanese chairs, it's lacking in certain features that a lot of the Chinese and the American chairs have, like foot rollers, and zero gravity, and butt rollers, and whatnot, but still a very, very, very good chair. And of course, Inada has come out with their new Inada Nest, we don’t have that in our showroom yet. We hope to have it on our showrooms this quarter, but that chair is a smaller chair, it looks more like the Flex 3s, but it has a more intense massage. And it has the independent 3D-suspension, if you will, of the rollers, as well as the different massage ball surface shape is different, more like a pumpkin, as opposed to a round, circular ball. Anyway, OK, so the DreamWave is up to $8999.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Human Touch ZeroG 3.0 Now on our Website]

Alan: We have added the ZeroG 3.0 on to the website, which is kind of a little bit of a lesser version than the 5.0, the ZeroG 5.0. They used to have the ZeroG 2.0, and the 4.0, but those have been discontinued, that body styling has been discontinued. I think you can still get those chairs on Human Touch's website for, you know, until they're sold out of their existing stock. But the 5.0 is a nice chair, the 3.0 has the same styling, it has the 3D-roller massage, it has the paddle technology in the calves and the feet, it has the foot rollers, nice chair for the money. And the 5.0 is $2995, the 3.0 is $2295, or sorry, $2999 and $2299. It doesn’t have the Body Map Pro, I think it's missing the foot vibration, and a couple other things, but a very nice chair for the money. The ZeroG 3.0, that is now on our website, for those of you that want to peruse that.

[SCREEN TEXT: Mother's & Father's Day Sales]

Alan: OK, so we've got Mother's Day coming up, and Father's Day, and so sometimes the massage chair companies will put out sales for the May and June time period, and so far, that we have been notified of, Human Touch will have a sale starting May 1st, so starting next week. They will have their WholeBody 7.1 priced at $1499, instead of $1799, and the ZeroG 5.0, which I just told you about, will be at $2699, instead of $2999, and the Novo XT, which is their new 3D L-track chair, will be available for – it's still at the same price, it's $7999, but you get a $500 Visa gift card every time you purchase – every time you purchase, I'm sure you're going to buy 5 or 10 of them, but when you purchase that chair, there is a link that we will direct you to that will give you an opportunity to sign up for $500 gift card, Visa gift card.

[SCREEN TEXT: $700 Off Luraco iRobotics 7 May 1 - June 19]

Alan: And so, that is Mother's and Father's Day – oh, and Luraco is going to have $700 off on the iRobotics 7 – and they did it a year ago, they did it at Christmas time, they give the $700 only a couple times a year, it's not very often. But it's the iRobotics 7, which is the American-made chair, great chair, high-end chair, regularly $8490, it's going to be on sale for $7790. So, those are the Mother's and Father's Day sales that we're aware of, and those sales are going to be available from May 1st until June 19th. And I'm sure Ogawa will continue their sale, they have a May 3rd deadline, I think right now, for their current sale, which I've talked about over the last couple of months on this industry update. Their $500 off their Ogawa Smart 3D, $250 off their Ogawa Active SuperTrac, and their Ogawa Refresh has $200 off. So, those are the sales that I'm aware of that are available right now. We have, oh, speaking of the Novo XT, the Novo XT, the article, I finally have the article up, they are making some software changes to the remote control, with regard to the 3D-roller intensity, but that chair, that’s a very nice chair. And that chair, it surprised me when it came out because of the price point, $7999, I didn’t think a $7999 chair, Chinese-made chair, would sell at that price, but it has been selling, it's a fairly popular chair. It's a good fit, people like it, but anyway, I finally wrote my review on it. It's like a 2000-word review, and somebody on my YouTube channel mentioned that it's too long, my review article's too long, and I've been accused of a lot of things before, but I don’t think I've ever been accused of writing for too long. But anyway, I'm going to write a condensed version, I guess people on mobile phones are having trouble following because the script is so small, and it's way, or the font is so small, and on the small, little phone, that article goes on forever, and ever. So, I'm going to cut that down to a condensed version, maybe 500 articles, or 500 articles, 500 words, so that you can go on my website, and whether it's mobile or desktop, and you can read that article a little easier. So, for those of you that don’t want to read too much, and I know we're getting to a point where people just want information quick and fast, they don’t want to spend any time reading in-depth articles. But if you want to read the see the in-depth article, it's on my blog right now, or my article library on my website, I'll have the condensed version probably next week, for you. So, sorry about the length of it, I do have a tendency to get a little verbose orally, but now that I'm writing, usually I try to keep it short, but that one was not short. But you know, I'm covering a lot of stuff, eh, like I'm reviewing a chair, and it's a good chair, and I want to review it right, and I want to have the right information on there, so you know, I go in to some detail, I offer my opinions on a few things. So, I, you know, I got to write some content, man, I got to give you something, I got to give you something to grab on to, so you know whether that chair is right for you.

[SCREEN TEXT: Johnson Wellness Making A Comeback?]

Alan: Anyway, OK, Johnson Wellness, now, Johnson Wellness is a company that is based out of of Taiwan. Their American distributor is in Wisconsin, and their chairs originally are from Taiwan, I don't know if they're still made in Taiwan. But here's the deal: we used to sell their chairs for a brief period of time, maybe a year, we had chairs on our website, and in our – we had one of their chairs, the J6800, in our showroom – and it's a nice chair. It's got, I don’t even remember the features of it, but what they did was they told us they were going to have their chairs branded under other name brands, and resold, and so we had to take the chairs off of our website, and of course, I sold the floor model because it wasn’t even going to be around anymore for people to study and learn about, so I sold the floor model. Anyway, the Navitas Sleep, as you may be familiar with, is a chair from Human Touch that was built in conjunction with Johnson Wellness, and I really liked that chair. They discontinued it, I think there are still like 20 models, or 20 units, left, but I really liked that chair, because it had like 39 programs, it had calf rollers, up and down the sides of the calves, foot rollers, zero gravity, I thought it was a great chair, and I had it in both of my showrooms. But anyway, and they also had a chair, I think the Apex Regent, through Osaki/Titan, and they also had a label chair through Cozzia. Apparently, all those are off the table now, and they are going back to becoming their own distributor. So, I've been notified of this, and we're kind of waiting for – I don't know exactly what I'm waiting for, but I think we're going to be – oh, I'm waiting for all the information about the chairs, so we can add it to the website, and add the specs, and add the features, and have everything on the website. But they’ll have three models, the J68, the J58, and the J56, I think, from Johnson Wellness. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know. Some of you may have remembered those chairs when I had them on the website, but you know, then they went, and they did their thing with these other companies, and now they're going back to their own distribution, mostly because they want to have control and autonomy over the customer support. They had three different companies, with three different styles of customer support, and it was different, and they kind of wanted to consolidate that, and that’s why they're coming back out with their chairs under their own label again. So, that’s interesting.

[SCREEN TEXT: New YouTube Videos for Novo XT & Osaki Pro Summit]

Alan: Also, let's see, oh, as far as the Novo XT goes, and again, sorry to belabor this point, but I did also post a couple of videos on our YouTube channel, as well as a couple of YouTube videos about the Osaki Pro Summit, L-track chair from Osaki. So, I've added four new videos in the last couple of weeks from those chairs. I will be doing a comprehensive series of videos for the Novo XT, because it is such an interesting chair, and a fairly popular chair, so I'll get more videos out on that within the next couple of weeks.

[SCREEN TEXT: Southern California Store Has Reopened After Flooding Incident!]

Alan: OK, our store, I told you about the flooding in the store in California. The toilet pipe broke off, and it flooded everywhere, man. It did the neighbor's, it did ours, and so I went to the showroom last week, and I worked there for the Thursday, because my staff were off, and I worked there, and I saw firsthand what happened to the store. And the carpet was bubbled up, and you know, the seams were torn, so that they could get the fans underneath, and dry it out. There was, the walls were cut off, and I may have mentioned this in the the last industry update, I can't remember, but the walls were cut off about two feet off the ground, because the drywall had soaked up the water. Anyway, I went there, and of course, all the damage came from the bathroom, so I go there to work, and wouldn’t you know it, all that other damage is done throughout the showroom, the bathroom is in perfect condition. There was nothing wrong with the bathroom, you would never know that that was where the leak was. Everything was fine, I was nervous about going in to the bathroom, because you know, water settles, and mold, mildew, but it was fantastically clean, and the showroom didn’t smell. And I was worried that it was going to be a kind of a mildew-y, you know, smell that comes from wet carpet, or whatever. But we're getting that fixed, we're finally getting that fixed, but we are open, and I think I mentioned that last time, we are open. So, the store is open. You can go to the California showroom, and of course, it's been fairly steady since we opened back up again. But anyway, just to let you know, the Southern California store is open. We are going to have the – oh, we're going to change the color of the carpet too – what we have is we kind of have this blue, really nice, kind of light blue walls, and we had kind of a brown, like a light brown carpet. Well, we're going to go with a gray carpet, which will kind of match the chairs and the paint a little bit better. And so, it'll be a little bit different in there, but it's going to be, it'll be nice again. The showroom is beautiful, duh. If you ever get a chance to go there, go check out the showroom, it's a very nice showroom. Well, in my humble opinion, it's better than my Utah showroom, and it's a little bit more contemporary, a little bit more spacious, it's got more models, it's a nice showroom, go give us a visit. And if you want to come from out of state, remember we have our Out-of-Stater program, and so you can come from out of state, fly in from out of state, or come down from Northern California, or Arizona, or Las Vegas, or wherever you want to come, and we have discount – well, it's kind of like an air, or travel credit – so if you come and you buy a chair for under $5000, you get a $300 travel credit, and that’s put toward the price of the chair. If it's over $5000, you get $500 off. So, anyway, if you want to come to the California showroom, when you're going to Disney Land, or going to Sea World, or whatever, or Seven Flags, or Six Flags, whatever it's called, come on over, and combine it with a visit to the showroom, and you know, it'll be worth your while. OK, now, listen, on my Facebook page, OK, so I hire a company that puts up – as you know, I write articles, I write articles, I post videos on my website all the time – but I've hired a company, or I hired a company a couple of years ago to write interesting health article reviews. Sorry, I'm going to sneeze. Excuse me. And of course, I don't know how to edit that out, so you're going to get stuck with the sneeze. But anyway, this company has been, for a couple of years, writing like little capsule summaries of articles that have to do with health. I love the service they provide, I love that it creates this additional information about back health, overall health, stress relief, all kinds of things health related. Well, I got a scathing message from one of customers who had purchased a chair, and he had called me names, and stuff, and he said that there was an article on there that, or one of the articles that was written in summary about, was, it kind of mentioned a derogatory comment about a political figure, and I was so shocked by this. First of all, I was shocked that one of my customers would come back at me like that. Secondly, I was shocked that there would be something offensive on my Facebook – this was on my Facebook page – on my Facebook page. And thirdly, I just get, like I get really anxious when people are not happy with whatever service we're providing, whether it's our content, whether it's our chair service, whether it's the shipping, whether it's whatever, I'm always, you know, I'm always very, very careful about making sure people are taken care of. Well, this threw me for a loop, so I looked, and I checked out the article, and sure enough, it was something about post-traumatic stress syndrome, and how some political figure didn’t understand it, and you know, kind of in a mocking, condescending way. And that ticked me off, because I don’t care what your political leanings are, I'm not a political-commentary person. I'm not the kind of guy that has opinions about – and even if, well, I have opinions, but I'm not – I'm a massage chair salesman. My opinion on politics has nothing to do – or my opinions on religion, or my opinions on economies, or – like my opinions really don’t matter. All my opinions matter about, have to do with massage chairs, and how they help you with your body. That’s what I'm an expert at, I am not an expert in these other things. So, I'd like to apologize for that post, I've had it since removed. It was also put on my Twitter feed, and it showed up a couple of times, I deleted it. I apologized to my – I really apologized to my customer – I put an apology on my Facebook page. I'm very sorry if any of you saw that thing, and it wasn’t grossly offensive, but it bugged me, because it brought politics in to my realm, which is healthcare, and massage chairs, and back pain, and stuff like that, and kids' health. And that’s stuff that’s important to me, not you know, some commentary on a political figure, or a political leaning, or whatever. So, I apologize, and I encourage you to look at my Facebook page, and my Twitter feed, you know, follow them, and if you find something offensive, please let me know. And if it is something like that, let me know, and I'll – I did raise some cane with the company that did that – and they contacted me two or three times, and apologized, and said that that will never happen again. And anyway, so, needless to say, I was sucked in to a situation which I did not like, but for which I am ultimately accountable for, right? I mean, it's my website, it's my Facebook page, it's my Twitter feed, I am accountable for what shows up on those properties, and so the buck stops with me. But I was not happy about it, and I apologize if anyone's offended, it was very embarrassing to me.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: Anyway, you know what, I think that’s about it for this week, eh? So, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to give me a call at 888-259-5380, oh, there it is. And if you have any questions about chairs, or about health, as it relates to chairs, you know, feel free to give me a call. Don’t call me about any political stuff, because I really am an ignorant guy about stuff like that, I know a few things, but that’s about it. Don’t call me, don’t ask me about stuff like that. But anyway, you could ask me questions about hockey, that I don’t mind, I'm pretty opinionated about hockey. And as a matter of fact, my Edmonton Oilers won yesterday, for the game one, in the second round of the playoffs, after not being in the playoffs for 11 years. This house is a happy house right now. The children, we're not beating the children anymore, I'm not throwing rocks at neighbors, I'm not breaking bottles over people's cars, all that has stopped now, since the Oilers have made the playoffs. Of course, I'm being factitious. But anyway, feel free to call me if you have any questions about anything. I'd love to answer your questions, help you make a decision about which chair is right for you. I'm always available. Of course, you can chat online with us, you can go to my Facebook page, comment through Twitter, questions through our YouTube channel, whatnot. We just appreciate you, you know, asking away, and letting us help you make that decision.

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Alan: So, if you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up 'Like' us on our YouTube channel, and of course, share this video, if you found it helpful, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, whatnot. We appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. I'm Dr. Alan Weidner from ',' and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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