L-Track vs. J-Track – The Massage Chair Dictionary (Video)

September 27, 2018
 By Allison Bricker
September 27, 2018
 By Allison Bricker

L-Track vs. J-Track – The Massage Chair Dictionary (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “L-Track vs. J-Track – The Massage Chair Dictionary”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com‘ and today for our Massage Chair Dictionary term, we’re going to talk about L-track versus J-track.

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Alan: Now, in the past, I’ve talked about L-track versus S-track. As we know, the S-track is the roller, the shape of the roller curve, that follows the curve of the spine. So, here’s the neck, here’s the mid back, here’s the low back, and here’s the beginning of the buttock, or what we call the SI joint, that is an S-curve. When you add the L-track, that means that the curve, or the roller track, continues on under the butt and under the seat, and so now you’ve got – and you can actually see the shape – more or less the shape of the body, this is the L-track.

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Alan: So, all the chairs, whether it’s an L-track or an S-track, have the S-shape of the roller curve, they all have that. The L-track just doesn’t end here, like a regular S-track, it continues on underneath the seat and massages the back of the hamstrings, the glutes, and the piriformis muscles. Infinity has come out with a chair called the Infinity Presidential, which has a J-track. One of the drawbacks of an L-track is that you cannot flatten out the L-shape, because this is a metal frame, and it’s fixed. So, the chair can’t flatten out to give you a good stretch, and a pure S-track chair, like the Infinity IT-8500X3, or the Luraco iRobotics 7, or the Ogawa Smart 3D, or Touch 3D, or the Titan Executive, they can flatten out because they don’t have that L-portion, and so it can give you a better stretch. Infinity came up with a solution to that called the J-track. It has the same curve, S-curve of the spine, that it follows.

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Alan: So, you’ve got your neck, your mid back, your low back, and then it comes down to your SI joint, but rather than going across horizontally, it comes down at about a 90-degree angle, and this is the J-track. So, what that means is, now when you recline this chair, you can recline it farther back, because you’re not fixed, like at a 90-degree angle, it’s a 45-degree angle. So, the chair can recline, and the seat will go down, not completely horizontal like a pure S-track, but like it’s closer than an L-track. So, that is the advantage of a J-track, and the rollers still come up to meet the butt. So, if this is the buttock of the person, and this is their head, this is their legs, the rollers can still reach up to the base of the – or to the hamstrings, to the glutes, to the piriformis muscles – and still massage, and it’s a very good massage, the Infinity Presidental’s got a great massage in this area.

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Alan: But now you can see what the difference of a J and an L-track are, better stretch on a J-track, better stretch on a J-track, and a lot of people love a stretch, they want to have a good stretch program, and they also love the L-track, getting their butts massaged. Well, now you can kind of take care of both things with a chair like the Infinity Presidential.

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Alan: I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and in the meantime, if you’d like to spread the word about massage chairs, and share this on your social media platforms, we would be very grateful for that. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com,’ and I will see you again on the next video. Bye bye.

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