New Massage Chair Models!

December 12, 2018
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
December 12, 2018
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

New Massage Chair Models!

We are smack dab in the middle of the busiest time of the year for the massage chair business. Many massage chair companies introduce or release new models in the 4th quarter to help jump-start their holiday sales. This year is no different. Right before the Black Friday Weekend, the following models were added to our site, with the permission of the massage chair companies involved.

Three of the new models we carry are from Infinity. These models are not really new, but circumstances have changed that now allow us to carry them on our site and in our stores. First of all, our status as an online massage chair retailer for Infinity has changed to be now considered a Furniture Store. As a result, we can carry these three Infinity models. The Riage x3 was once a Brookstone exclusive, but since that company is now defunct we can carry it in our showrooms and on our website. The Smart Chair x3 had been previously tested on a limited basis but is now available for full distribution. The Genesis was originally a limited release exclusive that is now also available for distribution through Massage Chair Relief.

The other three models in our list are completely new. I’ll give a brief overview of each model below.

  1. Infinity Genesis – This is a 3D L-track model with a beautiful, modern design. Also
    Infinity Genesis massage chair

    Infinity Genesis

    includes space saving technology, a USB charging station, zero gravity, BlueTooth connectivity, foot rollers, rocking technology, Apple & Android apps, 64 airbags, adjustable shoulder airbags, and automatic electronic foot extension. This is a very popular model.

  2. Infinity Riage x3 – Another 3D L-track model with a similar feature set to the
    Infinity Riage x3 massage chair

    Infinity Riage x3

    Genesis, less the USB charging station, the space saving technology, and electronic foot extension. A different feel than the Genesis but a great buy because of the price point. I remember always getting calls about this model when it was at Brookstone. A lot of folks liked it and wanted to know if we sold it. Well…now we do!

  3. Smart Chair x3 – This model is very similar to the IT-8500×3, which we already carry. It’s primary differences include the full synthetic leather arm rest upholstery (rather than synthetic leather and plastic material), a better stretch program, chromotherapy,  and some subtle programming changes.
  4. Health Mate HM-5200 – This is a new model for a new brand. The chairs are
    Health Mate HM-5200 massage chair

    Health Mate HM-5200

    “Made in Korea”, and Health Mate is based in Southern California. Features include 3D L-track, 2-stage zero gravity, mechanical foot AND calf rollers, adjustable shoulder airbag positioning, heated rollers, 5 year limited warranty, USB charging port, and a space saving technology.

  5. Fujimedic Kumo – The brand and model come from the same folks who bring us Cozzia and Ogawa chairs. As a
    Fujimedic Kumo massage chair

    Fujimedic Kumo

    matter of fact, the Kumo is a very similar chair to the popular Cozzia QiSE, except it is assembled and tested in Japan. The packaging says “Made in  Japan”. I know the components come from the EasePal factory in China, so I assume the chair must be assembled and tested in Japan in order to have the “Made in Japan” attribution. This is also a 3D/4D L-track and it’s features include mechanical foot rollers, 64 airbags, zero gravity, space saver, heated knee & calf therapy, 3 year parts & labor warranty, heated rollers, memory function, and BlueTooth connectivity.

  6. Positive Posture Sol – The Sol is the follow up chair to the Brio, which came onto the scene a year or so ag0. The Sol is a smaller chair packed with great massage features, including L-track, zero gravity, back heat, space saver, and USB port charging station. It is a small chair, what we have coined a “gamer chair”.

Other new models will be out within the next few months, including the new Infinity Overture and the Health Mate HM-8200. I’ll let you know about those models when they arrive.

You can tell that the industry is certainly leaning heavily on the L-track style of chair. All of these models are L-tracks and more will be coming. But, remember, if you want a fabulous stretch, you’re going to have to think about the S-track chairs. L-tracks aren’t known for their stretch programs.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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