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Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair

Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair

PRICE: $5,999.00 Best Price Guarantee

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Infinity brings functionality and sleek design together in the Riage x3. Upholstery and plastic give this chair a very modern and contemporary design, but it is the function of the chair that shines. 3D L-track rollers plus 38 airbags to massage your whole body, 2 zero gravity positions, Apple and Android app functionality, BlueTooth connectivity, music sync, and posture correction will leave you with a feeling of renewal after a session.


Dr. Alan Weidner supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  • 49" Roller Track - The Riage x3 has a roller track that massages the buttocks and the top of the hamstrings. The track extends the length of the chair, from the head down to the knees and the rollers do the rest. If this is something you've never experienced before you'll love the therapeutic benefits of this feature! 
  • Zero Gravity - Two zero gravity positions available to cater to the tastes of different users. The bottom line is that you will love having your spine decompressed by the zero gravity position and, if you suffer from low back pain, get some pain relief.
  • Lumbar Heat - A low back heating element will further relax your tight and sore muscle tissue. 
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers - Foot rollers are something that you need to try to believe. It has become a very popular and sought-after feature in pretty much all massage chairs nowadays...and the Riage x3 has them! Infinity pioneered the use of foot rollers in all their chairs and the Riage x3 is one of the most popular models with it.
  • Speakers and Music Synchronization - A music system, including speakers and massage synchronization. The massage in the chair will work to the beat of the music you have playing through the built in music system. 
  • 38 Airbags - Although rollers are the dominant feature of this new and innovative chair, you still get your fill of airbag therapy: arms, calves, feet, shoulders, waist, and seat.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity - You can run your chair from your smart phone! Now you have wireless control of your massage chair. 
  • IOS and Droid Apps - Download the app for your phone and you can control, through the above-mentioned bluetooth connectivity, the function of the Riage x3 massage chair.
  • Multiple Massage Techniques - Kneading, rubbing, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, including combinations of each built into the 9 auto programs. 
  • Posture Correction - The Riage x3 shoulder airbags compress the front of the shoulders and pin them against the chair back, thus working on the slumping posture that is so prevalent in our sedentary society. When you are done with your massage session, and get out of the chair, you will feel like you are standing an inch or two taller.
  • Stylish Design - The Riage x3 design lends itself to a very contemporary and stylish look, built in one of the top massage chair factories in China. 
  • Up to 30' Massage Sessions - You can have a massage session for either 10, 20, or 30 minutes long.

Recommended User Height (approx.): 4'11" - 6'5"
Recommended Max. User Weight (lbs): 300 lbs.
Power Consumption (Watts): 240
Colors: Black, Brown
Chair Weight (lbs): 250 lbs.
Dimensions-Upright (H" x W" x D"): 56" X 34" X 47"
Dimensions-Reclined (H" x W" x D"): 37" X 34" X 74"
Warranty (parts & labor/parts/frame): 1st year parts and labor; 2nd years parts; 3rd years structure
In-Home Warranty Service Period: 1 year
# Motors: 8
Manufacture Country: China

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Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair