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Fujimedic Kumo Massage Chair

Fujimedic Kumo Massage Chair

PRICE: $8,999.00 Best Price Guarantee
- $2500 Instant Savings on Apr 21, 2019
2-Year Extended Warranty - $699.00

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The first "Made in Japan" L-track massage chair, the Fujimedic Kumo showcases a very rich feature-set that includes foot rollers, 4D L-track rollers, knee and calf therapy, 2-stage zero gravity, BlueTooth technology, chromotherapy, multi-language remote control, space-saving, memory function, and a 3 year parts and labor warranty.


Dr. Alan Weidner supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  • Made in Japan - The first L-track massage chair that is "Made in Japan', which always connotes superior quality.
  • L-Track - L-tracks are all the rage in the industry and the new Fujimedic Kumo massage chair has one! A 44" roller track length will reach all the way from the neck down to the butt muscles. The design of the roller system allows for the rollers to actually hit the gluteal and piriformis muscles, in many cases helping some sciatica issues.
  • 4D L-Track Roller - This chair also has a 4D L-track, which means that the depth and speed of the rollers can be adjusted, thus giving you, the user, the ability to increase or decrease the roller massage intensity. A very convenient smart dial is located on the right arm rest that allows you to easily adjust the roller depth and speed.
  • 64 Airbags - Airbags everywhere you'd expect a new massage chair to have them, i.e. shoulders, waist, seat, arms, hands, calves, feet, and more.
  • 2-Stage Zero Gravity - If you want to put your body into the most comfortable and least stressful position, try out the zero gravity feature of the Kumo. Zero Gravity is pretty much a must have nowadays in a massage chair. It has been proven to be the most efficient way to position your body for relaxation and longevity.
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers - Rollers under your feet rotate forward and back to stimulate your reflexology zones. You will feel like a new person after this experience, especially if you are on your feet a lot throughout your day.
  • Multi-Language Remote Control - Adding only what’s needed and removing the rest is a traditional Japanese design approach and is the inspiration for the simplified interface that controls the Kumo massage chair. With a tap on the seven-inch touchscreen control panel, you can switch between English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Kumo’s easy-to-use wired-touch pad controls the chair’s massage functions, allows for saved custom massages, and even displays what features your current massage is using
  • BlueTooth Connectivity & Chromotherapy - Connect your device to this chair via the BlueTooth technology, listen to your favorite music, turn on the LED light patterns and your chair and room will be turned into a auditorium of relaxation, therapy, and mood.
  • Space Saving Feature - Perfect for tight spaces or smaller living spaces, the Kumo has a sliding base that moves the chair forward before reclining, thus allowing you to put the chair within 5" of your wall.
  • Heated Knee & Calf Therapy - The Kumo is the first massage chair with 3D knee technology that combines air compression with heat therapy to massage the knees with adjustable airbags.
  • Heated Rollers - The roller balls are heated to provide a comprehensive heat therapy along the entire lenght of the spine as the rollers move up and down your back.
  • Memory Function - If you create your own custom program, you can save it and use it as your own each time you come to sit in your chair.
  • 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty - Most chairs have a 1 year parts & labor warranty, with a second year of parts, and a third year of frame/structure coverage. The Kumo comes with a three year parts and labor warranty with the option for an additional 2 years of parts and labor as an extended warranty option. Usually, it can be said that a better warranty means a better chair!

Recommended User Height (approx.): 5' - 6'4"
Recommended Max. User Weight (lbs): 265
Power Consumption (Watts): 200
Weight (lbs): 276
Dimensions (H" x W" x D"): 48 x 33 x 62
Warranty (parts & labor/parts): 3 yr
Manufacture Country: Japan


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Fujimedic Kumo Massage Chair