New Massage Chair Models Galore!

August 28, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
August 28, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

New Massage Chair Models Galore!

It certainly is the season for new chair models to hit the market. It seeems that we get more new models just before the 4th quarter and all the shopping fun associated with Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Well, we have some new models to tell you about, mostly from Osaki, but a little bit from Infinity and Luraco as well:

  1. Infinity Iyashi – I’ve already spoken and video-taped quite a bit about this new chair from Infinite Therapeutics. This is the first chair to offer a 49″ roller track. It was supposed to arrive on August 29th, but it has been delayed and will be arriving in the USA on September 6.
  2. OS-7200CR

    Osaki OS-7200CR – About a month or so ago, Osaki upgraded their popular OS-7200H by adding mechanical foot rollers and a dome-like cover to the top of the chair back. The OS-7200 has been a very reliable chair and I suspect that the CR and Pro Dreamer iterations will be just as good.

  3. Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer – A step further from the OS-7200CR and you have the OS-3D Pro Dreamer which boasts the 3D roller intensity adjustment. This chair was introduced just a couple of weeks ago and has already garnered a lot of interest from massage chair enthusiasts (yes, there are massage chair enthusiasts out there. As a matter of fact, I am one of those!).
  4. Osaki OS-Pro Marquis – This is a new chair that Osaki will be coming out with soon. The body style looks like it comes from the same Chinese source/factory as the Osaki OS-7075R. It has a pretty cool design and a “heat belt” that can be put anywhere on the body while the user is in the chair. According to the brochure, this chair also has mechanical foot rollers and some dandy lower back airbag functionality.
  5. Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent– That’s the big chair below! Yet another “coming soon” chair from Osaki (they are going hog wild this season with new models!), the Intelligent has some interesting features: arm airbag mechanism that retracts into the TOP of the arm rests. They are totally obscured from view when the chair is “parked.” This seems to contribute to the look and feel of a normal-looking recliner chair. Other features include 3D roller intensity adjustment technology, retractable ottoman ala ZeroG 4.0 and HT-9500 from Human Touch, and last, but not least, spinning mechanical rollers in the feet that will also move up and massage the calves (I’ve not seen this before on any of our massage chairs, so I am excited to see how it “rolls”). This rolling ball, according to the brochure, seems to be differentiated from a set of mechanical rollers under each foot.
  6. Luraco iRobotics 6S – Luraco is upgrading their flagship iRobotics 6 massage chair with the 6S. There are a few tweaks that merit the upgrade: English, Vietnamese, French, and Spanish voice responses, built in music system speakers, improved massage profile/software (especially for foot massage), optional Bluetooth control with free, downloadable app (the customer can control massage chair from their Tablet or Galaxy phone).

Well, there you have it! New models galore…and just in time for 4th quarter shopping frenzies.

Dr. Alan Weidner


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