Massage Chair Industry Update – 08/27/13 (Video & Transcripts)

August 30, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
August 30, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – 08/27/13 (Video & Transcripts)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – August 27, 2013”

Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today is our bi-weekly massage chair industry update for today August 27th, 2013. We have some things to cover with you that are kind of cool, especially coming out of the Osaki camp.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: Osaki, well, let me go in to stock first of all, that’s usually what we do when we start things off. Osaki, or sorry, Osaki has, the only chair that’s back-ordered from Osaki is the 7200H in ‘Ivory’ color, and that’s for another couple of weeks. The Inada Sogno is back-ordered in the ‘Black’ leather only, and that’s back-ordered until September 12th. The new Iyashi chair that I’ve been talking about the last few weeks, which I’m really excited about, which I really love, is going to be coming out this week and they do have stock, but the majority of the stock is going to be in the ‘Red’ color. I think three quarters of it’s going to be ‘Red,’ the other quarter is going to be the ‘Caramel Brown’ color. That’ll be out this week on the 29th is when it’s supposed to land here in the U.S., but if I get an update, a further update in to that, I’ll mention it in the blog. Anyway, that’s about it, all the other chairs seem to be in stock as far as I know.

[SCREEN TEXT: Increased Inventory for 4th Quarter Shopping]

Alan: So, it’s a good time for stock, and you’ll see that the companies will start to beef up their inventory right before – well, not before the fourth quarter – well, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, so October, November, December, you’re going to see the companies start to beef up their inventory because of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the Christmas, all those things that are going to start happening. Of course, those are exciting times in the massage chair industry. We sell a lot of chairs at that time, people getting them as Christmas gifts and getting them before the end of the year with their, you know, their flex-spending accounts or their HSA accounts, so you’ll see a lot of chairs coming, a lot of chairs will be available. You should have good stock to pick from, in the early stages, as you get closer to Christmas, the stock dwindles pretty quick and then you’re kind of left with whatever is available. Act early if you’re going to be getting anything for Christmas or for the, you know, for the Thanksgiving time.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Osaki Models!]

OS-3D Pro Dreamer

OK now, here we go, Osaki has really been active lately. They’ve been very active with getting new models out, and some other models that may be coming out fairly soon as well. Now, as you know, Osaki has the Osaki 6000, which is a chair that they discontinued. They still have some stock left and I actually have one in my showroom that I’m selling, but the Osaki 6000 was upgraded to the Osaki 7200H. It’s the same chair, exact same chair, except the 7200H has heat, so they upgraded the 6000 to the 7200H. Well, then just a few weeks ago they upgraded the 7200H to the 7200CR, which introduced mechanical foot rollers on to that chair.

[SCREEN TEXT: 7200H vs. 7200CR vs. 3D Pro Dreamer]

Alan: Just a week ago, they upgraded the 7200H to the new OS-3D Pro Dreamer, which is the same chair as the 7200CR, except now it has 3D massage, which means – and 3D massage was pioneered by Inada with their Inada Sogno, the trend-setting Sogno – but all rollers in all chairs go up and down and side to side, 3D means they go up and down, side to side, and forward and back.

[SCREEN TEXT: 3D Massage Technology]

Alan: That is a very sophisticated way to adjust the intensity of the rollers, so that when you’re laying on the chair if you want to make it more intense, you increase the forward motion of the rollers, if you want to decrease the intensity, retract the rollers. Anyway, this 3D thing is starting to catch on now and other companies are having it now on their chairs. Osaki and Infinity have typically not had intensity adjustments on any of their chairs. Well, now Osaki’s added it to this OS-3D Pro Dreamer chair. Now, as of today, the pricing is – the 7200H is $3495, the 7200CR is $4495, and the OS-3D Pro Dreamer is $5295 – and this is after instant discounts that Osaki allows to advertise the chairs for. So, there’s instant discounts and make sure you take advantage of those on our website when you buy these chairs, but know that those are the after-discount prices of these models. Now, I should also mention, the 7200CR, not only did they add the rollers, but they added a dome. It’s kind of like a little dome, I mean, it doesn’t cover your whole head, but it kind of covers the top of the chair, and this dome really cleans up the look of the chair, I think it’s really a nice, clean look, but they added that. The 7200CR first had that, and now the OS-3D Pro Dreamer has that feature as well. So, it’s a little different look, but the basic massage is the same. I understand they’ve tweaked the motors a little bit, but I can’t quantify that, I don’t know what that means. They say that the motors are – a better motor, or something like that – but I won’t know until I get one in the showroom and I can try it out. Anyway, those are the things that are going on at Osaki.

[SCREEN TEXT: More New Models Still to Come from Osaki?]

Alan: They also have a couple of other models that they’re toying with and they’ve created fliers for us to peruse to see what we think of them. They’re different body designs, and very different from what the 7200 is or what the 7075 is right now, but they are working on a couple of other models. We don’t know yet if they’re going to for sure introduce them in to the market or not, but there seem to be plans for it. One is a cheaper – well, they may be both a little less expensive chairs, I’m not sure what the pricing is – but interesting, interesting features, and I’ll keep you posted as I learn more about them. They have names for them, but I can’t divulge that at this time, and I will keep you posted as they – see, this is the thing, I learn about a lot of things beforehand, but the companies tell me, ‘Don’t talk about this on your blog or on your videos’ – so I have all this knowledge that I want to share with you, but I can’t tell you yet because it’s not disclosable. For example, one massage chair company has, you know how the new Iyashi has the 49-inch roller track – well, one company, and I can’t say what company it is because they kind of abandoned the project and I don’t want to bring it up – but one company that I learned of two years ago had a chair that had rollers that went down the back, on the seat, and down in to the calves. So, it was a full spine, I mean, I mean full spine down to the ankles, roller system. It was pretty cool and I really liked it, but it was a prototype and I saw it in Las Vegas at a seminar or convention there. I sat in it and I liked it, but the Iyashi has now come along and been the first company to actually introduce an extended roller down to the buttock and thighs and I think it’s fabulous, as you know, I’ve shared that before. I know, I learn about all these chairs and I can’t really say anything until they give me the go ahead.

It’s kind of amusing, you know, one company in particular always says ‘Now Dr. Weidner, make sure you don’t say anything,’ and I go ‘I know, don’t say anything, you know, don’t write about it yet.’ So, they always have to be careful because, you know, I have the great opportunity to blab as much as I want based on these videos and on my blog. Anyway, as I learn, and as I’m told that I can divulge it, I’ll share it with you. So, as I told you, the Iyashi is coming out this week. Oh, getting back to the Osaki quickly, they’re going to phase out the 7200H now. Now that they have the 7200CR and the OS-3D Pro Dreamer, they’re going to phase out the 7200H. I understand they’ve got a shipment coming in and they’ve got good stock of it, just like they still have some stock of the OS-6000, but they will not be making more after these shipments are sold out.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Infinity Iyashi Arriving This Week to the USA!]

Alan: The Iyashi is coming in this week, I’m excited about the Iyashi, we have a number of pre-orders on this chair. I think people are going to be – people are excited about it, I have a lot of views on my YouTube videos, and I’ve only popped out three videos since – over the last three weeks we’ve put out three videos. One that introduces you to the Iyashi, one that is a first time use video that shows you how to use the chair for the first time to make it easy for you, and we put out a video last Wednesday that went over the roller system, the 49-inch roller system, which I think is just the real selling point for this chair. We’ve got another video coming out tomorrow and I think it might be on the sliding base, I’m not sure, I can’t remember, but we’ve got another video coming out tomorrow on the Iyashi.

[SCREEN TEXT: Iyashi – A Top Seller?]

Alan: The chair comes out this week, so it will be available and you will be hearing and seeing much more of this chair. I kind of have a feeling that this will be a top-selling chair. I kind of had the same feeling when the Sogno came out, I had the same feeling when the Osaki 7075 came out, and they have been very popular sellers, and I think this Iyashi will be a popular seller.


Alan: The biggest obstacle to this thing is the aesthetics. You know, people are used to the traditional black or brown chair, full cover of synthetic leather upholstery – well, this one has a white plastic exterior with a synthetic leather interior, which has unique colors, the ‘Red’ and the ‘Caramel Brown’ – but it’s a nice looking chair. I think, you know, I mentioned this before but when my delivery guys unpacked the chair for the first time, both of them, who are young guys said ‘Cool, this is cool,’ and it is kind of cool. When I’ve had people come in to the showroom and they look at it typically they’ll say ‘Oh, my wife won’t like that’ or ‘It’ll take my wife a while to get used to that.’ So, it may not fit in many decorums but, you know, it’s a chair that you’re going to learn to love, and it’s a great chair. I haven’t met a person yet that did not enjoy the massage, it was fabulous, it is fabulous.

OK, what else can we talk about today. Oh, you know, some of the greatest information and some of the greatest articles I write for my blog are answers to emails that I get from people like yourself, who are looking at a chair and not sure about it, or want to find the best for their size, or best chair for their age, or for their decorum, or whatever, and a lot of the best content I’ve written are results, are responses, to these emails. I had one, I had a couple this week, actually, over the last week. One that talked about, you know, ‘If I can’t afford a Sogno,’ this is the biggest question that I get – ‘If I can not afford a Sogno, what’s the next best choice’ – so I list some choices, best choices after the Sogno, you know, the Sogno goes for $7999, $8000. I think everybody knows about the Sogno and everybody would love to have a Sogno, but not everybody can afford a Sogno, even though we offer financing and we once in a while have a floor model or a used one available, people still don’t want to spend, you know, maybe 3 or $4000. Well, there are some options and I go over those in one article. Then, in another article, we have a patient that kind of – or not a patient, sorry, that’s the chiropractor coming out in me – we had a customer call, or send me an email and say ‘OK, these are the things I’m looking for in a massage chair, I want a Japanese-made chair, I want quality, I want massage rollers and airbags, I want a large number of airbags, I want zero gravity, I want a stretching program, a great warranty and service … ‘. So, they list all these things, and you know what, it’s a great idea because, you know, you want to get a chair that’s best for you, and as I’ve said many, many times before, it’s hard to find one chair that fits everybody’s needs. I mean, I would love to create a chair that does that and I put out a blog post a few weeks ago asking, you know, ‘What would you have in the ultimate massage chair,’ and we had some feedback along with the points that I liked about the different chairs that I’d like to see in one model, but you know, it’s hard to find one that caters to everything that you want. So, I answered that question as best I can and you might want to take a look at that article, it might give you some ideas of what models might be best suited for you based on the feature sets that are out there, and other things including, you know, country of origin, the warranty plan, et cetera, et cetera.

[SCREEN TEXT: Like, Share, +1, Pin, Tweet, Subscribe – Keep it up!]

Alan: OK, and we’ve added, one thing that I love is – one thing that I just love is when people go to my blog, or my YouTube videos, or my website and they ‘Like’ us, you know, they either ‘Like’ us on Facebook, or they share us on Facebook, or they Tweet about us, or they ‘Pin’ up a picture of one of our chairs on Pinterest, or they subscribe to our YouTube channel – I just love it when people do that because it means there’s a conversation of massage chairs out there and people are engaged in that conversation. I love being in the middle of it, to be honest with you, because I love massage chairs and I love what, you know, the direction that the massage chair industry is heading. Well, you good people are the – I can’t do it all myself, the massage chair can’t do it all themselves, it’s ultimately you the consumer who is the one that ultimately spreads the good news or the bad news about massage chairs and makes or breaks this industry. So, when I see people ‘+1’-ing us on Google Plus, or sharing us on Facebook, or sending out a Twitter, or a Tweet, or subscribing to our YouTube channel, and ‘Liking’ our YouTube channel videos, I love it because that means that people are engaged in this topic and I want to encourage you to do that, so please go, you know, on all of our blog posts, and on our website we have, you can either mouse over an image if you like a chair a lot, and you can ‘Pin’ it, you know, by clicking on the image. You can, on the bottom and top of every massage chair blog post, or article post, there’s a list of things you can do. You can either ‘+1’ it for Google, you can of course Pinterest it, or ‘Pin’ it, you can ‘Like’ it, you can subscribe, or share it, whatever. These are all little things that we have on our various social media properties that you can do to help, you know, build up this industry because it’s a relatively infantile industry in the United States. In Japan, I think the numbers are huge, like I think 30 to 40% of households or businesses have massage chairs. Here, it’s like, you know, I don’t know, I heard it’s like 10% or less than 10%. This is a big market and people are under stress here, man, there’s a lot of pain and, you know, musculoskeletal pain and whatnot, and stress and the chairs are wonderful and they’re going to become a bigger and bigger part of our society. So, thanks for sharing and spreading the word about that. Well, I think that’s just about it for our massage chair industry update this week. We will be putting out – I’ll have another one out in a couple of weeks – but we’ll be putting out some other videos on our YouTube channel in the meantime. Again, please feel free to watch the videos, subscribe to the channel to get notified whenever we have a new video, please enjoy the videos, enjoy these blog posts, ‘Like’ us, share us, ‘Pin’ us, ‘+1’ us, whatever you’ve got to do to spread the word, we do appreciate it. Thanks for watching today.

[SCREEN TEXT: Anything You Want Me to Talk About?]

Alan: If you have any topics, or concerns, or questions about chairs, or things about the industry that you want me to answer or want to know about, give me a call or send me an email, your email just might end up on our blog. and ultimately on our industry update or on a video, so we do appreciate the feedback. I read every email and I try to answer every one – or no, I do answer every one – and some of them we try to put on our blog because it’s such good information, either the question is such a good content question, or the response is so rich with content that we have to share it so other people can glean something from it. Please, thank you for being involved. We appreciate your, you know, support in following the videos, reading the blog posts and being involved in this industry, and of course, owning a massage chair if you do, and if you’re thinking about getting one, get one, you’re going to love it, and you’ll be even more of a fan. So, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ have a fabulous day. We’ll see you in two weeks. Bye bye.


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