Massage Chair Industry Update – April 5, 2019 (Video)

April 6, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
April 6, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – April 5, 2019 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – April 5, 2019”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Friday, April 5th, 2019. Thank you for spending some time with me this morning. OK, we’ve got kind of some good news – well, not kind of – we’ve got some great news coming up, and I think I’ll just lead with that.

[SCREEN TEXT: The New DreamWave M.8 Coming to Massage Chair Relief!]

Alan: We have the new DreamWave M.8 massage chair. I had some videos about this when I went to the Consumer Electronics Show and the Furniture Market, both in Las Vegas, both in January. And in one video, I interviewed Cliff Levin, who’s the president of Furniture for Life, which is the parent company over Inada USA, DreamWave, Panasonic, Varier products, Positive Posture chairs, anyway, and then, Ian Hayes from Furniture for Life also gave us a demo of the DreamWave M.8, when we were at the Furniture Market. But anyway, we’ve had those videos on our YouTube channel, and we’ve alluded to them, but we’ve had to wait until May or June, because the model that we would be carrying, which was the MDX, which is like the M.8, but without the neck pillow rollers, there’s some rollers in the neck pillow of the M.8. That was an exclusive chair, the M.8 was an exclusive chair for another chain, but that exclusivity has changed, and so we just found out this week that we can carry that in our showrooms. So, we’ve ordered two floor models, one for our Utah showroom, and one for our Southern California showroom, and those chairs should be in this next week. So, we will finally have the DreamWave M.8 in our showrooms, and I’m looking forward to doing reviews on it.

[SCREEN TEXT: DreamWave M.8 Article – Discussing Unique Features of the Chair]

Alan: That chair, I wrote an article, by the way, just this week, for the blog post. You can take a look at that article on my article library, or blog, and I talk about the features that make the M.8 kind of unusual, or not maybe unusual, but unique and different, and as we’ve mentioned before, it’s a chair that’s like the original DreamWave Classic. It’s made in Japan, with some imported Chinese components, and but some of the components, and some of the, and the programming, and the assembly, and quality-control testing is done in Japan in a manufacturing factory in Japan. So, anyway, we’re quite excited about that. The price of that chair is going to be $9499, and we will have that, it’s available for pre-sale right now, and I’ve had a lot of people inquire about that chair. So, we will have – you can purchase the chair – now we’ll actually, as a matter of fact, I don’t have it up on my site yet, because we just received, we finally, we received all the final, the feature set. It’s two pages of features that we always inquire our suppliers about when they put out a new model, so we can have our comparison chart updated. And so we finally just learned about all the features of the chair, and so that will be, I’ll put that up today, and we should have the DreamWave, the chair, the actual DreamWave M.8 up on the website today, sometime later today, or tomorrow morning. So, anyway, that’s news about the DreamWave, we’re quite excited about that.

[SCREEN TEXT: The New Infinity Overture Massage Chair in Both our Showrooms!]

Alan: Also, we’re excited about finally having the Overture in our California, the Infinity Overture, which is their latest model, which has a wireless remote, which has the, it has the calf airbags that oscillate, calf rollers, it has a voice activation program, so you can talk to the chair and tell it what to do. That is a very, very nice chair. I saw that one also at the – I get them mixed up now – I think that was at, was that the Furniture Market, or CES, I think it was at the Furniture Market, I can’t remember. But anyway, I saw that chair there, and I’ll be going out to Infinity to visit them, and try the chair out, or not try the chair out, we have it in our showroom, but I’m getting the Utah showroom one this week as well. But we will be going out to Infinity to interview them about the new model, and reacquaint with those guys, who we really, really enjoy our association with. So, anyway, that’s new, so we have the new Inada, the new DreamWave M.8. That will be coming to our showrooms next week. I think my California one may be in the showroom today, I know it’s ready for pick up today, because their distribution warehouse is in Southern California, but the one shipping to our Utah location should be there next week. And then also, the Infinity Overture, which we just got in our California showroom this week, and which we will have in our Utah showroom next, maybe today, but probably early next week. Alright, enough of that.

[SCREEN TEXT: Discontinued Models]

Alan: Now, let’s talk a little bit about chairs that we’re going to be saying farewell to. The Osaki Summit and the Osaki Dreamer, which have been around a long time, and have been, you know, popular sellers over the years. Those chairs are being discontinued when their stock expires. The prices are pretty good right now, I think they’re $3999 for both, so you can get the Osaki Summit and the Osaki Dreamer for sale prices right now, until they’re out of stock, and then they’re gone. And then also, the Ogawa Smart 3D, which is a pretty cool chair in that it has the wireless tablet, the Samsung tablet, if you remember, and you can download programs, and you can save programs all from this tablet. Well, they’re discontinuing that as well, but right now, the only color that’s remaining is the ‘Cappuccino,’ and they’re low in stock on that, but once that stock is gone, that chair will be discontinued. They also discontinued their model called the Evol, the E-V-O-L, which is a lower-priced chair, which we don’t carry, or that we chose not to carry. So, they discontinued that as well, but they are getting some new models, and I haven’t heard anything about them, but as soon as I hear from them, I will let you know.

[SCREEN TEXT: Fujimedic Kumo in our California Showroom]

Alan: And of course, Ogawa is kind of the same, the parent company is the same as the company for Cozzia, and the Fujimedic Kumo. By the way, we have the Fujimedic Kumo in our California location. A nice, a good chair, it’s basically the Cozzia Qi SE, but with a few different components, and some of the programming, and some of the components are made in Japan, and the chair is assembled and tested in Japan, but we have that also new in the showroom. So, yeah, we’ve had a lot of turnover of new chairs, and it’s kind of exciting in the showroom. So, anyway, so we’ll see what the new models from Ogawa are going to be, I heard they’re coming out in like June, but I will let you know, but I will let you know as we learn more about over time. Sorry about that sound.

[SCREEN TEXT: Human Touch Novo XT2 Price Increase to $8499]

Alan: OK, also, oh, the Novo XT2 went up in price last Monday, a week ago Monday, to $8499, just so that you know. That’s a great chair, and of course, we talked about the Super Novo, which is coming out in May or June as well, and we’ll give you more information about that as it becomes available.

[SCREEN TEXT: FDA-Approved Massage Chairs? False Advertising!!]

Alan: We also, I also wrote an article this week about, and you know, generally in these massage chair industry updates, I talk about some of the pet peeves I have in our industry, and I’ve talked about, you know, no-name brands, I’ve talked about 3D and the word 4D, and how that’s kind of just weird, and I’ve talked about chromotherapy, and some other things that are maybe just more hype than anything terrifically significant. Well, FDA-approved massage chairs has been a pet peeve of mine for a while as you probably are aware. Anyway, I wrote an article about it this last week, and I would love for you to take a look at that. It talks about what FDA approval really means, and why massage chairs are not FDA approved, nor do they need to be ever. The companies that sell them can be FDA registered, which most companies are, but if you see the words ‘FDA approved,’ know that you are being misled, or that that is being misrepresented, because that truly is false advertising. But anyway, you can read my article about it if you’d like to read about it, and of course, I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my ‘Fake Reviews,’ article, which I wrote a few weeks back, and you take a look at that one too. Those are a couple of my pet peeves.

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Alan: But anyway, I think that’s just about it for this week. If you have any questions, feel free to get a hold of me, I’m always available. You can reach us on the phone number at 888-259-5380, you can email me, you can chat with us online, you can make comments on our YouTube videos, on any of our YouTube channel videos, or on Facebook, or whatnot. I’m quite accessible, so anyway, we’d love to have you reach out if you have any questions. I hope you found this video helpful.

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Alan: If you did, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and of course, please help us spread the word about massage chairs by sharing this video, or any of our other videos, on your social media platforms. Anyway, have a fantastic day. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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