Arm & Elbow Airbags – Luraco Legend Massage Chair (Video)

April 4, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
April 4, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Arm & Elbow Airbags – Luraco Legend Massage Chair (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Arm & Elbow Airbags – Luraco Legend Massage Chair”

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Luraco Legend PlusAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about the arm and elbow airbags of the Luraco Legend.

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Alan: Now, the elbow airbags are unique to this chair. You can see here that it’s got arm airbags, you got shoulder airbags here, but then you’ve got a spot for your elbows, and this is really, I think, the only chair that I’m familiar with that actually has airbags that can work on the lateral and medial epicondyles, and the extensors and flexors of the wrist. Epicondyles are on the elbow, but the muscles that move the wrist up and down insert on the inside and outside of the elbow. So, this is the extensor muscles that adjust, or that are inserted in to the lateral epicondyle of the elbow, and the flexion are muscles that are inserted on the the medial epicondyle.

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Alan: So, that is kind of unique to this chair, and getting in to the chair, it’s a little bit different than a typical chair. Most chairs, you can just get in, get in between the shoulder airbags, and slide your arms in the armrests. This one is a little different. You got to pull the elbow airbags out, it’s got a little bit of some flexibility there, so it can fit bigger or smaller arms, and then you put your arms inside the arm airbags. So, you see that I’ve got airbags around my elbows, and airbags around my arms. Now, I’m going to turn this on, I’m going to turn the remote control on, and then I’m going to just isolate the function of the chair to the arms, and the elbows. So, what will happen is this chair, of course, it will recline to a default position, as most chairs do, this one really goes back quite a bit, and this chair also has the L-track, and foot rollers, and zero gravity. Now, you’ll notice both hands are inflating at the same time. You might want to zero in on that. You can see that my hand is being squeezed by the airbags, and it’s a sequential inflation, so you’ll see, and now you’ll see the elbows are inflating, both at the same time.

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Alan: Most chairs will inflate one side, and then the other, so if you have to get out of the chair, in an emergency, both your arms are not trapped inside the airbags. Now the arms are going again, and you’ll notice when the arms go, the front airbags go first, the fingers, and then the wrist and forearm go. See, now the fingers are going, now the fingers are being compressed, and now after that, the, you’ll see the airbags farther up my arm go, and that compresses my wrist, and the bottom of my forearm. Now you see the elbow airbags inflating, on both sides of the elbows. So, those are the arm and elbow airbags of the Luraco Legend, and again, what makes it unique is that you have elbow airbags, instead of just arm and wrist airbags, and the arm and wrist airbags are sequential, what I call sequential. You have the fingers inflate first, then the wrist and forearm, and then the elbow, so it’s all one sequence, up and down. But that is it for the arm and elbow airbags on the Luraco Legend.

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