Mail Bag – Panasonic MA70 vs. Dreamwave; Pro Cyber vs. Short Folks; DreamWave Remote Idea

August 1, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
August 1, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Mail Bag – Panasonic MA70 vs. Dreamwave; Pro Cyber vs. Short Folks; DreamWave Remote Idea

Dear Alan, I have scoliosis and arthritis and had initially thought to buy a Panasonic EP-30007. I am 5’tall and like firm massages and a good stretch to get me out of spasm. I’ve had one lower back surgery thus far ( synovial cyst ) and one bout of shots to numb nerves for sciatic and severe pain.


Years ago at a Las Vegas trade show I thought the Panasonic was the best chair but as I recently started looking around for a showroom ( east coast NYC area) to try one I discovered out of three showrooms, NY, NH and PA, no one had a Panasonic on their floors even though they sold their chairs. I was told consistently that they had old technology and people didn’t seem to like them so the owners did not want to take up space on them. I tried contacting the Panasonic Website for a place to try them in my area but got no response.
When I read comparisons I can’t seem to tell that the technology is old. I will say I recently replaced a fifteen year old hand held “long reach” neck massager by Panasonic and the new replacement is a pathetic version of the old one. I thought maybe there could be a decline with their chairs also. If old technology is a reference to blue tooth and music etc. though, I really don’t care as it’s all about the massage and stretch.

I did try and like the Inada DreamWave but needed to take the pad off the neck area for that to be strong enough. Great stretch though but not as good in foot area as other chairs for the money. I really had not planned to spend so much on a chair. I am willing to try more chairs but wanted to ask you if you have any insight into Panasonic response I am getting before I let go of the need to try one. I was also told they are primarily pursuing the Asian market and are less active here now.
Thank you.

Hi, Cheryl
Thanks so much for your email and great questions. I have the Panasonic MA70 in my showroom and have not experienced any problem with the technology. Actually that model is newer than the Inada DreamWave. Both chairs are phenomenally well made and durable chairs. I sell quite a few of the MA70 and my customers are very happy with it, although I do sell more of the Sogno and some of the Chinese-made chairs. But that doesn’t take anything away from the MA70. Panasonic just doesn’t promote their chairs like other companies that are solely dedicated to the massage chair industry.

It is a very easy to use chair and doesn’t take up the space that the newer designs do, ala DreamWave, etc. The MA70 has stretch programs but not the same as the Sogno.

The Panasonic MA70 has a very firm massage and is especially good in the neck and shoulder area. The rollers are also very good in the low back region. I think the foot and calf airbags are more effective in the DreamWave.


OS-3D Pro Cyber

OS-3D Pro Cyber

Hi Dr. Weidner, I wish I had learned about your website before purchasing Osaki OS-3D Cyber Pro from Costco. I am only 4’11” tall and has a very petite frame so despite the descriptions saying it has body scan to customize the massage it was never hitting the right spots for me (in fact it was hitting the bone on my shoulder blade), and my feet could never touch the feet rollers unless I don’t sit all the way back. I read your article on suggestions for massage chairs for a petite 4’10” woman and it was so informative. Now I am in the process of returning the Osaki and I would greatly appreciate it if you can give me some advise to purchase from your website. I would like to hear your suggestions on which ones of the chairs that are good for petite users have seat heating feature and gives very gentle massage? Most of my pain is from the stress of shoulders, upper back and lower back due to lots of baby carrying and standing. I’m sensitive to cold and can only tolerate mild massage. Thank you, Vickie

Hi, Vickie
Thanks so much for your email. Yes, the Cyber is not great for folks under 5’5″ tall. I have that chair in my showroom and we have had issues with the shoulder airbags not fitting right as well.

Finding a chair that has a very gentle massage with seat heating is going to be difficult. There is only one chair with seat heating and that is the Inada Dreamwave but the heat feature is at the back of the seat and is so subtle that you will not even notice it. The DreamWave is the one chair that has a gentle massage and can fit your body frame. You may just have to do without a strong built-in heater. You can always use a heating pad, which I know some of my customers do. The DreamWave has a fabulous low back, neck, and shoulder massage. In the neck you can either use the airbags in the headpiece or remove the headpiece and let the rollers work on your neck. Great chair.

Now, many of the chairs have low back heat, but the rollers are more intense, like the Cyber. You might consider the Panasonic MA70, which has a more vigorous default roller massage but it has a big pad that can be used to damper the massage intensity. The pad is actually designed to be used when the chair is not being used as a massage chair but as a regular recliner chair. It offers more padding to support the areas of the spine that need support when the rollers aren’t being used. But, the pad can really, really damper the intensity of the rollers. The other great thing about the chair is it’s heated jadestone rollers. The rollers are actually heated and they roll up and down your spine, offering heat along the way to the whole length of the spine. The rollers do a great job on the neck, shoulders, and low back. Fits short folks too (4’6″ – 6’2″)!

I fear most of the other chairs will have too vigorous of a massage. You can always fold up a throw blanket or towel to put behind your back where the rollers are too intense. One other chair that has everything you are looking for, except for the gentle massage, is the Infinity IT-8500. But, again, you can always use a towel or throw blanket as padding.

I hope this helps. I am always at your disposal should you have other questions or need assistance with your order. If you want to go for either of the sale prices, let me know and I can send you a promo code or just take your order over the phone.

Love your youtube videos! I recently got the Inada Dreamwave (wish I had bought it from you but got a great deal on a floor model from a local place that was stopping selling them). The one thing I missed compared to the OSIM iDesire (the rebranded Inada D.1) I had before was the remote control holder. I found a great solution though so I thought maybe other Dreamwave owners would like this trick too:

This cost me $15:

It can clip onto the bottom frame of chair (it hooks under bottom and stays well) and holds the remote perfectly.

Some pictures:


Great idea for folks who want a pedestal onto which they can put their DreamWave remote. Thanks for the tip. I’ll add it to my blog.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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