The Improved Inada DreamWave!!

August 4, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
August 4, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

The Improved Inada DreamWave!!

DreamWave 2_FM_3090 On August 1, 2014 Inada rolled out an upgraded version of the famous Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. They have renamed the chair Inada DreamWave for ease of pronouncement (“Sogno” was just hard to pronounce!) and have added some features, the list of which I will outline below.  Before I do list the changes in the chair, I might mention that it seems to me that most of the changes are programming/feature changes, with very few actually being hardware changes. In other words, I believe the motors, air compressors, and roller systems are all the same. 

Here is a list of the upgrades:

1. 16 Auto Programs vs. 8
Each of the 8 original auto programs now has a deep relaxation version of the program. Deep relaxation, according to Inada USA, means that the roller stroke is deeper and longer than the standard programs. So, all you have to do to get to the deep relaxation version of a program is hold the program button down for a little longer and then you will be in the deep relaxation version of the program. If you want to use the original 8 programs, just push down the program button once as before and that program will start.

2. 30 Minute Sessions vs. 15 Minutes
You can set two programs up consecutively, each program being 1 minutes long.  Let’s say that you want to start with the “Morning” program and follow that up with the “Stretch” program. You will press “Morning” on your remote and then the button light will flash. At that point you can select the “Stretch ” button and you will have set up two consecutive massages, 15 minutes each for a total of 30 minutes.

If you  want the same program to run consecutively, then just press the same program button again when you see it flash after your first selection. Using our previous example, if you want to enjoy the “Morning” program twice in a row, the select “Morning” when you first make your selection after getting into the chair, then press “Morning” again to renew it for the second 15 minutes.

3. Auto Recline
Previously, you had to recline the chair using the recline button. Now, when you select a program a button, the chair will auto recline. This is a very convenient feature that is common in most other chairs. Of course, once the chair auto reclines, you can still adjust the chair positioning from that point using the recline and ottoman position buttons.

4. Auto Restore
When you are done with your session, just hold the recline button for 2 seconds, listen for the beep, and then let go…your chair will restore itself to the neutral position. In the prior version the user had to hold the recline button until the chair was restored to the neutral position.

If you want to restore the chair to the neutral position in the middle of a program, just press the “Power” button and the chair will return to the upright position.

Dreamwave_2.0_Cream_Front__36465. 360 Degree Forearm Coverage
The air cells in the forearm airbags have been redesigned to give more advanced and complex movements as well as give the forearms 360 degree coverage.

6. Backlit Remote Buttons
When the chair is used in a dimly lit room, it has been tough to see the buttons on the remote. Now, the remote is backlit for easier visibility.

7. Additional Bicep Padding
For a smaller body frame, the previous model would, at times, be uncomfortable in the upper arm area. Extra padding has been added to correct his potential discomfort.

8. Seat and Back Heat
The previous model had a heating element in the sacral area (back of the seat), but the heat was unrecognizable to the user although the therapeutic benefits were still effected. Well, in the new version a stronger heating element is now present in the seat and the back…and the user will feel it!

9. Sound Insulation
In a previous article, I graded the level of noise of each chair in our showroom. The Inada Sogno was one of the quietest. Well, with additional air pump insulation, the chair is even quieter now. You will have no trouble relaxing in the DreamWave at all.

10. Increased Air Bag Intensity
The capacity to provide more air pressure in the air bags has been increased with an adjustment to the air pumps.

11. Manual Mode Instant Start-Up
In the older version, when you selected a manual programming feature, the chair would immediately go into the body scan. You could not adjust the manual settings until the scan was complete. Now, you can go right into the manual settings and circumvent the body scan altogether.

12. Price
The old Sogno was priced at $7999. The new Dreamwave is priced at $8499, with the premium leather upholstery priced at $9499.

Dreamwave_phone_3706 Here are a few other features of note: dark grey colored base, deep shiatsu sole massage inserts, remote readout scroll speed changed for improved readability, and a smart phone pocket (good idea since phones often fall out of our pockets when using any massage chair).

We will have our new DreamWave up in our showroom in the next day or two. I just received a phone call from the shippers that it is being dropped off today. I will sit in it once we have it assembled and give you my first impressions.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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