3D L-Track & The New Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

December 18, 2017
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
December 18, 2017
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

3D L-Track & The New Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

We have added quite a few new chairs to our website over the last few weeks, including the Infinity Presidential, 3 Johnson Wellness models, the Inner Balance Jin, the Synca CirC, the Ogawa Touch 3D, the Ogawa Refresh Plus, and the Luraco Legend. We still have the Titan Pro Jupiter XL, the new Panasonic MAJ7, Ogawa Active L, and Osaki TW-Pro 03 massage chairs to add to the site as well.

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Over the last two weeks we have also added the Infinity Presidential and the Luraco Legend to our showrooms. These are much needed 3D L-track chairs that customers want to know about. 3D L-tracks are a relatively new phenomenon and, until the Human Touch Novo XT massage chair came along, we didn’t even have one on our website or in our showrooms. Now, we have the Novo XT, the Positive Posture Brio, the Luraco Legend, and the Infinity Presidential.  All great chairs, all quite different. Osaki just announced their new Ekon, yet another contribution to the 3D L-track market.

I thought I’d type a few words and comments about my first impression of the Infinity Presidential massage chair. It is an L-track, but also considered a “J track”, which means that the track shape is a little different to accommodate more horizontal flattening of the seat and chair back and, thus, facilitate a better extension spinal stretch. The biggest knocks against any L-track vs. S-track chairs is the weaker stretch programs in the L-track chairs. The Presidential seems to offer a flatter recline and a stronger extension stretch for the user.

Infinity Presidential massage chair

Infinity Presidential

It has a strong roller massage at it’s maximum 3D roller depth adjustment. It is a noisier chair than the Novo XT from Human Touch, but offers a bit stronger roller massage at the maximum setting. It can handle a bit wider body size, while also being able to handle a fairly tall individual.

I like the quick keys it has at the bottom of the remote. These keys save you from having to go into the menu and scroll up and down looking to adjust settings. You can adjust the 3D roller depth, the air bag pressure intensity, scroll through the auto programs, and more from these buttons. It makes it so easy to operate the chair from these 8 buttons. Of course, you can go into the menu, which is quite intuitive, to operate all functions of the chair.

There is a program button called “Hot Rocks” which, from I have been told, is a semi automatic program that has 5′ increments with each push of the button and heats up the rollers of the chair. The chair already comes with heating elements for the back, seat, and feet, but by pushing the Hot Rocks button, you can get the rollers to heat up and give you a more comprehensive heating effect.

Well, there are some things to chew on about this chair. It is priced at $8495, which seems rather high, but it seems to be well received by everyone who has sat on it so far in our showrooms. I’ll write a more comprehensive review and post videos about this chair in the near future.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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