This & That…Used Chairs, UL Certification, and More

September 24, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 24, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

This & That…Used Chairs, UL Certification, and More

I’ve got a mixed bag of stuff to cover today, so here it goes…

ul logo1. Luraco recently received a UL Certification for their family of massage chairs. What does UL Certification mean? You have probably seen the UL logo on many electronic devices. I know I have. Here is a link to a site that answers the question about UL Certification…

A simple definition of UL Certification is “Underwriters Laboratories grants the UL mark for products that are tested and found compliant to a specific established set of standard tests.” (

I am not aware of any other massage chair companies that have this certification in the US.

2. I have two used massage chairs for sale:

a.) Panasonic EP30007 (black) – this chair was returned by someone after only 1 month of ownership. It is in pristine condition and is already packed up and ready to go. The folks who returned it decided to get a used Inada Sogno instead. I am selling this chair for $3499 (regularly $3999). I’ll pay for the shipping, NO sales tax if you live outside of Utah, and the 3 year parts and labor, in-home warranty is in full effect.

b.) Infinity IT-8500 (dark brown) – I came to work yesterday and I customer of mine from Brownsville, Texas was waiting for me at my showroom with his IT-8500 to return. He didn’t want to pay the high shipping fee so he rented a uHaul trailer and drove the chair 16 hours to my showroom to bring it back himself. It is in perfect condition, as well. As with the Panasonic 30007, I will pay for shipping, NO sales tax, and the warranty is intact (1 year parts and labor, in-home; 2nd year parts; 3rd year structure/frame). This chair is going for $3295, but is normally our top selling model at $3695.

If either of these chairs interests you, call me at 888-259-5380 and I’ll process the order for you.

3. As far as stock goes, the IT-8200 in brown and taupe is back ordered for another 2 weeks, as are the brown, taupe, and ivory OS-7075R from Osaki. The black leather Inada Sogno is back ordered until October 6.

luraco_app4. I mentioned in a previous post that Luraco has come out with their app in the upgraded iRobotics 6S. This app is available for Droid devices and gives the user the ability to customize the massage experience on the chair, including the ability to adjust roller and airbag intensity. See the screenshot above.

I will be going over these and other items on this week’s Massage Chair Industry Update. Stay tuned…

Dr. Alan Weidner


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