Osaki OS-Pro Marquis & OS-3D Pro Intelligent – Literature Reviews

September 26, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 26, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Osaki OS-Pro Marquis & OS-3D Pro Intelligent – Literature Reviews

OS-Pro Marquis

OS-Pro Marquis

Osaki has been really active in the new model department over the last few weeks and months. I have already discussed the new models in previous posts, but thought today I’d go over the major feature-sets of the new OS-Pro Marquis and OS-3D Pro Intelligent. Each chair has something quite unique that contributes to the market, rather than just a subtle spin on other models.

I don’t have either one in my showroom yet, but am thinking about getting the Intelligent. At that point I can write a real, experiential review. But, for now, these reviews are merely literature reviews, based on the information provided to me by Osaki. Here we go…

OS-Pro Marquis

The moment I saw the images of this chair, I knew it was made in the same factory as the popular Osaki OS-7075R model. It has a similar body-styling, which was a dead giveaway! A few other features of the chair were reminiscent of the OS-7075R as well, including the remote control built into the arm rest, mechanical foot rollers and vibration in the ottoman, 46 airbags, a 31″ roller track, and lights (chromotherapy) on the outside of the chair body.

The “Swing” and “Twist” airbag programs in the lower body seem quite similar, if not exactly the same, as the airbag massage of the low back in the OS-7075R. I won’t know for sure until I try it out in person.

Other than those features, there are a couple of different features which make this model quite unique:

  • Music system – an SD card accompanies the chair onto which you can download all your favorite music files. The SD card fits into the remote control and your music is adjusted from there. The foot vibration can be synched with the music, which makes for an interesting novelty. This chair is supposed to have high quality acoustic speakers, located at the top of the chair on either side of the user’s head, as part of the music system.
  • Portable heat – this feature is reminiscent of the old Ceragem massage tables that had a portable heater that the user could place anywhere on the front of the body while the massage was working the back. The Marquis has incorporated that feature. It is like a heating pad that can be moved wherever the user wants to experience the heat. By the way, the chair also has regular, built-in heating as well.
  • Sliding base – like the Infinity Iyashi, the OS-Pro Marquis has a sliding base which allows the user to place the chair within 3 inches of the wall. A great space-saving idea. When the chair is turned on and a program selected, the chair slides forward away from the wall before it reclines and begins the massage program. A great way to save space, but also a great way to prevent the chair from putting holes in your wall when it is placed too closely to the wall (my showroom walls have been the recipients of many a chair that were placed to close to them!).

By the way, the OS-Pro Marquis does NOT have a zero gravity feature.

Well, that’s about it for the OS-Pro Marquis. If I learn more about it, of course you will be the first with who I will share it!

OS-3D Pro Intelligent

This chair is unlike any other that Osaki has put out. It has some pretty cool features which I think will appeal particularly to those who want a massage chair that doesn’t look like a massage chair.

The retractable arm massagers and retractable ottoman completely obscure the foot and calf airbags as well as the arm airbags from view. The retractable ottoman we’ve seen before in the HT-9500 and ZeroG chairs, so this isn’t a revelation in the industry. However, I must say that the retractable arm massagers is pretty cool and new.

I had seen it once before on a chair that the Superior massage chair folks were thinking about importing. When I went to visit them in San Diego earlier this year, they had the prototype in their lobby and I tried it out. I thought it was a novel idea at the time…and I still do.

I have a lot of customers that list, as one of their “must-haves” in a  massage chair, a chair that does not LOOK like a massage chair. Well, this model provides that.

Another cool thing about the OS-3D Pro Intelligent is the foot rollers that conveniently double as calf rollers. How, you ask? Well, when you deploy the ottoman, you can bring it out to where the ottoman does not rotate and expose the foot and calf wells. When it is partially deployed, you will see on the flat surface of the underbelly of the ottoman some linen material sewn into the faux leather. These two spots are where your calves conveniently lay. The foot rollers, which are directly below that part of the ottoman can now roll upwards into the calf musculature.

I don’t know if you can visualize what I am trying to say, but have a look at the image below and it should make it abundantly clear what I am talking about. You can actually see the linen in the retracted position…

Intelligent 2

As the name implies, the chair has the 3D roller system. Again, this means nothing more than the rollers have been built to move forward and back, as well as side to side and up and down. This is a great feature that allows the user to increase or decrease the intensity of the roller massage.

Well, aside from the zero gravity feature, a 31″ roller track, a music system, and a few other standard features, that’s about it for the OS-3D Pro Intelligent.

I hope this review assists you in some way in your due diligence. Feel free to contact me directly at 888-259-5380 or alan@massage-chair-relief.com if you’d like to chat more about either of these models.

Dr. Alan Weidner


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