Space Saver – Infinity Genesis Massage Chair (Video)

May 16, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
May 16, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Space Saver – Infinity Genesis Massage Chair (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Space Saver – Infinity Genesis Massage Chair”

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Infinity GenesisAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I want to highlight a feature on the Infinity Genesis 3D L-track massage chair called the sliding base.

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Alan: Now, we don’t see this on a lot of chairs. The old Infinity Iyashi used to have it, and now the Infinity Genesis has it. And what that means is that – OK, most – this is a space-saver chair, right? So, you could put the chair within one to five inches, a space-saver chair, you can put anywhere from one to five inches from a wall, and it’ll recline, and it won’t hit the wall. On a standard S-track chair, where it’s not an L, and the chair doesn’t scoot down when you recline it, this one goes back, and it’ll hit the wall if you’re closer than like 13 inches. But these space-savers, because it’s an L-shape, it’s like a cup, it kind of scoops underneath, and stays equidistant from the wall.

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Alan: Well, this chair has a thing called a sliding base, which is another version of a space saver, where when you turn it on, the chair will actually slide forward, and then tilt back. And these chairs, you can actually put really close to the wall, about an inch away from the wall. A typical space saver is three to five inches, this one a little bit, a little bit closer even, and that’s a pretty neat feature. So, what we’ll do is, maybe I’ll have you come over to this side, Jacob, and we can film this, but you’ll see down here, watch what happens when I turn on the chair, you’ll see that the base, the body of the chair is sliding. They call it a sliding base, you can kind of, if you move in here, you can see it moving. See the base of the chair moving forward? It moves forward about a foot, and after it’s moved forward about a foot, then it reclines, and the program begins. Now, watch, see how far forward that has moved from the back of the chair? Now, now it tilts back, and so that is called, that is a feature that allows for this chair to be a space saver.

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Alan: And again, you could put it up against the wall, or I mean, pretty close against the wall. And then when you’re done, you just, when the chair shuts off, you’ll notice that the chair inclines again, and the base is starting to slide back toward the rear of the chair. That is the sliding base feature of the Infinity Genesis massage chair, very cool, space saving’s cool, especially nowadays when there’s, in cities where you can’t build very big places, where you’ve got a small house or small apartment, space saver does help. It’s still a big bloody chair, but at least you can put it up against the wall and save some space front to back.

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Alan: Well, that is it, and I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and of course, help us spread the word about massage chairs by sharing this video on your Facebook, or Twitter, or Google Plus, or LinkedIn, or Instagram social media platforms. We appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again on the next video. Bye bye.

Click on the following link to watch this Infinity Genesis massage chair tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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