Massage Chair Industry Update 09/11/12

October 9, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
October 9, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update 09/11/12

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Relief Industry Update – September 11, 2012”

Alan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we are doing our bi-weekly massage chair industry update, and today is September 11th, Patriot Day, a tough day for some, for many of us. It was a bit of a mixed blessing for our family on that day – that fateful day in 2001, we woke up to the panic of the Twin Towers being under attack, our country being under attack – but later that day we found ourselves in a hospital locally here, giving birth to our sixth child Josh, who has been a tremendous blessing to us. And it was kind of a surreal day that day, because we had this tragedy early in the day – and there were tears and emotions and anxiety and stress and sadness and sorrow, and our eyes glued to the television – and then just a few hours later, we find ourselves in a hospital, with babies being born and life carrying on, and the circle of life continues on, and it was a very surreal day. But anyway, that’s just a side-note, my son’s birthday is today, he’s 11 years old today, and we have very, very mixed feelings about this day. I get very emotional thinking about this day, because of those two extremes in, the two experiential extremes of that day, and I’m glad the day’s over, and I’m glad that America is healing, and I hope that America is healing, but I’m also very, very grateful for my dear boy, who’s such a delightful kid, and just a little angel here on Earth, and anyway, Happy Birthday Josh!

[SCREEN TEXT: Back Ordered Models]

Alan: Well, today on our update, most of the conversation will be about inventory and stock of chairs. We’ve had some discontinued models, we have a little bit of a back-order problem, not much back order right now. I think the only things that we’re back ordered on are the ‘Chocolate Brown’ IT-8200, we’re back ordered on, I believe the Human Touch 9500, HT-9500, until the, toward the tail-end of September, but this month it looks like stock is going to be replenished well, and I suspect that most massage chair companies are replenishing their stock for the Christmas season and October, November, December get to be fairly busy, that fourth quarter.

[SCREEN TEXT: Order Massage Chairs Sooner Than Later Before Christmas!!]

Alan: And I’ll just warn you if you’re a massage chair shopper, and you’re looking to get a massage chair, and you want to get it before Christmas, or even for Christmas, I would order it soon. Because as November rolls around, after Black Friday, stock just starts to disappear like crazy, and as much as the massage chair companies plan for that, there still never seems to be enough chairs with enough colors available come crunch time, that last month. And so, I would encourage you to – if you’re thinking about Christmas shopping, you know – start now with massage chairs just so that you have a good selection of the array of colors and models that are available right now, and everything seems to be pretty close to being in stock.

[SCREEN TEXT: Discontinued Models]

Alan: There are some discontinued models that I’ve been kind of surprised to find this week, Panasonic is discontinuing their MS40, they called it a massage – I think they called it a massage sofa – and it doesn’t look like a massage chair, and it looks like a regular, cloth-covered chair, but it does have massage. And the MS40 has been discontinued, I believe the ‘Avocado’ color is still in stock, but I have been told that that chair is done. So, if you’re interested in the – the ‘Latte’ is gone, but the ‘Avocado’ color may be in stock still – if you’re interested in that chair. They’re, I have no clearance prices on them or anything like that, they’re just selling off the existing stock until it’s gone, and from what I understand, no new chairs will be coming. Also, Osaki is discontinuing their 2000 model, the OS-2000 and the OS-5000. There’s still some stock available, but they will not be replenishing any of that stock, so if you’re interested in that color – sorry, in either of those two models – give me a call first, and then I can find out from Osaki if they have any still in stock, but when that stock is gone, those chairs are gone as well.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Chair Model: IT-8500 from Infinite Therapeutics]

Alan: Oh, and with all the ones that are leaving, there is a new model coming out from Infinite Therapeutics, it’s the IT-8500, and the 8500 is – it looks a lot like the 8200, which is an extremely popular chair, but here are some of the differences, of course, the price is going to be more, it’s $3995 list price instead of $3595. We will be offering a $300 coupon on that – or a promo code on that – so in instant savings, that will bring you down to $3695, but it will have the same colors as the IT-8200, the ‘Black,’ the ‘Taupe,’ and the ‘Chocolate Brown.’ Remember, that the IT-8200 did have a ‘Berry Red,’ which they recently discontinued, and they’re introducing the ‘Chocolate Brown.’ The ‘Chocolate Brown’ is back ordered because it’s color’s not been here yet. It’s supposed to be here on the 17th, and then that color will be in stock, but those colors will be available on the 8500, and then there will also be an ‘Ivory,’ available on the 8500. Now, as far as the, the functional differences between the two chairs – and you know, every massage chair company has their own names for features that they have on their chairs, and unless I have an written explanation of what the feature is, sometimes I got no bloody idea what that thing means – so I’ll read some of these off to you that the 8500 has, but I really don’t know what they mean yet until I’ve had a chance to look at the write-ups, and we haven’t got that yet. We don’t have any real images of the chair yet, nothing really concrete. But what it has, it has a ‘Spinal Correction’ feature, and – and who knows, that might be shoulder airbags that are pushing, pulling back on the shoulders to work on your posture, your front-to-back posture, when the rollers are going up and down your back, I don’t know – but, you know, we’ll see when that comes out. This chair also has ‘Accu-Roll’ shoulder massage, so does this mean we’ve got rollers on the shoulders, aside from the rollers that go up and down your mid-back, I don’t know, we’re going to find out about that too. It also has ‘TrueGrip V-Stretch,’ so the IT-8200 does not have a ‘Stretch’ program, the 8500 is going to have a ‘Stretch’ program, and I’ve written plenty about ‘Stretch’ programs in my blog. If you have any questions about ‘Stretch’ programs, just go there and type in – on the search field for my site – ‘Stretch programs’, and you will get some information on different ‘Stretch’ programs. This one will have lumbar – oh, nope, nope, no, they both have ‘Lumbar Heat’ – this one will have a headphone port. So, whereas the 8200 has a music system, which is working through external speakers, the 8500 will also have a headphone port so you can listen to music quietly, or to yourself, as opposed to having the music blaring throughout the room. It will have ‘InterSound Technology,’ no idea what that means, so let’s just hope it’s cool, but that’s about it for the 8500. So, we should be getting – I was told that we’d be getting more information about that chair this week, with high-res images and content and text that we can put on our website, so we’ll be looking forward to share that with you – but stay tuned for the IT-8500.

[SCREEN TEXT: Ivory and Butter IT-9800 Discontinued]

Alan: Also, let’s see oh, the IT-9800, they have discontinued the ‘Ivory’ and the ‘Butter’ colors, so the other four colors are still there, I think there’s ‘Black,’ ‘Taupe,’ ‘Chocolate Brown,’ ah, another color. I can’t remember what they are, but those colors are still available, however, the – oh, ‘Burgundy,’ ‘Burgundy,’ that’s the other one – those, the other two colors are gone, the ‘Ivory’ and the ‘Butter.’

[SCREEN TEXT: Is The Inada Sogno Worth Its Price?]

Alan: Let’s see, OK, I wrote an article about the Inada Sogno, and the question of whether it’s really worth twice as much money as the Sogno look-alike, or the knock-offs, and we’ve talked about these before. There’s the Osaki 3000, the Osaki 4000, the Osaki 6000, the Infinite Therapeutics 8200, and now the 8500, the Omega Montage Pro, the Montage Pro model, these are all Inada look-alikes, Inada knock-offs, and these are Chinese replications of the most wonderful chair that is out there, the most popular chair, and the most expensive chair. But is the Sogno really worth that much more, and so, I did an article – it’s a fairly lengthy article – talking about the advantages of the Sogno, where the Chinese chairs might have a little bit of an advantage, but is the Sogno really worth that much more money, and I would have to say yes it is, in summary, but go read the article, it will talk more about it. The reason I wrote that article is because I get questions all the time about, ‘Gee, the Sogno and the Osaki 6000, is there that much of a difference, that it justifies that much of a price difference?’ Well, I finally answered in this blog post, and you know, read it and enjoy it, I hope you get something out of it.

[SCREEN TEXT: IT-8200: Our 3rd Most Popular Chair]

Alan: Also, I wrote a two part review, this IT-8200 has become a very, very popular chair. Our most popular chair is still the Inada Sogno by far, then the Osaki OS-7000 is the next most popular, and then the IT-8200 has quickly moved up the ladder to number three. And so, I’m starting to write a little bit more about that chair, and I wrote a two-part article comparing it, the IT-8200, to the Osaki 7000, and then I’ll be writing an article comparing it the Osaki 6000 – or the 6000 and the 7200 – which is the same chair except for the heat, with the lumbar heat being a difference. And then, of course the – I’ll be writing one on the comparison of the IT-8200 to the – no, that’s it, those are the three chairs I’ll be comparing, the 4000 against the IT-8200, the 6000, and the 7000. And the 7000 is already on the blog, you can read about it, good article that compares the two, fairly lengthy, so if you’ve got the time to read it, great.

[SCREEN TEXT: Osaki OS-7000 vs. Osaki OS-7200H]

Alan: Oh, one thing I might mention, I had a call recently from a shopper who is torn between whether to buy the Osaki 7200H or the Osaki 7000. He had sat on a 7000 at a hotel once, and really liked it – but he felt that in the mid-back, right between the shoulder blades, where it was his greatest area of concern, his greatest muscle spasm, his greatest pain – the Osaki 7000, as vigorous and as intense as it is, and it is our most intense rolling massage chair, it did not address that area as well as he’d like. He had an old HT-135 that he was getting rid of, and he wanted to replace it, and other than Human Touch 7120, which is the current-day version of the HT-135, he wanted something with more features, like arm massage and foot and calf massage and seat massage. So, those were the two chairs he was looking at, so I have them both in my showroom, so I went down to try it out in the showroom. And sometimes you can sit on chairs all day long, but you don’t really think about certain aspects of the chair and the function of the chair until someone asks you a question about it. And so, I was really curious to know, is the – as my client wanted to know – is the 7200 any better between the shoulder blades than the 7000, and I had trouble imagining that because the 7000 was such a vigorous massage. Well, I went and sat down in the 7200 and on the 7000 – and lo and behold – I felt that the 7200 had a more targeted, shiatsu-like massage on the mid-back between the shoulder blades. I really felt like it was hitting my rhomboids, and hitting those muscles between the shoulder blades much better than the 7000 was. Whereas the 7000 was really pounding me, and lifting up my body and moving – the motions were more gross as a – and it wasn’t really hitting those specific muscles between the shoulder blades. Whereas the 7200, those roller balls were really hitting between the shoulder blades, and I felt that that was a much more beneficial massage for the shoulder blades. And so, I recommended to this client, and I was talking to him on the phone while I’m sitting on the chairs – you know, rolling back and forth, and getting, you know, tossed hither and thither and yon – that I felt like this 7200 or the 6000, remember it’s the exact same chair except the 7200 has heat – I felt that that model was better for his mid-back than the 7000, and so that’s the chair he proceeded to purchase.

[SCREEN TEXT: Slouchy Posture??]

Alan: So, I just thought that was good information for those of you that might have a concern about that mid-back, if that’s an area of concern for you, and a lot of people have problems there, a lot of people have this – you know, this slouch kind of forward head carriage, where the mid-back is rounded. And those muscles are taking a beating because they’re rounded, gravity’s pulling on those shoulders all day long, and it strains those muscles between the shoulder blades, trying to hold your shoulders back, and those muscles can fatigue, it’s very common. When I was a chiropractor, I saw it all the time, you know, what they call ‘Upper-Cross Syndrome,’ where the head’s forward, the shoulders are rolled, the chest, the rib cage goes back, and the pelvis goes forward. It’s kind of that typical slouch posture, not as gross as I’m exaggerating now, but we all have a form of it – not all of us, but many of us have a form of it, one form or another – of that style of posture. Well anyway, this chair is really good at hitting that spot, that Osaki 6000 or the 7200H.

[SCREEN TEXT: I want massage chair reviews!!]

Alan: OK, you know what, in closing what I’d like to ask is, you know, my viewers, my shoppers, and my clients, they love chair reviews. People love to read reviews about chairs, and we have over 30 models on our website, we have a lot of reviews, but we would like more of them. And of course, we ask our clients to send reviews, and they do, and we appreciate that. But I would like to ask you, if you own a massage chair or if you’ve sat on one, and we carry that model, I would love for you to leave a review. Not for me, not for our website, but for other shoppers, like yourself, that are out looking for chairs, and they want feedback, so let’s say you have a Sanyo 7700, which they don’t make anymore, but well, let’s not use that example. Let’s say – oh, because we don’t even have that on our website anymore – but let’s say, you have a Panasonic 30007, and you want to upgrade to a Sogno or something like that, so you’re looking to get rid of that chair, and you want to get a new one. Well, even though you didn’t buy that 30007 from us, I would still love to have your review on our website, so someone else that’s looking at the 30007 could benefit from that, and to help them decide if that’s the chair that they need. So, user reviews are so crucial, because they are, they’re unbiased, there’s no, like for me to promote a particular chair, you might think to yourself, ‘Well, he’s kind of motivated because he gets more profit on that one or because he’s got an in with them or he gets a kickback’ or whatever. And that’s not true, we will always give you an objective opinion, however, it’s a lot easier to believe a third-party, someone that’s not – that doesn’t have a vested interest in whether you buy a chair or not, or whether you’re selling a chair or not, or whether I’m selling a chair or not – that’s just an objective, third-party opinion, and those are so valuable. So, we would appreciate it, if you have any kind of a review, go to the product page of the product on our website, and click the – go to the review section, which is – just scroll down a little bit, and then enter in your email, your name, rate it on a one to five stars, and write your review. We would love to have that, and if you do do that, I will send you a little gift and, as a way of saying thank you for sharing your opinion and your reviews, we really appreciate that. Well anyway, I guess that’s about it for this massage chair industry update. Massage chairs are starting to sell, they’re getting busier and busier, getting close to Christmas. Again, if you’re going to get chairs for the fourth quarter, for Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or whatever, get them sooner than later or else you’ll be crying on the phone to me about how you can’t get a ‘Black,’ you know, XYZ model chair anymore because we just ran out of the last ones a week ago. So, please, please plan ahead. Anyway, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner for ‘Massage-Chair-Relief,’ if you’ve enjoyed this video or you found it beneficial in some way, and you’d like to hear subsequent massage chair updates or other videos that we put out, go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you like what I’ve shared, share it with your Facebook and Twitter friends, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook, we really appreciate things like that. But have a fantastic day, and we’ll talk to you in two weeks.


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