Mail Bag – OS-4000T vs. IT-8500; MA70 vs. OS-Pro Intelligent

September 4, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 4, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Mail Bag – OS-4000T vs. IT-8500; MA70 vs. OS-Pro Intelligent

email Customer Email #1

Hi, I’m continuing to research and look for the chair that will be best for me at the best possible price. Initially the Osaki OS-4000t was on the top of my list. My research is making me concerned about the ability of the OS-4000t to massage the shoulders and neck. This is where I carry my stress… I’ve found the Infinity IT-8200 and it sounds very similar to the OS-4000t, but with inversion therapy and hip stretch. It doesn’t look like you carry the IT-8200 anymore, but will ask if you can get the Infinity IT-8200 as well as the best price on this chair. Another chair that is much more expensive, but keeps coming up is the Panasonic EP-30007. Mostly because it seems it does a great neck massage and has foot massage rollers. Panasonic also has the reputation and brand familiarity. I’m not sure if the foot rollers are under the foot or above the foot? I’ve also read the OS-4000t roller range is really more like 26″ instead of the 30″ advertised. I’m not against the OS-4000t, but am trying to uncover its weaknesses. Is the OS-4000t going to give me a better bang for my buck than the IT-8200 and EP-30007? Or, will I be frustrated I didn’t get everything I wanted? And finally, design… Seems in this aspect the Infinity in Taupe is the most attractive and the OS-4000t looks a little space-age for a liviing room. Too bad the Panasonic isn’t available in Taupe or brown. On the other hand, smaller is better so the chair isn’t the “elephant in the room”, putting the OS-4000t back in favor. Is there one that, in person, has nicer leather, materials, and design over the others? Sorry for so many questions but I don’t have the ability to sit in or see any of these chairs near where I live, Fort Collins, Co. Thanks again, Doug.

My Response #1

Hi, Doug
Thanks so much for your email. You have asked some great questions and here are my answers. I hope I can assist you in making the right decision about a chair.

The IT-8200 has been discontinued altogether. If you see it for sale on a website, that site is outdated. The IT-8500 has replaced it and happens to be our best selling massage chair at this point. It has a fabulous neck massage (and when I say fabulous, I mean it is deep, vigorous, and intense)! You will not be disappointed in it at all. As a matter of fact, of the chairs we carry, particularly among those that do not have the 3D roller system, the neck massage of the IT-8500 is among the very best. It would be a great choice for you.

The Panasonic EP30007 is the same price as the IT-8500 and does NOT have foot rollers. Also, if you are over 5’11” it may feel a little small for you. It is a perfect chair for the Asian market, generally speaking, because of it’s size restrictions. The neck massage is good on the EP30007, but not as vigorous as the IT-8500.

The OS-4000T is a good chair, but straight bang-for-the-buck, I’d go with the IT-8500…especially when it comes to the neck. Not to say the OS-4000T doesn’t have a decent neck massage, but if that is a priority for you the IT-8500 will make you happy. The IT-8500 has one of the best and most vigorous neck massages among all the chairs we carry.

Design-wise, both the OS-4000T and the IT-8500 are imitations of the body style pioneered by Inada with their iconic Sogno DreamWave model. Both will be similar in size and design, so I think it’s safe to say that choice is a toss-up.

If you can swing the cost, the IT-8500 would be my recommendation, but if your budget is below $3K, the OS-4000T is an awesome choice.

Customer Email #2

In my research I ran across a Canadian company called “Acu Relax”. The only thing that caught my attention was on the video at about 51 seconds into it and following. It showed a very “well defined” neck massage and I was wondering whether the IT 8500 had something similar to that.

Since my land sale went extremely well, I am also contemplating a chair that could fit into my den. My wife wants the “space module” as she calls it to be in my bedroom and not turn her living room into the Starship Enterprise, ha.

But in addition to the IT 8500, I have researched the two following chairs: The Panasonic MA 70 (at 6’2” it’s a little short for me (6’3”) but my wife could use it in the den.

Also, I was impressed with the OS 3D Pro Intelligent with the hidden calf rollers and the zero gravity, etc. It is less costly than the Panasonic and has foot rollers etc. and I fit in it.

Please give me your thoughts on these two chairs when you have time.

I looked for videos for the OS 3D INTELLIGENT (you have many on the other Osaki “Pro” series chairs) but could not find many. If you have some, please forward to me.

Thanks for all of your help. Any comments and advise are always treasured.


My Response #2

Hi, Frank
Great to hear from you again. I checked out that video you sent. It is a typical Chinese massage chair, along the same vein as the Superior massage chair. Lesser quality, thus a lesser price. The airbags in the neck do not provide much of a vigorous massage. The rollers will do a better job on the neck. The IT-8500 has a head piece with airbags in it, but those airbags inflate to move the head from side to side and a slight neck massage, but the strong rollers will be the thing that gives you the great neck massage.

The Panasonic MA70 is a fabulous chair, well built, Japanese engineered and designed. It is a smaller chair, like the Intelligent, but the roller massage is great. It has a heated jade stone roller system that provides heat for the whole spine. This is the only chair that I am aware of where the rollers come up over the shoulders a bit to massage the trap muscles. It has 3D roller capacity so that you can adjust the intensity. It is a vigorous roller system. The chair doubles also as a regular recliner (using a rotating ottoman and a big back pad to cover the rollers to make it look like a regular recliner. Check out my video here… I think your wife will like those features. I currently have a $1000 discount on the Panasonic MA70. Call or email me if you want to take advantage of that when you are ready to buy and I’ll get you hooked up!

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent is also a good option for a regular-looking recliner. The ottoman retracts and the arm massagers are hidden in the arm rests, thus saving space for your wife. It has a vigorous massage as well and that roller intensity can be adjusted with the 3D feature. The quality of the Osaki chairs is not of the same level as the Panasonic chair, but a very decent bang for the buck. No videos yet because we don’t have that chair in our showroom. I’m sure we will at some juncture, but just not yet.

I hope this helps answer your questions.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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