Mail Bag – IT-8500 vs. Panasonic 30007, OS-3D Pro Dreamer, Walkers & Massage Chairs

September 4, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 4, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Mail Bag – IT-8500 vs. Panasonic 30007, OS-3D Pro Dreamer, Walkers & Massage Chairs

Quite regularly I share emails with my readership that come from massage chair shoppers just like you. These are good questions that are probably being asked by others and I hope that my answers help with the massage chair buying experience.

Email #1

First, thank you for the informative suite of videos you all make available on Youtube. I’m working my way up to making this investment, but would like to understand what would work best and most reliably for my body type: 6’0″, 275 lbs, 35% Body Fat, 50″ chest, 42″ waist. Trouble spots: trapezoid, rhomboid, TFL & IT band (especially on the right leg) have had an L4/5 Laminectomy almost 20 years ago Your consideration and recommendations are greatly appreciated. Onwards and Upwards . . . Ralph

My Response #1

Hi, Ralph
Thank you for your email and for taking the time to watch our videos. The chair that comes to mind when I read your email is the Inada Sogno. It is the most expensive chair but it has so much that can address a lot of your issues:

  1. Fits someone up to 6’4″ comfortably and also has “break away” arm rests to accommodate a larger chest/shoulder region.
  2. It has airbags on the outside of each thigh that don’t just inflate against your thighs, but actually massage the ITBs. The only other chair that I know of that works the ITB effectively is the Panasonic MA70.
  3. The head piece of the Inada Sogno has airbags that push down on the trapezia muscles…again the only chair of it’s kind that has that feature.
  4. The roller system goes way down into the sacral area of the low back. If you’ve had low back surgery, no doubt you’ve got some scar tissue and regional mobility issues down low and the Sogno rollers really hit that spot beautifully.
  5. The roller system has an intensity adjustment (3D massage, which Inada pioneered in the Sogno) that allows for a more intense massage in those areas you want, in particular the low back and the rhomboid muscles between the shoulder blades.

I hope this helps! let me know if there are any other questions you have or if you need assistance with your order. I am always at your disposal.

Email #2a

Hey Dr. How would you compare the IT 8500 with the Panasonic 30007. Strictly on upper back and shoulder strength and intensity?

My Response #2a

The IT-8500 has a more intense and thorough neck and shoulder massage than the 30007. However, the 30007 has a thing called “Grip”, I think, where the rollers come up and a bit over the shoulders before traveling up the neck. Not many chairs do that, so it is unique to the 30007.

Not many chairs have as good a neck massage as the IT-8500. That, along with the mechanical foot rollers, is one of the main reasons that the chair has become our top seller.

OS-3D Pro Dreamer

Email #2b

If you have tried the new 3d pro dreamer, does that chair feel better than the it-8500?

My Response #2b

The 3D Pro Dreamer was just introduced last week, but it is an iteration of the Osaki OS-7200H, but with roller intensity control and mechanical foot rollers. If the massage is the same as the OS-7200H, which I am told it is, the neck massage is not as good as on the IT-8500, or the Panasonic MA70, for that matter.

Email #3

Dr Weidner I am interested in the Osaki 4000 but have a few concerns. First of all I use a walker to get around and I’m afraid that it would be difficult for me to sit and get up from the chair due to the foot rest extending so far out. Also when the chair is not being used in massage function, can it be used as a recliner . In other words can i just sit to watch tv and arrange chair in what is a comfortable position for me without using the massage function. Please comment Regards Vilma

Osaki OS-4000

My Response #3

Hi, Vilma
Thank you for your inquiry. The Osaki OS-4000 is a good chair but, like most chairs with that body styling, it is not the most optimal chair to sit in as a regular recliner. Having said that, I know folks who do use it without the massage features, just to sit in it.

Any chair that has the foot massage component can prove a little challenging to get in and out of for someone in your situation. However, I recommend standing on the foot portion when getting in and out of the chair rather than trying to clear the whole foot and calf mechanism with your first step on or off the chair. I hope that makes sense.

Dr. Alan Weidner


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