Infinity IT-8500 vs. Osaki OS-7075R – Part 1 (Similarities)

December 3, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
December 3, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Infinity IT-8500 vs. Osaki OS-7075R – Part 1 (Similarities)

Boy, have these two models become popular! Still not as popular, individually, as the Inada Sogno, but certainly giving the Sogno a run for the money. I get asked all the time what the difference is between the IT-8500 and the OS-7075R because of some similarties, principally in price and the mechanical foot roller feature. Well, here is my review of the two chairs, based on the literature and based on practical experience since we have both of them in our showroom.

Let’s start with the similarities and then move on to the differences (even among the similarities, there are some differences which I will explain):


1. Price– after instant discounts for each chair, the price is quite comparable…only $100 difference. As I have said before about these and other newer chinese-made models, you get a pretty good bang for your buck with these chairs.


2. Mechanical Foot Rollers – this has become a real “fad” for massage chair shoppers lately. If you’ve ever used foot rollers, you’ll understand why. It really does feel good. If the soles of your feet are a little sensitive, as are mine, you might find the rollers a little ticklish at first, but you will get over that pretty quick. It really does feel magnificent.

The IT-8500 has 3 separate foot rollers for each sole, whereas the OS-7075R has only one roller per sole. In other words, a little more going in the foot rollers of the IT-8500.

3. Airbags– like most chairs nowadays, airbags are all over the place, including feet, arms, butt, and back. The IT-8500 has 38 airbags, compared to 46 in the OS-7075R. Pretty close. Of interest is that the OS-7075R, like it’s predecessor the OS-7000, has a headband that uses airbags to massage your skull muscles. No other chair that we are aware of has that feature. The IT-8500 has a neck airbag set-up that rotates your head from side to side. It doesn’t so much more than relax your neck, I suppose, but it is unique.


4. Zero-Gravity – both chairs have the zero gravity positioning, where the seat is tilted up to 30 degrees and the chair back/seat articulation is positioned at 120 degrees. Both also allow the ottoman to be raised all the way up so that your legs are above your heart in the zero gravity position.

5. Stretch Program – most massage chairs have a stretch program, and these two are no exception. Both use shoulder airbags to pin the upper body down while the stretch occurs to accentuate the stretch, but different seat airbags affect the stretch differently. The OS-7075R actually inflates and lifts the pelvis up while the chair back and ottoman are down. This really gives the stretch a kick that will be quite intense. The IT-8500 has a side to side seat movement, similar to the Inada Sogno, which induces motion into the seat, but does not inflate up to give that little extra to the body stretch that the OS-7075R has.

The OS-7075R calls it’s stretch program a Thai Stretch; the IT-8500 calls it’s stretch Tru Grip V Stretch. Cool names…cool programs.

6. Anterior Shoulder Airbags – both chairs have anterior shoulder airbags and, as far as I can tell, their mission is two-fold: a.) to pin the shoulders back during the stretch program thus enhancing the actual stretch of the body, and b.) to pin the shoulders back when the rollers come up the spine so that the intensity of the roller mechanism is intensified when it hits the upper back.

7. Heat – both chairs have heating elements, but the OS-7075R has far more than the IT-8500. The IT-8500 has one heater in the mid to lower back, whereas the OS-7075R has heaters in the shoulders, upper back, lower back, buttocks, etc.

8. Seat Massage – both chairs use airbags in the seat, but quite differently. As I alluded to in point #5 (stretch program), the airbags in the IT-8500 move the seat from side-to-side, akin to what the Dreamwave technology offers in the Inada Sogno, while the airbags of the OS-7075R inflate upwards, both at the same time and separately to induce an extension and rotation motion, respectively. Both effective, but quite different.

Lots of the standard things you’d expect in a massage chair are included in both, i.e. kneading, percussion, shiatsu, size and weight limitations, 1 year parts and labor, in-home warranty,  quad-style rollers, speed control, power recline/incline, ottoman length adjustment, leg and arm airbags, body scan technology, among other things (see our comparison chart for more details,

Stay tuned for Part 2…

Dr. Alan Weidner

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