White Glove Delivery in the Time of Corona

July 16, 2020
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
July 16, 2020
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

White Glove Delivery in the Time of Corona

delivery truckThese are strange times indeed. Although massage chair sales have picked up substantially since the initial drop in business back in April due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still some other things in our industry that are being affected by this plague.

White glove delivery is one of those things. In case you are wondering what “white glove delivery” is, here is a brief overview of massage chair shipping options:

  1. Standard Curbside Delivery – Every chair we sell in the continental United States comes with free standard curbside delivery. That means that the delivery company will bring the chair to your home and drop it off somewhere on the property. That could mean the literal curbside, by your front porch, in your garage, or wherever they can bring a 300-400 lb. pallet with a pallet jack. A pallet jack is a device that shippers use to lift a palletized product on the truck and move it to your property. It can move on flat even surfaces without much trouble. It will not work on grass or sand or gravel surfaces, nor will it go up stairs or steep inclines. Therefore, the driver will typically move the palletized product as close as they can to your abode until they run out of a concrete or asphalt surface. This type of delivery does NOT include delivery across the threshold of your home nor does it include unpacking and assembly of the chair once it is in your home. Curbside delivery usually involves one person, since he/she can let the pallet jack do all the heavy lifting.
  2. White Glove Delivery – This is an additional paid service wherein the chair is brought into your home or business, unpacked, and then assembled for you. You do not have to lift a finger during this type of delivery service.  Different companies charge different amounts for this service. Our company charges $199.99, unless it is included free with the chair purchase.

So, in this time of Covid-19, here is the rub…

a. Some delivery companies don’t want the risk of going into someones home or business to do a white glove delivery and set up.

b. Some customers don’t want outsiders coming into their home to do a white glove delivery and set up for fear of Covid-19 transmission.

c. Some County or State governments discourage in-home deliveries.

In the beginning of this pandemic, many areas of the country did not have white glove delivery available. Things calmed down a bit after the initial spiking of the virus, so more white glove deliveries were performed. But, since the new surge hit recently in so called “hot spots”, more shipping companies are holding off on white glove deliveries once again. As a matter of fact, it appears that the white glove option is less available now than it was initially.

You can still get the free curbside delivery anywhere in the country, but if you would like to try to get the white glove in-home set up, let us know your zip code when you order and we can find out if it is available in your area.

We have our own delivery teams in Utah, Southern California, and Arizona so we still provide in-home set up in those areas for you.

Below are the most recent updates from  a couple of our suppliers:

From Furniture For Life (purveyors of OCHO, D.Core, Panasonic, and Positive Posture chairs):

  • Remind your customers these are COVID-times, everything is taking longer.
  • Verify White Glove (WG) delivery is available before you promise it. Email us with your customer zip code so we can confirm WG service, or arrange for LTL curbside if necessary.
  • Tell your customers receiving WG that it may take up to four weeks before they are called to schedule their appointment.

From Luraco:

(Update from Shipping Companies as of 7/16/20)
Covid-19 hotspots are showing peaks around the country and we just found out that some regional agents may not complete INSIDE WITH SET UP (formerly called White Glove) orders as requested.
We will keep you updated on the situation but if you would prefer to find your own shipping options please feel free to look into other sources.
Here is what TechTrans and AAF shared today:
If this happens it will depend on our service partners and the customer.
  • If our service partners are still doing residential deliveries and the customer is accepting we are all good.
  • If the customer doesn’t want any assemble or inside deliveries we can always deliver to their garage or we can hold it at our local warehouse for storage.
  • If our service partners are halting their residential inside home deliveries and we have no other options in that area we would have to hold for storage until further notice.
We are doing our best to stay on top of this, however things have been changing on a nearly daily basis as of late due to the 2nd wave.
  • Each terminal is updating daily. We will do our best to proactively monitor your shipments for you.
  • We are still doing white glove deliveries nationwide, however each agent is slowly implementing changes based on COVID’s progression.
  • Each shipment would be put in the garage or we can set up curbside deliveries
DROP SHIP: Are still being done to Garage/Front Door (without steps) at this time.
Most customers should understand the situation but please explain to them at time of sale that we cannot control the decisions made by the delivery agents and that things can change daily.
I hope this clears up any confusion about what is and is not available during this time of Covid-19.
Stay safe everyone!
Dr. Alan Weidner
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