Thinking About the OS-7075R? Check out the OS-3D Pro Cyber Instead

December 4, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
December 4, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Thinking About the OS-7075R? Check out the OS-3D Pro Cyber Instead

OS-3D Pro Cyber

OS-3D Pro Cyber

When I first saw the Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber I thought the body styling was very reminiscent of the Osaki OS-7075R. As you may or may not know, the OS-7075R model has had it’s fair share of breakdown problems and was built in a different manufacturing plant than the rest of the Osaki models. Because of that, I thought maybe the Cyber had been built in the same factory and maybe, just maybe, it would have the same problems as the 7075R.

Well, I was happy to find out during my visit to Osaki in October, that the Pro Cyber was built in the same large, well-known factory in China where the rest of their models are built…models which have a great, proven track record.

So, I submit to you that if you are seriously considering the OS-7075R, take a long, hard look at the new OS-3D Pro Cyber. Yes, it is more expensive, but here are the things that impress me about this chair…

1. 3D Roller Technology
The OS-7075R had one roller intensity…and it was quite intense. It was our most aggressive and vigorous massage chair. You could not adjust the roller intensity. The Cyber has 3D roller technology, which means that you can move the rollers forward and back to increase or decrease the intensity of the roller massage.

I have this chair in my showroom and I can tell you that if you want an intense roller massage, move the rollers forward the full 3.15 inches and the rollers will lift your body up off the chair! It can get that intense. If you want a less intense massage, just adjust the rollers back to your comfort level and you will be good.

2. Mechanical Foot Rollers
The OS-7075R has foot rollers but they are so intense that most  folks have to turn them off 5 minutes into the massage. The Cyber has foot rollers but much less intense. You get the therapeutic benefit but without the intensity and discomfort.

3. Music System
The Cyber has a built in MP3 music system that will allow you to plugin your phone or MP3 music device and play the music over the speakers located in the “dome” of the chair. The “dome”, as I call it, allows you to have the speakers playing right next to your ears while you are getting a massage. The OS-7075R does not have a sound system.

4. Body Styling
Thought I initially mentioned that the outer styling of the Cyber was reminiscent of the OS-7075R, the Cyber has a newer, cleaner look with nicer lines and colors. The upholstery is a more shiny material whereas the synthetic leather of the 7075R is more of a matte material. The Cyber definitely looks better, in my honest opinion.

5. 11 Auto Programs
The Cyber is a very versatile massage chair. It has 11 programs to work with, along with the manual settings, which are extensive and fabulous. The 7075R has only  6 auto settings, though it is a very versatile chair too, including some quasi-automatic settings.

6. Remote Control
I found the Cyber remote control to be very intuitive, for the most part, and easy to use. The screen is large, the print is large, and the layout is very simple. The older I get, the more I fully appreciate these features! The 7075R remote is OK , but not quite as intuitive once you get past the auto programs.

7. Massage Time
The Cyber can be adjusted up to 30 minute massage sessions, whereas the 7075R has 15 minute intervals.

8. Recline Angle
The Cyber reclines to 175 degrees; the 7075R to 170 degrees. Not a huge difference, but when combined with the zero gravity feature, the lower the recline, the greater the feeling of spinal decompression.

9. 2 Zero Gravity Positions
Typically, massage chairs have one zero gravity position…the “true” zero gravity position of a 30 degree tilt of the seat and a 120 degree articulation between the seat back and the tilted seat. Well, the 7075R has that one zero gravity position. The Cyber introduces a 2nd zero gravity position. The chair just goes back further, with the seat tilted up higher and the chair back reclining to it’s fullest 175 degree position. Not a “true” zero gravity position but an easy was to get the chair back to a place where your spine is being decompressed maximally.

Here are some features of the OS7075R which the Cyber does not have:



1. Headband Airbags
The OS-7075R has a headband that inflates airbags around the circumference of your skull when in use.  Pretty cool feature for stress headaches. The 7075R is the only massage chair I am aware of that has this unique feature.

2. Thai Stretch
The Cyber has a stretch program, as do pretty much all massage chairs, but the 7075R adds a seat inflation to the more customary ottoman and chair back drop, which accentuates the stretch and made me feel like my torso was being pulled apart! It is very vigorous.

To wrap it all up, I really like the feature-set and feel of the OS-3D Pro Cyber and I love the lower failure rate of this chair. The OS-7075R is a unique and good chair, but the breakdowns are the most frustrating thing to me and for that reason, along with the awesome 3D roller technology, I choose the Cyber and strongly recommend it as an alternative to the 7075R if you are considering the latter.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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