The Amazing Bed – First Deep Tissue Massage Bed

June 25, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 25, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

The Amazing Bed – First Deep Tissue Massage Bed

Last fall I was contacted by a company called Innovative Standards, based out of Kansas City, that has invented and patented a massage bed. What makes this bed unique is that it is a memory foam bed that has a massage system, similar to what a massage chair offers. I had trouble visualizing how that would work.

You see, in a massage chair you have a roller track that, when the rollers are not in use, becomes an empty cavity that does not provide any support to the back at all. I couldn’t imagine how that would work on a bed.  I also couldn’t wrap my head around how a roller system could work with a mattress and regular mattress upholstery without getting material and threads caught up in the moving rollers.

Well, the folks at Innovative Standards invited my wife and I out to visit their head offices and to check out the bed. We spent a wonderful day with them back in November and learned a lot about the way this bed works. Here are some things we learned:

amazing bed massage head1. The “rollers” are not really rollers at all; they are metal balls attached to metal stems that just move up and down the length of your body without any movable parts. The gears and motor are all located underneath the mattress while the metal balls and attached stems extend between mattress components and touch your back.

2. Rather than one big mattress, each mattress is made up of what Innovative Standards calls “butter cubes”, sections of memory foam that fit together like building blocks. The massage balls and stems extend between these butter cubes to reach your back.

3. The massage system is a patented technology that can knead, tap, and roll up and down your back or side (for side sleepers). It extends from the calves up to the neck and actually provides a very nice massage. You can even adjust the intensity of the massage from the remote control.

4. It will fit standard bed frames and sheets. We tested it on the top 62 recycled pallet bed frames, with successful fittings for all. It looks like a normal bed…nothing strange or different about it’s aesthetics.

amazing bed massage5. The massage “rollers” park at the bottom of the bed and you will never notice them at all when they are not in use. The bed feels like a normal bed when you lay on it without the massage mechanism. There is no roller track cavity, which I alluded to earlier. The  memory foam butter cubes are abutted right up against each other and when the roller mechanism is parked the user of the bed will never feel any space at all between those butter cubes.

6. The bed comes in Queen, King, and California King sizes.

7. When you buy one of these Amazing Beds, you have the option to have a massage mechanism on one or both sides of the bed. The massage is very, very quiet. You will hear very little when it is operational.

8. Made in the USA – 100%. Great company, great product. When I think of the number of people who ask about whether sleeping in a massage chair is an option, I can’t help but think that this bed will be quite popular to the discriminating buyer who wants the massage benefits.

The night of our visit we stayed in a hotel room that had one of the Amazing Beds and it was the best mattress for back pain that we had ever slept in. And we slept very well, especially after having used the massage system for an hour or so. I have since put one of the beds in our showroom and have now added this bed to our website. Please feel free to check it out here:

You can call or email me with any questions. You can even come visit the showroom to try out the bed. It’s pretty cool.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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