Something Kinda Cool About The Sanyo 5000 and 7700 Massage Chairs!

March 26, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
March 26, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Something Kinda Cool About The Sanyo 5000 and 7700 Massage Chairs!

The Sanyo 5000 massage chair and Sanyo 7700 massage chair has an interesting feature on it that we have learned more about recently.

Most of the upper-crust massage chairs have some sort of scanning device to scan the back and it’s musculature to figure out what kind of massage your back deserves. They all seem to have some sort of technology that figures out where your tight spots are and then the massage chair personalizes the massage to your spine! Pretty cool, eh?

Well, the Sanyo 5000 does that, but it also has another feature that we think is quite fascinating. It has a sensor that measures body perspiration, temperature, and heart rate. Isn’t that neat? It only works on the Whole Body Sensor automatic programs. Well, while the chair is scanning your back for muscle tightness and body height and weight, this sensor will integrate the body perspiration, temperature, and heart rate into the total body scan. It is called the Stiffness Detection Sensor.

You hold the sensor in your hand while the massage chair goes through the preliminary scan. What’s interesting is that as the body is scanned, the remote control display will show where the problematic areas are on the spine by putting red circles around the blue dots that represent every area of the back. If you hold onto the sensor during the entire massage session, you will actually see the red circles disappear as the back tightness and spasm is reduced. Our experience is that the red circles that the chair senses as your problem areas usually correlate to where you are feeling pain or tightness already. A very intuitive chair!

It reminds me of a diagnostic tool a lot of chiropractors use, called a Surface EMG, which highlights the spastic areas of the spinal musculature and then is used after treatments to see what changes occurred as a result of the treatment.

A very neat tool that just adds to the whole massage chair experience.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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